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  1. Any tips for this one? Been trying for about an hour. Or is this just a matter of memorizing the sequence? A retry button here would go a long way….
  2. Thanks as always, very helpful
  3. Read it. It was decent, nothing great. Good for the length.
  4. Asked my wife what my name should be and voila. I am generally cantankerous and want to be left alone.
  5. Kills are glitched, only pet kills are counting. Hopefully we’ll get a patch soon to fix.
  6. This game is glitchy, and can effect the time to 100% this game. I recommend you get all trophies in one sitting. I only got up to 1833 berries my first time and when I reloaded the game my berry counter was reset by 1000 berries, down to 833. So ended up having to get 4000 vs 3000.
  7. Hm this is interesting, I got “wooden sword” the other day from a pet kill after playing 10-15 levels and no trophy. But I figured it was just solo vs coop (I did all the 10-15 previous levels coop). Figures I pick up the game and everything kill-related is broken.
  8. These lists are great and have been incredibly helpful, thank you @Neocarleen
  9. Just to follow up on this, went back to this game today and popped this playing solo. My son still does not have this trophy and has only played coop, including another 5-6 levels today. I haven’t done any testing to confirm this theory, but I’m thinking doesn’t pop coop, only solo.
  10. I was just about to post the same thing. Played through 5 levels now and never popped.
  11. Chrono cross. Used to watch that on repeat! Good times
  12. I was excited to finally start this game but I have to say I’m disappointed. It’s been a slog to get to the point where I feel like I’m finally powerful enough to do real damage (5 missions from the end). They picked probably the worst location you can for a LOTR game (who wants to run around in dull, drab Mordor for hours?) and the story is meh at best. The shadow realm is poorly executed, can’t see more than 5 ft in front of you. Overall, it’s a pretty ugly game, even for 2014. Blocky and muddy come to mind when I think about this game. It’s not a terrible game, but not great either and the LOTR license feels wasted to me. I don’t how this got GOTY recognition, 2014 must have been a weak year for games. That being said, I will likely play it until I plat it, but will probably skip the DLC and shadow of war.
  13. I made it to the second area yesterday and a new vendetta mission popped up for me if ppl still need this trophy. Looks like they are still generating.
  14. I just got it, vendetta missions started spawning for me after 7 story missions and closing and restarting the game because I panicked a bit. Did one story missions and one instantly spawned, a level 10 captain who killed someone on my friends list. Then got another, and another soon after that so seems they are still up and spawning.
  15. This was a lifesaver, thank you!!