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  1. I wanna Pick Up some US Bds and i'm wondering will my BD reader (it's a verbatim) read them? Or it will only read the EU region disc? Can't relaly find the answer so if somebody know please tell me! And the Ps3/4? Can they read them i wonder?

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    2. Sora9427


      Oh tahnks for looking, this was already a lot of informations :)

      I wonder about the Ps because somebody i know online told me he watched US BDs on Ps3 i don't know if it's true honestly.


      Maybe i found a program to watch BD from the palyer on Pc no matter the reagion, i'll try that! Hopefully it works, soooo many Anime don't arrive to UK plus now with this exit story they cost even more -_- 

    3. Honor_Hand


      No problem. ^^ On PC you shouldn't have a problem. And in case you do get one, you can use a program to enable region-free watching there.


      Maybe the guy who watched BDs on his PS3 had a couple that of discs that were region-free. From what I read, there are a few discs like that that can be watched anywhere.


      And yeah, anime BDs are super expensive. I only got a couple of them last year from the US and, well, even though they were on offer, they were still pretty costly. 😅 Best of luck with your search. :)

    4. Sora9427


      Oh i already have a BD Player on PC, i got it last month :P Works perfectly with the UK BDs i have, i bought a NA one now, guess i'll see if it works right away or i'll have to use a program!

      I don't know, maybe even if i doubt those being some SoL Anime xD But who knows! 


      Oh there are actually some at great prices over here from the US at least, the one i'm trying it out i got for 11 € :P And it's an anime i've watched 3? Maybe 4 years ago and really liked so it's not randomly to try it out :)