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  1. To report someone you need to report 5 suspicious trophies so if there is only 1 suspicious I guess you wont be flagged.


    Just look at all the people that have earnt big leagues trophy since it became unobtainable. They haven't been flagged. Sly has probably given a reason for this somewhere. 


    The trophy team - and yes, they do exist - can ask for certain trophies to be blacklisted and auto flag games dependent on them iirc.


  2. The members have spoken.


    ALL rule infractions should ALWAYS incur warning points. Posting only an image as a response. Posting off-topic. Not talking properly. Giving others grief. One/Two word responses (see post #14) directly above this one. ALWAYS give them warning points.


    We can't have no boosting in the forums be a rule because it was ALSO ALWAYS need to have warning points for new members.


    Also, as has been stated above (by people claiming to want to welcome new members) ALL new members who post a boosting thread are morons. Said by you guys, not me.


    Daiv, I always took you for a tit but this takes it a bit too far. All rule infractions don't always incur warning points for several reasons, all of which are situational to the time of decision making. If we were to give warning points to those who don't speak properly half the active Neptunia fanbase would probably be gone and the forum games would be pretty quiet. One/Two word responses have been given by moderators before and in some threads, it's all the words people need to voice their on topic opinion.


    We can have no boosting in the forums become a rule but y'know, if you wanna do that and have the warning point upon infraction rule in, then something has to be done about these because whether Sly decided for official threads to be created or not, they're beginning to confuse a lot of members, creating the illusion that boosting threads are allowed:




    In all fairness though, It's the moderation team's fault for not getting their shit together and making it clear that boosting threads aren't allowed. I suggest something be implemented in the next site update before this suggestion gets reposted in a couple of months


    P.S. That's an infraction for calling people morons, whether you're the messenger or not it's abuse ; ^)


  3. I played the game once and then I started a new game and all my kills has gone back to zero I transferd my stats on the other save and still says zero. Will there ever a way to get that back?


    There should be a counter for kills within the game towards the trophy that isn't visible, so if people decide they want to start over on a game then they can clear their stat page but still have the progress towards the desired trophy.


  4. Going on tilt is something that every gamer has experienced at one point in their life, whether it be depressingly handed down in single player games or more naturally in multiplayer games. However, we always assume that we're going on tilt because the game's fucking up when in reality we're just not playing to our best degree or, have been unknowingly bumped up to an MMR division that is way too high in comparison to the ones we've normally been playing.



    CS:GO Streamer Summit fucks up in the worst way during pro plays


    What is "Tilt"? - Well, it's a term used to describe a drop in successful gameplay the two most recognizable versions of tilt are loss streaks in games such as League of Legends, DotA 2, SMITE, Starcraft 2, ect. or death streaks in games such as CS:GO (as you can see above), CoD, Battlefield and again the games involved with loss streaks. Basically, imagine you're on the middle of a mountain, this is your normal gaming skill level, you can either climb higher into a better skill level/have a luck streak or you can plummet down straight to the bottom and impale yourself on some icicles. Yeah, the latter's tilt.


    How exactly does "Tilt" effect us? - The number one symptom of tilting is rage. Now I'm sure I don't have to explain rage to anyone reading this because god knows that you'd have to be a saint to never rage at a game ever but, rage is also a key cause of tilt. How, you may ask and the answer is quite simple; While you're screaming at your game and getting beyond pissy with whatever BS you think you're going through, you're in fact probably missing enemies or key objects on your screen that are passing by and will bite you in the ass later on in the game. Of course, you'll eventually calm down but only after a quick rage quit or two from your games and a quick cuppa.




    "Draft Mode allows each team to ban 3 champions"


    How devs help you come off of tilt - Well. There's several ways developers have hidden ways for you to come off of your tilting moments, however different games have different methods and it's not always that easy to see them. Take League of Legends for example, Draft Mode allows each team to ban 3 champions so if you get to choose a ban with the new system then you could deal with that champion you'd normally have trouble playing against. Modern Warfare 2 and 3 had "Death streak" bonuses to help you stop your K/D from plummeting in one game, including Last Stand which was basically a self res, Copycat to steal a class you felt was better than yours and even Martyrdom to blow the fucking shit out of the last guy to knife you. However death streaks seem to have become more irrelevant with the appearance of score streaks, allowing players to do any action they wish to grab powerful bonuses to pull them off of tilt, Black Ops 3 being the best in the score streak area due to their "Specialist Weapons/Abilites" which carry on through deaths and allow players to fight back with unbelievable force, being boosted by any addition of score to the players total.




    "...we've counted 7 named medals, 8 with the enemy running a wall"


    The illusion of coming off of tilt - It shouldn't be surprising to hear that you're probably on tilt more than you realize and it's not your fault for not noticing because developers try to make it very hard for you to realize you're on tilt. Take CoD for an example again, if you're on a death streak and then you get a kill that's a Comeback medal, you get it on the person who last killed you that's a Revenge medal, if they just killed someone then that's also an Avenger medal, if they're about to kill a friend it's a Savior medal, if you're low health it's a Survivor medal, if you get a Head Shot (surprise) it's a Head Shot medal, you get it mid air that's a Jump Shot medal if you kill them while they're running a wall... You get the idea, we've counted 7 named medals, 8 with the enemy running a wall, you're bound to get a shit ton of medals for situational combat and in CoD the situation is always changing which means you'll barely notice your descent into tilt and probably won't notice at all until you've been through a couple of games with the same results - a reason to constantly change lobby after games if it's not going too well by end game results. However, the fact you're getting so many medals from kills also sets up the illusion that you're not in tilt, when you easily could be... It's a system that keeps the player playing until they come to their senses and it's super effective on the newer generations of gamers who aren't aware of how the system is meant to work.


    Why tilt is mostly natural - We are our own main cause of tilt. It's a fact and honestly it's one a lot of players will never be able to face up and accept. Our level of skill is what controls our output in game and it's also what clashes against other player's skill, if we're not as skilled as the other players or they've more experience with the mode/map that's being played or how to counter you then it's almost definitely a game over unless you can change up your strategy, something you see a lot in the pro eSports scene, especially with MOBAs where you see players pick against their opponents weakness and try to feed off of it for the win. Honestly, it takes true skill to turn around and 100% counter your counter and it's satisfying when you do but it's common for games to give you a way to change up your play style anyways, such as CoD classes and Overwatch's ability to change characters at spawn - similar to TF2 and other games.


    Let's take Bastion from Overwatch as an example of needing to change up your strategy... A lot of players complained that Bastion was overpowered during the beta with his ability to sit ontop of objectives in wall mode and literally keep any enemies out of their path... however there was a very obvious counter to him in this stage, Reinhart who has a shield you can move with and a charge move that when positioned correctly could actually pin Bastion and 1 hit kill him if you hit a wall. I used this myself to win quite a few encounters with Bastion and even made a player rage quit at one point... Must've been on tilt :P


    Why you're NOT always on tilt when you're on tilt - This is a quick footnote so that people realize that Devs sometimes fuck up on creating multiplayer in their games, such as Battlefield 4 which had messed up hitboxes making people who miss hit and vice versa (which iirc got them a lawsuit and wasn't fixed for at least half a year), this is one of the situations where tilt isn't your fault and you should just put down the game and leave it until it's fixed.


    With my small analogy on tilt over, I'd like to see everyone's biggest tilt moments and pet peeves about multiplayer gaming, especially when it comes to tilting and coming off of it.


  5. I do not own Facebook as I am not a fan of social media sorry. I don't feel comfortable with owning a Facebook account personally and do not like the idea of the website therefore I do not want to force myself to do something I feel uncomfortable with.


    But... Akira has you on two accounts on facebook?


  6. You'd be shocked if you knew those people that priotize trophies over having fun typed this on a trophy hunting based forum.


    I mean... while the forums are filled with trophy enthusiasts I take the site to be more of a trophy tracking site and the forums more of an area to discuss more than just trophy hunting, while there are a major amount of threads not based on trophy hunting... I mean, I'd find it hard to call PSNP entirely trophy hunting based :dunno:


    After i´ve seen this list, i will cancel my Collectors Edition pre order and wont buy this game.... ridicilous luck trophys.


    Wow I know where you placed in other MOBAs... don't start that not a moba shit again




  7. UPDATE:

    Hey guys, Asuka here.


    The room has been renamed to "Inside the TV" - A Persona reference, of course :P


    In light of this name change I've found out that Kevinnummer1 had created a PSNP room at the time we assume was immediate from our renaming. As much as we'd like to congratulate his sudden spurt of work for the site - although it not being to do with guides, we'd also like to warn users that even though both rooms play the same genre of music, the bookmarked one for most of our current users and the one linked above will be the "Inside the TV" room and we don't expect that to change anytime soon which means the main flow of PSNP traffic should be coming through "Inside the TV" and not the room created by Kev.


    Additionally, I'd like to announce that I'm considering talking to Chemergy about creating gaming based events to promote the Dubtrack room, allowing members to choose music for our "IRL Anime Girls" streams when they return and play with/against others in tournaments whilst picking out tunes that they feel can improve their gameplay whilst leaving other members in disarray based on tastes. Whilst this is just a simple idea, we'll probably spend alot of time figuring out how to make it all work and help the community come together for some fun.


    The next couple weeks also spell out the beginning of end of semester exams for many of the younger members here, whether they be sitting SATS - which means they really shouldn't be here - GCSE's, IGSCE Honeybees, A Levels or the final exams for their chosen uni courses which means a lot of you are going to need to unwind, especially with the summer sun coming around to burn all our consoles to death. I'd like to say good luck to all you exam takers and please god almighty don't burn out your consoles.


    With the end of that, I'll leave space for Chemergy to write something.

    Asuka, Signing out.


  8. AW has no ties to the MW sub-series, and it's not a spiritual successor either. Different devs too. Infinite Warfare could be a successor to MW though, but we'll just have to wait for more news. I personally don't think it will be


    Actually... Sledgehammer did MW3 - though I think they only did the Mutiplayer - so in some aspect they have the same devs, which is also a tie, which could mean that some of the maps or weapons in AW MP or story have roots to the Modern Warfare series whether blatantly visible or just spiritual.


  9. The game has a trailer now...



    Space Oddity? Really? xD Well, I'll give it the fact that it looks interesting but some of the shots in the trailer kinda look like things I've seen of No Mans Sky, perhaps similar textures or planet layouts.


    Anyways. It'll be slightly interesting to see how the whole space thing plays out, but eventually CoD's going to die out and I'm afraid this may be the beginning of the end.


  10. Well, the thing is, if you are a Novice in Signature Battle, you are more than welcomed to use the Pro render if you wanted.  But that also means you will have to compete against the Pro members.. for that month anyways.  The Pro members don't get this, they can't use the Novice render and compete against the Novice, so Novice are a bit lucky but also not in a way (because it's obviously going to be a harder battle for them if competing against the Pro members) that they get more freedom with the render they want to use.


    Well tbh thinking about all of this has got my mind set on different renders that could be used for future battles :hmm: It makes sense that Novice members using the Pro get set into the pro category though I might have to voice certain opinions in private related to other ideas... I think I'll PM you later once I get my thoughts onto paper and understandable sentences xD