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  1. I usually don't like posting just random images from the Net but i guess it get's to the point in more interesting ways than writing a list So here is what i got in the Current Digital Sales! A Novel i wanted to get since the announcement! I want to watch the Anime too so it's great that it went on sale! Price it's not Amazing but sitlla good one, plus it's not released by somebody like Marvelous so i doubt it will go often on sale and i wanted it! One of those "Celeste" Type of games in 2D and with platform as a genre. I expect it to be pretty good! Hopefully it is overall and not as simple or frustrating with no mid-way like Saldy Tamayuri was. This is another one i wanted for a while and not it's absolutely at a great price. Well the last Volume for Nekopara, i already got the 1-3 Pack of Volumes on a Sales some weeks ago and when this went out i almost wanted to get it right away! Now i have it all (Unless a 5th should come out? I don't know honestly), absolutely gonna play this cute VN not so mcuh in the future! A Game i watched played so i know the gameplay and the general story but it's been a while ago so i mostly remember the places and obviously the interesting Gameplay, as said, of it It was enjoyable and i wanted it after that, now it's on a good sale so here i got! Plus it's a simple enough plat which is nice, they could have made it more annoying with stuff like completing the Item List at 100% and so on, wouldn't have taken much but would have been boring glad they didn't. While EVERYONE plays the 2Nd one i got the First one complete Finally It's been a while since i wanted this, i saw it played for a while but i remember the start and the Table scene that's pretty much it i don't even think i watched the 2Nd half of it or anwyay i remember nothing if i did. Pretty curious to play it, i'm sure it will live up to its reputation! Welp that's it The Backlog never ends!
  2. WONDERFUL Month! Coulnd't care much about ff7, eh, i'll probably never even play it havign a TON of Jrpgs i want to actually play and bought; but Remnant From the Ashes!?! That i'm soo happy! I wanted that game since months, and was tempted during the Christmas sale i think it was? But i passed for the time and now i cna have the base game with the Plus, Really happy about it Hope the DLCs go on Sale too soon enough to get them and have it complete to play some time in the next months!
  3. I Finally decided to Get Civ VI this sales. I wanted it since release, always post poned it because of teh Pass And DLC but well, for 12 € fuck it i'll get the rest when it goes on a decent (At least half price!) sale.

    Sooo maybe i'll start it later as my new game! Advice for it since you are more expert than me especially trophy wise @Undead Wolf? :P 

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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I haven't checked out all the Civ6 achievement guides on TrueAchievements, but the ones I have used explained things fairly well. The nature of them being submitted by different people means you're going to get varying levels of quality though. I'm sure the Steam guide is good, but do keep in mind that the Steam version of the game has a lot of trophies that didn't make their way into the console versions (299 achievements compared to 90 trophies). I remember using the Steam guide for one of the trophies a while back, and I was really confused why it wasn't popping, only to realise it wasn't a trophy in the PS4 version lol. 😅

    3. Sora9427


      Guess i'll check this out then if it's working for you! Well i'll always check first the trophy name if necessary or things like that could happen xD 

    4. Cleggworth


      I almost jumped at that price too, the DLC though 😳

  4. The City Sleeps 100% Complete CTNS: Silver Lining Guess i should have posted about the Plat In the Other thread before but eh i'm too lazy to sit and write a long review now Plus honestly i don't think i'll say much more than what most of the Reviews for it said in the past, such a gorgeous game, it was really a pleasure and a great adventure to play! Amazing Story from start to end with quite a bit that i didn't expect, i enjoied every single bit of it! And swing around town? It's so much fun and satisfying personally i bascially never took the quick travel aside from 7 times (3 Being for the trophy and 4 because i wnated to get into the next story mission right away!). The game isn't perfect but it's pretty near it i would say! Plus all the variety in the collectibles made them enjoiable to look around, really wish more games took inspiration from this and put them all on the Map to search and giving fun Trivias, rather than making them something useless to find with online maps! Talking about the DLCs, well way less interesting than the base game but still a fun experience. Well at least the 1St and 3Rd one! We See Black Cat a character i doubted i guess until the end but then she makes a nice move and so i can say i actually liked her despite all and Silver a Character i already liked after the story and what happened and find even better know knowing more about her and her situation, absolutely a great character in my opinion. Hammerhead as a Villain? eh... I found it boring and even kinda stupid being presented almost stronger than The Main story Villains at some point. Maybe it's just that i don't like Mafia Themed stuff in general and here pretty the same case. My Main complaints for the DLC are the Hammerhead Bases, sooo boring i was just hoping for the waves to end and not getting randomly hit by a Shile,d a Jet or something else randomly and just took like 1/3 of my health away in 1 hit not even giving me time to heal Way to many times i got killer basiclaly by some passing by hit that took away A LOT! I get it making strong enemies but damn give me either cover or space to fight them! Even worst was Screwball. Just plenty boring and annoying, iut's probably because i don't like performance based stuff i don't know or maybe how long and tedious most of the challenges were. I didn't mind stuff like the Bombs or Destrying the Power Relays, those were kinda nice. Even the Gadget one aside from the terrible first one were decent. But the Fighting challenges or the Staelth ones and whatever else there was? Ugh so boring it looked like they were neverending and 1 misatke could just kill you or make you fail. I Found even pretty Cringy? I guess the entire story about her being a Socialmedia addicted basiclaly, hope to never see this character again. Anyway WONDERFUL game and a Nice DLC story the wrap it up, i had a lot of fun and absolutely recommend it to everyone! Can't wait to play Miles Morales (I alreayd like Miles from here too!), as soon as it goes on a nice sale i'll surely get it! But before compeltly say goodbye i have the Story to be plaied one more time at Max diffuculty! (Gonna do this on the Weekends, despite loving Spider-Man i wanna Start/Get back to something else now at least during the Week when i have 2-3 hours)
  5. Wonderful Month for me!!! It's been quite a while since i'm interested in Control, i didn't get it last Sale 2 weeks ago just because i wanted other games that rarely go on sale compared to this and now it's on the Plus, with the complete edition too! Splendid news, really happy to get it with the Plus and save some money :3 The Ps5 Game looks pretty neat too btu well don't have the console so, for the future i guess. Concrete Genie. Yeah. I would have plaied it even quite a while ago if they didn't randomly decide to screw the 100% for some random VR trophies you can't even do without the Device. So Yeah i'll pass on it i don't Wanna absolutely play it anyway.
  6. Got Myself Giraffe and Annika Muscial Mayhem Edition :3 It dropped down to an awesome price on Amazon right now so i got it right away! I'm interested in the game it looks nice and interesting (Even if pretty dated as graphics but oh well) and i wanted it since the release trailers. Really great edition quite a good bunch of stuff i'm really happy to add more special editions to my collection Plus Got Shadow of the TR Defintive Edition Upgrade (Or simply the Season pass honestly). It's at a great price right now on the january sales thankfully so got it right away, i'll plan to play both Rise and Shadow this year, glad PsPlus give them And for another Great Price in the January sale, Sherlock Holems: Crimes & Punishments! I'm, a big Sherlock Holmes fan and i love the classic one (Like form the 2 Movies, i instead, hate is a strong word, but greatly dislike the Modern Tv series meh) so hopefully this one keep my expectations, so far i loved "The Testament of Sherlock Holmes" some years ago and trying out "Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter" which i have looks interesting! Another "Series" i want to play some time in this year.
  7. I wanna Pick Up some US Bds and i'm wondering will my BD reader (it's a verbatim) read them? Or it will only read the EU region disc? Can't relaly find the answer so if somebody know please tell me! And the Ps3/4? Can they read them i wonder?

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    2. Sora9427


      Oh tahnks for looking, this was already a lot of informations :)

      I wonder about the Ps because somebody i know online told me he watched US BDs on Ps3 i don't know if it's true honestly.


      Maybe i found a program to watch BD from the palyer on Pc no matter the reagion, i'll try that! Hopefully it works, soooo many Anime don't arrive to UK plus now with this exit story they cost even more -_- 

    3. Honor_Hand


      No problem. ^^ On PC you shouldn't have a problem. And in case you do get one, you can use a program to enable region-free watching there.


      Maybe the guy who watched BDs on his PS3 had a couple that of discs that were region-free. From what I read, there are a few discs like that that can be watched anywhere.


      And yeah, anime BDs are super expensive. I only got a couple of them last year from the US and, well, even though they were on offer, they were still pretty costly. 😅 Best of luck with your search. :)

    4. Sora9427


      Oh i already have a BD Player on PC, i got it last month :P Works perfectly with the UK BDs i have, i bought a NA one now, guess i'll see if it works right away or i'll have to use a program!

      I don't know, maybe even if i doubt those being some SoL Anime xD But who knows! 


      Oh there are actually some at great prices over here from the US at least, the one i'm trying it out i got for 11 € :P And it's an anime i've watched 3? Maybe 4 years ago and really liked so it's not randomly to try it out :) 

  8. I knew what V-Tuber were but never really watched them until well this week? I found this thread and decided to check out some of them and they are actually pretty fun and enjoyable to watch! I really really like Pekora, it's a lot of fun to watch her and Aqua to, plus they both are actually pretty good in what they play and i saw so far (Which is not much but Aphex for Aqua and Yakuza 0 + Various games for Pekora) which is really nice, it would get kinda boring if they weren't and were just playing randomly for jokes. So, definitively gonna watch more of them! I checked out some english ones too but i don't know, it's strange, like watching an Anime in English I only enjoy Gura in English she has a soft voice which is nice to hear so i'll see her from time to time i guess!
  9. Well, i created this thread just before going away for a year i guess it's about time i Make it back actually posting some new Mangas i got I actually got A LOT of Mangas and Anime last year, i had to get a new library too for them! Gonna make a propper Photo of all my collection maybe later or next days anyway. Anyway meanwhile my last purchase, just arrived an hour ago! Super Hxeros 4 & Kaguya Sama 4 are literally the last number out for them here (Hxeros went out on friday) for now! While World's End Harem and The Quintessential Quintuplets are 2 Series i'm recovering Volumes for because WEH is at Volume 10 with last week while Quintuplets i think the Volume 12 just went out too so yeah, slowly getting them until i'm with the last release
  10. Sly 2: Band Of Thieves (Vita Version) Unlikely Bandit Unlock all Sly Cooper and the Band of Thieves Trophies A Game i know and love really really well! What to say, i played this game on Ps2, On Ps3 (Twice, One on this Account and one on Another account too) and now on Vita, i guess that's enough to say i love the Sly series? Such a great story and old school platform i always enjoy play it, i even go for the 100% even if bottles here aren't necessary in every Episode. I jjust didn't get every single item from the shop because i don't really want to go around farming money when here you can only do it with sly and with the RNG being you can find 3 guard with object close to each other or none in 3/4 of the map. Anyway, the plat is obviously pretty easy as everyone who plays it knows. On Vita it's a neat porting. Not perfect, expecially the reading of the buttons, you really have to press them down otherwise at times it just let you go for example with the paraglide/parachute Still it's pretty well done and it was nice playing again This game on a portable console and getting the trophies once more :3 It took waaay too much to finish this but well i basiclaly stopped playing it up until 2 weeks ago and i was at the start of episode 3, so yeah didn't play that much before. The Third one will wait a bit now! I wanna get back into more games on Vita i already started rather than starting a new one (even if it's not that long)
  11. Snap + Slide 15 Piece Prize Complete a Snap + Slide puzzle with 15 pieces in 50 seconds or under. Digit Chase Prize Complete Digit Chase in 1 minute or under. Welcome Park Master! Collect all trophies in Welcome Park. Well, about time i guess? First trophies of the year! I saw somebody in the Forum writing about getting them and made me think to get back and try the missing trophies i had, especially the picture one. I tried it out back then when i actually plaied the Welcome Park but couldn't really bother, i retried even later and still couldn't and wouldn't be bothered. So i decided to give it a try again ebcause it would have been nice to start the year ending such a long time uncompleted game in my account and indeed it is :3 It took still a lot of tries, spent like 40 minutes doing the Photo One and i finally managed it! I still think it's more luck than anything that trophy. The other one, i guess i never bothered before? It wasn't that hard, took 4-5 attempts to get better at the 3 games and got the trophy. Anyway Another 100% to start the year and finish this "Game" after 7 years! I hope to see more old game coming to a 100%
  12. I'm not usually somebody to make Goal (Actually i like making them for me i just have hard times actually compelting them that's why i usually don't make them) but i tried this year, you can read my post here if interested: 

    Hopefully i can make it! 

  13. WOW! It's been over a Year and and 31 Platinum trophies since i wrote here! Wish to change the tile of the Thread a little bit but eithe ri can't only a Mod can or i don't know how, oh well I doubt i'll bother actually updating 30 Platinum trophies, too much of an effort to write all down since i don't wirte 2 lines reviews, i can't onc ei start i have to write every single tought about a game and well, that's a long task! But who knows, maybe with time. So i'll start maybe writing back what i get in this 2021, that surely i can do! Meanwhile i wanted to post over here a little bit of my "Goals" for this year. I don't know if i'll respect them, i like to put objectives and goal for me but most of the times sadly i get side tracked and don't complete them so i'll try, hopefuly i can complete them! - Number of Trophies: 13500 Total I don't really care about the number of trophies overall, it's actually somehting i never thought of much, figures now that i'm above 10k. I Just set this because it's getting closer to 15 which is actually another Milestone in the Profile! - % Of Completion: 80% That's instead somehting i always watched, the overall % on my profile. Back 2-3 years ago i had it around 68-69% overall and wnated to reach 70, did that i thought it was decent but could get to 75%, and now i'm here! I think i can quitely sit and reach even 80% and that's what i'll aim to do this year! I can try for 85% even maybe later but one step at the time! - Unearned Trophies: Under 3000 Not much of a target but getting it lower than 3000 would alreayd be a lot. I don't mind thaaat much the Number of unearned trophies but this are waaay too many so i want to push it down at list a bit working together with my % Goal! - Platinum Number: 190 Strange of a Goal ins't it? I should put 200 but i'll be realistic and stick with 15 plat earned. I would love to reach 200 this year (Especially since i already decided for Catherine FB to be that milestone) but it would mean getting 25 plats! I sure have some fast ones but mostly are at least 25-30 hours which is 2-3 weeks if i actually play well (Which is not always the case, i'm tired, want to play online or other stuff) and have a lot of games i want to play that are actually even 80+ hours! (DQ XI, Death stranding, Toukiden 2 to say some). So yeah i would like more to clean my backlog even of long games rather than aiming just for the number 200 for the sake of it. If i maange to surprass this target and reach that would just be Wonderful! And i guess trophy wise that's mostly it! I Wanna clean up my backlog too, i have soooo many games to finish and to start, i wanna clean up something like Lollipop on Ps3, Sly on PSVita or Bordlerlands 2 on Ps3, alla games i started months and months ago and still to finish! Plus start and finish some games like Nier Automata And DQ XI i bought 1 year and months ago or Sakura Wars that i got Day one still to play before i regret it or this drop down at such a low price it was stupid getting them back then! That's all, thanks for reading and good luck to you too with your 2021 Goals if you have any
  14. So, i bought quite a lot of agmes during this year, especially on sales! I won't post everything otherwise i would have to look for every game and make a massive photo. I'll just post here the 3 Retail games i got this months Death stranding: A Game i had 0 interest in and no Hype at all but a friend of mine loves it and i told him that when it dropped around 20 € i could ge it and well it actually did I got it during the Black friday sales, on the local stores it was on sale before the official December Ps sale for it. I'm not a fan of Kojima itself but i watched Metal gear 1-2 and want to play at least PW & 5 (Should play the 3Rd one but i'll see) and they are pretty good so i can see DS being really good too. It surely is Awesome graphically from what i saw trying it out for 10 minutes. Gonna play it sometime next year! Dragon Quest Builders 2: Well DQ + Minecraft a combo i know i will love I already tried the Demo for the first one and like dit a lot back years ago so when this one went on Amazon for a great price (20 €) in the Black Friday sales i decided to pick it up! Still hoping the first one goes on that price too one day (even Digital but it never goes) so i can have all DQ on Ps, i think? (Except X Which is only Japanese, and XI S which i'll get in the future) Toukiden 2: A game i wnated for a long time. The reason? well you can see it even on my YT Channel I Tried the CarryOver Demo for it like 2 years ago? I think and damn i loved it! It was such a fun little journey i shared on My channel too and it has an unexpected amount of viewvs being nothing particular to watch Anyway i liked the game a lot and wanted to get it since there! But this is another type of game that never goes on sale so when i saw it on Amazon for the same price as the 2 above games i decided to get it or i never would! I don't think i'll get Kiwami. The 2Nd one has a story by itself and many new mechanics and stuff i'll probably don't want to lose, plus the First one is another 100 hours game and pretty costly too always 30 €+ around. So yeah i'll happily enjoy this and if they'll ever do keep an eye on a Toukiden 3! That's all! Retail Side at least. I got even a bunch of games like Nekopara Vol. 1-2-3, AI, Crystar And Nexomon + other titles with a friend in the recent sales but posting random internet iamges won't do much, that's why i'm just telling.
  15. Well it's been A LONG while since my last post int hsi forum and why no start over here in the platinum section? This year was, surpisingly rich! I thought i got way less than i did but checking my profile i got like 24 plat i think? Which is a Lot compared to other years, well i guess 5-6 were quite a boost too at the end, sitll last 2 year i got like 12 at most? So it was still a good bit more without december too! Anyway i'm really satisfied with this 2020 trophy wise, got a lot of them, i won't post all my plats here of course even if it's actually since January that i don't post So here are the last plats i got last week or days and a small jugdement on them. I wanted to reach 175 Before the end of the year so i played some of the fast games i had, i bought them because i wnated too not purely for the plat, was epxecting some to be played later but at least less backlog Platnum Get all the trophies Guess they didn't see they typo in the Platinum or maybe it's on purpose? Anyway, a Small game a friend of mine got and gave it to me, i knew it was a short one and it was on my Ps4 for motnhs now so i decided to play it in my Journey towards 175. It ended up actually being an interesting title! It caught me in the story for 2 days, i liked the narration and the story itself, same figuring out what to do around the map. I instead didn't like at all the Endings, both are just really Meh. What a pity with such an interesting adventure before. Didn't even really needed to be longer, just a better Finale than this. Purrr Power! Unlock all other trophies Taimamuri, a game i got some months ago since it looked similar to Celste (Gameplay wise) and with interesting Drawings and style! It ended up being a neat game but that's it sadly. The draws are indeed pretty god, the story is nice but nothing amazing, the Gameplay is nice too but sadly i had to rely on God mode otherwise is kinda stupid. You do waaay too few damage to the first boss, damn even maxed out you don't do that much, wish they balanced it better so it could have been made in few attempts even without cheats but didn't really wanted to play the level and the game for like 5-6 hours and days. Even the Bosses are interesting characters but it's so boring that their story is all behind a massive wall of text after the collectibles are found. I don't really have the desire to read all that, plus seems like the Main character know all of their reasons and secrets, how? who knows. So yeah, a neat game for a Day or two but that's it sadly. I found it kinda of a waste could have been a lot better of a game with more dedication to everything. A true adventurer Collect all trophies A game i wanted to get other sales but only got some weeks ago finally. I Like this style of gameplay honestly that's whyi got it, and it ended up indeed being pretty fun! The i guess story? Is really simple if even is considered one, just raiding a tomb that's it. But well it was a Mobile game after all! Anyway i got it for the gameplay and it didn't dissapointed! It was fun depsie some puzzle being pretty frustrating or too long, i had a good time with it. The collectible were kinda annoying, thankfully there are great image guides online so it wasn't too big of a deal! A Winter's Daydream Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks! A VN i won on Twitter on a giveaway once and that i wanted to get anyway :3 And GOD i'm so annoyed that 90% of the plat owners probably skipped everything. This was such a wonderful story to read! I really really liked it, such a sweet and delightful love story and didn't expect surely that kind of story! Wish they used another image for the Plat, maybe it would be a spoiler but damn there is a wonderful scene they could have used! Anyway, if you have it, please read it! It's a really nice story and a short one too like 3-4 hours even less if you read fast, don't skip it just for an easy plat it's such a waste. Guess i'll get is new story too even if the pubblisher is that money plat grabber sadly. Wish it woudl have staied with "sometimes you" Agent 47 Collect all trophies for Hitman GO: Definitive Edition. Pretty much same as TR but way worst. Sadly this is probably the worst game out of all this list. Gameplay wise it's pretty nice, being kinda even more of a board game compared to TR but all the objectives trophies make it so you have to watch Video Guides or take hours in doing them and i don't wanna spend 3-4 days behind all this to figure out myself, on Vita maybe but on Ps4, Nah. So yeah i had to use guides on YT making the game basiclaly watching and copy and that's it. Really boring experince, literallya Plat that ruins the enjoyment from the game this one. Metropolis: Lux Obscura Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Another game i got myself during the sales few weeks ago, i saw some of the gameplay and the Drawings around and wanted it since quite a bit, as soon as it went on a good sale, grabbed it! It endedn up being Fun and interesting but also annoying and frustrating at some parts! The story is pretty interesting and i liked it overall, i just did not like how there is no "Good" ending let's say without spoilers, i wanted at least a decent one, guess not and i don't like that honestly, not only here but overall in a game with mutliple endings. The Gameplay is pretty strange and nice, something new you don't see really often, it's kinda of a pity that is heavily RNG based and few skill/strategy, would have liked the other way around, that's what made some battle really annoying, took maybe 15 minutes of bad luck then 1 minute of amaizng combos randomly to win! Plus apparently Perks matter A LOT, meore than you realize the first Run! Anyway i had fun a pity for the RNG elements and the Endigns but still nice story, great drawings, pretty nice voice over too and neat gameplay, i had a good time here too! The Phenomenal Phantom Thief Obtained all trophies. Well here is the Reason WHY i wanted to reach 175 before the end of the year I Wanted to have P5R as a Milestone in the year it came out! What can i say? I think most things have been already told. This is my favourite game ever, literally! I already had P5 in that place and Boy P5R surpassed even that! I had a blast back in March and april when i played, an already GORGEOUS story made even better by the new characters and Story arc which i found mindblowing and absolutely amazing to play, to watch, to enjoy and to discover! This is seriously such a wonderful game i halted the plat because i wanted it as a Milestone and i was at 163 Plats i think back in April, probably less. I'm so happy to have it there to look, it's not rare being a lot easier compared to the Normal 5 but i'm proud of it :3 What to say more. I'll surely play it once more, i even got the DLC Challenges for it, i tried them and they weren't that hard, at least to defeat, to complete oh no, that will require attempts, i will try surely next year! PS: I'm soo sad that Scrumble is considered after the normal 5, that made me drop every hype with it. I'll sitll get it, knowing myself day one, but i really don't like or understand why we can't see the new P5R character in it.... Bloodborne All trophies acquired. Hats off! Well when i thought P5R was my last plat for the year i finally managed to get BloodBorne too! I started the game at the beginning of December, i already knew i would had a lot of fun with it, i watched some of it before and always heard amazing things about it, well i can see totally why! Story wise it surely is far more interesting than Dark Soul for me, didn't really bother in DS1 or Demon soul to look up info or story about bosses and places instead for some in BB i actually looked at the wiki and surprised by the events, really awesome world all around! I Played using bascially all game the starting SawBlade you get, simple enough but i loved it especially closed allows you to be really fast and aggressive which is exactly my stile! During the Game story there weren't really any point or bosses i could say i hated, some weren't awesome sure but nothing it annoied or made me angry! I can see too why people say BB it's easier comapred to the souls, probably because you move and dogde faster than there and so even if you can't parry you can dodge a lot and the Stamina too it seems to be consumed less. And this is for me A LOT better, you have soo much mobility and not by choice but by default which is nice The only thing i HATED, i HATED and i HATED in this game was the Defield chalice. The chalice itself it's a drag but at least a doable one (Pllus it's a massive drag because of the Ritual materials farming i would say) but that Chalice in aprticular? God fuck that.... It's not a challange in itself it's a challenge because the game nerfs you and that's plenty stupid. It leaves you at half health meaning you bascially get one shotted by almost every attack of a boss and 2-3 shotted by normal enemies, such fun... That Freakin dog one shotted me like 30-40 times with a random charge with no charge up, because that's fair! I spent a week trying from time to time to do it, i was so relived when i made it! Amygdala i cheesed her with the Blade method, thankfully with that it only took like 20+ Attempts to actaully make it! I tried fighting her fair and square and the first and Second phase i dodge and attacked and surived but the third phase with the Arms as weapons? that's just plenty stupid, i wonder if they actaully tested it becuase you get it even by Air on the other side of the Arena and of course One-Shotted Anyway aside of my hate for that Chalice the Battle against the queen was actually fun, an interesting boss that deal a lot but doesn't one-shot you, and look that's a lot funnier, whould've tought? Now i can say i ahve this plat too and after that Chalice i surely am proud of it and to have played such a great game I even got the 100% in the DLC. It was a relaly nice one with cool areas and bosses, was scared of Kos after hearing about it in the past but after some tries it wans't thaat hard. It punishes you more for being passive and well as i said i love playing agressive so it was a nice battle :3 Same with Lady Maria! Such a cool character. PS: Even in the DLC FUCK the Rakuyo. God i hated getting it, took like 20 minutes and many many deaths because of that 2 stupid giant fish enemies that don't leave you a moment to breath in such a small arena, so Glad i somewhow managed that. And that's all for me, if you actually read everything, WOW impressive, i wrote a wall after all Hope to write more too next year! Hopefully another one with many plats for me and for Every Hunter