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  1. This month is absolutely AMAZING! Best month of the Year for the PsPlus for noe! It's just great! Heavy Rain & Zero Time Dilemma are 2 games i want to buy since they came out since i loved the first one on Ps3 and wanted to Re-Play it and well Zero Escape is one of my favourite Vita game so :3 On Ps3 we have Rayman and Decption, two wonderful games, Always loved he old great Rayman and i am interested in Decpetion since years but never got it, i can finally play it! Absolver and Space overlords looks nice (and Easy?) too. This month 6 out of 6 and 4 games i really wanted, for me it's just great on every single console, even Vita for once :3 EDIT: OH! My bad! Deception is American only We got Extreme exorcism....Oh well, there are 3 other amazing pretty long games anyway
  2. One Piece PW3 has the Story scenes Locked but you can stream the gameplay itself during the battles.
  3. I mean it's a forum, he just posted his opinion otherwise like 70% of the posts on the Forum would not be there, threads are made to talk about your personal opinion about a game and sharing that wth others if you like the game or not....
  4. Such wonderful figure And i read about the tickets on your Status some days ago, nice have fun, just gotta wait December now
  5. Yeah i saw it some weeks ago when i was exploring this thread and i remember your photos, it's amazing now even more i guess Nice, those 3 looks really amaizng :3 Honestly for me Factory is the one i like less, not a fan of those gears all over the place Well now you only miss the two base ones then!
  6. Ah i see, yeah too much for 3 games i would like to have but not a Must i need Oh they disappeared already like 3 years ago here in Italy you only find the first Famous AAA Games and that's it and even those are rpetty costly be it a Shop or Amazon itself. That's why i never even tried to build a PSVita collection unfortunately.
  7. This video could have been like 20 secs long honestly Still looking great as the Demo at E3, i'm glad, seems like they are doing like Crash did, exactly same game with just modern Graphic! I'm still pondering if i should get day 1 or not (Well for My Money reason if i could i would Pre-Order it tomorrow)
  8. Do you plan to release “Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories” on other platforms outside of PlayStation 4? “Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories” is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. We are sorry but we do not plan to release the game on other platforms. I Mean this and reading that Vr is an option and not a Must already sold me on this game :3 And Wow, i wans't here on the site back in November so i just noticed this title! The trailer is great, looking cool and great song, absolutely gonna keep an eye on this, it can be a wonderful game! Hopefully we'll see it here too! Guess meanwhile i gotta get my Japanese account back on my Ps4 to try the Demo out in some weeks!!!
  9. May i ask where di you found them and the price?
  10. Well sadly my Bookcase on the wall didn't last long and fell down. Lost my Desk, an Electric Cable broke and got slightly hurt for that but at least no Game, Manga or even my small figures got any damage so i was lucky there! 

    Now it's Fixed again and on the Ground, gotta keep it like that, at least it's still nice looking....

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    2. Sora9427


      Yeah, in fact the parts on the wall were totally fine, it was the Bookcase itself broking where it was on, it just couldn't handle the weight and drop down, in 2 of them the Angles are partially broken for that reason, the wall is totally fine instead.

    3. Phil


      Sounds like you exceeded the weight of the bookshelf. Gotta get a sturdier shelf next time. Good thing it didn't fall on anybody. 

    4. Sora9427


      Yeah too much weight for it to be on the Wall i guess. It was already on a wall for months but this was like 2 years ago, guess moving it and everything idn't made much good for its resistance. Next time i'll just get one not to put on the walls but that stays on the ground already that way there would be no problem at all and it's ina  perfect order.

  11. UPDATE Updated the Plat Trophies Number 110-111-112-113-114, before they only had the Images, my Vote and description of the trophy, now i added my review! Updated My collection photos, my Bookcase changed yesterday And that's it for today! Gonna Try Review my plats from 117 to 122 next time so i will only miss one; i'm trying even to make review shorter for both me writing a lot less taking less time and being faster and making it less annoying to read a massive wall of text anyway, i guess if i liked or not a game doesn't always need a ton of words to be explained. I'll even post the screenshots for the Ps4 plats in the next days like for Crash 2-3 & Dark cloud! Gonna have to make a photo to my gaming Desk since it changed and even to my new Bookcase Setup that changed from yesterday due to troubles sadly.
  12. I mean, they basically are already cutting Off Vita/Ps3 games since they could give us good ones if they want to being the last year and everything but oh well i guess.... I Just hope if they add VR titles and stuff it's only 1 out of at least 4 games because me and many others don't care about the VR and so i'll probably never play that games anyway even with PsPlus. (Unless the VR drop down to like 50-75 € and not costing like a Console itself)
  13. Anybody here played Tales of Symphonia Chronicles? Would like to know how is the plat (If only long or even with lot of missable/Hard) and if i would like it since i played only Xillia 1/2 of the Tales of Series and tried the Demo for Beseria (Liked all of this!)

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    2. Sora9427


      Really? Curious but not the first time i see that and i don't really care about Gold, silver or bronze i usually just aim for the plat (If possible) :) 

    3. Honor_Hand


      mecharobot is right. Roughly 40-50 hours of regular gameplay only rewards you with a bronze trophy at the end of the game. 😅

    4. Sora9427


      Wel it's not the first game or Rpg doing that only giving you a bronze for completing the story xD


      But yeah sure a Gold one would have been better and i think honestly completing the story in every game should be a Gold! Especially when you maybe see some Stupid golds for random stuff in that same game :P 

  14. Well, my Room and Bookcase are finally completed and so i could put back well showed my Few Figures that were just thrown in a corner sadly for months (Since i didn't trust put them well last time one piece broke leaving them around on the Bookcase that was on the ground...). It's nothing great but i really like them, i got them back 5-6 years ago on Ebay for a really cheap price and despite not being high quality or great-looking i'm happy to finally se them on my side (Literally i have the Pc right next to the Shelf XD) :3 They are all from Haruhi suzumiya no Yuustu! Haruhi was the one that got broke, the neck broke and the head faìell down, glad i put some strong Glue some weeks ago and it looks fixed! For now that's all i can get and show, luckily in the Future i would have the possibility to buy some PS: If anybody is curious that's how it looks now my BookCase:
  15. Mr Perky 15 Reach level 15 on any perk Did some games in KF 2 Today since i want to get back to the game and so i made it from Level 14 to level 15 in like 2 games. Now i should really get back playing some serious games like Yakuza or Persona i left for a while, hopefully tomorrow i find the will to play those....