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  1. Not everyone who earns trophies is a member of this forum, or wants to spend their time replying to somebody who hates 'first person shooters' and actively avoids playing them, but wants advice on this particular FPS. Also, I have absolutely what hunting fever is on about, because the experience of almost every other player has been wildly different. Borderlands is witty, has good humour and fun gameplay. It's an RPG, and as such, has levels to gain. If something is even slightly difficult for you, do a side-quest or two, earn some XP and head back to that difficult spot and you'll find you're suddenly invincible. I have literally never heard anyone refer to Borderlands as difficult and for what its worth the game also has no difficulty settings, just New Game+ type ordeals where everything is slightly harder and this is totally optional and not required for trophies. If you hate FPS games so passionately, avoid the title. Playing a genre you hate because of VR is like is hating vanilla ice cream, but eating it because someone dyed it green. Nonsensicle.
  2. Oh no, having to play through a game you just re-bought again! That sounds terrible! You can't do that. It's forward compatible only.
  3. I wouldn't call it easy comparatively to the other games around these days, the challenge tokens are actually fairly difficult. You can play on easy, and even skip puzzles with in-game settings and auto complete quick time events, none of this prohibits trophies. I tried to go for the record in fastest plat time but fell asleep during the long and tedious collectable run. Good game, waaaaaay to many collectables and not much variety.
  4. I've seen a few "similar" threads asking what games are recommended, but as a potential buyer I'd like to here from hunters if the system is actually recommended overall? At $399 AUD it costs more than the entire PS4 console it attaches to, and there is nowhere to experience VR locally so purchasing a $400 system to try it out seems a bit frustrating!
  5. Trackmania of course, rare plat!
  6. This is posted in the dedicated brawlout subsection of the forum, so I'd assume that.
  7. So many Japanese games I'm jealous of, wish I had them all! Chaos;Child.
  8. Ducati 90th Anniversary because well.. I ride a Ducati!
  9. My 100th was Fallout New Vegas. No reason, I also popped GTA IV and Fallout 3 at the same time.
  10. None. In-fact I'm hunting down games just for the purposes of a giggle that others would find shameful. That Barbie Pets game for example!
  11. Looks fantastic!
  12. Dark Souls 2 – A game I couldn't get into but I feel like it had potential if I stuck with it. Good luck finding something not crap on my list. 😂
  13. I'd love to see more leaderboard variations, one specifically would be to see the longest time to achieve a platinum. I've just gotten both GTA IV and Fallout 3 ready to pop when they hit 10 years. I'm hoping, if even only briefly that this will be some kind of record. 🤔
  14. I was the first to complete Borderlands 2 but when the DLC came out I lost that record. Psnp decided that the race to platinum is irrelevant/less important than the race to 100%. I would like to see a list of first achieve platinum instead. 👍
  15. I could be wrong (I'll check later tonight.) but the 100% club only shows the top 50 and doesn't allow you to click on more pages? Anywho I can only hope this becomes a thing.
  16. I'd love to see more leaderboard choices. I've earned over 50 platinums this month - I'd love to see a monthly leaderboard, pretty sure for once I'd be up there!
  17. It popped for me when I had gotten 10,000 from the wasteland.
  18. I don't turn internet off, and I skip a year ahead at a time. I've had no issues at all, this works on most of these games.
  19. I can only hope that you're removed from psnprofiles after this post. Admittance of cheating. 🤦
  20. Out on the Aussie store too, thanks!
  21. It'll definitely be shorter with micro transactions. More of a port than a remaster but even then I wouldn't call it that. Either way I'm excited for this!
  22. Hi boys, Didn't want to create a new thread but I'm also in the same boat. Looking for help finishing the last of my MC trophies on both PS4 and Vita. Would very much appreciate the assistance and more than happy to pay back in another game/some way. Just add me on PSN and mention MC. ❤️
  23. This game is all about micro-transactions. It is really good however, try it on mobile first to see if it's worth the grind on PS4. 🤞 I'm hyped!
  24. Also in need of some assistance with this. Boosting sessions hasn't lead to much help.
  25. I've looked around for lists of 'easy platinums' and I'd like to put my Journalism to the test and go write up a page with the easiest platinums and a short description of both, In saying that, even if the platinum is written already, your information/details on the game are still appreciated, for example, ” Megamind took me 9 months because it was incredibly bad, yet It can be completed in only a few hours.” I'll compose the current list below, and try and refigure the order - 1) Trine 2 - One of the very few easy-platinum games that are actually enjoyable. You can earn this platinum in only a couple hours, before even completing the game, but It's a beautiful game to look at, and I definitely think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 2) Resistance: Burning Skies - (PS®Vita Only) - One of my favorite games on the Vita, not only is it a fantastic game thats highly enjoyable, you'll snag that platinum in as little as 4 hours, Definitely worth picking up! 3) The Penguins of Madagascar: It's a typical disney game, in the same league as games like Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, and “UP!” - The game itself I found to be somewhat enjoyable if you can find it in your heart to enjoy the simplistic nature of these games. 4) Cars: Race-O-Rama! - I personally came into this one high expectations, I mean, what could go wrong with a racing games, boy was that only the beginning of it - Even though this platinum was obtained in roughly 10 hours, there are a certain kind of race called "Guido Kart" Racing in which you are forced to use Guido as a character Guido cannot turn, you will, no matter your abilities, spend the race grinding the walls, spinning out, and racing at low speeds, not only to mention that his the slowest car(kart?) in the entire game, he alone makes this one of my most hated “Under 10 Hour” Platinums. 5) UP! - I actually found this game quite enjoyable, a nice little adventure puzzle game, but keep in mind that this platinum is very collection heavy, in requiring you to find a set amount of every type of insect in the game, to avoid multiple playthroughs, and hours of searching, I'd recommend hunting these insects from the start, exploring, and try and enjoy the game for what it is, rather than what it's not, if all goes well, you'll snag this platinum in under 8 hours! Continuation (credits to Scotty243) Crysis One can simply plat this game in under 10 hrs. and all in one playthrough. The game isn't hard at all but is quite fun if you really want to go "tactical". Story is meh, but something to enjoy for a bit and keeps you interested till the credits roll. I think it's worth the $19.99 I purchased it for but it's nothing you'll want to play again. It's one and done. WANTED: Weapons of Fate Love the film, thought the game was awful. This game incredibly pissed me off due to it's bullshit story and the dialogue. But whatever... The game can easily be beaten in 1 hr. 30 mins., and that's on Killer difficulty. The plat can be obtained in 6 hrs. The Darkness II While essentially not a 10 hr. plat, it's relatively close. One can clock in the plat at 12 hrs. A playthrough can last between 4-6 hrs. with the Vendettas mode lasting about 2-4 hrs. One of the reasons I listed this game is it NEEDS to be supported. It's quite fun and engaging with it being one of my favorites of '12 (this year has been quite shit...). You can easily pick up a used copy and return it the next day for a full refund. Killzone 3 Multiplayer This can easily be platted in under 10 hrs. if you already have leveled up and whatnot in the original main game, Killzone 3. Otherwise, it might last a few hours over 10, but not by much. Easy plat to obtain but becomes a drag almost instantly. Perhaps the main game is shorter? I've never had that much time to invest in the original main game since it was a rental.