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  1. Please look at your other dispute. MMDE actually IS CRT/mod and he did deliver a verdict.
  2. Um, what? Being signed off psn on your console is the very definition of playing offline. Of course you don’t shut down the internet for your whole house in order to go offline on psn. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon the explanation of the glitch here. If being signed out of psn keeps you being connected to this game’s servers: Voila! Glitch, stats, picture explained.
  3. And how fair is it to have a bunch of people screech about leaderboard removal if it wasn’t cheated but done just as legit as for you and the few others? Because that’s what all the quoted posts about this glitch point to has happened. You can’t prove that it’s cheated but you keep going on and on how he should not mess up “your” stats. How unfair is this IF his stats are just as legit as yours but because you can’t provide the same results you demand that he now gets removed. Let’s hope that the people who had that glitch happen don’t turn out to be the majority. They might just demand that YOU are removed because now your stats are the odd ones.
  4. I guess that’s a “No!” then. 😞
  5. Maybe if you stopped acting like you’re an authority on everything and your thoughts/opinions/behavior were the center of any topic you choose to weigh in on you would also get closure on that “woe is me! Everybody is scapegoating me!” sensation you’re now whining about. You DO realize that this thread is not about you, right? YOU felt a dispute (in which you had no real contribution) needed more expanding, complained several times that the discussion YOU wanted to have was closed down by the CRT so you threw up a thread with half-assed background information. Congratulations, you got a discussion going with lots of people now taking an interest. Could you please now stop acting as if the CRT (and site in general) needs your moderation?
  6. Except you got it backwards. This is the official soccer website asking us to only pay attention to goal scores done by players’ right legs coz the left legs aren’t covered by their cameras and are therefore not 100% trackable by them to be legit. You think that would fly?
  7. What if you stop asking questions and do some fucking reading up on past disputes? You might find nobody actually needs your musings.
  8. Ok, I’m sorry but if the occassional game shows up late on somebody’s profile to automatically assume it’s CFW seems ... far-fetched. Smashero and Sergen both announced to be doing it at times. Same goes for me. As to the rest? He openly admitted to having a hacked trophy. Bad, yes, but similar to FIFA09 where people felt that putting all the work into it but being cheated out of the plat/100% is, if not understandable, then at least along the lines of “2 flag leeway”. To use the admittance of one hacked trophy to close the dispute on another trophy doesn’t seem right.
  9. Yeah. Thought what Martain & iriihuto pointed out was it.
  10. It would be helpful if you'd tell us which game you're talking about. Looking at your profile one option I see would be The Walking Dead. You have the plat for the ps4 version which has the dlc included, thus making the plat only a C rank as most people finish that dlc. Your friend might have done the ps3 version which needs the dlc to be bought seperately, naturally having less owners and therefore achieving an A rank on completing the base game + plat.
  11. "I clearly understand how it works." Do you? Why are you breaking out general discussions about unfinished sustems in a dispute thread then? Kindly take it up with Sly or the CRT elsewhere. From the perspective of the disputer: he disputed worms well aware that he'd been flagged correctly, tried to circumvent it via namechange and had been caught again and flagged again. Even the flag reason told him & us that it was a placeholder. No additional information was necessary. That you seem to think there was tells me that you may have misunderstood the reason why disputes are public. This is not a democratic voting system that needs to leave the majority of us convinced that a game was flagged correctly. We're only privy to disputes and flag reasons in order to help the CRT on games where they may be less of an expert than some of us are. If a placeholder flag is goid enough for the CRT it's good enough for me.
  12. Bullshit with 3 extra ps4. Even if it did require those... there’s no rule against that. Nor should there be. I have a friend who’s got 8 ps3 and several ps4 for self-boosting. But it doesn’t require extea consoles to not sync. I prefer to only sync complete games too so I game offline exclusively and only once I go online I sync the one game I wish to sync. And my completion percentage is way lower than disputer’s atm. What about it?
  13. The last four trophies of his ps3 version popped at the same time. Multi-disciplined Sightseer Stunt Jumps within seconds of each other. Flag is correct.
  14. Get nowhere? Assume guilt? We already are somewhere. Trophies that weren’t earned legit get flagged & removed from the leaderboards. Nobody is talking guilt simply clean leaderboards.