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  1. I Finally decided to Get Civ VI this sales. I wanted it since release, always post poned it because of teh Pass And DLC but well, for 12 € fuck it i'll get the rest when it goes on a decent (At least half price!) sale.

    Sooo maybe i'll start it later as my new game! Advice for it since you are more expert than me especially trophy wise @Undead Wolf? :P 

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Nice! It really is a great game and works surprisingly well on console. I'm far from being an expert on the game though, haha. I don't even have the platinum, let alone all of the DLC trophies. It's one of those games I like playing casually every now and then and I don't worry too much about earning the trophies. Very unlike me, I know. 😛 My advice would be just to play a few games all the way through going after the more simple trophies just to get accustomed to things. Then when you're ready to get serious, you can head on over to TrueAchievements because quite a few of the trophies have their own specific guides on there you can follow.

    2. Sora9427


      Yeah i plaied the Ds one for a Long while back 10+ years ago so i know ti's a great series :3 Glad to know it works properly, i tried it for 1 hour today and indeed 0 lag or freeze! Oh i can get you here it's that type of game, i do that with online games usually :P Ah you say there it's expalined well enough? I Looked for the Steam guide some days ago which seemd pretty complete about the specific tropheis like the Australia one i know of

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