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  1. I thought this would be fun. here is mine: "pickle dudle cheese pie" Hey it was the most random thing i can think of! If you like the topic like it in the bottom right corner. P.S. can you help me out? Click on the link Click here and help me all flags help. www.imsilly8d.com Click here and help me all flags help. www.imsilly8d.com
  2. Mine is Grown Ups
  3. Damn, haven't posted on this forum since I was like 12. It's amazing to see a post I started so long ago to have so many replies! I didn't play PlayStation for the longest time but I've recently gotten back into it. Going to be more active on the forums in the future. 😂
  4. I created this because i thought it would be fun. O.K. here we go i am guessing the person below me will have 275 posts. Please click the picture i post below. thx!
  5. I would have to recommend tron evolution
  6. Hey everybody I thought people would like to be complemented on the post above them don't you think? Well that doesn't matter . Anyway lets compliment the person above you to make them feel better sorry if there is grammar or spelling mistakes.
  7. Tron Evolution for ps3 what is yours?
  8. what you trying to say?
  9. Ok I had some problems too thx Sly
  10. I like to watch -Dynominecast -RWJ
  11. I'd have to say First Person Shooters! I just love COD and MW and stuff like that!
  12. Yes I always do I love having a selection for me to play later. Like i have this one game Iron Man 2 (never play) but i keep it to rent it to my friends for money (about a dollar a day) Sooooooooo...... Yep
  13. 9/10 Hello i know you and Azakos remember me haven't posted in a while!
  14. it looks like a nice headset.
  15. yes always!
  16. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  17. 10/10
  18. Can you help me raise my dragon by clicking on him just once thank you! [Removed]
  19. The forum in the link in my sig below. | \/
  20. Transformers war for cybertron.
  21. My last purchase was the game G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra
  22. Yep. P.s. can you join my forums Chambers35 if yes i will make you mod.
  23. I'm taking pre-algebra.