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  1. Oh give it a rest. I saw it and could have still reported it after B1rvine mentioned your "other 6 flags" but before you hid it. And yes, it was clearly cheated. As is your fc4 which you still proudly display. With more than 2 flags you're permanently off the leaderboards so you can stop wasting people's time with your fraudulent disputes.
  2. That's nice. For me it goes back to being responsible for my own profile. I guess I'm just not as naive as to blindly add a person with such "credentials" without asking a question or two. That would have made it very clear that the "power-leveling" on offer is anything but legit.
  3. And on the other hand... the guy that he explicitely added to his friends for "power-leveling" is a lvl10 with 850+ followers and exactly ONE platinum. Things that should make you go "hmmmmmmmmm".
  4. Hm. Can you back up this claim with some facts, please? It’s a pretty bold statement about something you perceive to be in a certain way. I feel like there shpuld be some proof of that before you keep repeating those things. May I? Everybody who completed Sound shapes legitimately got to up their trophy & platinum count FIVE times via the auto-pop function. Everybody who completed Sound shapes zero times legitimately but still upped their trophy & platinum count 5 times cheated 5 times.
  5. Of course he doesn’t reveal his sources. Nobody rats out valid accusers to the accused. But I know I pm’d MMDE about two of your games. Don’t know if that’s part of it but I’m positive that you’re cheating.
  6. People are TRYING to help you clarify but you are ignoring all valid questions that might lead to a clarification. If the times you reviewed are different and you think that will cause this flag to be invalid, kindly explain HOW the times differ.
  7. It’s right there, top of the list: Things that are flaggable: Using a save file to auto-unlock trophies - If you use an external save file to auto-unlock trophies or advance you further into the game and the impossibility of normal circumstance can be proven via the timestamps, it's flaggable. This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame, be careful with this, always sync your trophies, and do not use your save file to earn trophies impossibly out of order. It’s not against the rules to play elsewhere and not sync. Copying the savefile and progressing at home with an advanced status is.
  8. If your plat is earned BEFORE all other trophies it’s exactly as Otonio described it: vita trick gone wrong. Just follow his advice.
  9. General blahblah should just not be contributed to any dispute thread, period. Anybody who knows enough about the game to help with the actual dispute gets drowned out by (always the same people) adding "I think this.... naughty boy that... my opinion in general over there". That includes repeat offenders who feel like they've got to summarize their current understanding of any given dispute because... otherwise others wouldn't be able to follow? Seriously, if you don't have any on-point comment just sit down and shut up.
  10. @Nighcisama Again, the "single trophy out of order" might well be the one clear indicator that we're dealing with a savefile. YuriG pointed out the main issue here: the trophy for one egg wouldn't pop if you skipped the race that requires you to use the egg 20 times by applying a savefile. And no, usually when there are 1-3 glitched trophies in a game it doesn't mean at all other trophies might randomly glitch as well. As to the tired old "having it backwards" argument: this is not a court of law where the defendant is presenting his case to a jury for the first time. Having trophies out of order at this site already IS the "proven guilty" part which is then reviewed by the flag team and either applied or rejected. And the flame war might be directed at your "there are better sites for trophy tracking anyway". How, exactly, were you helping this dispute with statements like that?
  11. A lot of times it really IS a single trophy that signals clear savefile usage though. Infamous 100% shards before 50% CoD Professional/Honor roll together That being said, a hundred occurences of this would indicate a glitch to me because that's a lot. Can't you guys do what MMDE did in the past, pull the data of those 100 people and check if the majority of those are known cheaters and if there are other patterns that would make it more obvious that a savefile for this exists? Otherwise I vote lift it, no matter how unlikable the disputer may be.
  12. The problem with your RE5 is not that it isn't techically doable the way you did it. It is. I carried people through Pro myself and we often chapter jump. But I agree that it feels cheated simply because it is so technically perfect. Look at your versus. You get most of the combo trophies done first and then just blast through all 4 sets of matches in record time, meaning you only do the winning side, no time to alternate with a second team. That means you were either playing with 2x 2 consoles or had a couple of partners who were willing to waste 10 hours for you for nothing. Then why would you do the combo trophies first when it means setting up private slots, re-inviting 3 ppl each time, etc.? Anyway, just my opinion.
  13. Ok, the “usb update inserted into multiple folders” sounds interesting to me.
  14. This dispute is still open because it’s valid. Like it or not, disputer followed the rules. He was flagged under the “current rules” for one game while others get away with two. Now the attempt is being made to flag him for HIDDEN games by flagging legit ones.
  15. Which trophies are marked as “out of order” in RE0?