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  1. I Finally decided to Get Civ VI this sales. I wanted it since release, always post poned it because of teh Pass And DLC but well, for 12 € fuck it i'll get the rest when it goes on a decent (At least half price!) sale.

    Sooo maybe i'll start it later as my new game! Advice for it since you are more expert than me especially trophy wise @Undead Wolf? :P 

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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I haven't checked out all the Civ6 achievement guides on TrueAchievements, but the ones I have used explained things fairly well. The nature of them being submitted by different people means you're going to get varying levels of quality though. I'm sure the Steam guide is good, but do keep in mind that the Steam version of the game has a lot of trophies that didn't make their way into the console versions (299 achievements compared to 90 trophies). I remember using the Steam guide for one of the trophies a while back, and I was really confused why it wasn't popping, only to realise it wasn't a trophy in the PS4 version lol. 😅

    3. Sora9427


      Guess i'll check this out then if it's working for you! Well i'll always check first the trophy name if necessary or things like that could happen xD 

    4. Cleggworth


      I almost jumped at that price too, the DLC though 😳