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  1. Same 1st trophy for me ! I'm Popolon17, Back on the job
  2. Hi everybody. I have hard time with those two trophies. I don't understand exactly what to do and tried several things without success. Any tips or advice?
  3. Hello guys I plan to buy this game soon, but I didn't find the correct information regarding the subtitles. So, i just want to know if the japanese physical release have french subtitles (i live in France) or if it's only in japanese ? Edit: I bought the game and can confirm this version has multiple subtitles: english, french, italian, german, spanish, portuguese, dutch, russian, turkish and some i'm not sure probably arabic, korean, chinese and japanese.
  4. Yes I played and plat it! Did you play my favorite megadrive/genesis game: Landstalker ?
  5. I have 96 unearned trophies and a completion of 98.81%. But most of them are now unobtainable. Too much servers closed and i dont have enough time...
  6. 3d dot game heroes, but it's probably my next one...
  7. The last PS3 games I bought: Ni no kuni Katamari forever Puppeteer 3d dot game heroes Alice madness returns Best of playstation network vol 1 Drakengard 3
  8. Katamari Forever Platinum Katamari Collected all trophies.
  9. Virtue's last reward (vita)
  10. Black ops 2 and fifa street. I launched these games on my main account instead of a dummy one, and when i did, 100% was impossible. I made my best to complete them but both have unobtainable trophies and unobtainable platinum 😭
  11. Mine was Dead Space, earned in May 2009!
  12. #121: The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut Difficulty: 8/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Rarity: 1,23%
  13. Rayman legends /origins Littlebigplanet serie Shu
  14. Borderlands the pre sequel