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  1. I was flagged for Sine Mora a few months back, which I promptly made a thread for and was successfully overturned by the site admin by providing full information on how I did my 100% speedrun as well as photo proof that these trophies were earned legitimately. Now I have been flagged for this same game again just within the last day or so. Here is the previous thread : Let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks.
  2. You can't hack trophies on Vita either. I think it's much more likely that there was some kind of glitch with the game or he did some kind of technique/exploit (which would not be cheating/hacking) that had the trophies pop like they did rather than him being the first person in the world to hack trophies on a PS4/Vita. People accused me of cheating in Sine Mora because I 100%ed it in 11 minutes due to a trick I found that you could stack multiple rank requirements by not using your sub weapon, and my account was even flagged until I explained the process and provided proof (actual game time was obviously a lot higher, but it allowed me to have a quick 100% time for trophies). I just think it's best to ask first rather than throw around accusations, especially since Vita and PS4 games are unable to be hacked. Also, people are saying he isn't on the PC leaderboards, but how do you know? He could be using a different name or something.
  3. What? How would beating a game on one account have any bearing on another account's trophies?
  4. You can't hack trophies or games on PS4, and that's the end of it. If you're curious to how he has done it, send him a PM.
  5. Not everyone buys games just for trophies and not everyone has to boost them because they can't get them legit. It's their game, and you're ruining others' experience by boosting for trophies.
  6. Minesweeper sounds ridiculous. Hardly anyone uses mines or traps and finding and destroying 10 without dying is going to be a massive pain.
  7. Any news if this is ever going to be patched? Bit sloppy to release a game with glitched trophies and then never patch them.
  8. Just for clarification: The trackmaster medals are basically hidden dev times that you have to beat, and have nothing to do with leaderboard, correct? And the trackmaster will never change, they are just static dev times that have already been set, is that also correct?
  9. No, I prepared skillwise for the game and just to get my bearings on an alt account where I could use subs as a sort of handicap. On my main account, I planned out the requirements so they would all stack, tbh I was actually surprised you could do all challenges and score attacks and all runs without ever using subs, it seems as if the devs planned it that way. I'm surprised no one else has done it yet besides me, but it is a very niche/difficult game so I imagine most would just focus on 100%ing it. I was actually planning on 100% it again on Vita when I get one and hopefully getting a 6-7 minute time. The game has locked saves so you can't transfer saves anyways.
  10. I never said the game was easy, simple, or short. I specifically planned it out to get the fastest time. My overall playtime right now is 35 hrs on my main account (about 6-8 of those hours were after I 100%ed it just playing through for score/fun), I prepared on an alt account for about 40 hours. Overall time spent was about 70 hrs, but preparing it specifically like this is slightly more difficult because it requires you to never use sub (but is very easily doable because you can still use reflect). I also have other difficult trophies on my page, this isn't my first difficult game. And no, it doesn't require 5 1CCs, it requires one 1CC, one primary only run (the hardest by far, I've actually done primary only on two accounts, my alt and my main), and then a playthrough with each pilot. Really is irritating to have people who have not the slightest clue of what this game entails try to tell me I'm lying. The in game leaderboard alone shows that this is legitimate. People who hack trophies can't just hack the in game leaderboard, every score on the leaderboard is legitimate, you can check them yourselves. Anyways, just to remove any doubt, here is a picture of the trophy tiles (red shows completion), Esteem level 10 requirements page, and then the leaderboard.
  11. YesIn terms of getting the kills you can get those without actually deploying the weapon because one of the challenges (been a while since i played, can't remember which one) has you going through the factory and you start with two gemini drones. Those count as kills, but since they are default and never activated, do not count as activations. The game could be done in 6-7 minutes actually but I choked up like an idiot on the prologue trophy (messed up like 3 times lol) Since you can get kills through the challenge, for using subs, all you have to do is hit circle 5 times and restart.
  12. I explained it plainly in OP, did you have a question about any of it? tbh you can just check the leaderboard, CFW hackers wouldn't be on the leaderboard
  13. It wasn't autoflagged because it had been fine for months. People really shouldn't flag games that they've never played/100%ed.
  14. I completed Sine Mora 100% (can check in game leaderboards, I'm around 25 or so, should be at 4, but the in game leaderboard is very buggy with updating) and it was not flagged for a good while, but just recently I noticed it has a red background and I was removed from the leaderboard for the game. It seems someone ignorant to the game flagged it simply because my 100% time was 11 minutes. Obviously it took much longer than this in ingame time, but the way the trophies work is that 10/12 trophies are tied to in game ranks, and you must fulfil the rank prior to it before the next one will unlock. The first rank requires you to use a sub weapon 5 times, if you never do this, you will never unlock the first rank or any subsequent ranks (you can actually boost subweapon kills through one of the challenges where you start with infinite subweapon, without ever actually "using" it), the other two trophies are destroying everything in prologue without getting hit and completing all challenges. So I fulfilled all possible requirements in the game except using subweapon. I then completed challenge 15, which started the 100% timer, at that point I just got the prologue trophy and then quickly grinded out my subweapon kills and all the ranks stacked (it was a two tiered stack, there was a one or two minute gap when getting the major rank because that required additional subweapon kills), which is how I was able to achieve such a fast time. Anyways, not really sure where to put this. If it doesn't belong in the forums, I apologize and it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction. I think it's a little bit ridiculous that the site promotes fast completion times but then flags you for having that. Thanks for the help.