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  1. Damn, haven't posted on this forum since I was like 12. It's amazing to see a post I started so long ago to have so many replies! I didn't play PlayStation for the longest time but I've recently gotten back into it. Going to be more active on the forums in the future. 😂
  2. what you trying to say?
  3. Ok I had some problems too thx Sly
  4. I like to watch -Dynominecast -RWJ
  5. I'd have to say First Person Shooters! I just love COD and MW and stuff like that!
  6. Yes I always do I love having a selection for me to play later. Like i have this one game Iron Man 2 (never play) but i keep it to rent it to my friends for money (about a dollar a day) Sooooooooo...... Yep
  7. 9/10 Hello i know you and Azakos remember me haven't posted in a while!
  8. it looks like a nice headset.
  9. yes always!
  10. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  11. 10/10
  12. Can you help me raise my dragon by clicking on him just once thank you! [Removed]
  13. The forum in the link in my sig below. | \/
  14. Transformers war for cybertron.