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  1. The little guy on the bottom is wearing a batman t-shirt and in 20 years time he will be the BATMAN!
  2. Because it's an illegal offence to steal or pirate games. Plus some games people still make not have certain features like the purchased version will have.
  3. People updated their tech because they don't want to be left behind. The 80+ plus is for people who want premium now not later tho.
  4. The one I saw was probably a basic version. I do remember that it was 55 inches and has freeview lol. I just the saw Panasonic one and that was £5000 plus for 58 inches and freeview. A job earning around £30,000 plus could get a person one but the question is why would you want one now?
  5. ............. That post report shows Microsoft losing 3 Billion not 10 Billion. Also it says that Sony has lost 5 Billion. I hate to say this but it looks that gaming could spell disaster for these companies in their futures .
  6. True, I just looked one up and the Sony one was £3000 plus.
  7. Thank you! Some people are praising the fact that PS4 is going to support 4k resolution and the Xbox One can't do that even tho they can't afford a 4k resolution televisions.
  8. The only thing a person can do is be creative with their I.D and make it unique that you like it enough. Also this really isn't a hardware problem but more of a software. I think what Sony should do is have a 6months-2yrs waiting for accounts that ain't being used and wipe them off the systems so people can use those names. One question for all of you tho. If some of you don't like or want your name anymore, why are you still trophy hunting on that account?
  9. Are you talking about the online part my friend? If I remember people regard the modern warfare sub unit (expect the number 3 version) as really great games.
  10. Be warned! You looking around a 10-100 hours plat. Also you need to know if the community ain't dead but good luck.
  11. Legends foretold of a game created by the African Gods to be sent to the Japanese to sell. It was called "Ninja Gaiden Plus 2".
  12. You could say that about every time America is in a slump.
  13. Oh, I see you want some interaction? I hear dropping a bar of soap in jail works but you can try it first.
  14. So basically I tried to receive some letters but it ain't working. Well I can't blame them.
  15. Lol, I wanted the girl with no tongue but she wasn't available that night.
  16. I respect you hugely but come on, there is no final proof that the highest Xbox One can pull is 900p only.
  17. I'm waiting for Ben Heck to build an Xboxstation (Playstation 4 and Xbox One in the same hood hood) but if that don't happen I would say sunset overdrive.
  18. The acquisition of SonySoft has begun!
  19. Damn! Mikey D don't get HIV from no one!
  20. You were wearing a wire. Trying to get me arrested huh?
  21. You gonna a jail for abusing a barely one month year old console . lol Only joking but have fun tiger.
  22. Meet in the back around the alley.
  23. Have a wank maybe? only joking. I'll probably just play it.