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  1. I feel like disputers should be allowed to make the choice of not hiding their games that violate leaderboard rules because of (their own) savefile uses without being mocked.
  2. That's because disputes weren't public back then. He might have 15 pms and emails arguing with grimy without any of you being the wiser.
  3. Or we may simply think: trophies popped together following a known savefile pattern are more likely due to use of savefile than some extremely unlucky player being the only person in existence to have that ultra rare glitch happen.
  4. Not really. If skipped missions don’t count towards your 100% it absolutely is another issue with that game on your profile in itself.
  5. If you don’t want the old name anymore... you are now free to change it WHILE KEEPING YOUR OLD PROFILE. This site tracks profiles. If you want to rid yourself of your old profile that has miraculously popped trophies or other issues do it the old way: create a new profile. Just make sure you spell correctly and I see no problems.
  6. I agree with you. As most people do, I think. But those are discussions amongst the community. Not every indignant disputer knows or understands that. All I'm saying. You make it sound as if it were a "when" already when it's never been more than an "if". ~2 years and counting.
  7. To be fair, @TheYuriG, you kinda dangle that in front of people as if it was a confirmed future feature. I've often thought that your "until a whitelist is implemented" was giving those real victims of modded lobbies false hope.
  8. Ahem.
  9. All these years of cheating effort? Out of curiosity I checked ONE of your games that I'm familiar with. And guess what I found? Reported you for it, just to be on the safe side.
  10. Fair enough. Thank you for this post. That cleared up a lot (for me). ETA: Not getting into the Sonic topic here coz it just doesn't belong. But, no, you didn't 😜.)
  11. Are you going to address your excessive censoring? Because, frankly, you seem to have a general unwillingness to read other people’s posts - often summarized by you as “gobblygook” and the likes. You may have reading comprehension issues but your new (mod) power should have told you to SLOW DOWN, not double up on the dismissiveness. Kindly don’t tell people to “just contact us both” when only one of you is actually keeping track and following up.
  12. Actually, I thought he did with the above. And I had ordered the game when B1rvine initially asked for independent testers but then never bothered to test this because nobody would tell me exactly what method to use and also the flag seemed to be lifted. Multiple times, lol. I’m happy to test this now with Crash10’s detailed instructions & present you the results over the weekend.
  13. And that’s why @TheYuriG should’ve known better than to give reasons how it could have been possible. The explanation should come from the disputer, not the community. If the disputer now lists those exact reasons as HIS reasons it will not look as convincing as it might have if HE described this.
  14. Huh? He didn’t transfer saves. Just didn’t sync for 10 years. Not bannable at all. Question is if those are the same timestamps as they were when reported. We’ll see.
  15. Oh give it a rest. I saw it and could have still reported it after B1rvine mentioned your "other 6 flags" but before you hid it. And yes, it was clearly cheated. As is your fc4 which you still proudly display. With more than 2 flags you're permanently off the leaderboards so you can stop wasting people's time with your fraudulent disputes.