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  1. Seems Like Everybody is getting new Idol outfits (Aside from ID Gen 3), i'm really curious to see them actually in action they look lovely :3 Meanwhile for games it's mostly Pokemon or Minecraft, not that i mind, it always offers great clips the Minecrafts adventures Kiara seems like Finally Finished Tales of Arise Yesterday which is nice, i always like when the members actually finish the game they start! Reine Started Danganronpa, i tried checking it out, as always she plays in english so hard pass once more. Suisei released her 2Nd album and a lot of new songs, i should check them out, i guess they are amazing as always from her
  2. So let's continue my Posting every 2 weeks without delay once more with some more screenshots :3 This last 2 weeks i played mostly at Ratchet & Clank Rift apart, enjoying every moment of it! For my Review you can check my main page and see there everything i had to say about this great game, it's no point in me repeating here so i'll mostly leave some screenshots i've taken around different planets, a lot of cool places to see! I'm continuing to play Civ VI too after getting the plat too during last week! I thought i got it back at the time of my old Post but guess not! For that too my Review is in the first page of the thread if you're curious Meanwhile i started working on some DLC trophies randomly i can get, i Cleared the 2 Scenarios required and got some Random ones like Maxing out the Vampire Pact and yesterday getting a Cit surroundedy with 4 Luxuries resoruces with the Mayas, Maya is the current Civ i'm using on ths last run, gonna try go for a scientific Victory and meanwhile getting the Amber with Zoo and Archeologist Trophy + the General Maya victory! I'll leave here just a few screenshots of the above mentioned trophies! I Usually don't quote OW 2 in this posts because i play it during the weekends doing random quick play games without much to say about but yesterday i actually got 2 Trophies! I Got the Rammatra Ulting one to kill 3 Enemies in his Ult, nothing too hard since, personally, it's an OP ult, i just never played him much but tried yesterday and got it, now i'm trying for the other trophy, it's more random than i expected. But more than this i Got "Purified" with Kiriko, which i'm really happy about since it's a character i love and enjoy playing :3 I must have gotten super lucky because i teleported just before a Rein Shatter, i somehow got missed by hit, and then got 3 people up with my Suzu which i guess maybe they were Hacked too or something and so it counted for 5 Cleanses in 1 Suzu, such a lucky trophy O.o Here are the screenshots of this trophies: Genshin, as always, can't miss! I didn't do much aside from dailies, gonna try and MUST do more the coming weeks since i have 10 days for the Rite. I'm just quoting it because i actually maxed out Sumeru reputation meanwhile so that's a trophy Pretty fast and easy compared to Inazuma for sure! Now i'm only missing the 2 Sumeru Chests Trophies, whenever i wanna sit down and look around with the compass i'll work on them And that's basically all! I started Persona 4 Golden meanwhile this week but onyl sit down properly for it for an hour yesterday so i'll get into it for real since today after this post, that's why i don't have much to say, i can say that Wow i forgot a good bit of events at the beginning! And i'm actually surprised you can take screenshots! With Atlus you never know but glad i can so next week/weeks i'll post some here :3
  3. Platinum Trophy N. 206 - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Masters of the Multiverse Collect All Trophies So, I can Finally say i played this great little gem that is currently on the few (Sadly) Ps5 Exclusives! I had great expectation and what to say, it is absolutely a blast of a game, really a work of art on every aspect of it! Let's start with what i care less but it's always nice to see which is the Graphic of the game! It's simply amazing, such an obvious massive difference from the previous ones but even compared to other recent games it has so much cure so many details it's amazing! And i Played on the Performance mode so 60Fps with a little Ray tracing i guess on Cinematic mode it could be even better O.o You can even see how smooth it is never slowing down even when weapon upgrades and stuff compared to the previous titles. Now for the, i guess, Main feature of the game that are the rifts around the worl, they are great to use and always a lot of fun, it's so cool how you get instantly teleported to a point and everything is loaded in and moved instantly! I Found fascinating this especially on Blizar and Cordelion, it's sooo cool that you hit a Crystal and the entire world just changes instantly in half a second around you without any loading or lights in the middle, i think this is technically impressive, i can't think of any other game i played changing area around you so fast just by hitting an object The Story is really nice too, we get to know and Use Rivet, another Character with her own story connecting to Ratchet and this is a first too for the series, yeah sure we had all 4 one but there we basically use character we already know and it was an escuse to have a Multiplayer part in it more than effectively matter in the story. It's nice to see new and old worlds we know (And i Can't remember well because i think Sargasso was in like R&C1 ) and i enjoied them all not a single one i found annoying! It's really interesting alternating using Ratchet or rivet depending on the Planet and watching what happens until the end. I won't say anything particular because i don't like to spoiler anything in my Reviews but i really enjoied everything even the ending is really good, there is one Thing i guess left "Hanging" and who knows i hope it's the excuse for the next chapter in the series :3 Still this is one, if not maybe the Only one with Gladiator, title that is good alone and i don't think it will be part of a trilogy, which i found a pretty good think since the last one was pretty low quality sadly; but with this? Oh Boy they raised the bar so high. I even Actually played the game in Italian, my language, which will probably be the last and possibly only game on Ps5 i'll do that I Dislike modern VA in my language being so pale and worst than english which i can understand so i never do, but R&C is a game i always played and like in Italian, i did Nexus too in my Language and there i tried a bit English i actually like it more in Italian, guess it's habit So i was both super happy and suprised when ALL the voice came back both Ratchet and Clank, Quark and everybody is back with the same voices which is incredible, did not expect that after sooo many year (5-6 since the Reboot?) so it was a relaly pleasant suprise and they choosed a great Female voice for Rivet too, a strong one that did a good job. If more game where done like this i would listen more to my language but since it often is not like well it was enjoiable for once For the Gameplay, well it's the classic always love one plus the Rift as a bonus in combat, but this time i enjoyed basically all weapons, some were underwhelming but that's to be epxected but i didn't had any annoying one like in Nexus to use. The Ryno too HERE is Powerful, you really feel strong and the power of using it and destrying your enemy, not like in Nexus where i felt like i was tickling the enemies while missing half the shots. There are a lot of different weapons to use and all of them really seems strong in their upgraded version! I'm Kinda sad that this time it's when they decided to not put a "Complete Challenge mode" trophy and asking to max out all weapons to V10, they did in the rpevious ones but not this time when i actually would have lovedto do that So yeah this lead to my final topic, trophies. The Plat is Super Easy, one of the easiest to do so it's not a surprise is 60%+ Rarity is bascially given to you compared to previous R&C which aren't never that difficult of games. You can just Enjoy the story, pay attention on the rail section of Blizon to hit the 3-4 Crystal there to not miss that trophy and that's it. 70% of the tropheis come from just playing and completing the Stories on the planets. Then there are really few collectible ones, the Gold Bolts are not even asked, only 5 are needed to be found which i don't get it when you even get an in-game map for them, i went and found them all just for my satisfaction being so easy to do. There are some bear plushes to find (Why, who knows i guess it's a quote to something) which i used the "Suggestion" feature from the trophy itself showing short videos where to find them, really useful, i hope this feature doesn't die because it was nice not having to go on Pc and look for a video. As Said the Platinum doesn't even require you to Max out ANY weapon or playing the game on Challenge, nope just get all the weapons which is easily done after the Tutorial in Challenge mode when you unlock the last 2 and "Max" out a weapon which i thought it meant taking it at level 10 and got instead surprised when i Maxed outa weapon with Raritanium and that's what the trophy is for, so you can get it even after taking a weapon to V5 in the Main run.... There aren't even any difficulty relleated trophy this time you can play on Super Easy and it's the same. I played on Normal, mostly to not having super Tanky bosses and it was enjoyably easy. So yeah they went really super easy on this plat which is dissapointing since this is the game i would have liked to play a second run of maxing everything and at hard Diffculty! Anyway for my last lines in this Massive review; if it's not obvious i simply LOVED this game and enjoied it a lot, it went over my expectation, i liked every single moment of it and it was a pleasure to experience! This is my First Actual game on Ps5 (Since the other i have are also on Ps4) only and DAMN if this is the level of quality we get i really hope this is the last year of having Cross-Gen games from the Main SH because there is such a MASSIVE difference in every part of it it's impressive. I'll leave here the platinum image, it's when i maxed out a weapon, as Said i was surprised i expected the trophy meant to get it to V10 not max out the stats with Raritanium. Now time to go to P4Golden, i delayed it enough already to enjoy R&C :3 PS: Just a neding note, i wonder how in the heck the guy who made the guide did the game in 10 hours, it was most like 15 to 20 for me and it'0s not like i spent 1 hours exploring just a part of the map, for such a short time you have to rush the game...
  4. Eh if the Damage is inaccurate as you said it's not really much use sadly plus is a Mono Pyro team, i would use and like to see her in a Vaporize team with Yelan i think there she would Shine, i would like to see a Dehya, Kokomi, Yelan and Kazuha Team, even Bennet i don't think it works well with her since she keeps moving foward in her burst so she would go out of the circle after 2 hits. Plus it's against basic enemies and i don't know if Severed it's her set, i guess for Mono Pyro but i would go Witch with a Vapo/Melt team so yeah not a great example. I guess Mihoyo really got what they wanted about the leaks from the beta, i remember with Nahida we had already a lot of showcase of her being a Great support. Yeah she looks really fun which is why i wanna know and hope she's good Mostly because i would like Hu Tao C1 and if Shene is next banner i want her + Eula's weapon if she's there too. Sooo too much stuff having to choose i would love to see before the release since Hu Tao is in 10 days
  5. Recently there arent' really any Showcase of the characters, i would like to see how strong DDehya truly is but there are just some random one and always her alone without a team Anyway Meanwhile, i have to really do Yelan's story and the Rite i don't have much time anymore. At least i did the Abyss again, it looked a lot easier even if i basically used the same team as last time on FLoor 12 Gonna leave the video here if anybody is curious, i tried Ayaka Freeze but for F12 sadly i NEED Shene for it
  6. AH I SEE! Now i can bother you daily until you play Sophie 2 then? :awesome: 

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    2. Sora9427


      I'm glad it's general for the series fan and not only me, i tried Ryza 1 to test it and i strongly dislike it, i sitll play the tirlogy, it's still and RPG but god i LOVED sophie 2 gameplay being classic with innovations, i hope that's the road next year. I don't know how they thought it was fun making you use 1 character and that's it, ah yeah super interesting, i'm glad we got P3P on Ps4 for the same reason, i would have hated the gameplay of FES since i heard it's the same.


      Yeah Atelier games are divided in trilogies, the Misrteryous one it's Sophie, Firis and Lydie & Suelle with Sophie 2 as extra (Kinda like Lulua for Arland) But Sophie 2 it's actually a 2 it happens after Sophie 1 while she's traveling to the nation where Firis take places so you can play them one after another, after all i sitll have to play firis :P 

      Yeah i absolutely recommend it as a starting point, plat it's pretty easy the guide here is well done and so you can enjoy it without worrying of doing this that and so on for the plat (I mean i did Rorona already 4 times and still messed up ending, Totori once and missed 1 thing for an ending, so annyoing -_-).

      Nah the DX version has just some QoL stuff like running and a Mini-Story where Sophie gets her Grandma's Outfit and you can use it but that's about it 97% of the game it's the same so you won't miss a things and i can say this being 3/4 on Sophie Ps4 and finished DX. One of the plans this year is to get the plat for Sophie Ps4 for me :hmm:  

    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Ah, so that's what's different about Ryza. It's hard to say if I'll dislike the battle system too, but I can see why fans wouldn't have liked that change. And I think you're the first person I've seen say that they're glad we got a P3P port instead of FES. 😛 I'm in agreement with you though. I like both versions, but P3P is definitely the more enjoyable gameplay experience imo because you can directly control your party members, in addition to all the other quality of life stuff.

      Alright, cool. 😁 Nice to know that Sophie 2 comes after the first game despite releasing after the other games in that sub-series. And I'm glad to hear that the DX versions are just some minor improvements, so I wouldn't be missing out on much by playing the original versions. The DX bundles on the PS store are super expensive, so not really worth rebuying them just for that.

      I appreciate the info. I think I will start with Sophie then when I get around to playing these games. Might still be a while yet though. 😅

    4. Sora9427


      Yeah you can use 1 Character each time anbd the other 2 act on their own, you can choose who to use but it's something i totally hate i always love using all the team in a JRPG so this restriction is too annoying for me, it's the onyl reason i don't get Ryza 3 day one, i even thought about getting the collector since i like the characters and world, the Alchemy system seems interesting too but in the end a big part f the game is the figting and i don't want to support it.

      Yeah i know everybody says the opposite xD But as you see the ability to use the entire team for me it's waaay better than be able to go around and everything in 3D instead of being a novel, plus i never played the 3rd one so i can't really be biased towards FES or not and so i check from the Gameplay. Yeah i read your discussion on the Vtuber thread i agree with what you said there!


      Yeah, Sophie 2 is settled in an "Another World" so it's a completely by itself game it requires of course to play Sophie 1 first otherwise you don't know some charcters and what not but not even that is an absolute must, for sure it's not needed anything else :) Yeah i get you, i got them all, the DX bundles since i'm a huge fan of the series and i wanna support it but in the end they are pretty much a Costly rip-off offering few new stuff, if you have the originals that's enoug. (And i say having Arland, Totori and the entire Misteryous trilogy Retail + Meurur Plus on vita :P)


      Well i hope you get into playing Sophie 1 and 2 in the next months, i'm curious about your thoughts ^_^ 

  7. Platinum Trophy N. 205 - Civilization VI No More Turns. Complete all base game Civilization VI trophies. Now, this is an unexpected Platinum i'll be honest I had other plans for my weekend but pretty much threw them away and played a bunch of Civ which i'm back into lately after watching some runs from the Civ Youtuber i follow that always release interesting Deity runs. So i went and tried my hannd to my last missing trophies, i already did last week the annoying Egypt trophy so it was one less on the way, i had only to try my way for the America, the Baloon and the Moon ones! Yesterday i finally managed to get the "Pizza Party" trophy after a bunch of attempts all failed for one reason or the other, this time it was long but i made it, and boy the actuall annoying part was Getting New York as a city I Had like 12 cities before and was finishing the space i could settle on the map, thankfully the 13Th one was New York, not a great one so it took a while to get things going but i made it for the trophy! Then i tried all yesterday night getting the Nena Continent. I actually got it rpetty fast in hot seat as recommended by the guide, what a pity that the guide is wrong or outdated i don't know because starting in the Atomic era already gives you Drones making the trophy impossible because you can't make baloons anymore, would have been great to find out without wasting 1 hour first Anyway after that i refuesed to do another Hot Seat, it's so boring pass eveyr time turns, i just tried single player a Duel Continet map until i got it, spent like 2 hours yetserday trying nothing, this morning, 1st try Guess it's payment for the suffering Found the continet it was just a matter to get ot the techs (I started Industrial Era this time to be sure!) and got the trophy. For the last one it was just tedious, i did all this trophies on Settle diffuclty (Ultra Easy) so the enemy was never a problem to me, same here, egypt was never a problem, i was actually surprised to just 2 shots his 2nd biggest city, i expected more, anyway just a amtter of playing the game, dominating so much (Especially as Korea for science) i had basically EVERY great Scientist included Newton and Darwin, activate them and just work towards the Scientific victory! All the while after having promoted a Slinger at the start and kept it until the aiportrts were done for that trophy too So Yeah, this was all my work towards this last trophies in this weekend! I decided to write this down to give an idea of how more annoying than anything the plat is, it's not hard at all, you can just play on the easiest diffculty 90% of the time, it's just tedious. I got the game and played most of it 2 Years ago, after i just came back randmoly for some runs trying to get trophies, i'm glad i'm done with the plat both because i like the game (And i'm both sad and annoied that Firaxis just stopped supporting the Console version for whatever reason, would have liked to try Tokugawa and the New Chinese leaders ) and i actually want to play it properly without gimmicky stuff, especially trying some Deity games, now i can! Sure there are the DLCs trophies but thankfully are not as annoying or specific in msot cases so i'll slowly work on them! I'll leave here this time the Platinum Image, well it's the Science movie screen obviosuly: Already 2 Platinum in 3 weeks, this year is starting waay better than my last 2, hopefully it continues
  8. Ah i see, didn't know that, i would say fair if they stopped but hope they finish it themself. Usual stupid streaming regulamentation by Atlus, i'll never understand this stupid rules of now streamign some parts. I can understand the first like 3 months but the game is out for 4? Years, if somebody spoils it it already did so it's stupid not allow it I can't comment about P3 since i never played it, P4Golden on Vita was my first one, so i can't judge about one version or the others, guess i'll just have to see it now on Ps5
  9. I Mean a game on WII U sure but P3 was either Ps2 or PSP i doubt streaming it legally from one fo those two consoles would have been easy, even P4Golden we saw it aorund because of the steam version not the Vita one streamed now. I Mean i hope they finish it, so far the only Hololive member i see actually finishing games is really Reine, single player games. Aside from Pokèmon which i guess being short and mainstream it's not hard to finish. Ah yeah i guess Watame and Korone do finish what they start too even if they mostly play old games for Single ones.
  10. I mean Archon Re-Run are pretty standard i would say and i would expect only Nahida until the 4.0 or somehting like that we already got all the others this update, it's just that the Rerun are handled pretty awfully i would say, it's stupid we got Kokomi-Raiden 2.6 then Kokomi 3.1 and Raiden 3.3 already again meanwhile like Eula we don't see her since 2.3, same Shene and Albedo! We'll get all Sumeru Rerun anyway for 3.6 on like it was ffor Inazuma, it's just to see who when. Like Al Haitam i expect it 3.8 if not 4.0. There are actually only 3 Character with No Rerun for a Year being the 3 we quoted already, all the others got one already since last january. They just need to handle Reruns Better that's it, to go in order and not Randmly or like now because Xiao is in the story then fuck it he gets it after just 4 months since last one meanwhile Shene it's a Year, Same with Eula, they could have put here like in 3.2 in place of Yoimiya that already got hers just 3 months before! (After a year i waited to get her too -_-) It's just handled poorly what character go up at what time. Personally i also found terrible putting scaraguy at 3.3 instead of Alhaitam and Deyha before! They were waaay more important part of the story, he should have been 3.5 after them but well i guess Fangirling and money there was the reason which totally for for Mihoyo to do, it's business. EDIT: I checked for curiosity i was wrong, wow Albedo was With Nilou, who knew, it shows how little i cared for the other banner that time Then It's Shene and Eula we are missing for more than a year!
  11. Stange it took so long, my guess is she wans't allowed to because it would have obviously been Emulated before while now she got the official Remaster. Did she finish P5 at least? I'm sad to see many member started it and so far i've seen only Reine continuing it (I mean i see the Notifictaion sadly she plays it english so i pass) I'm guessing we'll see a round of trials now for P3 maybe P4 here and there as always, for what i know Subaru Played P4 Golden some weeks ago but i don't know if she finished, i just know because her streams got recommended back then to me I'm happy there is a new Minecraft server! This game is where some of the best moments come out and so i'm always happy to see more from them :3
  12. I wouldn't trust any banner leak at this time they are just supposition, this are mostly based on the fact that Eula will receive a card and there is the Windblume in 3.5 and Shene is more than a year since her last rerun. Banner Leaks aren't out or true usually until the Second half of the current one. We got Alhitam + xiao and hu tao + Yelan the 18th of December i checked, 4 days before the 2nd banner of 3.3. I mean Eula is probably True it's been over a year and there is the Bid Mondstat event but same could be said for Albedo if i'm not wrong, i don't remember him too getting a Rerun after the banner with her in November 2021. For shene who the fuck knows, whenever Myhoyo want to allow me to have a Super Ayaka team i'll be happy, i'm still annoyed we got the 5000 xiao rerun and No Shene in the Lantern Rite Anyway i'm waiting even for actual Damage and gameplay for Dehya, she looks really cool animation wise but the Kit sounds pretty weak without C1 which isn't really fair. 3.5 is gonna be Sooo expensive potentially for me, i'm definitively saving all now, i tried 10 pull got luck and got a YaoYao i'm hpapy with that! I Actually want, if it's gonna happen, Dehya C1 if she's good, Eula's weapon and Shene... At least in 3.6 Unless of surprises i would like only Nahida (So far all Archons Rerun on .6 of the updates so should be the case) and dont' care about Baizou or Kaveh so it's already more wallet friendly
  13. Enjoy the games, all great titles you are playing And Especially Enjoy Deadlocked (Or Gladiator for me), Personally it's and still will be, even after Rift apart which i'm loving, the best R&C game ever! I'm super biased on saying this because i grew up playing it and it was a rite playing it on Co-Op every new Year for a good while with my cousins so ti always has memories for me, hope you can enjoy it as much
  14. Finally i sit down and checked and worked on the Artefacts i had and Find 3 Crio one that are A LOT better for My Ayaka! NOW my Ayaka has really good stats and is ready fro her new costume in 3 days :3 I also found 2 new AMAZING ATK% artifacts, i gave one (The Emblem one) to Ayaka and the one Ayaka had (Shimenawa with 27% Crit Damage) i gave it to Yoimiya improving her too. The other one is free slot for now but plenty of Character needing an ATK% Sand so it's great to have it I'll here the 2 pieces i worked on and my New Ayaka and Yoimiya, Before Ayaka had 52% Crit rate and 197% Crit Damage. (She had a 11% Def and a 25% Hp pieces...) Talking about the Incoming update, i'll probably skip all the banners here (Especially if the announce Either Eula or Shene for the 3.5 and Dehaya is good, otherwise i'll try Either Yelan or Hu tao C1) but i'm curious about the event, last rite was fun and with a great story so i hope for the same, and the new Main story actually has an interesting character as Al haitam in it so i'm really curious (even if i guess i'll have to force myself through the 3.3 story ugh)
  15. So, Two weeks have now passed and i said i was gonna try und give an "Update" on what i'm working on at least in this period of time so let's try not to already fuck it up and say what i'm currently playing or planning to do! First of all not gonna write massive posts, as said in my Year Goal Planning i'm gonna mostly post Screenshots and Photos when possible of the stuff i'm Playing. Let's start with: Samurai Maiden (Ps5 Version) A game i had a Huge interest in since i saw the first trailers back in september and so i Pre-Odered the Deluxe edition to give my support, and what to say i did not regret it! It might not be a super awesome game with Huge graphic or complex gameplay, even the Story it's pretty simple nothing that was never seen before but i still enjoied it a lot. I really liked all the characters and how they looked (Tokugawa looked not as amazing compared to the others but still good) and the Gameplay despite being pretty simple still hasn't got me tired, i still enjoy it! I'm currently working on the Story/Chapters on Hard after i finished the Story on Normal the First day of the year. I'm just doing some chapters when i feel like it, it's still pretty simple on Hard thankfully, i would be worried for the Last difficulty otherwise but it shouldn't be that bad i hope. Anyway i'll leave here some Screenshots, i had to get some from the Trophies because during the Gameplay i kinda forgot to take screenshots Since the Chapter are time based i can't really stop for now taking images of enemies, fight or places i'll probably do that more when i'll search for the collectibles with the time being a no factor in it! I could actually post the Final Image, it's not really a story spoiler but it's so beautiful that i leave it for who wants to play it to see :3 For the Second Game i played i would post about Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexu but, well, being a Ps3 Games Streamed with the Plus i couldn't take any screenshot, i tried So i'll just leave my Review of the game, actually in main page so i start working on that as i said i wanna do, let's just say in short that i had a good time with it! Lastly, as always, Genshin Impact (Ps5 Version) I actually wouldn't really said i did much in Genshin, mostly Daily and Farming here and there, i have so little interest in the 3.3 story, should change with the next week and the 3.4 bringing actually interesting Characters. I Actually Went on my Ps4 Version to Sync all my trophies and get all the Sumeru one i was missing there And Boy Sumeru made the Ps4 Version even worst, it already casued crashes in summer for me before, can't imagine now, glad i have the Ps5 Version O.o Anyway Actually today i got some screenshots i can post! I Finally Managed to improve my Ayaka after a while i tried i found 3 Wonderful Crio Pieces to give her and she finally has Great stats! With this i even managed to give her ATK% Shimenawa piece to Yoimiya and make her better too! I Leave the stat screenshots here! I'll leave even my Abyss video here, i got 36 Star this time! Who need the Geo Team when you have Bloom? And that's all! I played a bit of Civ 6 in this weekend since i'm feeling the need to play it after a long time, sadly the Trophies require so many specific things it's boring and tedious but oh well hopefuly i can work on it, get the plat and then play how i wanna mostly If i can finally sit my ass down and put my brain on it i'll start R&C: Rift Apart tonight and On Thursday Persona 4 Golden comes out (I'm just waiting for it) so next week or weeks should be mostly this for screenshots