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  1. A lot of platinum's in a short amount of time. Dedicated.
  2. If you missed or skipped side quests, can they be done via chapter select and still count toward trophy progress or will a new playthrough be required to complete them in one run? In other words; can I just replay the portion of the required chapters and then chapter select to the next to complete the additional missions after I complete the game? I missed a few in chapter 3 and am wondering if I'll need to attempt them all on my hard run.
  3. Certified item would be appreciated. Thanks. Psn: a-balla04hawks
  4. Killzone Shadow Fall. I had a blast with that game.
  5. Just got Dragon Age: Inquisition this morning.
  6. Just got Dragon Age: Inquisition this morning.
  7. Get to 1,000! You could do that in a week
  8. Killzone: Shadow Fall. I really enjoyed grinding the multiplayer with friends.