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  1. I mean Steam has tons of filtering and hiding options, tags, wishlists, similar games, discovery queue, more like this, game relevancy, curators, reviews, forums, etc. It's really not even remotely close. Steam can't change the fact that tons more indie devs are releasing games; all they can do is choose to raise their standards for what they allow on the store, which is just pointless because Steam has tons of tools to help you make an informed purchase and also a great refund system (whereas the consoles absolutely do not). Steam as a storefront is miles ahead of any of the consoles, it's not even a competition at all. While some found success on Switch back when it was new, players were game starved, and the store had little competition, that is not really the case anymore, and now Switch is suffering from the same problem as it gets oversaturated as well. However, Steam has a much larger userbase that buys much more indie games in general, so games will sell better on there compared to Switch (and way better compared to Xbox/PS). Even AA and AAA studios are realizing the sales potential of PC, with Capcom for example just recently saying it wants to focus on PC as its main outlet for software, not to mention the Nvidia leaks that shows a huge portion of Sony's first party is heading to PC.
  2. This is more due to the massive influx of games more than anything else; 10,263 games released on Steam in 2020 compared to 276 just a decade prior. Indie games sell great on Steam and the number of owners usually range from double to 10-20x what they are on PS, and especially Xbox. There was even a site (now shut down) that tracked every game's players using My PS4 Life calculations and you could compare that to SteamSpy. Additionally, many devs that have released sales data showing how poorly indie games sell on PS, with few exceptions. Switch has been very popular for indies though and is the only platform that is really comparable to Steam for indies. If you care about indies, you need to be on Steam or Switch, it's just as simple as that. Devs initially saw success on Switch because there wasn't many options so their games were more heavily promoted, but now there is a great deal more competition. Nintendo also has pretty terrible store navigation and discovery, while Steam is pretty much unmatched in that regard and completely blows them out of the water. If anything, Steam is too good at it nd people just end up buying too many games to ever even play lol
  3. For secret room items, use the D6 pedestal swap trick. For everything else just break greed mode. Doing these, you should be able to find every item in just a few hours.
  4. If you're still playing this like a standard third person shooter after four playthroughs then you're going to have a bad time lol. Of course you should utilize any bullet time you have, but you shouldn't be playing it like a cover shooter. Just stand at an angle behind walls and use bullet time, or if there are two pieces of covers shootdodge between them, or if there is only partial cover then either use any bullet time remaining or blindfire. Shootdodge is pretty broken because it allows you to spam bullet-time, and if you do it back and forth between pieces of cover then enemies have trouble hitting you. However, since NYMH is only on normal difficulty, you should be just breezing through pretty much everything with no issue since you've already beat the game on Hard, Hardcore, and Old-School. Time should be a complete nonissue, so just play difficult sections a bit slower using the above methods. By the time you reach NYMH, completing the game consistently without dying shouldn't be much of an issue since you have so many playthroughs under your belt, so you just need to wait until the game decides to not bug out and let you win lol.
  5. It's been a while since I've played, but I found NYMH to be pretty overrated, as it's only on the normal difficulty and you have already completed the game many times over by that point and on higher and much harder difficulties. I think it took me like three attempts, two of which were failed due to bugs, and one was failed due to the one-shot sniper sequence. The main thing I remember is that the Bullet Time is so minimal that it's basically worthless and you get shredded if you play it as a standard cover shooter, so really you have three ways to approach sections: 1) shoot dodge back and forth between pieces of cover (this is usually the best, but requires two pieces of cover because you are exposed otherwise) 2) do the wall cheese (same as games like Uncharted) where you use the slicing the pie tactic while standing behind a wall and the enemies can't really hit you but you can hit them or 3) blindfire from cover (if you only have limited chest-high cover) Good luck on your runs and finishing up 100% before they close the servers. If any game should get a remaster, it should be this, because the performance was pretty bad.
  6. Depends on the game, the platform, and if you're talking about PSNP or global. Something like a difficult Vita game global stats then it's like 90-95% or more of global achievers are cheaters for something like that, same for many Steam achievements. But for PSNP, it's harder to tell since cheaters are removed. There are some lists that are outright impossible and just haven't been removed yet, there are some that are really suspicious but not technically enough to be impossible and removed, and others with nothing suspicious by leaderboard standards but they had someone else do it for them (which is allowed by leaderboard standards). It's hard to know the exact amount but I wouldn't be surprised if it was near or above 50% cheaters for something like SMB even here on PSNP, just because it's both really difficult and very easy to cheat as 1) it's a PS Vita so you can cheat it CFW 2) the trophy order and timings are very flexible and 3) there's no grind or anything time-consuming so it's a popular choice when it comes to buying Plats. I think you really underestimate just how widespread cheating is; you have multiple different types of cheating when it comes to trophies: CFW cheaters, PS4 Save Wizard cheaters, save download cheaters, and Platinum buyers (the latter being allowed by leaderboard standards, but I would still consider it cheating).
  7. I would say the base game is 4 or 5 and the 100% including DLC is a 5 or 6. The game is really boring and tedious with the Frifle grinds and Winchester games, but there is nothing too difficult. You can use rainbow runs for everything, and so Lead God is really easy with clones (you can even have multiple clones in a single run), or you can do it in boss rush and have multiple chances, or you can even savescum, but that's not even necessary and I didn't factor it in my rating. Bullet Hell is a pretty big difficulty spike, but so long as you have good guns and items and have decent health, you shouldn't have issues there. The DLC offers a bit more challenge since you have to do the Resourceful Rat fight (although you can fail his Punchout phase), but it's not difficult with a decent run. Daisuke's Trials can be a pain since there is a lot of RNG, and in later chambers there are multiple effects simultaneously which can lead to some frustrating situations. High Dragun especially can be a pain since he always has High Stress, but overall it shouldn't take you more than a few attempts. The Bullet's Past and Advanced Boss can be annoying, but are nothing difficult. I don't know how difficult the game was at launch, but with the changes to loot drops, the addition of Rainbow Run, and the ability to savescum between floors if you need to, no one should have any problem getting this Plat, although it will just be a bit grindy.
  8. Yeah, ridiculous how many cheaters there are. Some PSV and PS3 games have like 60% global rarity for trophies that should be under 1% lol. And then outside of the mobs of CFW cheaters, you have people who use Save Wizard or pay others to earn their trophies for them. Steam is also horrible with this, with some games having over 90% of the earners of an achievement having cheated it (some games are just clearly way off and others actually have in-game stats/leaderboards so you can confirm what percentage are cheaters). I guess that's what happens when you have something like SAM where earning any achievement just takes a single click. Unfortunately with a game like Super Meat Boy, you have little way to know if the trophies are earned legitimately or not since they are so flexible in timing and order. And while others are doing doesn't affect me and other legitimate players directly, it does collectively obfuscate the global rarity when such a huge proportion are cheaters, and it does cloud the difficulty when you don't know who has done it legitimately and who has cheated. Not really sure what people get out of cheating for a .jpg where the entire appeal is in the actual effort of earning it, but I guess it's just for clout and at any cost for a lot of those on the leaderboards.
  9. Are you playing on PS4 Pro? I have base PS4 and it's really bad especially on Robusta with later years. If you are playing Robusta Year 10 on base PS4 (unsure how PS4 Pro fares), it is 100% obvious and you will barely be able to play the game; the game is miles easier on PC for the exact thing. I played it since the latest Doom and Bloom patch and the performance is just as bad, and if anything, I think it will be worse in the future as they add more enemies and more mechanics. Great game, just not on the PS4 unfortunately.
  10. The game performance on PS4 is absolutely terrible. I am not usually that sensitive to performance issues but the framerate is atrocious and it chugs so, so bad. You will actually take so much damage in some situations because the framerate drops to seriously like 5 fps and hitches like crazy (especially on Robusta Year 10). It also just feels way faster and way harder than the same game mode/character on PC. After I completed it on PS4, I went back to Robusta Year 10 on PC and it feels like slow motion in comparison; you can actually react, avoid, and kill enemies easily. I'm not sure if it's because PC has the most recent update (Doom and Gloom), because the performance is better (144fps+ and almost no slowdown), or something else. But interestingly even something like the Worm boss is nearly impossible on PS4 to do without getting hit because he just outspeeds you and smashes into you over and over, whereas on PC you can just outpace and maneuver around him and easily take him out (both Robusta Year 10), so it's fundamentally two very different versions of the game. While there is just general constant slowdown and chugging throughout the game, it gets absolutely horrible with certain bullet patterns or too many enemies and it basically becomes a slideshow (with you taking damage repeatedly) on the Blood Moon nights, many of the bosses (especially those that spawn enemies), and certain bullet patterns. Excellent game but I definitely recommend picking it up on PC because the PS4 version really shouldn't even exist in its current state. By the way, if anyone needs tips or advice for Robusta Year 10 or any other trophy, just send me a PM, as the game becomes substantially easier when you know the mechanics and how to approach it, and unfortunately it's a pretty niche game so there is very limited information online.
  11. CFW and custom timestamp cheaters, similar situation for hundreds of difficult PS3/PSV games. Checking over the lists, only like 2-3 of the 100% achievers on the PSV version on PSNP are legitimate across all regions.
  12. Nothing is buggy, it's just a short old-school shmup that is quite difficult and will require a good amount of practice in order to meet the score requirement for TLB. It's easier with a turbo controller though (ideally with an analog stick, I only had the Hori FC and using the D-pad for movement is a pain). The percentage is way higher on PSV because almost all of the Plat achievers for that version have cheated.
  13. Yes, absolutely. The DLC changes so many mechanics and adds so many items, and it will be difficult to break your muscle memory and adapt to all these changes. Additionally, it will be harder to find information about base rebirth as the wikia update the information with each new DLC. I also just think the DLC is really great, adds a ton of great content, and fixes a ton of synergies and interactions that were either not fleshed out or didn't make sense. The DLC isn't like most games where it's simply an optional area or some extraneous content; it's basically an overhaul of the entire game while also adding a ton of new content (that also interact with old content) And no, the game is not difficult if you know what you are doing. It is very time consuming, but a great deal of that is just learning the items and mechanics. It is truly one of the best and most in-depth games out there, which is why it has such a large hardcore fanbase that can put hundreds or thousands of hours into the game. If you are solely focused on 100%'ing it though, it will take around 150-200 hours for a new player, although an experienced one could do it in much less. When it comes to game knowledge though, there is a lot you can do to make your path to 100% a lot easier, and you can check out my thread on how to approach it if you want, because it can seem very overwhelming at first. (Note this is for AB+ so many things may be different for base Rebirth) Also keep in mind that Repentance just released on Steam (and should on PS in a few months) and that also changes a ton of mechanics and adds arguably as much content as both AB and AB+ combined (maybe more), so you might even want to just outright get that.
  14. If you have the DLC then you must complete those associated challenges also before it unlocks.
  15. Just sharing my opinions on the games presented buddy, and I'm sure you can form your own opinion. 🙂 Obviously difficulty is subjective, but I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who thinks My Name is Mayo is hard or Crypt of the Necrodancer is easy. I gave five valid suggestions and great games that were all great which were all ignored while you add games that don't even meet your outlined requirements regarding time and difficulty. Didn't realize I was walking into a circlejerk here. You guys keep doing your thing, I'm out.