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  1. ^ anyways, also looking for some mates to play destiny together
  2. Kingdom hearts III <333
  3. but it works perfectly fine
  4. @GamepartnersTV - your signature just reminded me about persona 3 - i totally forgot about that! great game and thanks guys for the nice welcome :^D
  5. Hello peeps, I googled a bit around and found this platform. I was mainly aiming to get some friends here who perhaps share the same interests in gaming like me Im 25 years old and from mid-europe, so english is obviously not my native language. I started pretty early with Games, I think it all started when my Dad bought me this super huge grey Game Boy to play tetris with. Yes I dealt with Pokemon cards and pokemons on the game boy like every other kid did too! Sega Megadrive followed as gift when I entered school. Later i had a Nintendo 64 and got a Playstation 2 right after it was released. man this shitty thing was so expensive when it came out - I was stuck with my playstation2 for long, but i still love this old lady a lot. I got a Wii and bought a Playstation 3 recently. Aside from console games, I'm stuck with ragnarok, an old mmorpg. My favourite genre would be adventure and fantasy. My top fav games would be: Grandia, Kingdom Hearts I + 2, Final Fantasy X, Zelda I can say i have tons of old playstation 2 games. so uhm, any more kingdom hearts lovers out there? Im currently playing the new one, HD 1,5 remix Cheers
  6. Oh Hai guys, I got my playstation 3 from an ebay-accident - maybe you guys know the big bang episode with the time machine? - well exactly like this... q_q haha. anyways, I recently got the new kingdom hearts game and started to play like a nerd again ....and oh well..,my friendlist kinda frustrates me. I have like 2 ppl who barely log on... very boring if you ask me. However, I dont have too many games yet but the ones I own are Final Fantasy 13~ 13-2 Kingdom Hearts 1,5 HD Bioshock 2 many Naruto games <3 Journey Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusions <- nostalgic sega megadrive player might also get the new gta soon too and I would love to try Saints Row someday so uhm, pick me up :^D?