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  1. Thanks for clarifying. I'm looking forward to owning a ps4. Delayed games that should have been released in the coming months for ps4 this year made my plans delayed too.
  2. I couldn't say stupid but that limitation is more of a "profit strategy". I don't don't know but it certainly appears they are controlling to increase profit. Isn't that also the reason why some games have "network pass" for controlling physical copies of the game from sharing to anyone/everyone. If you want to play the game you just borrowed, you have to pay to access online features, but if you're not after trophies, that's fine. They did not apply to psvita what they did with ps3. Now I don't know if ps4 is the same with ps3 with regards to having more than 1 psn account.
  3. For someone that says a lot and make it all look too easy, no offense but you speak volumes with your psnprofile, lol. Perhaps this was just your secondary account?
  4. Well nobody has mentioned it but it seems Mario & Luigi has the longest years of bromance. Yah I know you hate 'em, but I'm pretty sure you loved them before when you were once a kid growing up.
  5. Chronological order of "chapter trophies" are weird. Is this a hack?--->

  6. Yah you got shit today man! Way better introduction. Lol. Welcome to the boards!
  7. Definitely people will gonna jump on you if you made a big deal out of it. I understand the concern but yes you got it all wrong. If you want to see a real hacker, go look on those accounts who got the trophy right before the game was even released for media reviewing purposes or better yet, check the chronological orders of the trophy especially if there are "clear chapter trophies". So many of them. I even saw a guy got a trophy for a 2012 released game and yet he acquired the trophy way back in 2008 or 2009. That's why he's leading in the list. So obvious. Lol.
  8. I don't want anybody get offended here, but I do believe sooner or later, religions, non-believers and each of our own ideologies and beliefs in life, will gonna get all of us killed. will gonna wipe all of us out. No, not earthquakes, tsunamis or mother nature hell disaster. I hope I'd live to see that, lol. I always wonder, why can't we all get along?
  9. No offense, it might not be your intention but that was funny. Lol.
  10. First of all, some people need better understanding on what kind of help on trophies they are asking. And for me, that’s where you draw the line. If you’re asking for a simple task that needs to be done in order to get that trophy, I’m fine with that. But if it requires grinding, dedication and time, I may not commit since we all have different schedules with what we do in our personal lives. There’s always a solution if you understand better what needs to be done. I will try to help as much as I can, but NOT all people who I helped reciprocate that. Some people just walk away after they are done. It sucks sometimes but it’s understandable and I don’t hold grudge. I just move on and find others who can help me.
  11. That is CRAP! Every now and then, any current console will definitely release awful games like these. I wonder what these developers/publishers have in mind?
  12. In signature #5 is that a cleavage/boobs? It's glowing! So who ever wins this contest will gonna give the signature for free?
  13. How many more commercial planes going down this year?! This is nuts!

    1. allenbird


      Well the year is only half way over.



      So you think we'll gonna see more? I was thinking about that possibility in Tel Aviv, but it shows now that its way too easy to shut down a plane. It's a trend now I guess.

    3. allenbird


      well idk. Everything going on now just seems the start of something. The middle east isn't going to let it go ever.

  14. Is gaming sessions active? I keep on adjusting the date/time forward so that gamers might see it, but so far no one has joined.

    1. CasualStorm


      I'd say it depends on the game, I've had a lot of good experiences using it and not had much trouble finding boosters.

    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Yeah just like Casual Storm said it just depends on the game

  15. Is there anybody here wants to boost Killzone: Merc? Those who don't have a botzone...anyone?