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  1. Yes. You do need to win a match again for the trophy to pop.
  2. Just for the sake of keeping people informed, I have been able to play with no crashes. Also, I can confirm that winning a Last Worm Standing match earns you the trophy, and completing daily challenges updated my % in the trophy list (was stuck at 4%).
  3. This is just a guess, but has anyone tried to re-install the game or even format the PS5 system, and install the game again? For what I can see, this looks like a Sony problem (with PS5 trophies) and maybe a clean re-install could fix the problem in a short term period.
  4. Thanks a lot for the quick guide. I just got lucky and found some awesome players that helped me getting all the 3 stars on crushing difficulty, but I am quite sure that this glitch will help a lot of people out there.
  5. I have been following some youtube videos on how to stealth kills glitch works on survival mode of the game. Apparently people just use Path of Indra and stealth kill any enemy in the wave (including warlords). But I have tried so many times and can't seem to make it work. Could this be patched or do I need to do any extra step before using Path of Indra?
  6. Yeah.. there was an update a few days after I 100% the game. We can change jobs now at Montblanc with the latest update.
  7. Oh I suddenly lost my will to play the game. I don't get why the Xbox and Switch versions have this feature while we don't. Thank you both for answers!
  8. I just rescued princess Ashe and choose the Time Battle Mage job for her. Later in this section we reencounter with Penelo and I noticed that she has the Time Battle Mage job too. Now, my plan was to experience every job and having two characters with the same job makes this impossible. I have read that you can reset you license board on guild master Montblanc, but this is only possible in Xbox and Switch versions. Is there any way to reset the license board of a character in the PS4 version?
  9. This trophy is a pain to get... I was so desesperate to get this trophy back in October when I created this post. My advice would be to completly ignore the server reset and hideout method and follow this playlist:
  10. I have collected some hotspots in my current save and it didn't worked either. The only solution seems to start a new game and do it from scratch. EDIT: I started a new game and did all the hotspots again. Just earned the trophy this way.
  11. After checking in in every hotspot I didn't earn the trophy, so I went to my progression to check if I had every hotspot checked and didn't missed one but my progression was 98/100: So I triple checked my map and could not find any hotspot left. Then I noticed that in the hotspot app I had found everything: So, is there any bug related to hotspots with this game? I have already fast-traveled to every hideout and check the hotspot app to find any unchecked hotspot. I even reinstalled the game, but I could not solve this. Does anyone experienced some sort of bug like this and solved it?
  12. I am not enjoying this game mode at all. I have spent some money to get some figurines and I am still struggling with this. My team is UR SSGSS Vegito, UR Ultra Instinct Goku, UR SSJ4 Vegeta, UR SSB Vegeta, and another UR SSB Vegeta. Are those figurines any good? Or should I go for the Gohan figurines and focus on the strategy from the guide?
  13. Are you being able to create a looby with that person of your clan? Or you can't even create the looby?
  14. Thank you all for your answers! So Sacred Land must be done in public. As for All Rounder game modes, I think I will try do to it in public too. Better safe than sorry!
  15. I am doing the online component of this game and I was wondering if I could meet the following requirements on private matches: play each game mode once and be first in a domination match with the jaguar. Could both of these requirements be accomplished in private matches?