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  1. Not everyone who earns trophies is a member of this forum, or wants to spend their time replying to somebody who hates 'first person shooters' and actively avoids playing them, but wants advice on this particular FPS. Also, I have absolutely what hunting fever is on about, because the experience of almost every other player has been wildly different. Borderlands is witty, has good humour and fun gameplay. It's an RPG, and as such, has levels to gain. If something is even slightly difficult for you, do a side-quest or two, earn some XP and head back to that difficult spot and you'll find you're suddenly invincible. I have literally never heard anyone refer to Borderlands as difficult and for what its worth the game also has no difficulty settings, just New Game+ type ordeals where everything is slightly harder and this is totally optional and not required for trophies. If you hate FPS games so passionately, avoid the title. Playing a genre you hate because of VR is like is hating vanilla ice cream, but eating it because someone dyed it green. Nonsensicle.
  2. Oh no, having to play through a game you just re-bought again! That sounds terrible! You can't do that. It's forward compatible only.
  3. I wouldn't call it easy comparatively to the other games around these days, the challenge tokens are actually fairly difficult. You can play on easy, and even skip puzzles with in-game settings and auto complete quick time events, none of this prohibits trophies. I tried to go for the record in fastest plat time but fell asleep during the long and tedious collectable run. Good game, waaaaaay to many collectables and not much variety.
  4. Trackmania of course, rare plat!
  5. I've seen a few "similar" threads asking what games are recommended, but as a potential buyer I'd like to here from hunters if the system is actually recommended overall? At $399 AUD it costs more than the entire PS4 console it attaches to, and there is nowhere to experience VR locally so purchasing a $400 system to try it out seems a bit frustrating!
  6. This is posted in the dedicated brawlout subsection of the forum, so I'd assume that.
  7. So many Japanese games I'm jealous of, wish I had them all! Chaos;Child.
  8. Ducati 90th Anniversary because well.. I ride a Ducati!
  9. My 100th was Fallout New Vegas. No reason, I also popped GTA IV and Fallout 3 at the same time.
  10. None. In-fact I'm hunting down games just for the purposes of a giggle that others would find shameful. That Barbie Pets game for example!
  11. Looks fantastic!
  12. Dark Souls 2 – A game I couldn't get into but I feel like it had potential if I stuck with it. Good luck finding something not crap on my list. 😂
  13. I was the first to complete Borderlands 2 but when the DLC came out I lost that record. Psnp decided that the race to platinum is irrelevant/less important than the race to 100%. I would like to see a list of first achieve platinum instead. 👍
  14. I could be wrong (I'll check later tonight.) but the 100% club only shows the top 50 and doesn't allow you to click on more pages? Anywho I can only hope this becomes a thing.
  15. This should not even need to be disputed. If these bugs/glitches and hackers exist in games that lead innocent players to get achievements/trophies accidentally, without any fraudulent motives of their own it should be allowed. The fact the developer's haven't patched an issue that effects innocent players is crazy, and furthermore it's worse that PSNP is also punishing those innocent players. Just my two cents, I'm sure everyone has their reasons though.