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  1. I think more than new game or stuff (Maybe a New Manga yes that who knows) It could mean too see Persona 4 DLCs in P3-5 Dancing in my opinion. I don't think they want to take out another Title connected to it after so much time and with the 5 Out but nowadays in the end, who knows really, i just hope they don't mess up in case.
  2. Enjoy Your Powers Collect all trophies Well, not really gonna make a real Review right now, that will come Later in my Checklist since last time i did a Big Review here only 4 people cared.... Just gonna say that i really liked the game! Especially the first run, the Good Karma Story and Fully exploring the city (With Collectibles son the Map, ah if every game is with this system it woudl be always pretty fun searching Collectibles) was a lot of fun and really nice :3 The Bad Karma run Eh... So Many unecessary thing that you just do to be Evil but not real purpose to it, it basycally mostly change that you're a Dick! Would have loved if the story was a Little bit Longer especially with Fetch and Eugene, you just Meet and fight them, Search with them and Karma mission, honestly not much! At any rate i had a lot of fun and glad i Played it from my PsPlus Backlog it was a really fun adventure and an easy Plat. Now just 2 Form 125! And Gotta decide another game to Play from the PSPlus PS4 Backlog
  3. Always the Same big Titles goes on this Already rare Sales Weekend, only once i remember having some not Big commercial titles. Oh Well, i wanna keep my Money, this helps
  4. Ah, i thought not by the Rules, i Misjudged, good to know, thanks for the info!
  5. It's Bethesda. I would be surprised if they won't make this, they remastered Skyrim like what, 6 times? Something like that so.... I Loved Fallout 3 but come on let's go on, the 4th one i'm playing it and it's Decent but not as great as the 3rd one, i would really prefer if they start working on the 5th title in the series with new interesting stuff that don't make the game feels literally the same ones in the end.
  6. Yeah but if i get the KH II Plat again on Ps4 it will count towards for example the 4 Games badge or not being the Same title just on Ps4?
  7. Sooo, if i want to join to this Project, what should i do? Sorry for asking but it's my firts time here, just lurked in this section so far If i got it right i Should be a Keyblade Wielder having the KH II Plat on Ps3 Right? And when i get it on Ps4 instead it won't count Outside the 100% Badge one, is that right?
  8. That's so true and sad at the same time.... Phones are really ruining modern society... (In every Sense almost)
  9. I saw the news on Twitter. Well they won't see my money until it drops on Sale for 10 € then. Really this game would have been sooo good on Vita but no... switch will take more money to their pocket i guess.... I was still hoping to see it even there but Vain hope....
  10. Here in Italy the arrival of Retail Vita game stopped in 2014 anyway so nothing really different. That's really sad, not that is stops now, i think it's normal since most of recent releases are Digital already, it's sad that it has Always, always been so hard or expensive to get Vita games retail comapred to Ps3 or 4 games.... Sadly nowadays kids (Or adults...) with their phone payed 100 €/$ Make the business and so we see the portable market goign to the stupid phones with Bad games yo get easy money, guess that ruined this kind of Market and we'll never see a portable console again... (And no i don't consider Switch Portable you can't just take it out of your pocket and play wherever)
  11. Ruthless Look out for yourself, no matter the consequences Well, started the Bad/Negative Karma Run and just reached Seattle for today. Cleaned up before starting this some Random trophies i still had to do. So far this first choice honestly i was expecting something really bad and awful but not really. In General is just the Same with Delsin being more rude to Bettsy That's it. Screenshot is a Black screen so nothing worth to post
  12. Reconciliation Finish the story with Good Karma Clean Sweep Clear the D.U.P. out of the entire city And with this i've completed my first Run in InFamous Second Son! I had the game for the PSPlus back sme months ago and since i want to clear out at leat 1 game Every month From the PSPlus backlog i choosed to finally play it last month. I Did most of the stuff in April to end stopping a month because lazyness and getting back to it yesterday. I Finished the last 5 Districts (Seriously The game Could have explained you how to Eliminate the concrete Tower that takes the place of the DUP Trucks, had to look a video for understanding what to do...) clearing them all (An so the 100% of Collectibles is done with that) and apparently i had only 2 Story missions Left O.o I really liked the game honestly! It felt kinda short as number of Mission to do compared to especially Infamous 2 that i remember being longer. I think 1 more mission for Both Fetch & Eugene to knwo this 2 even better would have add enough but oh well, even like this is a good lenght without no really boring mission in the middle! I LOVED That you can see all the collectibles on the map, why don't every game do it like this, just open the Map, check where to go and then see on the Mini-Map were the Item/Quest was rellay made things faster and fun! I Liked the story itself, Delsin went from a Meh character to a good one, i mean Cole it's still better in my opinion but Ehi Really Cool having Different abilities and powers, really made the game vary, even if i endend up just using one to Roam around endlessly and Climb with no problems The only Thing i have to criticize is the Damage you go against in the battles with Augustine! Damn i was playing in Normal and getting 2-3 Shotted O.o Thta is gonna be so annoyign in Expert, i guess 2 Hits you just Die maybe even 1 sometimes.... Anyway, it was a fun adventure, now inot the Bad Karma run where i would be an absolute bastard Hopefully it's fun Like in the previous InFamous and not just make you feel a bad person Ehi! Nice screenshots for once: PS: Seattle is really well done, i don't know how the real one actually is but this one in the game is great, especially since you can roam around running endlessly :3
  13. FINALLY! Official, release Date, May 22Nd! What a great news! I'm interested in this game since it came out but don't really wanna play in on a TV it looks so much more like a Vita game and finally we can play it there indeed where it fits best :3
  14. It take some minutes for the Image to load so just do it wait and after 10 minutes if you check you'll see the new banner, that's it. Always been like that, it's never Instant the thing
  15. The Nightmare is Over Completed "Destroy the 4 FORCEMEN" quest. Indeed the Nightmare is Over! And that nightmare is 90% Fighting Pale Wind on Nightmare AH! With this i have the 100% for Let It Die and i'm really happy since i love this gam, one of the best i've ever played and probably the game i spent the most hours ever into sinc ei'm around 900 hours i think now, maybe 860 i have to check. People Said that Let It Die was Pay To win, they criticized it and judged from the first floors, what a pity that let become this game a home for few players and not as many as it deservers! I Spent 0 Cent on it and here i am with the 100% of the trophies and a lot of Armors/Weapons done/To do and even some Rare Decals. The game is not Pay to Win at all. It's just a lot (Sometimes A LOT, maybe too much) of grind. that's it. The game punish you for rush the climbing and not go prepared, rush and you'll pay. Prepare and develop you weapons and armor and you'll climb without much troubles up until the end! This Trophy ask to defeat the 4 Bosses added later in the game in the last year. 3 Of them is just strategy, weapon adn armor, have the right Shroom, Armor Set and Weapon and know what to do and you'll make it maybe not first time but in few attempts for sure! But Pale Wind, the last one they added, ugh. That one is sooo hard, you can have the necessary and know the strategy but yo'll still need some RNG and Luck in the battle itself and for sure having nice Decals help (but not necessary i did it with all basic Stuff since i still haven't found any Rare one useful for it). I Did so many times missing 1-2 hits because of small mistakes, BS moves or unlucky but yesterday i Did it finally :3 So i'm really happy for this 100% and hopefully they'll add a Trophy to reach Floor 60 that they'll add this summer! Meanwhile my Climb won't stop since of course i'm gonna keep playing it, lot of stuff to Research and Power-Up and Decal to find still! Just probably actually gonna slow down now or my Backlog with other games will never end if i dont play them Screenshot sadly is the Menu when you report the Quest for the trophy is done, woudl have liked more if it as the end of the Battle but oh well: I Think the Wall of Text kinda shows how i like the game