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  1. Are you playing on PS4 Pro? I have base PS4 and it's really bad especially on Robusta with later years. If you are playing Robusta Year 10 on base PS4 (unsure how PS4 Pro fares), it is 100% obvious and you will barely be able to play the game; the game is miles easier on PC for the exact thing. I played it since the latest Doom and Bloom patch and the performance is just as bad, and if anything, I think it will be worse in the future as they add more enemies and more mechanics. Great game, just not on the PS4 unfortunately.
  2. The game performance on PS4 is absolutely terrible. I am not usually that sensitive to performance issues but the framerate is atrocious and it chugs so, so bad. You will actually take so much damage in some situations because the framerate drops to seriously like 5 fps and hitches like crazy (especially on Robusta Year 10). It also just feels way faster and way harder than the same game mode/character on PC. After I completed it on PS4, I went back to Robusta Year 10 on PC and it feels like slow motion in comparison; you can actually react, avoid, and kill enemies easily. I'm not sure if it's because PC has the most recent update (Doom and Gloom), because the performance is better (144fps+ and almost no slowdown), or something else. But interestingly even something like the Worm boss is nearly impossible on PS4 to do without getting hit because he just outspeeds you and smashes into you over and over, whereas on PC you can just outpace and maneuver around him and easily take him out (both Robusta Year 10), so it's fundamentally two very different versions of the game. While there is just general constant slowdown and chugging throughout the game, it gets absolutely horrible with certain bullet patterns or too many enemies and it basically becomes a slideshow (with you taking damage repeatedly) on the Blood Moon nights, many of the bosses (especially those that spawn enemies), and certain bullet patterns. Excellent game but I definitely recommend picking it up on PC because the PS4 version really shouldn't even exist in its current state. By the way, if anyone needs tips or advice for Robusta Year 10 or any other trophy, just send me a PM, as the game becomes substantially easier when you know the mechanics and how to approach it, and unfortunately it's a pretty niche game so there is very limited information online.
  3. CFW and custom timestamp cheaters, similar situation for hundreds of difficult PS3/PSV games. Checking over the lists, only like 2-3 of the 100% achievers on the PSV version on PSNP are legitimate across all regions.
  4. Nothing is buggy, it's just a short old-school shmup that is quite difficult and will require a good amount of practice in order to meet the score requirement for TLB. It's easier with a turbo controller though (ideally with an analog stick, I only had the Hori FC and using the D-pad for movement is a pain). The percentage is way higher on PSV because almost all of the Plat achievers for that version have cheated.
  5. Yes, absolutely. The DLC changes so many mechanics and adds so many items, and it will be difficult to break your muscle memory and adapt to all these changes. Additionally, it will be harder to find information about base rebirth as the wikia update the information with each new DLC. I also just think the DLC is really great, adds a ton of great content, and fixes a ton of synergies and interactions that were either not fleshed out or didn't make sense. The DLC isn't like most games where it's simply an optional area or some extraneous content; it's basically an overhaul of the entire game while also adding a ton of new content (that also interact with old content) And no, the game is not difficult if you know what you are doing. It is very time consuming, but a great deal of that is just learning the items and mechanics. It is truly one of the best and most in-depth games out there, which is why it has such a large hardcore fanbase that can put hundreds or thousands of hours into the game. If you are solely focused on 100%'ing it though, it will take around 150-200 hours for a new player, although an experienced one could do it in much less. When it comes to game knowledge though, there is a lot you can do to make your path to 100% a lot easier, and you can check out my thread on how to approach it if you want, because it can seem very overwhelming at first. (Note this is for AB+ so many things may be different for base Rebirth) Also keep in mind that Repentance just released on Steam (and should on PS in a few months) and that also changes a ton of mechanics and adds arguably as much content as both AB and AB+ combined (maybe more), so you might even want to just outright get that.
  6. If you have the DLC then you must complete those associated challenges also before it unlocks.
  7. Well if it took you over 30 days to Platinum then either you are misremembering in a major way or you went 25 days before earning a single trophy. Perhaps you can look at your trophy screenshot and jog your memory to see when exactly you earned it, what you were doing in-game at the time, and what could have possibly led to unlocking earlier than expected? Is there some way you can visit a month old farm of someone else and unlock it, or start a farm and let it age before unlocking trophies?
  8. He has zero playtime logged despite playing it on PS4, he is not on a single in-game leaderboard, it was synced late, and he admits that he has multiple people playing on his account. While that doesn't confirm he is cheating, I would definitely say that is a highly suspicious set of circumstances, especially considering how easy it is for custom timestamps on Super Meat Boy and how flexible the times are to have one of the most difficult Platinums out there; the trophy times are so flexible that you would have to almost go out of your way to have them be impossible. You can find forums out there with literally hundreds of pages and many thousands of users buying custom timestamps, inquiring how to do them, or downloading saves. Alternatively, just look at the global rarity for any niche/difficult title that is on either PS3 or PSV (VVVVVV, Fast Striker, Gundemonium Recollection, Sine Mora, Necrodancer, etc.) and you will see that the global rarities range from 20x up to 50x or higher what the legitimate numbers are. So there are tons of cheaters out there, and I think that at least one site having higher standards and actually weeding out the cheaters is a good thing, especially beyond just the lowest hanging fruit and most blatant autopoppers like some sites do. The system isn't perfect, but if you actually look through the disputes and visit them regularly, you will be hard pressed to find many, if any, cases where legitimate users are wrongly flagged; if anything, the one or two games flagged usually leads to a closer inspection that reveals many more instances of timestamps that are impossible and/or consistent with custom timestamps/downloaded saves. Really the only issue I have currently with the system is that there are some shaky flags that get through that could be avoided with a bit more research/testing, and then the users never or rarely visit PSNP in order to dispute. Furthermore, if there a bulk of related flags that are found to be based on incorrect reasoning (ex: Payday 2, NGS2, etc.) then all related flags should be lifted if they are filed in error, rather than every user having to come to individually dispute (again, many users don't use PSNP, especially those who aren't English speaking). Now obviously, I don't think that video evidence should be required, nor do I necessarily think that it's even the best method, but it is just one of many ways that you can provide some proof where a lot of the evidence right now points to the contrary. This is not a court of law, it's only for leaderboards, and you have three strikes. If someone has done it legitimately and wants to prove it, they should have little difficulty doing that. The issue is that people come in here with suspicious circumstances that are consistent with cheaters, and then proceed to act all high and mighty and expect people to just believe them with no basis in facts or evidence. I think just showing his save/stats and then testing whether a blank account being synced would lead to zero playtime and not appearing on leaderboards, then that should be fine (assuming there is nothing else I am missing here). Honestly, I think it is legitimate, and while 3:51 is fast for Hospital light world Ironman, it's the second easiest Ironman, and not unrealistically fast by any stretch for anyone who has experience in the game, so certainly should never merit a flag on its own. Not being on leaderboards without good reason is honestly definitely a bit suspicious if there is no reason, but his story makes sense and is consistent with his playtime in other games that can't even be cheated with custom timestamps (such as Outlast and Wolfenstein)
  9. Yeah, I was thinking maybe that was the case, but none of these games had fast completion times at all, and they also had some (but low) play time, whereas like Super Meat Boy has no play time recorded at all. I'm not exactly sure how playing on blank accounts works, but maybe that explains why he isn't on the in-game leaderboards? When you have two people (or more) playing on an account and additionally are playing on blank accounts that you then later sync, it can just create a lot of weird circumstances with the account, but in terms of timestamps or his trophy log, I don't really see anything that outright suggests cheating. Would help to know what the specific flag reason was I guess.
  10. In addition to not appearing on any leaderboards, he has no time listed for Super Meat Boy on exophase, which should record if he played the PS4 version (which he did). Also, there is something really weird going on with his account. Some games like Outlast, Outlast 2, and Wolfenstein: The New Order that are all only on PS4 (so the time should be fully recorded), but they all have less than an hour of time played recorded on exophase, despite being 100% completed (which is obviously impossible if it's accurate). Exophase can take some time to update, but these were completed over a year ago. Not saying it's cheating, because I can't think of any reason, either legitimate or illegitimate, of why it would be like that. Just one of the strangest accounts I have seen in general, but not really sure what the cause is or if some is illegitimate. @Shizo Super Meat Boy is on PS3/PSV and thus can potentially be cheated with custom time stamps. The only ways to cheat on PS4 only titles are PS4 Save Wizard, external saves, and I have seen one case where an account had autopopped entire lists of PS4 games with 0 second completion times. I have no idea how they did that and it's the only example I have ever seen of it, but as far as I know, there is no way to have custom timestamps with PS4 only titles.
  11. Just sharing my opinions on the games presented buddy, and I'm sure you can form your own opinion. 🙂 Obviously difficulty is subjective, but I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who thinks My Name is Mayo is hard or Crypt of the Necrodancer is easy. I gave five valid suggestions and great games that were all great which were all ignored while you add games that don't even meet your outlined requirements regarding time and difficulty. Didn't realize I was walking into a circlejerk here. You guys keep doing your thing, I'm out.
  12. Ikaruga is just really boring because it makes you play the game in one specific highly formulaic way in order to S++ that just requires a ton of memorization, and then you also have to control two ships at once. It's hard, but just not really the type of challenge that would be remotely fun (at least for me, and I generally like shmups). Yakuza 3 is not really difficult. Nuclear Throne is not really difficult, mostly time consuming (just like Isaac and Enter the Gungeon). The Bleed games are both really great games and are also pretty fast with the time being almost entirely skill dependent. Assetto Corsa and Spelunky 2 are two more recommendations that are both quite difficult and great games. There are some harder 100%/Platinums but most are just mediocre games, very obscure, or just very grindy.
  13. SIne Mora on PSV and PS3 are identical, and the PS3 is technically harder since it requires you to complete the challenges. The only way in which the PSV version could be more difficult is the screen/controls of the PSV or not being able to use turbo. Both of these are taken away if you use PSTV, although there could still be some minor performance differences between the two versions, but I have never heard of this. The fire cap is much lower than some other versions and spamming only gives you slightly more DPS on the PS3 version (and PSV version as well), compared to X360 where you just shred everything with ease with a turbo. I did all my runs just holding ifre normally without mashing, though a turbo would make things slightly easier. The downside being that some turbo controllers only have d-pads. The challenges on PS3 individually aren't harder than Arcade Primary Only, but they do require a specific approach and can be pretty difficult. I don't think it would be that hard nowadays though since most of the challenge was because there was next to no information available on the game. Also, while turbo does add less DPS compared to other versions, I would imagine it would still be enough to make many bosses noticeably easier. I would recommend Superbeat Xonic, Raiden IV, Tetris Effect, and the Bleed games in addition to Splasher and VVVVVV (I find Ikaruga to be boring). These are all quite difficult Plats and also pretty good games to boot. The Bleed games are on the easier end compared to the others though.
  14. Surprised Spelunky 2 has almost no votes, but I guess it is a very niche game. I hardly even know what came out this year tbh lol because I've just been going through my backlog. Out of the games listed, I would say Spelunky 2 and Crash 4 are probably the hardest from what I've heard about them (the first Spelunky was already difficult and the sequel is supposed to be even more difficult). I don't think Fall Guys should be considered that difficult because it's a multiplayer game dependent on luck in large part and also many people used the exploit to get the hardest trophy. Cuphead is pretty hard, but the requirements for 100% are pretty generous since you only need A- ranks on normal, and any rank on Expert. I definitely think it would be up there if it required S ranks on Expert. Also the co-op exploit thing was a bit overblown, because realistically how many are going to know someone IRL who owns Cuphead, on the PS4, and has the Platinum in it to come over to their house and cheese all the trophies for them.
  15. So I logged into my PS3 for the first time in a few years and when I checked my trophy collection I noticed that even after it synced, that there were titles (such as Spelunky and Hotline Miami) that I originally started on PS3 and later 100%'ed on PS4, however these games only showed the percentage from just the trophies earned on the PS3 version. It was only after I synced by clicking on my profile (rather than my trophy collection) that it updated the PS3 trophy lists with what I had earned from PS4 (although you can only view PS4-only trophy lists when comparing lists, and not from your trophy collection). My question though is what would happen if you had earned the same trophy from a game on both platforms? Would it be the earliest timestamp or the earliest synced trophy that would appear on your list? Or could it possibly even change your timestamp if you synced late? Like for example if I had earned some trophies on my PS3 for a PS3/PS4 crossgen game in 2014, but either hadn't or only partially synced them, but then I later 100%'ed the game on PS4, what would happen with the list and the timestamps for those trophies earned on PS3? I guess alternatively, even though PS4 has auto-sync regularly, what if you earned a certain trophy on PS4, didn't sync it, then played the same game on PS3 and earned that trophy on PS3 then synced it. What would happen with that trophy when you synced the PS4 version? Just curious because it seems like it could lead to potential problems, possibly even what appears to be edited timestamps, although I've never really seen anyone mention it and can't find any answer when I looked online.