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  1. I think there is two sides to the coin. 1 side being that usually when going for the platinum it's to show that you've mastered all aspects of the game (but not always) so it should include multiplayer to show that you've done it. On the other side, however, if your multiplayer is terrible you shouldn't have trophies for it and expect people to reach max rank which tends to be the cases for most tacked on multiplayers. All in all some online trophies are fun while others slowly make me wanna beat my head into the nearest brick wall.
  2. easier way to duplicate weapons 1. Players trade (put said item or items up to 4 in the trade menu) 2. Both players hit duel instead of trade 3. Once duel starts neither player start attacking, player who has the items that needs duping equips and then drops said item 4. Player who needs the item dupes kill player who dropped them once (and only after) they are dropped. 5. Player who dropped the items picks up the dropped items and now both players have it Saves the need of having to quit out of the game
  3. Periphery nuff said it'd give everyone of all levels the entertainment they paid for haha
  4. "Twenty-one turned on me" by Our Only Hope Has a bit of a green day feel to it but it's pretty good and the band is virtually unheard of
  5. I'm also willing to help if you need it later tonight, just bring some op8 gear to this fight
  6. what I do for games like that such as green day rock band, or far cry 2 for example, just get into the game or wherever it is ex: single player or multi and hit the ps button and sync it while in the game and it should fix that problem.
  7. I'm pretty good at multiplayer games never really had trouble doing good.
  8. 1. cod4 (as it pretty much set a standard for shooter games 2. Bf3 3. Borderlands 2 (crazy guns, who doesn't love just ridiculous weapons?) 4. Payday 5. Homefront (I actually really really enjoyed it, (obviously if I listed it) had interesting game modes and kill streaks)
  9. nice solid prestige 1 level 40
  10. Didn't even realize he was hard to find, as my brother and I see him quite often pretty sure we found him on the left side of the fast travel building. Keep searching he'll show up.
  11. Asking Alexandria Coheed and Cambria Periphery Of Mice and Men The Color Morale Crown The Empire
  12. I'll go with parkers approach and give my feelings about each section. Story as parker said felt quite short, I went through it on veteran the first time in 4-5 hours. It had an interesting storyline and their where different levels with different mechanics and felt different then the other one's (I don't want to spoil anything), but it was at least fun. Multiplayer is very... different to the others playing aggressively will probly get you killed more often than not and you do die quite fast. The maps are usually bigger than previous ones with openings and multiple levels everywhere so people tend to play more passive aggressive now and assault rifles dominate. The new lean feature is fun to play around with I've gotten the drop on a few people with this new mechanic in cod. Leveling takes forever and ever it feels like (black ops 2 took me about an hour to get to level 20 on ghosts took about 5 hours i'd say. Side note spawns it feels like to me as I've mostly played team death match are very very terrible people spawn all over the place and behind you constanly, I do not know if it is like that in the objective game modes but tdm spawns are terrible some maps should not have this problem but yet they still persist. Extinction I feel like people expected it to be like zombies but it's not it's like survival mode from mw3 mixed with objectives and gets pretty chaotic at times. My brother and I love it but two of my really good friends I know in person and I quote said they didn't really care for it and "it's not what they expected it to be" so I feel they wanted it to be like zombies but again I loved it. All in all i'd give it a 8/10 story being alright, multiplayer fun/different and extinction fun as hell since it requires a bit of strategy/teamwork/communication
  13. Pizza rolls the obvious choice - can't believe nobody said that.
  14. Punk Rock Post-Hardcore Prog Rock/Metal 90's-early 2k's alternative
  15. for mrcostari probly have to go with god of war, I did it all on ps2 back in the day but not gonna be bothered to do those ridiculous challenges again so kudos to you.