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  1. The Last of My Mentality Katawa Shoujo
  2. You're under arrest for having such an interest in the facebook page on my profile without realizing that I'm not actually the owner of it
  3. You're under arrest for watching that "kiddie porn" in the first place
  4. You're under arrest for not having internet that works.
  5. You're under arrest for taking this as fighting... It's a forum game, everything's meant to be taken lightly... Jeez
  6. You're under arrest for bad grammar
  7. You can't listen to spotify on the PS4 itself while you're streaming, it'll keep notifying you that you're broadcasting and that you can't broadcast the music - unless I've been doing something horribly wrong every time
  8. You're under arrest for not realizing that I always come back from the ban
  9. You're arrested for making an edit to correct yourself, live with it
  10. Arrested for making a ban and not an arrest
  11. Just got Lego Dimensions PS4 with 3 level packs for freee <3

    1. NotAFoxAnymore


      I don't even enjoy lego games though so good1 AB

    2. KitsuneChaos
    3. Jacob_Neal01


      Lego Dimensions was quite fun, albeit a bit of a pain in the ass with the 'portal' mechanic

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  12. Arrested for not shutting the fuck up with this bullshit about a grudge Worse than Iris and Vert's convos, smh. EDIT: That goes to both of you.
  13. I'll make this as on topic as I can because there are quite a few people who know I had trouble with Hardcore Risette fan and well... To Mayus, Chemergy and everyone else who thought "Oh Teddie should join this, he had trouble wi-"
  14. Enigma
  15. I use my mac personally down my mic Still got about 100 copyright strikes in a week
  16. arrested for having a dead hamster
  17. You're under arrest for bringing a fucking rolling pin to a shoot out
  18. Review copies maybe?
  19. You're under arrest for not seeing that bleach yeah, you see that bleach yeah, I'm gonna drink that bleach yeah - wherethere'sawilltheresaway
  20. When someone says you need to be castrated but it's someone you identify as a pervert so you refuse to offer yourself to them to be castrated because you know they'll dress you up as a character from their favori- fuck it, Perverts + Castration = Nope

    1. NotAFoxAnymore


      Castrate me senpai

  21. Uhm... are you on about downloading then using several save files or just using individual save files of your own?
  22. Shout or Shout not, there will be cry
  23. Super Time Force Ultra
  24. You're under arrest because you're not even giving reasons for arrests anymore =/