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  1. I can confirm it was just working about 20-25 min ago, hasn’t been working for me for about the last 10 min.
  2. Came here to ask the same thing. Got the wrap-up last year and have all the same settings, have all the settings needed for this to work and still getting the same error.
  3. Thank you so much.
  4. War of the worlds was the glitched trophy for me. Delete, redownload, try again solved it.
  5. Anyone else have this issue? PS5 only. PS4 works fine. Read through once and skipped through twice. Also tried deleting save data and going through again. Suggestions? Edit: I actually have a screenshot on my console of this trophy and platinum trophy unlocking so not sure what happened. Never had this before. Edit part 2: So after chatting with support and they recommend I try a new account (lol), they are now showing on PSN servers with no action from anyone, just an hour or so delay. So this can be closed.
  6. Thanks for posting, appreciate it.
  7. This is great, thank you.
  8. Appreciate your efforts on this, thanks.
  9. Any tips for this one? Been trying for about an hour. Or is this just a matter of memorizing the sequence? A retry button here would go a long way….
  10. Thanks as always, very helpful
  11. Read it. It was decent, nothing great. Good for the length.
  12. Asked my wife what my name should be and voila. I am generally cantankerous and want to be left alone.
  13. Kills are glitched, only pet kills are counting. Hopefully we’ll get a patch soon to fix.
  14. This game is glitchy, and can effect the time to 100% this game. I recommend you get all trophies in one sitting. I only got up to 1833 berries my first time and when I reloaded the game my berry counter was reset by 1000 berries, down to 833. So ended up having to get 4000 vs 3000.
  15. Hm this is interesting, I got “wooden sword” the other day from a pet kill after playing 10-15 levels and no trophy. But I figured it was just solo vs coop (I did all the 10-15 previous levels coop). Figures I pick up the game and everything kill-related is broken.