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  1. Boom! Anyone see this bad boy? This thing looks awesome! I'm already on board - assuming something better isn't announced before it launches, which is apparently this month! 4.8" Super AMOLED HD (1280×720) screen, 8-megapixel rear-facing and 1.9-megapixel forward-facing camera, and runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. The camera stuff on it are super sweet. Has a burst mode that will take 20 photos super quick, and a option called Best Photo which will pick the best one out of a group of 8. (I don't know how. Maybe blink detection or something?) A feature, Smart Stay, know if you're using the phone to read on the web or something, so you won't have to constantly wake up the screen. A feature called Direct Call will call someone if you lift your phone to your ear while texting them. AWESOME! Basically, "Ok, yeah, texting, here is how you get here, oh and this and this and FUCK IT. I'm calling you!" Boom. What I am super stoked about is S-Voice. Basically just awesome voice control. I think the Nexus has some voice control as well, but idk. This phone is shinier, and hopefully has better battery life. Some other cool things like Buddy Share, which will detect your friends faces in pictures and ask you if you want to send it to them. S Beam allows you to transfer files super quick without wifi or cell service. Then AllShare Cast lets you connect to your TV, tablet, PC, etc. Wantwantwantwantwant. Do you guys do android? Or iOS? Thinking about picking this up? So far, I'm totally in. Anything beats my Samsung Infuse at this point.[/background] [/font]
  2. Snagged two of these polos. One in blue and one in dark gray Actually used my Express Next rewards, and didn't end up paying a penny for them
  3. I watched Anonymous with my girlfriend the other day. It was actually pretty decent. Surprisingly though, my girlfriend enjoyed it more than I did, even though I tend to enjoy Shakespeare more than she. Was a good flick though!
  4. It's just mad old and needs a new everything. I don't really want to buy a new PC just for one game. And I HATED the controls on the PS2 for ME 2. Radial menus? NEVERRRRRRRRRR
  5. I played 1 and 2 on pc but now my pc is shot. I know in 2 they had a system to chose what you did in the 1st game, but it was only major stuff. Any word on the third? Either that or does any one know about transferring game saves on a computer to a new computer cause I might just buy a new one. Fucking fuck.
  6. Yes totally, one hundred percent. Some of my favorite games are pretrophy. Everyday Shooter, and MGS4 for example.
  7. Yeah I mostly figured for shooters that use the pistol or sharp shooter periph, like Dead Space Extraction, Killzone, Socom, Resistance, etc.
  8. Did you get a Move yet? That's a must.
  9. Surround Sound for the win. I have a friend who games on a pair of Turtle Beaches, which I hear are also fantastic. And there is always a sound bar, which is a great alternative to TV Speakers if you can't afford a pair of awesome headphones or your room is set up weird for surround speakers. Most come with subwoofers too.
  10. I guess I thought this was already news. Maybe I was just assuming they would do this because it was be absolutely stupid not to. I wonder if Shopkick will be supported as well.
  12. My girlfriend and I watched Battle: Los Angeles a few nights ago, it was phenomenal, but we both thought it was basically just Black Hawk Down with aliens. Other than that we watched Alien (1979) two days ago at my uncles in his giant home theatre basement thing. (Dude's got a projector hooked up to a screen that's like 11' x 17' or something. BOOM.
  13. FINAL FANTASY XII and Black. The end.
  14. Already own it She's had a goa t LBP and liked it, same with Mini Ninjas. She's playing the demo for Costume Quest right now and liking that as well.