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  1. Adept Trickster Achieve a merciless victory with The Trickster using only his 3 unique perks in a public match. THANKS GOD I'm done with this Killer, Fuck BHVR for making such a useless Unfun and weak Killer. It's the Worst Killer ever released, it's Super Slow, it's power it's so useless it takes ages to injure a Survivor and often you can't even where Deathslinger or Huntress will easily get the hit, I Met "Good" (If you call that skill...) survivors that just kept running around a place and either i have to leave them or taking 3 Gens done for 1 hit because he's so slow, that's fun... I Had to Go to Green Rank with Rank reset Today and even then meet 4 Potato Survivors (Another time, i met 4 Potatoes, Bad even i say but guess what a 4% to a guy trying killing himself and ops game changed completly, because that's fair for me) to get the Merciless. I'm so Glad i'm done with this Joke of a Killer, i'll just play him purposely looking for injures/Down with knives for the Other trophy knowing i'll just Depip and lose no matter what and then this Killer can go and never be played ever again. Even his 3 perks are useless nothing is to be saved. I can go back to other killers Finally. Well whenever i feel like playing which is less and less every update, Boy i wonder why i find games in 1 minute as a Killer and take 10 minutes as a Survivor, it's a Mistery...
  2. So, i just noticed Va-11 Hall-A has a Vita Version too! Can't find it on the Store so i assume it's Cross buy, someone can confirm? Because i'm interested in the game and if i can get the Vita version too with it i'll surely buy it before August then! 

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    2. Sora9427


      Guess the Vita Version Got Delisted already, for whatever reason. Oh well thanks, i'll just wait a Sale for the Ps4 version then since i have no hurry for it!

    3. test-dummy-99


      Actually, the Vita version of VA-11 HALL-A is not delisted yet. It's still up on the store.

    4. Sora9427


      Really? I check again later but i didn't find it 2 days ago, maybe it's up for you in the NA store but already Removed in the Eu one, wouldn't be surprised with the recent Removing of some games -_- 

  3. Glad i made you remember it exist I went over my list and checked everything i cared for and had DLCs, better do that to be sure! And, i guess i didn't actually waited a month to get the rest of the games i cared for I had on my List Dungeon travelers 2 that i saw last sunday when i posted the other games i got, suddendly i checked on Tuesday and it was removed from the store, for whatever reason, thanks Sega i guess Anyway that got me kinda scared considering even other Titles got pulled off before like A.W. Phoenix fiesta and so i just got everything i really cared for before regretting it. So The games i got are: Well, as the Image Says, Tales of Heart R! I'm a Fan of the Tales of series since i Loved absolutely Xillia 1-2 and have Berseria to Play (Even chronicles if i wanted to but not really, Same Zestiria i have it but nope don't wanna play it 5 times) so obviously i wanted the Vita one! It look really good so i'm sure i'll enjoy it a lot when time come! Ar No Surge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star. Would have liked a medium size image but either small or Massive Anyway this is a game i wanted since a lot of time! I Have Ar Tonelico Qoga on Ps3, it actually is the First game i ever got outside my countri (Got ti on Amazon.Uk 5-6 years ago), and i played it quite a while. I was Loving it! And i plan to get back into it from the start; So i wanted to get the Sequel of it before i can't find it anymore! It came out originally on Ps3 that's why the Vita has the Plus, it's an Enhanced version? Or just a porting maybe i don't know honestly. Anyway another Rpg i have to play hopefully someday without worrying of missing it :3 A Novel i've been interested in since the release, it looks so nice plus it's a Yuri/Shoujo-Ai (wathever you want to since nowadays i see people think it's the same thing) and so of course i wanted to play it :3 It looks lovelable and cute from the Images and the Cast too has some great voices, i'm surely gonna play this one not too far in the future, hopefully this year! As i said at the beginning i wanted to get Dungeon Travlers 2 but since i couldn't and i wanted 1 games as a Dungeon Crawler Rpg here it is my last purchse so far (Who know maybe ever? I doubt it) on My Vita! I'm not a big fan of the Genre honestly. I played some back years ago, mostly on the Ds, and yeah they are kinda fun but nothing a Really want to play at all costs or at all even. I checked out some like Ray Giant and Demon gaze, Ray giant looks neat but didn't catch me, Demon gaze looks pretty superfical and i didn't liked it from checking out some Videos instead Mind Zero looks pretty nice in the Story, the Drawing and the gameplay too despite well, Dungeon Crawler are that Type of gameplay not much difference in Style like Action Rpgs for example Anyway i'm curious about it, doubt i'll play it any sooner than the other 3 but i'm glad i got one Dungeon Craler too for whenever i fell like it That's all for me so far, i now have every single game on Vita and Ps3 i really really wanted before the Store closing and i can "Relax" in that sense But knowing myself i'll surely find and get something else before July and August
  4. My Last Digital purchase for the Ps3 and basically the last title i really wanted there anyway. I would have liked the Vita Version having 1-2 Re birth there but since it's really costly and pretty much the same game i went for the Ps3 Version of it sinc eit costs 20 € at a base price, much better! Now i have all the Neptunia games (except the last one, and multiple Versions such as VII or Re Birth 3), i just gotta sit and play them And one of my last DLCs purchase on Ps3 too, the Brink DLC. This is a game my brother got for few € some years ago and i remember trying and enjoying it out so why not? I wanna go back to it! I Got the All star battle royale Fearless stage level too as i said in the Trophy Thread, that's pretty much it for me. There are other DLCs i would like but i Refuse to spend like 30 € for NFS or 45 for Fallout NW, that's ridicolous for games i would mostly play for trophies So yeah only doubts are the PoP Epilogue Dlc and the Mass Effect 2 DLC, for those i have to see if my firend wants to share with me otherwise i'll pass, i can live on without completing those.
  5. The Heavenly Goddess Perform a Level 3 Super with Nariko on 'Fearless' Well, about time i guess, it was 6 and half Years since i played and Platted the game I cleaned up my "To buy" list before on Ps3 with the Store closing there and between the few things (Actually just 1 game and 2 Dlcs with this one, other Dlcs are waaay too expansive for me to care like the NFS MW ones) there was this one too. It's basically asking 2 € for a trophy which is so stupid but oh well i guess 100% finally of the game. Kinda a pity i didn't do the Vita online trophies back years ago or i could have actually played it again there, not possible now
  6. Since the Store will be closing if ew months i'm gonna get the Few games i really want and was missing, it's not a Light expense but not even an heavy one. Let's start this month with: Sorry for the Big image but either this one or a Super small one, can't find anything else Anywa if it's not obvious i got the Yomawari Night Alone + htol#NiQ Bundle! I Wanted to get Yomawari for a while since i bought some months ago in a store the Retail version for the Sequel "Midnight Shadow" so obviously i wanted to get the First title before and playing that. Well now i have it, no excuses to play it Since the game alone Costs 20 € and this Bundle 30 i decided to go for the Bundle, i'm curious about htol#NiQ too and so why not when it's with something i already wanted A game i wanted to get many other time before but well, didn't had the Money for it. Thankfully it dropped at a base cost of 20 € so it's not much to pay to get it I tried the Demo some years ago and i actually really liked it! Game looks cool and it's Atlus too, didn't know that so i'm sure it won't dissapoint me! With this i can even actually plan to get the Sequel (Or Prequel? Whatever i'll see) on Ps4 and then there is the Anime too, so a Lot for this series which is nice :3 A game and a story i already played and loved on Ps4! Such a nice short novel, it was a pleasure to read and i wanted it again on my Vita, surely gonna read it again some time in the future when i forgot a bit of it, maybe next Winter indeed under the bed at night with cold around while i'm in under my sheets, seems nice to picture :3 That's it for the games i got for now + Some DLCs, before i forget and then i'm screwed. The DLC for SK: BA, since it has trophies and add new songs i wanted it obviously. I Still have to start the actual game, some day i really have to get in the right mood and play every single SK title since i actually even have them All already Skin Costumes and Challenges DLCs for Guacamelee. I already played the game some years ago and got the Plat too but i'm missing those for the 100% so here i got them. Gonna do this 2 Dlcs whenever i'll Re-Play the game on Ps4 since i have the Bundle there. I don't remeber anything about the game honestly. That's All for now if i'm correct, gonna get some more games i want next month! Should only be games, i was missing only those Dlcs, Stealth inc Dlcs too i guess but i don't really even wanna try go back and finish the base game for that figures the Dlcs, i'll see if i'll buy them or not. Other than that if i get Dlcs it would be for "Pleasure" let's say not for trophies.
  7. It's my first time posting in this thread even if i'm following it since the start, i recieved the mail from Sony too some days ago. Honestly? For me eh... I mean it would have been nice and better if they kept them open until the end of the year rather than suddendly closing in the middle of the summer and in few months, sitll there are few games i still want. Only 1 from Ps3 that i'll buy next days and like 10 on my Vita, not few but not too many thankfully, plus they mostly are JRPG or Single player games anyway so no Online either to worry. It sucks sure but well i play mostly on Ps4 nowadays anyway with the time i have i rarely play on Vita and on Ps3 almost never anymore, that's why i'll just Get Neptunia Victory theer and mostly because i wanna play it before the VIIR on Ps4. Plus i got some games i lvoe and are better with mods on Pc like Xcom 2 and so some of my time goes there too. So yeah personally it's not that big of a deal the store closing and other stuff, sure it's not a great news but it's not like i don't have anything to play (Quite the opposite actually i wonder if i'll ever even clear like 70% of my Backlog) or a lot i would love to get in the future on this 2 platforms so fine by me.
  8. Yeah! I Did It! Won a ranked match online. Well, here is a game i surely did not planned to start! I didn't have in mind to start Tekken 7 like at all i started it because afriend of mine asked to help him boosting 3 Online trophies and so i said "Why not?" when he asked me if i wanted to do them since we were already at it, i got the game so no reason to wait further and then maybe there are troubles, server closing or other stuff. So Done those 3 Trophies with his help and then decided to try my luck in the Tournament and in Ranked! Got luck and won right away in the Tournament, took 3 tries in Ranked because i went against 2 that clearly weren't at my level and destroied me, thanks game Anyway with this Tekken 7 online torphies are Done and complete everything else is doable Offline and so even somebody so bad and that sucks soo much at fighting games (Yeah i'm terrible if you're even just decent you'll destory me) should be able to plat this!
  9. I expect a Nice Shouo-Ai themed anime with some Action judging by the Story and Cloths, i never go into an Anime expecting a Stellar story unless people around set a High bar for it like i don't know, Steins; Gate? there i expect a great story for example. Thanks
  10. I thought i posted my last BDs purchase but looks like not! Guess it's time then, here is what i got in the last weeks :3 I got pretty much This Anime Blindly honestly since i have to Watch them Only Hensuki is the one i actually Watched some months ago and really enjoied it so i'm glad i found it! For the Rest, Comic Party was only 5 € and i'm curious about it, why not? (Is the only Italian one here); Trinity seven, Barakamon and Yurikuma Arashi are anyway all 3 Anime that are in my "Want to Watch" list so it's not like i bought them randomly, i'm actually really interested in them! I really Grew my Anime Collection in the last months, i'll try post an Image of how it is now in the next days, and before i only had like 5-6 of them PS: @Leon Castle, there is an English UK version of Chuunibyo Season 1 & 2,i actually have them with the Movie you got. If you can't find them on your Amazon try checking out
  11. Got 2 More Titles on the Current Sale. Trying to Restrain Myself and those 2 aren't "adding" too much to the Backlog i guess. I already have God Eater 1-2 to play someday so i guess it's time to get the 3Rd one now that's it's on the Lowest sale ever under 10 €! So now i have the entire trilogy to enjoy, whenever i decide to start it Another one of those 2D Platform games i enjoy a lot to play Like Emma i got last week. It looks pretty nice, i tried it out 10 mintues and i like the Art style and the gameplay too! It should be really interesting and nice to play, plus it's short and Easy so i will play it one weekend when i feel like it :3
  12. I usually don't like posting just random images from the Net but i guess it get's to the point in more interesting ways than writing a list So here is what i got in the Current Digital Sales! A Novel i wanted to get since the announcement! I want to watch the Anime too so it's great that it went on sale! Price it's not Amazing but sitlla good one, plus it's not released by somebody like Marvelous so i doubt it will go often on sale and i wanted it! One of those "Celeste" Type of games in 2D and with platform as a genre. I expect it to be pretty good! Hopefully it is overall and not as simple or frustrating with no mid-way like Saldy Tamayuri was. This is another one i wanted for a while and not it's absolutely at a great price. Well the last Volume for Nekopara, i already got the 1-3 Pack of Volumes on a Sales some weeks ago and when this went out i almost wanted to get it right away! Now i have it all (Unless a 5th should come out? I don't know honestly), absolutely gonna play this cute VN not so mcuh in the future! A Game i watched played so i know the gameplay and the general story but it's been a while ago so i mostly remember the places and obviously the interesting Gameplay, as said, of it It was enjoyable and i wanted it after that, now it's on a good sale so here i got! Plus it's a simple enough plat which is nice, they could have made it more annoying with stuff like completing the Item List at 100% and so on, wouldn't have taken much but would have been boring glad they didn't. While EVERYONE plays the 2Nd one i got the First one complete Finally It's been a while since i wanted this, i saw it played for a while but i remember the start and the Table scene that's pretty much it i don't even think i watched the 2Nd half of it or anwyay i remember nothing if i did. Pretty curious to play it, i'm sure it will live up to its reputation! Welp that's it The Backlog never ends!
  13. WONDERFUL Month! Coulnd't care much about ff7, eh, i'll probably never even play it havign a TON of Jrpgs i want to actually play and bought; but Remnant From the Ashes!?! That i'm soo happy! I wanted that game since months, and was tempted during the Christmas sale i think it was? But i passed for the time and now i cna have the base game with the Plus, Really happy about it Hope the DLCs go on Sale too soon enough to get them and have it complete to play some time in the next months!
  14. I Finally decided to Get Civ VI this sales. I wanted it since release, always post poned it because of teh Pass And DLC but well, for 12 € fuck it i'll get the rest when it goes on a decent (At least half price!) sale.

    Sooo maybe i'll start it later as my new game! Advice for it since you are more expert than me especially trophy wise @Undead Wolf? :P 

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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I haven't checked out all the Civ6 achievement guides on TrueAchievements, but the ones I have used explained things fairly well. The nature of them being submitted by different people means you're going to get varying levels of quality though. I'm sure the Steam guide is good, but do keep in mind that the Steam version of the game has a lot of trophies that didn't make their way into the console versions (299 achievements compared to 90 trophies). I remember using the Steam guide for one of the trophies a while back, and I was really confused why it wasn't popping, only to realise it wasn't a trophy in the PS4 version lol. 😅

    3. Sora9427


      Guess i'll check this out then if it's working for you! Well i'll always check first the trophy name if necessary or things like that could happen xD 

    4. Cleggworth


      I almost jumped at that price too, the DLC though 😳

  15. The City Sleeps 100% Complete CTNS: Silver Lining Guess i should have posted about the Plat In the Other thread before but eh i'm too lazy to sit and write a long review now Plus honestly i don't think i'll say much more than what most of the Reviews for it said in the past, such a gorgeous game, it was really a pleasure and a great adventure to play! Amazing Story from start to end with quite a bit that i didn't expect, i enjoied every single bit of it! And swing around town? It's so much fun and satisfying personally i bascially never took the quick travel aside from 7 times (3 Being for the trophy and 4 because i wnated to get into the next story mission right away!). The game isn't perfect but it's pretty near it i would say! Plus all the variety in the collectibles made them enjoiable to look around, really wish more games took inspiration from this and put them all on the Map to search and giving fun Trivias, rather than making them something useless to find with online maps! Talking about the DLCs, well way less interesting than the base game but still a fun experience. Well at least the 1St and 3Rd one! We See Black Cat a character i doubted i guess until the end but then she makes a nice move and so i can say i actually liked her despite all and Silver a Character i already liked after the story and what happened and find even better know knowing more about her and her situation, absolutely a great character in my opinion. Hammerhead as a Villain? eh... I found it boring and even kinda stupid being presented almost stronger than The Main story Villains at some point. Maybe it's just that i don't like Mafia Themed stuff in general and here pretty the same case. My Main complaints for the DLC are the Hammerhead Bases, sooo boring i was just hoping for the waves to end and not getting randomly hit by a Shile,d a Jet or something else randomly and just took like 1/3 of my health away in 1 hit not even giving me time to heal Way to many times i got killer basiclaly by some passing by hit that took away A LOT! I get it making strong enemies but damn give me either cover or space to fight them! Even worst was Screwball. Just plenty boring and annoying, iut's probably because i don't like performance based stuff i don't know or maybe how long and tedious most of the challenges were. I didn't mind stuff like the Bombs or Destrying the Power Relays, those were kinda nice. Even the Gadget one aside from the terrible first one were decent. But the Fighting challenges or the Staelth ones and whatever else there was? Ugh so boring it looked like they were neverending and 1 misatke could just kill you or make you fail. I Found even pretty Cringy? I guess the entire story about her being a Socialmedia addicted basiclaly, hope to never see this character again. Anyway WONDERFUL game and a Nice DLC story the wrap it up, i had a lot of fun and absolutely recommend it to everyone! Can't wait to play Miles Morales (I alreayd like Miles from here too!), as soon as it goes on a nice sale i'll surely get it! But before compeltly say goodbye i have the Story to be plaied one more time at Max diffuculty! (Gonna do this on the Weekends, despite loving Spider-Man i wanna Start/Get back to something else now at least during the Week when i have 2-3 hours)