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  1. First you need to decide whether you support the old wave cause or if you're calling it spam because that's plain multi-personality right there Secondly, that line you quoted, yeah... it's called a joke, stop taking your salt and pouring it over your wounds, it gets you nowhere
  2. It's a serious discussion about how we should get the old wave back, if you can't discuss like a real adult and need to resort to name calling then that's on you for spamming and trolling the thread
  3. Only if you specifically use it on Anime Planet
  4. If there is a cap it'd have to be a fat ass one, remember the time Sly took down the forums and everyone piled into the chatbox automatically? Fun times
  5. I bought ESO as a joke at first, but I'm really starting to enjoy it... Looks like I'll need to respec for PvP though...

  6. Sorry eff, but every time I decide to pop into the chat when I'm afk and I see loads of other people afk, you're the only one who's counting the "yellow circles" then posting your count in chat, by the time it's posted it's changed, I see literally no point to getting the kick in because it'll fuck up your count further. Better yet, What's the point of joining chat if you're going to disappear for a number of months anyway?? also: year 2 chat features irrelevant for year 1 chat content????
  7. Yet again, my name changing genius has no bounds

  8. Mass Effect is a trilogy that's been around us for years now, however the first only came to PS3 a couple of years ago after being on Xbox and PC. Take my advice and if you want to play the Mass Effect trilogy DO NOT pick up the PS3 port of Mass Effect 1, there are several bugs and glitches that are not present in neither the PC or Xbox version, there are framerate drops across the board further into NG+ playthroughs - and addtionally freezing becomes more common - and one of the DLC present in the Xbox version - I'm not too sure about PC - is not present on PS3 and contains some of the easiest grinding areas in the whole game. So, if you're a Sony Pony it might be a good idea to steer away from this port, but if you're open enough to have an Xbox or a PC capable of running ME then go pick it up on one of those
  9. Minecraft can be done in about 2 hours if you know what you're doing from the get go on the tutorial world
  10. Final Fantasy XIII tbh Was it just me or...?
  11. I really wanna grab this for PS4 seeing as I won't grab it for PC any time soon. Oh how I've been waiting to use THIS video again
  12. #54 Destiny, does this mean I know all now?

  13. Got myself An Insurmountable Skullfort 320 def fammmm

  14. I just finished my Defender PVP questline... all that's left is the Striker for my titan and his shitty grenade kills

  15. Are you 100% sure? I thought this when I was doing Lego Harry Potter 5-7 and lost out on a top 4 speed because it was actually in a level
  16. Arrested for being an underage sex icon
  17. Trophies vs Races

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      Yaoigod vs universal comment delete

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      I find this offensive

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      you better find it offensive

      asshole. do it yourself.

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  18. Yeah but those who come back from the ban... well that's a different story altogether
  19. For someone who's meant to be quick on the draw... you're really slow to pick up the concept
  20. I might lighten those rules up then, but at the time of writing them we'd come across quite a few Sherpas who'd have no idea about quite a few parts of the raid then decide to treat us like complete shit - no names though, I did say there'd be a clean slate. That being said the high light level is to reassure people that the Sherpas do infact have the experience that you'd expect them to have and the knowledge of how the raid works - part of the process to accept sherpas if we ever come to one will be getting them to explain how a part of the raid actually works, as well as what you'd tell the newbies as the "false method" to have a little bit of a laugh with the raid group such as summoning the warpriest and the running section before the sisters. When I read your post the first time it was up, I didn't think of it as an actual list but you saying that you'd like to help people which was my bad, though I trust in your ability to Sherpa because of that and will be adding you to the Sherpa list if you wish, though I'll need you to fill out a form so I can list your light and everything though if that isn't too much trouble - you can find it in the original post. You just posted twice on the list for the one on PS4 Whereas I believe you would've done the flawless sessions on Crota's End, this is a much more popular raid to run as it's the newest which means higher drops and I assume some of the destiny pros on the site who play thoroughly would be interested in taking part. Given people will move on, but as soon as something new gets announced they'll find their way back and the Sherpas will be needed again, hence they'll more than likely be the first to clear the new content as they'll have the higher levelled gear and better knowledge of the game - though I'm sure the next release will probably be Destiny 2.
  21. This isn't a two liner "oh i need help" thread (I don't actually need help if you take a look at my list and the fact that I've almost finished the raid with my team on heroic, but though that this'd come handy to those who do need help and look to the forums first instead of gaming sessions) If I thought there was a strong enough chance for this to get locked then I wouldn't have spent so long figuring out the rules ect for it to all come together. I'm aware of your charity thread, however I personally haven't seen it for a while and it's put in a more general area as opposed to this which is a lot more present to those who need help on destiny - I mean, come on its where they'll probably look first - and should prevent the need for people to make their own "I need a team" thread and brings them all together. Think of it as an easier to find extension of your charity thread. Though I'll leave it to Stevie to decide as I can see him taking a look down below ^ This
  22. You're already a dickhead Swear to god this is why I turned to memes s a d b o y s
  23. Holy shit, I've only just seen your photos from the hospital post (ngl I was more focused on telling people not to worry about warning points past your fourth as the fifth is inevitable) and never before have I roared out laughing at my screen at 8AM like this, I'm really hope that was the intended effect otherwise I am an actual dickhead.
  24. I found myself Additionally, here's old chat: