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  1. I started playing last month and The Extra Mile glitched for me.
  2. Just try it again on a different day or time. I got all the trophies a couple weeks ago and didn't have problems finding a match.
  3. Done!
  4. I still have mine. You never know when I'll need to use them.
  5. Hey guys. Add me to the list if there's some room left. Its always fun to have a little competition going on, and my backlog is big enough!
  6. Great news for Sony. Next week Ps4 will release in Europe and the sales will go up fast I think.
  7. Nice review Parker! I can't wait for the 29th and get my hands on my own ps4.
  8. Killzone: Shadow Fall for me.
  9. Hey Praeditos, When we boosted extreme variety, the ones you didn't do were Poison kill and Intercepted (another Templar kills your poisoned target before the poison has effect). Because you hadn't unlocked poison at that moment. Try these first, shouldn't take you long mate. ps: my internet is down so cant help you out at the moment (hope they fix it this week).