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  1. I'm not going to say your opinion is wrong or argue about it, but N++ is an extremely long game that has dozens of extremely difficult levels that are on par with many full games in terms of difficulty. And again, it is not muscle memory; there are some levels that are purely muscle memory (I don't remember any of the names because it has been over a year since I played) where you just progress through trial and error and find the exact path/strategy you are supposed to take and it never really changes, but for the majority of levels, they are very reactive. You can't just do the same thing every time because slightly different timings whether it be how long you hold jump for or the pixel where you land, it will affect the timings of various mechanisms through the level and the hazards. Each try is unique in some way or another, and while there are strategies you can use for levels, you always have to be able to react to things. I think N++ took me about 80-90 hours, which if the same person who is able to do N++ (and genuinely feels it is not very difficult) in that amount of time invested it in practicing other difficult games, I feel confident that they would be able to do them quite easily in a fraction of the time (with the exception of some longer ones like Super Meat Boy, Dariusburst, Trials Fusion, that may take 50-200+ hours depending on the person). It's really just a mentality thing, you don't need to be skilled to be able to do any of this, you just need to spend some time practicing, which is not even that much of a time investment if you play multiplayer games or grindy games because those are almost the same where you are just repeat similar actions over and over. Overall, I guess my point is that it's fine to hunt trophies for fun but you shouldn't really think you are a skilled or top player simply because you can complete some difficult feats and earn some trophies; most people simply don't want to invest (waste) time practicing over and over, and I really can't blame them. Even for the hardest games (obviously with some exceptions) they really aren't difficult because they can be brute forced through muscle memory by any average gamer, oftentimes without much of a time investment even, through practicing for dozens of hours.
  2. N++ platinum is a 9-10 for sure. It's brutally hard, extremely long, and mentally grueling. Additionally, N++ is NOT muscle memory, only certain levels are, most levels are unique due to specific interaction with hazards that will vary from slightly different pixel movements. It requires you to be able to be react and plan on the fly. Getting true 100% is an 11/10 that truly a handful of people in the world could ever get no matter how hard they tried. It just shows that people don't have the right mentality, it's just that instead of pushing through a series of trials and always getting explicit feedback that you are advancing and improving, you instead have to practice and fail over and over until you get it. However, for vast majority of these difficult trophies, people can just get them through practice and brute force. It's no different than spending 1000 hours combing for collectibles, it just takes much less time. It's really pretty similar, and when you are doing these, you are just zoned out listening to music and not really thinking or paying attention to the game. Again, I'm average at best in games in every way, but I can do these with much less time necessary than most grindy games.
  3. They explain TAS processes, many runs are like this, they are more just interesting tidbits about how you can exploit the game in some way with TAS but usually offer very little help to a human player who obviously can't do individual frame inputs. It's not more difficult, it's just more tedium. It's like a collectibles guide, I mean sure you could comb every square foot of the map in GTA V looking for every collectible, or you could just use a guide so you don't spend 1000+ hours combing the environment. Obviously, that's an extreme example but for many of these more difficult games, a simple strategy that could be explained in a paragraph or a minute long video might take dozens of hours of play before it becomes apparent. Of course, unless it's a puzzle game or something similar, one specific strategy can't usually be followed 100%; you will change it in your own ways, however knowing advanced tactics and having a thorough guide of how a section of a level or a boss works goes a long way in laying the foundation to improve on your own and saves many hours of time. Obviously, easy is in the context of people acting like it's some superhuman feat that no one could ever complete; almost anyone can do these games if they put in the effort, it is just very tedious and boring, unless you really enjoy the game and repeating the same sequence for dozens of hours.
  4. I am not sure what game you are talking about specifically, but for all the games I listed they only require muscle memory (and I guess precision/timing which are the same thing and part of muscle memory); they certainly don't require reaction or quick thinking. There is literally not a single level in Super Meat Boy or part of Sine Mora or Hard Corps Uprising (or 90% of other difficult singleplayer games) that you don't just play the same way every single time. All of these games are just tedious muscle memory that have two mechanics: knowing what to do, and then implementing it. Guides help with the first part and reduce tedium and the second part is just tedious muscle memory.
  5. The Sine Mora PS3 version is more difficult because it includes the challenge mode which is an additional challenge. Considering the PSV can be played on the PSTV if you want, it's the exact same thing just with no challenge mode. Additionally, I did the speedrun method for trophy unlocks which means you have to do the whole thing without using subweapons which adds to the challenge. Obviously, the "easy" difficulty of this is in context and is all relative. This is a game that was considered 10/10 hardest game ever (at a time, not so much now), but with about 50-70 hours of gameplay time, I was able to 100% it from scratch, using almost all my own methods and strategies (there was very few tips when I did it) and even using a new method to get an 11 minute leaderboard time. I mean, yes, I spent a fairly long time playing a rather short shmup game, but I am also a totally average gamer who has never been particularly skilled at games, and others can do it much faster. Even at the longest time it will take some people, it's still much shorter than many other easy, but grindy platinums (and I enjoyed the game; I never felt like it got repetitive or boring). For Raiden IV, I was going to do it sometime eventually, but I played it a bit and just did not enjoy it at all, and after putting dozens of hours into Super Meat Boy, another game which I don't really enjoy (still definitely better than Raiden IV though), I just really don't feel like putting another 40-80 hours into another game that I won't enjoy a single second of just to prove a point, especially since my PS3 is packed away and I don't have much room on my desk. Additionally, PS3 trophies in general are meaningless now since people are able to just hack them with custom timestamps so there is no way to tell if they are legit (which is why the global PSN percentages are 10x higher than the PSNP percentages), and obviously the pause exploit makes the game much easier so it's really not worth it at all. I will get around to Wolfenstein II sometime in the future, and with how many resources are available, I don't see it being that difficult at all. I know the game has been out for 17 years and I know the basic mechanics of the game, however, in this specific situation, you are asked to get S++ on every stage on any difficulty. First of all watching a TAS run is ridiculous, TAS is literally inputting inputs frame by frame and doing actions that are either near impossible for humans to pull off or impossible to have any kind of consistency to have for a human, even just watching a speedrun by a human player is not even that useful for many games because they frequently have hundreds of hours of experience and do actions that would be extremely difficult for someone who doesn't have their level of practice to replicate. Now, maybe in a genre where the mechanical skill ceiling is lower and the game always follows a set path, like a shmup, it might be slightly more effective, but again that is for HARD difficulty (which very likely is not the easiest to do it on since you can do it any lower difficulties) and it also doesn't tell you what the exact specifics of S++ (whether you need 100% chain only or if there is other contributing factors), or it could be doing superfluous actions that are not necessary (or doing it in a way that is harder than required) for S++ In regards to Super Meat Boy, yes there is a few good resources for the game (fatprinny and thanatosninja are really the only helpful ones imo), however the tips (even from thanatosninja which is by far the most thorough and useful) are much too vague and ignore key aspects of the level that will lead to frustrating deaths until they happen and you add that to your knowledge of the level. Additionally, I found many strategies myself that are much more effective that I haven't seen others use (which shouldn't be happening when a game has several million players). Sure, you can watch a video, but aside from doing a level completely and fundamentally wrong, you won't learn much because there is small factors that you don't realize are important until you run the level for yourself, or a guide may be focusing on speed over consistency, because even in speedruns, runners die multiple times as they are doing risky strategies. I intend to make a thorough text guide after I finish Super Meat Boy that I hope will help some others, but if someone took just a few hours to make some videos explaining in-depth how to consistently beat levels (which I, and anyone else who 100%'d the game, could probably do) it would make the platinum so much easier because it reduces tedium.
  6. search youtube for S++ videos, there is not even half a dozen, search for even a basic text guide of easiest S++ methods or specific of S++ (beyond "chain combo"), nothing. Just because it's an old game or has millions of users is no guarantee there will be good info for it. The fact is that this may be a popular or old game but over 99% of players, just do a quick playthrough, play for a couple of hours and move on (as you should, going for some of these difficult trophies is so mind gruelingly boring I often wonder why I bother at all) For example, I'm playing Tricky Towers that was a free PS+ game and has over a million players yet I can't find any sort of knowledge of about how the mechanics/physics work and how best to use the powerups. Despite being a pretty deep (as far as I can tell) game there is very little to nothing on it at all in terms of mechanics or strategy or basic tips. I literally can't even find what the damn powerups do, which is not explained in game either.
  7. Another platinum that is irrelevant now. Any list that shares with PS3/PSV and doesn't have in-game leaderboards can be cheated with custom time stamps. Avoid this game if you are a trophy hunter since there is no way to determine if an achiever is legit or a fraud. In this case, the guy is an idiot, and this should be quite obvious and easy to report. Unfortunately, if they are not, and use reasonable time stamps, nothing can be done.
  8. Just another "hard" game that is hard only because there is no info on it and you have to come up with strategies from scratch which takes so much longer. It's the same reason many other games such as Sine Mora, Hard Corps Uprising, Wolfenstein II, and Super Meat Boy are regarded as so difficult even though they aren't. Early Wolfenstein II platters had to come up with their own strategies from scratch and most of it was ineffective, now there is speedruns where you skip half the game and complete it in a couple hours. Same for Divinity OS, you can speedrun honor mode in <2 hours with some dumb exploit. Raiden IV was considered one of the hardest until you can cheese the whole game with pausing. etc Unfortunately the trophy hunting community is practically nonexistent and the few there are don't post tips anywhere. Even a game like Super Meat Boy with millions of players has very few good resources for consistent ironman strategies.
  9. I haven't played Divinity OS 2 yet, but I have played the first. How does co-op work? In the first game, you start with two players and it supports up to two player co-op, so basically you just either control both or each player controls each character, so that's pretty straightforward. However, in the second game, since you can play with up to four players, does the game still start you with four characters if you play solo? And if it doesn't, isn't this a pretty massive advantage early in (where the game is typically hardest) before you build up your party? Is there any kind of difficulty scaling to offset this?
  10. There is one online trophy that you can earn within 5 minutes with no effort. It's unlikely the servers will be shut down any time soon. The online community is not massive, but they are very serious and sharing and playing others' levels is a huge part of the game for these hardcore players, and I would imagine it should be up for at least another year or two at minimum (the sequel is coming out early this year).
  11. This game seems to have some control issues with older model controllers (the one without the lightbar line on the front panel of the touch pad) where there is an issue with holding and releasing X, also in-air adjustments such as in salt shaker or thumb are noticeably more difficult with the older model. There are many levels especially later on where you must hold and release X at specific intervals in order to do precise timings for jumps and I have found that it is much less consistent with my older model controller (no issues up until this point with this controller in other games) so either it's something with the game, something with the controller in general, or just some kind of technical issue with my specific controller. This leads to a lot of unnecessary deaths since many of the later stages requiring precise timings of holding and releasing and pressing again. I was playing this on an older model controller and when I used a newer controller, I noticed much more precision in my play and much less bullshit deaths, which I had previously attributed to poor design on the game (although tbh there are many elements of the game that are poorly programmed/designed) Just a heads up to anyone playing or planning on attempting this game, it will save you a lot of headache down the road
  12. Anyone notice this? The global percentages for trophies just seem absurd; not only are they actually higher than the psnprofiles percentages, which is extremely rare in the first place, the most difficult trophies are 10x as common, which is just absurd and doesn't make any sense. Also, the trophy for beating the game with 100 deaths or less is only slightly more rare at 2.8% than the one for beating the entire game without even a single death which is 2.3%. I've also noticed that several other lists (usually more obscure, difficult titles with not a whole lot of owners) have very skewed percentages, such as Raiden IV and Sine Mora, where you can literally check on the leaderboards and see that the numbers are off. What exactly is causing this? Are these hacked trophies, is there some kind of cheat for no death mode, or is the system just wonky? Any insight into this?
  13. The platinum is easy, but the game itself is absolutely terrible.
  14. I don't think anyone really considers well hidden collectibles as difficulty. If you can use a guide and find them with zero effort or skill required, that is not difficult. Very few people if any are ever going to be able to find all the collectibles in a game without a guide unless they are all hidden in plain sight or there is some in-game feature (map or some ability that lets you locate them), and this is also why I don't like most collectibles and collectible trophies in general; they are just tedious and boring and require you to be glued to a guide instead of enjoying a game. If devs only required a percent of collectibles, made them easy to collect from chapter select, have good collectible tracking, and/or give you in-game tools to locate them, then it is much better imo.
  15. I was flagged for Sine Mora a few months back, which I promptly made a thread for and was successfully overturned by the site admin by providing full information on how I did my 100% speedrun as well as photo proof that these trophies were earned legitimately. Now I have been flagged for this same game again just within the last day or so. Here is the previous thread : Let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks.