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  1. It's just a part of the game, wait to say something, Never Trust Nisa up 'till the end, it would be a miracle if they put out a product perfect right away... (I'm not criticizing i hope too this will be a great Western versione, i just will never trust nisa after all the HN and recently YS messes...)
  2. Since you know a lot of where to get Anime/Manga (Mostly Anime is the problem), advices for englis (EU) sites that sells Anime at good prices? WOuld like to get Some Comedies Slice of life, a genre here in Italy is not even a dream, a Utopia to see....

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    2. Sora9427


      Nice! You sure about the Ps4 reading all the versions for the BDs? 

    3. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      Yes or else I would be unable to play my Japanese games if it was region locked.

    4. Sora9427


      Really? I ask because searching on google give this kind of result that's why i'm not sure :hmm:



      I Mean Japan is the same region as EU that's probably why. But buying something from the US? Sadly not looks like :(


      PS: There is an english button for Cdon? I can't find it :P 

  3. Ah i see so it's not just the base Number 1 eidtion of the Manga that's why it's different! (A lot nicer) I should really try and dig into the Index word, i read i think number 1-2 of the Manga back 5 years ago and that's it
  4. Lion Hunter Gain the trust of an Ocelot. Got 18 Trophies today in minecraft! That surely was unexpected O.o Just posting the lastone i got here, I got 13 of them just by completing the online DLCs! A friend of mine helped me first with the Diamond Trophy (to throw one to another player) and then with all the PvP and Snowball trophies! Easy enough when boosted to do and so all the online part of Minecraft is done too which is awesome Myself while playing i got to Tame an horse (I had 3 Saddles but no horse around, i came back from the Nether and 3 horses spawned in my Factory right in front of the portal, wow O.o); Kill a Skeleton from 50 meters away, easy enough from the top of my mountain during night; Swim into Lava using a fire resistance potion, an easy enough potion to do since i luckily found the Part i needed from the Magma enemies in the Nether & To Gain the trust of an ocelot, i caught some fish, went to the island near mine which has a great jungle Biome and found one right away :3 I'm sad you can't take it home I'm just missing some few stuff and then i have to find a desert to farm out Ender men to get to "the End"!!! If i don't get lost on the way doing other stuff, which happens often in this game
  5. I Meant Normal Index sorry I don't think Astral buddy arrived here in Italy at all, we just have the Main Index series (With N.19 out this week) and that's it for the series.
  6. Got Spyro in CTR today so i have it which is what i wanted getting Crash: CTR Nitro Fueled this month :3


    Now let's see if i can make 11k points in 8 days to try and get Evil Coco ^_^ 


    1. Elvick_


      I got Spyro as well. Doubt I’ll get others I haven’t been playing much since I’m awful lol

    2. Sora9427


      They should really change the system, it's ridicolous how fast some people end, you can't even finish the Race half of the times -_-

      I'll try if i manage to nice otherwise, oh well i wanted spyro the most, Evil Coco is nice but i can pass,

  7. Is that the First one Actual First number there or a special edition? Mine is nothing like that O.o
  8. Since My backlog is Small i decide dto add 200 Hours more to it Seriously i'll never finish some game si'm getting Anyway here they are all got with a Friend not alone this time: Got the Shenmue Colelction, it's currently on Sale so we caught the Chance to get them. I never played this series when i was a Kid i only knew it from the name and always heard it being a great Game series so it's time to try it out! I expected some long games but reading the guides i guess not O.o Well anyway now i have them to play and if i like them it's right on time for the coming out of the 3Rd game too This will go in the Backlog for the long run! It's currenty on the Japan Sale for only 10 € that's why we got it. Obviously we have the First one too, bought like a year ago, and still both have to play it Anyway it was a great price and so we have both of the titles away to be played without worrie which is nice! San andreas! The Only GTA i'll play over and over and never get tired of it! Played it a lot on Ps2, Again and platted on Ps3 time again on Ps4! Seriously for me it's just the best GTA ever since then 4 and 5 for me are terrible in comparison, ifthey want to make me a Remake of this i'll get it even day 1 honestly! Anyway time to get back to this journey once more! You expected a "OH shit here we go again" meme? Fair enough Another Tales of! Time for the last Tales of out for now! (I don't count the Phones ones) This will eb a long but i'm sure great journey to play! When i'll play it? Who knows, me and my friend got Vesperia too in august so damn it's gonna be a long Tales of period when i decideto play them That's all, i got myself alone only the DLC for Far Cry 4: So i can 100% it and be completely done with that, ti was 4€,never dropped down so low and for a few hours and trophies is acceptable! PS: Sorry for the different sizes of the images, didn't expected the "Wicth & San andreas" ones to big that big.
  9. Expanded a little more my Anime Collection with another Purchase :3 Got Lupin The Third Vs Detective Conan the movie! Saw this for a great price on Amazon (10 €) and so i decided right away to get it since i had to order other things anyway I Love both Lupin and Conan as Series so this Crossover i guess it's gonna be Awesome! Absolutely gonna watch it soon enough!
  10. I needed a New Keyboard and so i got this on Amazon for a really good price, with a Mouse too! Writing now with this new one and boy, i expected some differences (My old one has 4 years now i think and th E and O ended up being stuck soi could use them to write but it was kinda annoying at times) but not that much, damn it's pretty comfy writing with this one! The mouse is nice too, i had already a really good one but since this one is good too i think i'll use it :3 Plus it has 3 Color Selection the Keyboard it's a nice extra The mouse instead varies constantly between 7 colors, can't stuck only one, which is fine anyway, Gotta get used to click Space on this one, writing a lot of words all together
  11. Yeah! I don't know why the Heck the Atelier series is so hard to see on sale it's impressive O.o That's why i'm even more annoied for the price, if it was on sale every like 3-4 months well i would wait a year it would go for 40 € on sale and i'll get it happily no hurry anyway but if i'm lucky it will go on sale at 60 € just once next year..... This trend of High prices anyway i noticed it starting with the PSVita releases because before Rorona, Totori, Meruru, Rorona plus but even Ayesha and Escha & Logy weren't this expansive after a while, retail at least of course.
  12. Super Boost! Do a Super Boost. So i Started Crash CTR Nitro Fueled Today :3 I started it already because i want to get Spyro as a Character (another Reason i got it now not waiting more) and so here i am! It looks pretty fast honestly to get points for the Event, at least in Bronze, so it shouldn't be a problem getting Spyro Got some Random Easy trophies just playing the game such as this one! So far i'm having fun, pretty hard to control the Kart (God i still hate after like 19 years some Races like the Pinstripse one, ugh) but just gotta get used to it! I would like to finish some Races, god it's stupid giving 30 Secs to finish when you met people that know every single shortcut and blaze throught the race, seriously before i did one where only the Guy in First finished, i was 4Th and from 2Nd to last nobody did a time Anyway Can't wait to play more races tomorrow
  13. I higly doubt it especially because Gust is involved sadly... So Yeah gotta Wait for a Sale, which wouldn't be a problem if we got Atelier in 2-3 RPG Sales during the year but Atelier as a Series Boy how many times di it went on sale? Like 2 in the last 3-4 years? My Friend bought the Atelier Pack on Vita almost 2 years ago on a sale and after that there was a Sale (Not even a great one) in June? So yeah that's the problem
  14. Ti scrivo qui perchè qui mi serve un Rapido consiglio :P 


    Te hai una sedia da gaming/Ufficio aprticolare? Volevo prenderne una per aver (Finalmente) una sedia bella bella comoda e pensavo a questa da amazon:


    Che dici, te ne hai una simile per caso o no?

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    2. Phoenix_argentea


      Nah, io non riesco ad addormentarmi (a meno che il gioco non sia soporifero. L'unico caso fu Lost Sphear, dove mi appisolai un paio di volte...:awesome:). Io mi trovo bene così, ma non ho mai utilizzato una sedia di questo tipo, né al lavoro né durante le sessioni RPG, per cui non potrei darti nessun parere.

      Magari ci può essere la trappola della dogana, soprattutto se il pacco e la spesa non sono indifferenti. Su internet ho letto di tutto, ma io non ho mai acquistato nulla al di fuori della UE. Proprio perché temo qualche brutta sorpresa.


      Giusto per andare fuori tema: mi interessano le versioni Jap di Memories of Celceta e di Chocobo Mystery Dungeon (questa dovrebbe avere la lingua inglese, ed è stato confermato), ma non ho la minima idea di come funzioni la dogana. E soprattutto se conviene acquistare su Ebay oppure Playasia... :huh: Io continuo ad aspettare un qualsiasi fornitore italiano che li acquisti e che poi li rivenda in Italia, ma so che non c'è alcuna speranza. Anche perché non li comprerebbe nessuno, è un mercato troppo di nicchia e ridotto allo 0,1% (se va bene...).

    3. Sora9427


      Ah ma non me lo elogi tanto come gioco? xD Nah io dipende dalla stanchezza più che altro, settimana scorsa ero cotto se mi mettevo sul divano o letto mi appisolavo :P 

      Eh farò da cavia io allora qualora in futuro ti servisse a te invece :D

      Alla dogana va a chiappa, ho preso il gioco di Haruhi dal Giappone 7 anni fa fu fermato, mi arrivo tranquillo ma dovetti pagare 10 € di extra, invece poi delle figure dalla cina arrivate senza problemi niente dogane, qui son 87 € e una sedia ; si vede pure sulla scatola dall'immagine che è una sedia quindi cavoli spero non pensino sia una bomba su -_- 


      Beh Ebay è fiducia di chi lo spedisce e il corriere, playasia è più costoso ma puoi sceglier pure te che tipo di spedizione aver, io ho preso Idolmaster 2 da Playasia & Haruhi su Ebay entrambi ormai 7 anni fa tipo ma non ebbi problemi con nessuno dei 2 (Extra 10€ di dogana a parte su Haruhi). Hai controllato se stan pure su Amazon.Jap? Per fortuna ora amazon è globale quindi se compri lì sicuro tranquillissimo spedisce Amazon stessa fino a casa! 

      Ma va, non li compra nessuno certi giochi per rivenderli non lo fan con molti JRPG in inglese figurati titoli solo Jap....



    4. Phoenix_argentea


      Lost Sphear l'ho elogiato a sufficienza. xD Il riferimento era a lui, vero? Quello è stato l'unico caso di "sonno imminente" nelle mie sessioni serali. Altrimenti nei fine settimana non mi conciliava il sonno...:giggle: Comunque attendo la recensione della sedia! :) Ma forse in dogana, viste le dimensioni del pacco, penseranno che avrai ordinato chissà quale ordigno esplosivo. ;)


      Sì, su Amazon.Jap co sono entrambi (in realtà, di Memories of Celceta ci sono due versioni, e non ho mai capito quale sia la differenze. Forse uno è la prima stampa con la soundtrack allegata...), però sono una schiappa quando devo provare ad acquistare su altre piattaforme. Avevo trovato una guida dettagliata, anche se non ho proprio capito quale servizio utilizzi Amazon.Jap per la spedizione:

      Però la cifra che visualizzi all'ultimo è proprio quella finale senza nient'altro (dogana inclusa?) oppure all'arrivo in Italia il pacco viene bloccato e si aggiungono altre tasse?


  15. Dusk game cost even les shere, Ayesha it's like 13 € on Amazon for Ps3. If they are honest it would cost 60 € it's not even a remaster adding stuff it's a simple porting. But it's Gust, one of the SH that in my opinion it's getting worst and worst every year (Or should i say more "Western" Every year?)...