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  1. Thats what I told myself about a year ago. And then it will be 65%, then 70%, then 75%.... I will never have 100% though and I just know that being on 99% will be more annoying than the 73% im on now
  2. #88 Master Of Kyrat Fun and easy platinum and 100%
  3. #88 Master Of Kyrat Fun and easy platinum and 100%
  4. Always stay behind cover near the edge of the map so that you have a smaller angle to cover, and only go for headshots otherwise they will soak up bullets. If you got a full auto, aim at the neck and the second or third bullet will hit the head if the first doesnt. You will still die, but not as much.
  5. Dont normally pre-order but the chances of Uncharted 4 not being worth it is 0%.
  6. Why is the negative stigma towards indie games undeserved? Theres low demand for them because most people who bought PS consoles didnt buy them for indie games. No-one had a problem when there was a couple of indies in the selection every month, but over the past year, they have flooded PS+. Sony are supplying the type of games which a minority of their subscribers are actually interested in, instead of the games most of their customers, especially loyal customers, have come to expect from the brand. PlayStation is known for AAA 3D games, if they want to feed us indies, of which most are mediocre to crap, then the customer dissatisfaction and negative perceptions is a consequence of their actions. As for other peoples predictions, KZ Mercenary, batman AA and Limbo have already been on PS+. I hope we get tales from the borderlands on any platform.
  7. Alone in the dark PS3 Its Killzone HD, the PS2 port. I dont think KZ3 has any cheats.
  8. "The franchise must have at least 5 unique games with each a platinum trophy that has to be obtainable at the time of making your thread." Does this mean there will never be a football (soccer) PP?
  9. Never going to happen between consoles.
  10. #87 - Game of Thrones Lord of Ironrath Fantastic game. If you're dying for the TV show to return, this is worth your time. I love the way it links in with events in the TV show like the red wedding, the other wedding, the liberation of mereen. And now I have a better idea of who Gared is because I havent bothered getting past page 4 of the first book, and I've had it for about 2 months now. Iron from Ice!
  11. Sign me up please. I've got FC3 platinum and 100% blood dragon
  12. Sign me up, I've got the walking dead and game of thrones
  13. bump me up to 4 please, just got game of thrones.
  14. inb4 "no they should all be indies stop asking for AAA's" closed minded people.
  15. I bet the people telling him he should have seen reviews and gameplay videos before playing it are the same people that would tell him to play the game first if he said it was shit based on reviews and gameplay videos.