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  1. I see, thanks for telling me, guess i'll see what to do, it's not that high in my "To buy" list after all
  2. WOW! May i ask where did you get that celeste Copy? Is wonderful O.o

    I Tried looking for it online but well... I would like not to pay it 4 times or more it's digital value....

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    2. Sora9427


      Ah i see, so quite some months ago, this explain why now it costs so much around! What a pity, i didn't know the game back in January, oh well maybe i'll find it at a reasonable price around or they'll make more copies, it's a wonderful Cover and Disc indeed!!! 

    3. hugglebunn-e


      They never make more copies, but they do typically hold some back. They may pop up on a very short lived sale in the future.


      Your best bet is to find a small shop that stocks s9me of their games. Pink gorilla does, others as well.


      Also, lrg is doing a pop up shop the 23 and 24th in Cary NC at Cary town center.

    4. Sora9427


      Well i hope, if i find it great if not guess i'll go digital, i would like it but not spending a ton for it.


      Plus yeah no, never heard of those shops :P And i Imagine even if they sell and ship internationally being small sites it would still cost quite a bit. 

  3. Trophy Number 10000! Despair's Last Reward Earned every other trophy in the game I Finally Reached 10k Trophies!!!! I'm so happy in this moment 😭 I won't write a Review here for Danagnronpa Reload, i'll do that in the enxt days in my Checklist and the Platinum trophy section. Because well, i have A LOT to say. I Simply LOVE this series, that's why i choosed it as one of my Milestone, i WANTED it to be in my profile to see :3 Absolutely one of the best games and stories i've ever played and it's even perfectly ended by the Anime couldn't ask for something better! I'm sad it Ended but at least i still ahve Them again on my Vita to RePlay and Enjoy the story once more I'll probably play them again next year and hopefully Another episode goes on sale too meanwhile, i'm missing it on Vita... At least i have even the 3Rd one if i want to! It's a separate story so i'm not in a hurry despite everything, i'll probably go to it after Finishing Phoenix Wright (Which i'll go abck to now) and then the Nonary Trilogy which is higher up in my curiosity list (I mean i play VLR so i know it's awesome ) I got, i think, something like 100/120 Trophies this last 5 days, soo many, Burnout especially helped a Lot! It helped me go from 9950 to 9998 OnlyToday which was what i needed so that's great I'm really proud to have reached this goal, probably for many at this point is not a great achivement still i'm finally here With this i'll end my Post and don't have to worry anymore about calculating the trophies for a little while
  4. Yeah i can imagine, i have Blue Reflection to play! Nowadays are those unepected titles that surprise you since you play curious without bi expectations compared to maybe dive into some Big Title that is written about it everywhere.
  5. Yeah, try and tell that to the people that made like 5 threads for the Death Starnding news Talking about the game i can't say much, i'm really interested in it, waiting for a Sale on the first one to get it!
  6. I'm Glad you actually update the dedicated Thread to the game instead of opening a new one every time like every other people does for a game
  7. Ehi, scusa se ancora non ti ho risposto, non mi son dimenticato, è solo un Mix di pigrizia mia nel mettermi a scriver e giocare tanto in sti giorni :P Prometto di cercare di rispondere nelle prossime giornate :)


    Intanto complimenti per un altro platino e pure per quello di HN, velocissimo O.o 

    1. Phoenix_argentea


      Rispondi con calma, non abbiamo fretta! :wave:

    2. Sora9427


      è che mi sento un pò in colpa a metterci così tanto xD


  8. Yep exactly what i noticed too! I saw that button when i went t the Cart the First time but it doens't let you do anything with this types of games sold in general and not time limited! Even Leaving a Message to him AFTER the payment seems kinda stupid if that's what he means by invocie, i mean i already paied at that point and even if he gives me back some difference i had to put in my Card the amount of money needed for the full price before which is what i was trying to avoid. Thanks for telling me and the help figuring this out I Guess despite all it's not really the best to buy more games together (Especially if the save is, in the end, not that much if you're reasoning is correct like i guess) i'll just get some slowly, maybe 1 each month, they won't get anywhere anyway and it''s not like i don't have Vita games to do Since i'm already writing to you, do You have bullet girls? If so how is it? Actually enjoiable or kinda Stale gameplay? It looks cool and i like the theme but it seems kinda Clunky sadly.
  9. I hope it's a different game. Or at least no trophies or things Uncharted style to only play few matchs. It was such a chore compelting the Multiplayer for the First one, for me was one of the worst i ever played, and i Loved uncharted multiplayer instead! (Especially the 2Nd one was awesome)
  10. That's quite a bunch of good suggestion, thanks, i thought about TLR and IA too :3 You know how to ask him for an Invoice for multiple agmes shipped together? He told me twice to as him for an Invoice before paying but there isn't any way to write him at all ebfore paying (Well messaging him normally and he just reapeats to tell him before confirming payment in the cart.,..)
  11. Yep, you can create it however you want! There is an Open Beta if you wanna try it out until sunday, i recommend it
  12. Ugh, so the DLCs will have trophies... I would have gotten the game day one since i lvoe the civilization series but i don't want to spend 50+ € on the main game and then even 30 € on the DLCs,they could have made a complete edition right away or at least even just as a middle one Costin 70 €.... Guess i'll wait a sale.
  13. And i told myself to not buy many more games because of my backlog 😅 Got This ones with a Friend: We got ourself 4 Visual novels Well 3, Akiba's beat it's Half Novel, Half RPG i guess Since right now there is a massive Pqube sales (It's basically that with a lot of their titles being on the under 15€ sale right now!) I'm really curious about them, especially Punch Line and Our World in ended, Punch Line looks amazing and Our world look really interesting but at this point, who knows when i'll play them O.o
  14. Gonna double post but well, the game i ordered arrived :3 Miracle Girls Festival Thank you so much to @Hanamaru Kunikida for sending me to the Ebay seller for this! Really a great experience, the game is perfect ,like it's new, and arrived a lot earlier than indicated on Ebay; and most of all without any trouble on the road which is what i Feared most! (Troubles here in Italy between customs and delivery not arriving here is what i was scared of) I'm really happy to have this game and be able to play it! It has sooo mny characters from Anime i Love and some i have absolutely in my list! I can finally play their songs in a rhytm game, that's great :3 Would be awesome understanding most of the "story" too but well form what i get you are a producer and making tours for the girls "Idolmaster" style but obviously with just Songs to play, so it's not that big of a story Any Other recommendation from that seller @Hanamaru Kunikida? For now i noticed Project Diva x & P4 DAN at great prices!
  15. I'm jealous you got some decent Vita Sales Here in EU it's since Last christmas that there aren't any.... I would have loved Corpse Party on sale like it's for you in NA now Good luck finding some physical Vita games! Over here it's almost impossible at a decent price