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  1. Is it still possible to sign up? I know I did "turrible" at my last attempt, but I wanna try and get into this again
  2. I'll try this out as well now, first time for it. Batman: AC - Not missing much, mostly collectables, challenges & DLC The Amazing Spider-Man Mercernaries 2 AC: Origins Mafia 3 Gonna try to see how much time I can get away from RDR2, I really feel like doing these really soon though, as the 4 of the games are amazing and quite good, which would be cool to finally get done.
  3. Thx Sylaris, it helped on it, found out that it was on my PS4 I had changed some things with privacy, now the games pop up again!
  4. I've tried for a week now, nothing is happening...
  5. I've synced to the server on both my ps4 & ps3 all the way through, no erros at all, that's why I don't understand why it doesn't sync here
  6. I've earned multiple trophies over a week now & somehow my trophies doesn't sync to the website here, can anyone help me with that?
  7. Called Sony today and got it worked out with them, I'm back again!
  8. Credit card has been canceled! I gotta try and contact Sony tomorrow then, since i'm in GMT +2 where it's 7:48 pm now. Nope, when I went on to try with my email it sent me directly to create new account screen....
  9. Hey guys, not sure if this the right topic to put this in, but at about 6 pm today I suddenly got a message that someone else had logged on to my account, and suddenly I couldn't login on my account, both my email address and my password are wrong. I've tried contacting Sony, but I don't actually hear anything from them, hopefully some of you know what to do, I've got a lot of games and trophies which arw getting lost atm :/
  10. Oh okay, I just thought u had it since it's on your trophy list . What about Catherine then? Try that out if u have it still
  11. Try going for Binary Domain, online may be a b**ch, but it's a fun and overlooked game.
  12. I'm in! PSN ID: DWades Time Zone: GMT +1 All online trophies