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  1. So with this glitch you can skip the first 3 bosses by keeping a save before the last boss of your fisrst run?
  2. Hi everyone. I have a problem. I first start chapter 2 without finishing the one, i have the "V" of completion under chapter 2 but cannot start it until finishing chapter 1. Now i can start the 2 one but not the 3. I can do it by invite, but i'm not sure to pop the relative trophy (trascendence)... Do someone has the same problem and confirm that i can do only the 3 or i need to repeat the 2? Edit: it pops the trophy trascendence but i cannot start chapter 3 on my own, only by invite
  3. Did you simming the games by skipping to the last day of the calendar? or play / sim every single match?
  4. Thank you for your method, works very well for me
  5. Similar thing appened to me. After the third mission gate, the relative key doesn't spawn, so i going up to the end of the campaign with the replay mission in plans. Replay mission but, every time, at the moment of the key spawn, the game freeze and close. Got to get back a previous save (luckly i keep many of them for every game) to fix it
  6. Hi everyone. Yesterday i start this game and i reached the ant cave from the cauldron in the enchanted earth. When i finally found the seventh fairy (already got mi 7 pieces of amber) the cutscene where the first of the fairies doesn't i went to the boss battle and defeat the ant queen but when i come back to the enchanted earth both cutscenes (the one with the fairy and the one with the witch) played togheter and overlaying, than this put me out of the level to the map...Result? No chalice and no hall of the heroes after that. I repeat this 4 times and got the same result. Anyone knows how to fix this or how to got the ant cave chalice? Edit: It's very simple, you should fet free the fairy for first, then use a RANGED weapon to defeat the Queen
  8. I mean that you can use money and exp, then reload the previous save where you haven't used them both, but using one of them make the information refresh on the servers without refresh your save on the cloud, the concept is simple and is the same of the glitch
  9. I don't think this thread could be useful, but at least you should post the link to the interested game that you assert is legit. In this way people who know possibles timestamp of the game can judge
  10. Do you get the last weapon? that one gaved you by Haephaestus
  11. LanceTheSpartan Inversion For first sorry for my english. How could someone find a person on a thousand people leaderboard? I've never check the leaderboard to find myself, but i remember that there are so many people and it's impossible to check out every ID, I think its a ridiculous accusation and a web archive actually doesn't exist, so this is the first lie. The second is that the game is appared from nowhere: you can view my history level and see the progression of the game, is ALL LEGIT. And the third lie is about the save: how can someone use a save to rank up in a multiplayer game? This is only another person that has so much time to spend, i hope this site wont take so seriously a ridiculous accusation like this
  12. You seem to not understand a certain thing: a server system is not a perfect machine. This is for sure, more so if i already had problems with my connection on plenty games (Front Mission, Twisted Metal, Battlefield 2 and more others) and for me is more suspicious a timestamp of 6 days for that game that a non perfect match on LB and i think you're a big hypocrite but for some reason i get flagged and you don't, its not fair at all
  13. Only one last things before the judge. Only cause no one speak or ask about bug on a game, it doesn't mean that no bug can occur. For example, i've tried to boost Front Mission Evolved, with same group of Inversion, i can join in matches, but when inside no one can saw me (i saw them instead) and my bullets doesn't damage other players. I've tried with patch installed first and after data game, change modem, change the ps3 connection from wireless to cable, ask to my neighbor to use his provider, change NAT, no results. If you search on the web no one has this glitch. On Twisted Metal i cannot join in any match until the change of internet provider. This means "only cause no one has reported about stats reset on Inversion, it doesn't mean a bug can occur, more so if only 70 people has plat the game". I guess it could be a bug on servers, i don't know, or maybe someone see the wrong leaderboard. I repeat, i don't remember to check on the leaderboard while i was boosting that game, so i don't know how does it works
  14. Have you ever heard about "Occam's Razor"? The simpliest fact are the old servers who can make errors, no one has ever heard about servers with glitched stats? As i said before, many games are glitched on the online stats (Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, Modnation Racers, Killzone Mercenary, Endwar and many others)
  15. The group of people i boosted with...
  16. Already explain this, private reasons (one of thoose was ppl ask me to help them on inversion or other games and on was my new job, who take me too time to spend time for games daily, al least in that period). As u can see i let my profile privat for almost a year (until i change job) and AFTER Inverson, not before
  17. Insult is a thing, ascertainmente is another thing. I only said that, also trying to keep trophy list at 0% it's impossible to have that timestamp without manipulate his own save (wich is forbidden by the rules), this is for sure, any trick u could use, its impossible in only 13 hours
  18. For the first question, i finish for last cause in that period i cannot boost every night like the others cause i woke up early at morning and they play usually after dinner, so i go forward a little bit slow then them. My group anyway is correct and help me to finish in some weeks after. For repurchase the game is cause maybe i can show you my stats, i don't know, i don't remember the leaderboard of a game i plat 2 years ago, i only suppose that cause i think i've never open that leaderboard. About you last answer, i don't understand what u mean, can you write is more simple, my english is not perfect as you read
  19. I mean only that people who has cheated games, like Potent with twisted metal (and also with right order you cannot do it in 13 hours, too low timestamp), shouldn't report other players, it's a reliabylity question
  20. Rules are rules, the ban can come for suspicious timestamp. BTW this is not the point, the fact is some games, sometimes can bug stats, like crysis 2 (see tooled up trophies happens on me) and many many players who has reset them stats. This happens also in Battlefield 3, Killzone Mercenary (happens on me), Modnation racer and many other games, especially when u do not play at the game for a long time
  21. If you do not kill in matches you got some XP anyway and rank up at least until first rank trophy. Its absurd a report for an online stat on a 5 years ago only for a leaderboard and not for a 300 hours game done in 6 days, really ABSURD
  22. To prove it i should rebuy the game to show my stats...
  23. You're so sure that no bugs can happen on a server? I heard it on at least 5-6 games, Inversion has a special maintenance on their servers? I don't think so
  24. I state i've never seen the stats of that game and i cannot do it right now cause i haven't got the game anymore, but i assume the possibly of bugs like in crysis 2, where people has their account resetted or also in Battlefield 3 (it happens when people boosting the level too fast). It happens to me also on Killzone Mercenary, when i come back on the game after two years it reset me all stats and weapons unlocked 2 years before. 2012 is 5 years ago at the end
  25. And how about the kill and the rank trophies? His timestamp is much more suspicious than mine and he want to report a game with stats on a 2009 servers...remember crysis 2, just for example, many people has her statistic reset. The difference is that Inversion has so little people who play and maybe noone speak about some stats reset