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    I love video games. I prefere RPGs and action/ adventure and shooters (when they have a good story/ coop) games.

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  1. Hey everyone, I just finished the game and wanted to level up further to max out all the other abilities but now I am back to player level 1 -_-.... Did that happen to any of you too? I can still select all the levels over the load option but my other progress seems to be lost. Any ideas/ advices? Thanks Edit: Well could not solve the problem might have happened when I played the last chapter again trying to get more EXP then the first time I played it and the game freezed. Started a new game now.
  2. I use Chrome too. I can't choose the language at all
  3. Don't know if it was already mentioned (checked your list and couldn#t find it): It's not possible to change the language of the trophies (at least for me) I tried it with a few games but when I choose a different language it's still english (it's not such a big deal for me but would make things easier )
  4. My rarest ps3 trophy is Iron-guts Far Cry 2 0.55% ULTRA RAR
  5. A fanart for a friend showing Ada
  6. far cry 2 can also be boostet with 3 or more consoles (except the 16 player trophy - but simply join a game which has teams and make sure your team wins and it's yours)
  7. that won't work (can't say it for the JP version) but for the other. Since I played this game over and over for this stupid trophy when I platiniumed this game the first time on an old account and I can say that it didn't worked with multiple playthroughs it has to be in 1. I choosed to repead the fights at the stairs before you reach the part with the "castle-entrance". I just repeated it until it poped up (until then I still needed about 600 -.-')
  8. You have to get the 1000 kills in the main story (DLC doesn't count for the trophy) I had the same trouble... and as already mentioned you have to kill them with your warden, the other characters do not count... (at least if you don't have the japanese version). But as far as I know it doesn't matter if you controll the main character or not.
  9. finally finished my lykan hypersport rendering
  10. I just finished the picture today http://jenniferretzlaff.deviantart.com/art/Dragon-warrior-637081051 Couldn't add the picture while using my phone :/ I will add it tomorrow so you don't have to use the link here it is:
  11. Started working on my new 3D model it's still not finished but I am quite happy how the lowpoly turnes out (except for the hair -that's why it's not in the pic ) Edit: Here is a picture of my progress so far
  12. Haven't started the game yet but I heard that it's possible to skip all the talking part (I don't know how fast though), so you just have to do the dance parts - maybe he did it that way. But since I haven't started it yet I can't say if that might be the case
  13. DLC

    Which store? because I can't find it in the EU store. Maybe it's released in America first.
  14. You need two controllers to be able to unlock this trophy. you won't need a real player for this, just another controller (2nd player doesn't have to do anything).
  15. I just found something which might make it possible - but didn't had the chance to try it until now You can log into a second account and earn trophies on it if you do this: 1) remove your memory card 2) sign out of primary account 3) reset Vita to factory setting 4) insert another memory card (label both) 5) sign in to secondary account 6) play games & earn trophies 7) smile & do a happy happy joy joy dance!! Unfortunately, this process must be fine every single time you want to switch accounts...until Sony changes "the law" ,_, source:http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/620272-playstation-vita/67675048