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  1. Can anyone help with the stocked trophy, it's all I need for the plat now
  2. That's the Resogun plat done.. Now back to assassins creed
  3. Damn the level 55 grind on black flag only to reach level 51 and find out there is a double xp weekend starting tomo!!!!! Urgh!!
  4. Lol nothing sneaky on my part I did mention last week I would be moving house and would be unable to update for a couple of days, however if I've done my maths correctly if I can win the next match and you happen to lose, that would make me the league winner, if you were to draw and I won it would be a tie for first, so it's come down to the wire.... GAME ON!!!
  5. Pretty certain diddle and myself have tied this fixture... if only I'd put another 2 minutes into the walking dead but instead I decided to talk to the mrs....
  6. Just decided on a new house to move to, moving middle of May so will not have internet for a couple of weeks, hopefully I'll be able to set up a hotspot connection from my phone to make sure I update the trophies!!
  7. Urgh I'm so close to the plat on hotline miami... Can't seem to get the A+ on each level though and there was me thinking I was looking at another 18 points for this fixture does anyone on here have this plat and if so can you offer any advice on A+Ing from chapter 8 onwards
  8. I've been double popping sly, but only so I can play on my vita when on breaks at work, rigging up the ps3 in the staff room wasn't really an option tbh
  9. Basing a tournament on rarity is a practical nightmare, I had South Park platinumed within 3 days of release making that an ultra rare, but now it's become a much more common plat, if you are one of the first to play a game, all those trophies will be ultra rare/rare.. Over time these will become common. If I were to compete against another with them playing lego hobbit but I was playing lego Star Wars, the value of the trophies would be the same but the rarity vastly different, this therefore only benefits the people after ultra hard to get trophies or those with a disposable income lucky enough to get games on release day and complete them in a fast enough way to ensure the trophy rarity remains high
  10. Ni no kuni, 101 hours to plat and it only felt like 30... Superbly brilliant, beautiful and breathtaking game
  11. Wonderbook: book of spells - 1 hour 45 minutes, current fastest time in the world
  12. Add me to the list guys, I'm game, and add me up on psn all on the list, always looking for friendly competition
  13. Hey guys, wanting to break into the top 700 in the uk and looking for general chat about how we all go about hunting, I used to have some dark days where I caved and played Hannah Montana amongst others but then in the past couple of years turned that around and now try see a game through not just for trophies but for the quality of them too, what are your views on maintaining your prestigious spot within the top 1000 uk players?? Thanks
  14. Finish bios hock infinite off