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  1. This month is absolutely AMAZING! Best month of the Year for the PsPlus for noe! It's just great! Heavy Rain & Zero Time Dilemma are 2 games i want to buy since they came out since i loved the first one on Ps3 and wanted to Re-Play it and well Zero Escape is one of my favourite Vita game so :3 On Ps3 we have Rayman and Decption, two wonderful games, Always loved he old great Rayman and i am interested in Decpetion since years but never got it, i can finally play it! Absolver and Space overlords looks nice (and Easy?) too. This month 6 out of 6 and 4 games i really wanted, for me it's just great on every single console, even Vita for once :3 EDIT: OH! My bad! Deception is American only We got Extreme exorcism....Oh well, there are 3 other amazing pretty long games anyway
  2. One Piece PW3 has the Story scenes Locked but you can stream the gameplay itself during the battles.
  3. Ah then yeah with PQube being in the UK, F... medias just manipulating what they want like when they found soem games in the house of a Killer, AH! Then it was that why he became a killer not because of other more real fucked up stuff....
  4. Isn't BBC american? It's just sad that fucked it up even for the entire EU
  5. Which i guess just confirm my telling of the fact that is just a number, so stupid if that's what it takes just make a 8 years old looking Guy/girl and tell he/she has 18 years old and whatever it's fine
  6. I don't know they banned hunie Pop or how it's called and many other games, maybe even they'll start not allowing Ecchi games, seems like a trend. Talking more about the game itself i don't get why is "sexually" wrong a pair of boobies growing under clothes not really visible while for example in Senran Kagura the girls most of them (i think) have like 16-17 years old but it's fine if they get reduced wearing only their Bra and panties? Ok....
  7. I mean it's a forum, he just posted his opinion otherwise like 70% of the posts on the Forum would not be there, threads are made to talk about your personal opinion about a game and sharing that wth others if you like the game or not....
  8. Glad to see somebody agree Seriously people take this like it's real, in the Real world i see a lot more Fucked up things every day told at the Tg/News by supposedly "Normal people" @SnowxSakura Oh well that is the story of the world sadly, it's why the country where i live is getting worst every year, old people only caring for their own money.
  9. I mean the content are 18+ for a reason i think every game/Movie ore book rated that could have whatever they want in it, it should be a problem of the Seller if after he sell that product out to an under age kid/Guy. In the end is always fiction it's not real.
  10. They are always draws with just an age given to them, they could even give 18 years old to them and it's the same thing it's just stupid. We se plenty of Loli looking characters in anime but they have 20 or more years old. Even in some games honestly.
  11. Yeah i suppose that's more true which is still pretty stupid, they are 16-17 years old Girl not little kids and nothing is showed, but i guess Sony America/Eu has some old mentality on that regard, i woudl say steam would take it no problem but lately even them seems to be growing stupid
  12. Yeah i doubt they would do that, it probably isn't that great of an investment business-wise sadly I just foudn so idiotic that this can't pass even the 18+ Pegi but then you go in GTA see full nude boobs on a 3D woman and that instead is fine, such hypocrisy....
  13. Well i support PQube rather than having it Ultra-Censored (Like Criminal girls by NisA awful in the Ecchi parts) it's better not taking it especially because they would have to censor like 90% of the game? This is one sad example of how idiotic is the Western mentality. Blood or Violence and Strip club in GTA are absolutely fine but ehi, some Ecchi and Draw boobies growing up without showing nothing? Ah no that's too hot for us even for 18 years old and older.... Bah i hate this mentality, maybe in 20 more years even this will change....
  14. It's Pqube, they are in England so if it gets to the west is for sure 100% in English. Plus it's no a Censor problem in only some regions otherwise they'll do like Gal Gun 2 in Germany, this time it's a lot bigger trouble for PQube to not even being able to tell us anything, i doubt they tell that lightly considering it doesn't do well to their image.
  15. Such wonderful figure And i read about the tickets on your Status some days ago, nice have fun, just gotta wait December now