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  1. Just without the threat of being smacked in the face by a speeding hunk of metal if you stand on the bend
  2. I can't imagine the simulation lives up to actual slot car racing, though I'll take a look at it eventually I suppose.
  3. Yeah, I was kind of thinking about watching the Spiderman movies about this part of the whole review I'll change it in a moment
  4. Edgy
  5. Oh my fucking god I just got the Zen Meteor absolutely RRREKT \o/

    1. McJacs2


      Is it the same impact as Black Hammer tier snipers?

  6. So yeah, where's the option to enter and tell you to shut your whore mouth?
  7. Long live demoliton d and demos dildos (his steam group)

  8. Looking for a couple of people to join the Battleborn beta squad later for a stream

  9. Battleborn Beta turned out to be pretty sweet, my group just went off though and I don't really feel like playing solo... anyone wanna queue up?

    1. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      inb4 he gets banned in 2 hours

    2. Asuka Langley

      Asuka Langley

      inb4 it's 2 and a half

    3. DamagingRob


      Ahhhh shit. Another one. And this one did change their name and avatar. *Makes mental note of this*

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  10. Count me in for the Lego games, I'll need something to play after MGSV
  11. Yeah, there were people who got this game three weeks early and despite Namco's best efforts to prevent it managed to stream the entire thing. Btw the current any percent speedrun time is 1 hour 42 minutes with deaths if anyone is wondering
  12. So in my attempt to raid a FOB support platform not only did I manage to get detected because of someone spotting me through a wall, I hide next to the helipad where 4 more soldiers spawn in while on low health in the sneaking suit. End me.

  13. If you really miss the tracks that are missing, you can probably find a list of the ones missing and grab them online by paying - or not paying - for them
  14. tbh I normally go for the preset face when playing games so I have more time to play, though I did make this sweet sweet character today His name's Jahmal and he's the best powerpuff girl everrr (You can make your own at http://www.powerpuffyourself.comif you're interested)
  15. This isn't trophy boosting though, it's admin hunting for a No-Kill server... Jheez you'd think the trophy guide team could identify boosting
  16. Shinji are you okay, are you okay Shinji? You've been hit by a Smooth Kaworu

    1. damon8r351


      "Yo man, you CORNY!"

  17. PS3: Fallout 3, Fallout NV PS4: Fallout 4 PS Vita: Fallout Tactics
  18. #62 Gravity Rush Remastered

  19. Right so Hardline feels so fucking weird to play with, but I should be able to get all the sssssssssssshit i need for menz in the hood over the weekend if I try

    1. Gibbo_0113


      @xxShin Fastest way would be for someone to drop the weapon for you, then get the kills and repeat.

      @Auzzie Thats why its bad. Its like Call of Doody

    2. AuzzieWingman


      But its kind of what makes it good. Call of Duty has broken away from what it used to be with the mobility options present in AW and BO3, which makes Battlefield a perfect stand in.

    3. AuzzieWingman


      Hardline, specifically.

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  20. I had a cake and got the platinum - YuriG 2k16

  21. And if you haven't responded to these two posts yet, do so soon
  22. only if we find out where hakoom lives and i can sell you those big dollar fedoras and neckbeards
  23. [sarcasm]oh wow i bet nobody's heard about evolution studios shutting yet[/sarcasm]

    1. ExHaseo


      What's evolution studios?

    2. Asuka Langley

      Asuka Langley

      [sarcasm]I wonder if that answer was shortly given out or not[/sarcasm]

    3. ExHaseo


      No idea. I don't know how to read.

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  24. In all fairness it's not like it's a full 50 trophy game that they're on about, so to the people like us with several thousand trophies it shouldn't hit our Av. Rarity too hard. People with fewer trophies and games however...