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  1. 4.5k hidden trophies is definitely strange, but it's significantly more suspicious when he hid them after users literally called him out (but unfortunately never reported in time) for cheating multiple games in a previous dispute for CFW cheating. Which is funny because he claims he only claimed he cheated on one game. He has dozens of games with 3-8 year gaps where he went back and finished up multiple incomplete games in the span of a couple days (which is very commmon with CFW cheaters since you can't change the original timestamps of earlier trophies if they are already synced to PSNP). He keeps saying he wants absolutely definitive proof of cheating, when there is no way to absolutely definitively prove someone as cheating if the timestamps are not out of order or changed after being submitted. How cheaters are typically found is: 1) they cheated in multiple games but only slipped up the timestamps in a few games 2) they don't appear on in-game leaderboards 3) their statements aren't consistent and indicate lack of knowledge of the game 4) their trophy log is inconsistent (multiple trophies earned simultaneously among different games can be teams but is also a frequent sign of shoddy timestamps) He ticks all of these boxes. By themselves, each of these circumstances (well, except for hiding 4.5k trophies after being explicitly called out for CFW cheating is just unacceptable and there is no defense for that) are explainable, but as a whole, it points to there being multiple CFW cheated games on the account, hidden and public. If he wants to prove us wrong, it is as simple as unhiding the games he was accused of cheating on (at least 3) in the prior thread that he quickly hid before reports were filed. At this point I don't believe there is any chance at all that he completed this game (or the others) legitimately, and at best he is convincing us that he simply purchased someone to earn it for him rather than just cheating it directly through CFW. Also I think it's pretty funny that he had his buddies rep his posts to try to give credibility to his statements. I don't get why you are in every thread like this advocating for people who have previous flags for CFW cheating... this isn't the SOCOM and FUEL save that thousands of people did, this is actual CFW cheating and he hid other games after it was mentioned in the thread. There is a reason there is a three flag rule. Typically people who cheat (outside of autopoppers) are not caught for every single game they cheat, so if there is a handful of games they cheated, there is likely more cheated games where the timestamps are inconclusive since people rarely ever cheat just one or two times (especially when it comes to CFW custom time stamps).
  2. This is a very strange statement from somebody who has supposedly platinumed the game. Top 2000 and even top 1000-500 for multiple CA stages are a complete joke if you have ironman'ed the stages. There are many stages where you will be running them dozens of times and you will get high leaderboard spots through just completing the level multiple times for ironman. For example, XOXO should have pretty much every single person who has run it a few times for ironman runs to be top 500 or at the very least top 1000, and you are not there. That strange statement seems to be at odds with your very low deaths (3.5k is very low for full 100% + all ironmans) and the fact that you did every difficult trophy in the game in 10 days which is extremely fast. This is of course in combination with the 4.5k hidden trophies, history of cheating, and I also think it's funny that it seems like every suspicious list has this "brother" that is playing whenever they are doing a very difficult game (or perhaps they just don't plan their timestamps out carefully enough). Unfortunately, there is really just no way to know if someone has cheated, getting 100% game completion is relatively easy, while getting the ironman trophies is extremely difficult. And someone who has given up could easily just cheat these remaining trophies with custom time stamps. I think the flag should be lifted, but I think your several thousand hidden trophies should be unhidden for transparency considering the very abnormal circumstances of the situation and your profile should be examined closely since cheaters seem to rarely ever do it in 1-2 games. Personally, based on the circumstances of the situations, I think he purchased someone to do the platinum for him from a third party site, but that isn't technically flaggable or against leaderboard rules unfortunately.
  3. As far as I know, there is no way to do custom time stamps on games that are PS4 only, you can only do them for games that share a list with either PS3 or PSV. Cheats still exist for PS4, but these are third party game saves and PS4 save wizard (which includes saves as well as a small variety of cheats for specific games, although, according to the site, there are no cheats for GTAV, only saves). I don't believe that there is even an autopop method (aside from downloading a save) like there was previously for PS3 games (when everything pops in 10-30 seconds) because all the cheating profiles I see only have these on games that are shared list with either PS3 or PSV (both of which can be custom time stamp cheated). Also, some trophies do not unlock simply from a save file, and furthermore some PS4 games have locked saves (can't upload from a USB). Anyways, if the proof is there that skipping missions counts towards completion, but doesn't grant individual trophies, then this should be lifted. Someone going for the fastest time (especially in a game as popular as GTAV) is obviously going to use tricks (and this is not a trick that violates any rules, it's just an in-game mechanic) to delay the first trophy pop as long as possible, and this is standard practice for speedrunning trophy lists. As for why the 100% times are all so much longer is because the game has had multiple DLC packs added, because character transfers are no longer possible between PS3 -> PS4, so you must manually rank up your character which takes quite a while, and the Doomsday CMM2, CMM3, and CMM4 are very frustrating and a bit glitchy if you don't have a competent crew who knows what they are doing. Especially if you are going for speed where you are underleveled, you would need a good crew to basically carry you through missions due to you being underleveled, although you can buy shark cards or do money glitches (of which there are multiple money glitches, and more discovered regularly, that usually require a few people to help) which can alleviate this issue a bit. There are many games on the leaderboard that are not even close to being optimized fully, and one week is not even that close to truly optimized. There are 100% speedruns for GTAV in 10 hours (although you will still need to do a few tasks for trophies that aren't needed for 100% completion), so even a slower run that is not well optimized could be about 15 hours for singleplayer. The speedrun for all heists is under 4 hours (and that is CMM so they do it without dying) so 5 hours is generous since you don't need CMM but you might need to grind out some platinum medals. Rockstar Editor DLC takes about 2-3 hours. With a good crew, each Doomsday CMM run can probably be done in about 6 hours each (18h total). You do still have miscellaneous and online trophies, but the only one that takes more than a couple hours max is reaching rank 100, of which all these heists and activities contribute to, and if you do this during a 2x exp time where you are playing nonstop, I don't see it taking very long. Considering you can start your run during a double exp period or right after a lucrative exp glitch is discovered and you have a competent crew working with you, I would say overall time is about 50-60 hours, but it could be as low as 40 hours or less.
  4. The reasoning for the report is inaccurate, but it's probably not legitimate regardless considering: A. He is not on any in-game leaderboards, and I checked top 2000 for multiple levels that you would need to be on. B. He earned trophy for beating Cotton Alley light simultaneously with first time beating Cotton Alley light. While that is technically possible, that is very strange and there is no reason to do that or benefit to doing that, and it makes it a lot more difficult to practice (considering Cotton Alley light is the second hardest ironman and takes many hours to practice) when you aren't beating a certain level, which makes it quite a bit more difficult and suspicious for no gain whatsoever. C. He has prior valid reports for CFW trophies (which you can do for custom timestamps on Super Meat Boy since it is on PSV) and 5k hidden trophies D. He earns trophies simultaneously in other games while playing this. I didn't report this, but probably not be a coincidence that the last five or so people who met similar criteria were all cheaters. Cheaters seem to be drawn to Super Meat Boy especially due to its extreme difficulty, ability to be cheated with custom time stamps because it's on PSV, and the open ended nature of the trophy list makes it so that it is difficult to tell from timestamps.
  5. This is a pretty weird statement considering you have the Orcs Must Die and Star Ocean 4 plats, both of which are extremely boring and tedious platinums where you just grind for hundreds of hours in a mediocre game lol. Also as a full time college student myself who also works part time, I still have over 80 hours of free time a week. Obviously you won't use all or most of that time gaming, but I'm not sure how people are so bad with time management. Also this networking and internships are not some massive time investment; you can just make a LinkedIn and attend job fairs and other college events, and that's a couple hours a week max, and a lot of internships you can just take the whole college semester off, or do it over the summer, or work part-time and classes part-time, or some offer credits, etc. Even with a 9-5, you have about the same amount of time you had as a kid/teen while in k-12 (which was about 35-40 hours a week + a few hours homework/studying) so again, unless you are working 60+ hours a week or have some ridiculous commute time, I don't get how you can have so little free time. Obviously there is family and other obligations as you get older, but I literally see single guys working 40 hours a week or less complain how they have no free time and it's just kinda mind boggling.
  6. I am not done yet, but the difficulty of this game is way overstated. It's probably about a 4 or 5 in difficulty. However, it is an extremely time consuming, boring, and horribly designed game with absolutely awful level design, one the worst cameras I have ever experienced in a game, invisible walls everywhere, constantly wandering aimlessly and backtracking throughout bland environments with obnoxious camera switches every five seconds, you need to grind for hours to even get half of the abilities/upgrades, janky and awkward and stiff controls, a horrible directional based combo system that is very frustrating and clunky considering how bad the camera and lock-on are, completely nonsensical cringeworthy story, some of the worst boss designs I have ever experienced in a game, the same garbage "the time has come and so have I" song loop playing on repeat nonstop for combat, and S ranks and style system in general is really poorly designed. I think this might be where people conflate poor game design with difficulty. Basically, the game gives you the tools to make everything as easy as you want (and even most of the speedruns and top players are just spamming the same abilities) For S-ranks, they are very easy with Lady/Trish, you don't even need to get all the red orbs, I don't recommend using a guide for them because that's just tedious, just make sure to destroy all the environmental pieces you see for their orbs. I usually just got an A or B on orbs, but the time is extremely generous, especially on higher difficulties, and you can easily complete them in half of what it asks for S-rank, and the style is also very easy since apparently "style" is spamming the same attacks over and over (it's a poorly designed system) and also you can just farm style from repeatable fights (you probably won't need to, but it would allow you to easily get the S-rank if you missed it the first time). Even using items, you can regularly get 1.5-2x the requirements for S-rank with minimal effort on your first try. The whole ranking system is just a completely unbalanced joke. For style, just spam CS3 as Lady and round trip + fully charged colider as Trish. For the boss trophies, you can just spam holy waters as soon as you reach the SSS rank and it even lets you use supers if you want, so a complete joke. For the Bloody Palace you can use supers, so the only difficult part will be Trish and Lady which is why I would recommend doing all S-ranks on them for practice so you can do BP with them more easily. For Lady, you literally spam CS3 while jumping around with camera away for every single enemy and boss. CS3 is both the fastest, safest, and most stylish way to kill enemies so you do absolutely nothing else. Never use your DT and just save it for bosses and as an emergency to escape in case you get grabbed by a red blitz (I believe this always one shots you). You should never need it otherwise so you should always be able to use it on bosses and should have just in case for all the blitzes, even though you probably won't need to use it. You will need the DT for the frog boss though, as only melee works on the blue tentacle ladies, and there is no consistent way I could find to not get hit or grabbed by them considering how barebones Lady's melee options are. So just use DT if they freeze you as that attack does a ton of damage. For Trish, all you need to learn is Pandora cancelling. The game is a broken piece of shit so ideal "gameplay" as Trish consists of spamming your Pandora moves in air to recharge your DT and then use your giant death beam. This is literally how you do every boss in the entire game; you just sit there in the air and spam death beam while pandora cancelling to get DT. For regular enemies in bloody palace use round trip + bare knuckle combo C/electrical dance. Occasionally you can use V-divider for nimble enemies. For Fausts/Mephisto use DT pistols to decloak and then round trip + bare knuckle combo D. For all bosses (including Blitz) use death beam and Pandora cancelling as stated. I don't recommend using collider much in bloody palace since it's very inconsistent as it is a directional move. For Dante/Nero/Vergil, just use super costumes, but I'm sure they have similar moves you just spam while occasionally just jumping whenever an enemy does an attack (since jumping is not really for mobility but you just i-frame clip through moves). You can also just use their super costumes for HaH runs too.
  7. According to the rules outlined: "Using a save file to auto-unlock trophies - If you use an external save file to auto-unlock trophies or advance you further into the game and the impossibility of normal circumstance can be proven via the timestamps, it's flaggable. This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame, be careful with this, always sync your trophies, and do not use your save file to earn trophies impossibly out of order." This is not auto-unlocking trophies nor is it doing it out of order. I don't see how this any different than backing up a save and reloading to get different ending trophies (which is quite common in many games).
  8. AAA games in general are getting more shallow, homogenized, and cinematic so the big single-player games on PS4 have simpler trophy lists to match. Also there is a lot more indie games this gen so you have more games on both extremes (very easy and brutallty difficult). Online games and sports game are grindy as ever, perhaps even worse (in a bad way), requiring excessive grinding, microtransactions, and DLC. I don't really think any of the games listed in OP are difficult, nor do I think they is that big of a difference in difficulty between the AAA games of this gen and last gen, I think we have just trophy hunted for years and it starts to become a routine where we know how to approach a game and its trophies. Although, there certainly is a lot of bad, low effort games with no other appeal than to attract trophy hunters for easy and meaningless platinums, but aside from inflating the leaderboard, I don't really see that as being a serious issue. Honestly, it really just floods your profile with junk and completely misses the entire appeal of trophy hunting so I don't know why people do it. If you are looking for good, difficult games or difficult trophy lists, I don't think they are hard to find at all, and you just have to look beyond only the AAA multi-million sellers. Rhythm games, racing games, action games, platformers, and sidescrollers/shmups tend to be consistently difficult genres and typically have more difficult lists.
  9. There are literally thousands of pages and tens of thousands of pages of people who pay for custom timestamps or who pay others to login into their account and earn trophies on forums out there for this stuff. Completely diminishes the point of trophies and removes all sense of competitive integrity but when you see people who will spend hundreds of dollars on junk games solely for easy trophies, I guess it is not really surprising that others may pay to cheat their trophies to have others think they legitimately earned prestigious trophies. There are thousands of people who are incompetent and obvious with their cheating and are removed, but it does just make you wonder how many more there are out there that are very meticulous and never get caught. This is not even mentioning all the teaming on the leaderboard, which I don't believe is against PSNP rules, but it's still pretty much impossible for a single person to compete/compare against a team of skilled players who all share an account.
  10. Custom time stamps on another account is proof of nothing, we know you can get custom time stamps which is why you have two flags already.
  11. You say you don't cheat, yet you have two games hidden for custom timestamps. You say you do all your hard games yourself, yet you are in DMs asking others to do them for you. We ask for proof, you wait for well over an hour and finally post some mobile screenshot thing. When I searched custom trophy tiles from the site that sells custom trophy time stamps, it seems they do have them, but the comments said they won't "sync" which makes me think you can have the custom trophy image as a screenshot saved on your hard drive (which appears to be how you are viewing it in the screen) but you can't have it as your trophy tile as you can't edit those. Now I do wonder why it's so difficult to simply take a five second camera picture of the SMB list on your account with trophy screenshot tiles as I have shown, which cannot really be faked.
  12. Obviously this is just he said/she said without the message but yes, there are websites out there with literally thousands of people who pay for people to platinum games for them and for custom time stamps, so I don't think that is hard to believe at all considering he has basically zero presence online and his games and timings are very strange. Not to mention that he has literally been flagged for custom time stamps in the past, and has many times that are extremely fast and simultaneously unlocked while playing other games and not appearing on leaderboards. So all we ask for is very simple proof that takes 1-2 minutes to provide, he claims he can provide proof, is lurking the thread and posts nothing.
  13. Right, so because you had one glitch for one game for one trophy that excuses three consistently and substantially wrong timestamps for another game from a player who has two flags for custom time stamps. And despite him saying he can provide proof, he has read this thread over an hour ago and multiple times and still has not responded or posted anything. He has over 50 games that are also on Vita. Any game that is also on PS3 or Vita can be exploited with custom time stamps. Still waiting on proof, let's see how long it takes and how convincing his edited image is.
  14. Actually that alone proves quite a lot. It proves that you have trophy screenshots which afaik no custom time stamp editor can add to your account. You can not edit or add the trophy screenshot in any way. Alternatively, he could just prove with a local leaderboard of a Cotton Alley Dark Level, for example. which would prove he has actually played the game and has a time consistent with someone who had to do many runs for Impossible Boy. While this would not be definitive proof, it shows that you at least played and beat the game up until Cotton Alley Dark and would be very difficult to edit or fake especially given most CFW custom time stamp cheaters probably never played the game. The former photo could only be faked through very good editing and the latter could only be faked through very good editing or running through the entire game, and considering he is sitting here reading this thread and not responding, we will know based on how long the response is.
  15. Here is an example of just how simple it is to prove. This took about a minute. But I guess it's much easier to just talk about how you have proof instead of posting any.