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  1. Considering that the disputer claims to have been sitting in the dark without electricity until his console's internal battery ran flat I'd say it's not a weak argument at all. Who's to say disputer even owns a smartphone with a monthly plan? And who fumbles for a hotspot when the electricity gets cut off when there's things like fridge contents to take care of?
  2. Nonsense. Last time I checked we weren't in a court of law in one of those countries where that applies. How many times do we have to go over this? And, btw., as a sophisticated tool would count a "changed timestamp log" that MMDE and B1rvine have built queries for. No abuse of Sony employee power yet exactly what B1rvine told the OP it is. That the cheater removal team does not intend to point out which telltale signs prove CFW usage to them has been explained almost as often as the fact that this is NOT a court of law.
  3. Well, the flag itself won’t go away, of course. The only thing that’ll happen after you’ve successfully hidden your flagged game is that you’ll reappear on the leaderboards with all other games. ETA: Are you sure that Roundabout is the game you’re actually flagged for? Coz if you’ve hidden it but are still not back on the Leaderboards that seems to point to a different game being in question.
  4. You drunk, bud?
  5. IMO it boils down to RLTW still needing its requirements to be fulfilled. Huge bounties from hackers make this trophy even harder than a $1k that you placed legit. That one should always fall under “just wanting to play the game”. It’s very different from having all CoD trophies auto-popped or all GTAV levels unlocked at once. (I know you said you don’t want opinions so feel free to delete this. ;P And thanks for your fair & thourough job on this.)
  6. I respectfully disagree. Seeking out hackers, etc. as you described above should be flagged, yes. But RLTW should not be flagged for a "manufactured situation" if somebody goes into GTAV ps3 these days secretely hoping to have a bounty put onto them. As has been discussed over and over, the FULL requirements for RLTW still have to be met in order to earn the trophy. It was Rockstar who made the trophy unobtainable without bothering to take it out of the trophy list/plat requirements. I consider every owner of the ps3 version of GTAV an innocent victim. I'm obviously talking about RLTW only.
  7. Not entirely true. The vita asking for calendar reset might be an indicator that its battery was completely depleted in which case a server re-sync is mandatory before earning any new trophy. Otherwise you'll end up with the dreaded Missing Timestamps. 😉
  8. I don't know about trophies not popping other than in the prologue. None of mine were glitchy. Here I think the main problem is not Perfect Crime being later than All Endings but So Close. Pretty sure that one must pop earlier.
  9. Lol. And I added Uncharted 2. Just to be on the safe side,
  10. I feel like disputers should be allowed to make the choice of not hiding their games that violate leaderboard rules because of (their own) savefile uses without being mocked.
  11. That's because disputes weren't public back then. He might have 15 pms and emails arguing with grimy without any of you being the wiser.
  12. Or we may simply think: trophies popped together following a known savefile pattern are more likely due to use of savefile than some extremely unlucky player being the only person in existence to have that ultra rare glitch happen.
  13. Not really. If skipped missions don’t count towards your 100% it absolutely is another issue with that game on your profile in itself.
  14. If you don’t want the old name anymore... you are now free to change it WHILE KEEPING YOUR OLD PROFILE. This site tracks profiles. If you want to rid yourself of your old profile that has miraculously popped trophies or other issues do it the old way: create a new profile. Just make sure you spell correctly and I see no problems.
  15. I agree with you. As most people do, I think. But those are discussions amongst the community. Not every indignant disputer knows or understands that. All I'm saying. You make it sound as if it were a "when" already when it's never been more than an "if". ~2 years and counting.