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  1. I wanna Pick Up some US Bds and i'm wondering will my BD reader (it's a verbatim) read them? Or it will only read the EU region disc? Can't relaly find the answer so if somebody know please tell me! And the Ps3/4? Can they read them i wonder?

    1. Honor_Hand


      Hmm, from what I'm reading here, it looks like the PS3 and PS4 are region-free for games but NOT for other multimedia content. That is, you can get games from America or Japan and they will play fine in your Europe PS3/PS4, but American or Japanese DVD and Blu-Ray movies WILL NOT play on your console at all.


      In regards to Blu-Ray players, it seems none of them are region-free at all from what I'm reading here. It looks that there's software that can be used to bypass this, though. Additionally, some DVDs and Blu-Ray discs may also be sold region-free, meaning that they can play on any device out there regardless of its location, but these are rare. Most multimedia content seems to come with some form of regional lock.


      I'm no expert on the topic. This is what I found with a quick search online but it looks like you can only get discs from the EU region in your case. :hmm:


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