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  1. It's great watching some Characters coming back Absolutely gonna go for Japanese, it's even really really strange just seeing english voices on characters that before never spoke it, guess Marketing reasons to do so in the 2Nd one.
  2. Thanks! Same as you i have it with the PSPlus so i'm gonna get the DLC bundle, glad to know it has all of them, what a great miracle of a sale, i can play and 100% it, thank you for the reply and info There is Another Vita Only game on sale too! "Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate". So strange just having those 2 games on sale for Vita but at least it's a little ray of hope after 0 Games (Only Cross Buy or game on Ps4 too) in the whole 2019!
  3. OH WOW! It's true! Thanks for telling here, i would have never noticed this rare deal! So the Pack has the 4 DLCs you confirm? I have the base game and if this is all the DLCs on sale i won't let the opportunity go away!
  4. Np! Enjoy, it's a great game, Easy but very grindy Plat.
  5. With Xcom i think War of The chosen wasn't even out on Console when ti was given with the Plus. But maybe i'm wrong, not sure. But well it's marketing for Sony which is fine just would like if they put al sales pretty soon after they gave the game, like for Goat simulator, cold have put the DLC Bundle on sale now. No, it's just costumes for One Piece, no Help for the plat or DLCs with torphies so if you want to yyou can just get the Standard edition and it's the same
  6. For who is interested The New Sale until February 5Th is announced, it's games under 20 €, here the news, Ps Store now is updated with the Dedicated Section: Personally not much (Thankfully for me, i don't need other 5-6 games i want at once in sale), maybe i'll get Tokyo Xanadu eX+, great price for that! PS: If you're interested in Xcom 2 the Complete edition with all the DLCs (Including War Of The Chosen), 20 € is a great price, i absolutely recommend it!
  7. There is currently a Promotion to the Gamestops over here which is nice, nothing amazing (Mostly because boy they overpriced some games just for it like KH went up to 40 €, suure) but it's a nice "Get Two games, the one that costs less you pay it 5 €" And so i got Two new games out of it: I wanted Dragon Quest Heroes 2 In my collection for quite a bit so i have bascially all the DQ on Ps4 (That arrived here) now, DQ Heroes 1/2 & XI :3 Don't know when i'll actually play it but with this on my shelf i'm at ease about it! With it i got Yomawari Midnight shadows, a game i actually wanted to play and one of the few that costed like DQ Heroes 2 and not more! So i'm Glad i found it, tested it to check if it worked no problem (Since unike DQ it wasn't a new box just the Disc) and it looks really nice, absolutely gonna play it in the next months! Maybe gonna buy Night Alone on Vita too first to play that since it's thankfully at a nice price on the PSN. Got that 2 like 10 days ago, today i went to another Gamestop in the City nearvy (Since here every store has different products on sale, Mah) and when i saw those 2 Gems at such a wonderful price, i couldn't resist I basically paid Lulua 5 € So Happy and Glad i found those 2 in the Promotion! With this i now have all the Retail Atelier on Ps4! The Misteryous Trilogy, Nelke, Lulua and Ryza! (And Overall i miss only the Dusk Saga as Title in my Backlog). Now i just gotta play them Gonna start Sophie pretty soon, maybe Meruru Plus on Vita together too, i'll see! I'm pretty excited about Lulua, i tried it and it looks AWESOME! I love the style, the looks and i'm curious to see Rorona as a mother I'm sad there is no Cordelia in the game Ryza, yeah i tried it a bit, not as excited, it looks great too but i'm not a fan of the new combat system, not even the system itself but using only 1 Character at the time, meh i don't like that in RPGs, just make it Full FFX-2 Style and make me decide they're moves once it's their turn not only 1 Character and the other 2 act on their own. But i guess i'll see better when playing it.
  8. Anybody played Fate Umbrella Star on Both Vita & Ps4? If so is a massive game performance difference (Like Gal Gun where on Vita sadly it lags pretty often) or it runs good enough on Vita? Thinking on getting it there if it's not super laggy or bad.

  9. @Masamune You played God wars on Virta right? May i ask, ti has a Jap Dub option? Bein NisA i assume so but since i want to get it better ask to somebody who knows :P  

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    2. Sora9427


      Yeah so i guess it's like that if for HN Re; Birtth 3 always NisA was the same, wich is good to know; rather than commit a crime to humanity and to my ears like you did there i gladly download such an update :awesome: 

    3. Masamune


      Yeah, I think you have to download the patch for the additional voices. I think it was added in version 1.01 (it says "Implementation of voice switching function" in the notes), but it's up to version 1.04 now, & the total size is 1519MB. :blink: I didn't even download it though, my Vita card is stretched thin enough as is (thankfully I'm in the minority that actually prefers English dubs). :P

    4. Sora9427


      Ah ok nice, that's good to know, thanks Masamune :D Then i guess i'll get the game! I want to play it with the original vocies so knowing that it's in with an update it fine! Pretty heavy but oh wlel just gotta delete 1-2 games i have but not playing if necessary :P 

  10. Seriously! The only reason possile is of course to do money which is freakin stupid, there are so many ways to watch BD or DVDs nowadays that actually make readers and Disc Region-Free would make them sell more I just find incredible how these readers are even still so expansive! Like from 80 €+ at least O.o Oh damn, unlucky they did that,i imagine it's indeed quite a price! Here luckily is only one full Box and even at a great price! You can learn Italian and buy that It's really unfortunate they still haven't made a single BD pack, but i guess every country has the title like that, here thankfull it's AoT like that so i'm not interested Damn, you lucky! Here we have JoJo (From the Official Licenser let's say) but no absolute News on the BDs. Well i guess i should actually watch JoJo first It's one fo my target for 2020 (Together with catching up OP, i would like to get OP PW4 and can't now since i'm behind the Zou Saga) Ah, so the things we can't talk about because i'm actually a man who loves Vanilla instead
  11. Yeah i totally get you tehre, so many great series i would love too and that are only American, maybe PS5 will ahve even a Region Free BD Player, i doubt but it would be awesome, the actual one now are so expansive it's ridicolous in almost 2020 Still you get sooo many there in the UK it's nice Here Aside movies, for series you don't see that many, at least not that i'm interested in. I only want Kill La Kill for examplefrom recent ones that came out here, other one are Boku no hero Academia, AoT or One Punch Man all Anime i really don't care to have (Or Watch honestly aside Academia). So trust me you are a lot better than here with the Anime situation! Ah i see, i would have expected you to have at least some, gues sthe Anime occupy all the space Ah, yes, Doujin, i see, should i ask What Type or is somehting you can't say?
  12. I'm Kinda late but MErry Christmas Man :D Hope you had a great and enjoiable one :)


    How's going with Yakuza 2? I see you playing it a lot lately, do you understand it? :P 

    1. Sora9427


      Edit: Oh Nevermind, i should have read about the Platinum status you DidxD Congrats, wonderful Christmas plat :dance: 

    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Merry Christmas to you too, buddy! I hope you've had a great day too. :D


      For the most part, no, I don't understand it. :P I have been taking some Japanese classes, though, so I can make out certain words as long as they're written in Hiragana/Katakana. Knowing some the basics certainly helped out a little. It's also pretty easy to figure out what to do given my experience with the previous games, and the story is still fresh in my mind because I recently played Yakuza Kiwami 2 (remake of Yakuza 2). But yeah, I have the platinum now, haha. Thanks for the kind words! :)

    3. Sora9427


      Thanks :highfive:


      Ah, nice, then you used this as kinda of a training too, hope you elarn even more :D I Can Read Light and Fire, that's it :awesome: Ye4ah i imagined you decided to take it now since you still ahd Kiwami 2 fresh in mind, still congrats, not an easy task with such a long game :) Good luck with Isshin! Stupid sega should make a Ps4 version of that, looks awesome :( 

  13. Messaggio breve vedo xD

    Rispondo nei prossimi giorni, cazziami in bacheca se non rispondo entro il 31 :P 

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    2. Sora9427


      Un pò in ritardo oggi ma buon natale, spero ne abbia passato uno sereno :D


      Ah perchè 3 immagini è da stalker, 2 è da maniaco allora? :awesome: 

      Attendo curioso comunque, niente spoiler ovvio :P Nah, immagino ma la sentirò quando li gioco tanto ;) Che chissà quando sarà prima di sicuro ho Digimon & Atelier come prossimi JRPG in lista! 

    3. Phoenix_argentea


      Faccio schifo... Mi sono completamente dimenticato di scriverti gli auguri. Due post e non li ho scritti...:facepalm:

      Facciamo che rimedio con questo, visto che ormai sono in tema Ys Origin.

      Santa Claws ti ha fatto visita? :giggle:


      Però cos'è che attendi curioso? Uno screenshot pieno di spoliler di Berseria :P o un paio di soundtrack di Trails?

      Però hai ragione, tra Digimon e Atelier sarai parecchio impegnato prima di vedere un Trails. Ora, non si quanto siano lunghi i Digimon, ma gli Atelier si attestano sulle 40-50 ore.

    4. Sora9427


      Oh beh capita di non pensarci figurati :P Io sono molto più iun debito di risposte altrochè xD


      Mmmm immagine, carina i guess :P 

      No, non direi non voglio onestamente nulla che già non ho preso di mio quindi nada.

      Te qualche nuovo titolo è arrivato?! 


      Ah se me lo posti poi non lo gioco più allora però non ti lamentare della cosa :awesome: 


      Sì, cambio di programma temporaneo causa Reasons probabile sia Atelier Sophei invece ora il prossimo JRPG che faccio, o DQ XI. Trails non potrei farlo comunque per le Reasons appunto. Digimon il primo dura 40 ore circa, 50 anche di Storia + 30-50 ore di grind end game, dipende dal tuo RNG io ho finito in 94 ore (anche se 5-6 saran state che ero su Vita e giocavo guardando streaming e mi fermavo a veder e basta xD).
      Il 2° Spero non abbia nulla che sia RNG come cosa.

  14. Platinum Trophy N.152 - Digimon's Story: Cyber Sleuth Perfect Sleuth Acquired All Trophies AH; Finally got myself the Digimon Plat i wanted :3 I Simply Love Digimon! I always loved it sinc ei was a child and liked it more than Pokèmon honestly. I had Digimon world i think 3 on Ps1 and boy i remember spending days and days on that, so much fun! So Obviously i was super happy when finally the Digimon franchise got back on Vita & Ps4 I'm Soo happy to have gotten this plat for that reason, this game is awesome! A Wonderful Turn based Rpg, such a rare thing nowadays with almost all RPGs being atcion ones, with an Amazing Story that kept getting better and better up 'til the end I Absolutely loved it! I started it back on Vita 3 years ago to arrive only at chapter 3 and getting back to it only 2 years later almost on Ps4 but boy then i got hooked up! The story as said is wonderful, i wanted to always know what will come and evolve my team was such fun :3 The game mostly revolves around Digimon from Adventure, Tamers & Savers too which are absolutely the best Digimon Anime there are! I Still have to watch Savers but i'm surely interested in it, especially after seeing some Digimon and their Burst modes Anyway as said, great story, the Plat itself instead, Eh, I would lie saying it's not boring; The End game side quest are super fun, they make you fight against really strong Digimons coming from movies or the Series themself and so for that i'm glad (I actually finished the Free DLCs quests for curiosity and fun after the Plat), but the Medals? Ugh. The Gatcha, the Black agumon and Blu Metalgreymon Cases all this is bascially RNG based and i hate RNG based trophies so it was pretty annoying, at least i could do that Remote-Playing on Vita while watching Videos/Sream or that would have been sooo boring!!! That is literally my only problem with the well, Trophies i guess more than the game itself. Can't wait to start Hacker's Memory! I'm gonna get it this coming week since it's on sale so i'll probably start if in January to start the Year with a great JRPG Especially since i saw that this oen won't have any Medal releated trophy I'll update this post with my Last Team maybe, i have to get the Screenshot on the Ps4. PS: I really don't understand why Bandai delisted such a wonderful game from the PSN, the DLCs too
  15. There are for Miracle some Titles on sale currently on Vita so i got one i was waiting for a long while (Last time didn't have money for it) Sly Trilogy! I have the game on Ps3 but being on Disc it's not CrossBuy for me so i had to get it Digtial Anyway, i LOVE sly, one of my fvaourite series ever and i'm really happy to get the chance to play it again on Vita and get trophies too :3 Probably gonna start it soon! I would love if some other Titles would go on sale, in particular Corpse party and HN; Re Birth 3 but who knows if they'll ever go, Sly is there because it's on the Ps3 one basically as a reason