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  1. Borderlands 2: 4 years and 10 months
  2. Top 3 Games 1. Stardew Valley - 130 hours 2. Death Stranding - 114 hours 3. Borderlands 3 - 98 hours Days Played 317 days played at 1319 hours Trophies Earned Total - 846 Bronze: 621 Silver: 164 Gold: 53 Platinum: 8 Maybe I should stop playing nearly every day...
  3. Mine was a Futurama reference. Mix between Dr. Zoidberg and Pazuzu, Prof. Farnsworth's gargoyle.
  4. 1. Burnout Paradise Remastered 2. Rime 3. Conan Exiles 4. Borderlands GOTY Edition 5. LEGO Batman 3 6. LEGO Jurassic Park 7. Grim Fandango 8. Death Stranding 9. Batman: The Enemy Within 10. Wreckfest I was hoping to make AC Odyssey the last of 2019, but looks like I'll not make it in time.
  5. Currently working on Death Stranding for my 37th platinum. I think 5 more trophies on it. Wreckfest is going to be my next plat, I think.
  6. PSN ID: DrPazuzu Systems: PS4 (w/ PSVR) Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Sure! I'd prefer we have common taste in games tho!
  7. Hey!! PSN: DrPazuzu. I'll add anyone even if we have no games in common, but I'd love to have friends who can nerd out with me over common and upcoming games. Currently trying to free my backlog up of 30+ games until all the new ones come out in the fall.
  8. Currently playing GTA V, Rock Band 4, Deadpool, Witcher 3, Minecraft. If you have similar interests in games, feel free to add! PSN: DrPazuzu