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  1. Both of these have to be done in ultimate championships but does that mean I can find someone to boost with and we search for each other at the same time? Servers are dying, it takes ages to find someone so this would be easier to do now.
  2. A major factor is exchange rates. Games in the UK were £39.99 for years (now $48 at the time I write this) but with Brexit the exchange rate fell from 1.48 to 1.25, and around that time Game and HMV hiked the prices to £49.99 and £54.99 for most new games. Although the RRP in $ terms has been the same for 15 years +, other countries have seen gradual rises (but never drops) or stagnation of price over the years. Euro countries are the same from when I visited the Fnac and GameStop stores there. We had it good for too long and given the expense of making AAA games, the amount of developers and the time taken to make them, the price had to rise at some point.
  3. 20th anniversary.
  4. I don’t have time to build one long list but I was wondering if anyone knew of some games that do. I know FIFA 20 and many more recent Sony games award platinum avatars (although I never received an avatar email for my Horizon ZD and Spider Man platinums). Thanks.
  5. Max levels in career. I looked at the characters job titles and searched them online and found they are the maximum rank titles but the trophies did not unlock.
  6. Thanks everyone, did it the other day. The coordinates have to have hyphens in them. :-/
  7. This game still has some dirty bugs. I collected the three terrarium seeds on Zeffo and returned to the ship, and it wouldn’t plant them. Then I went to some other planets then returned to Zeffo and scanned them and saved but didn’t return to the ship in the same game session so it didn’t save. Strange inconsistent saving system. Why didn’t respawn keep it simple with an auto save and 1 save file per play through?
  8. Free in UK. Downloading it now.
  9. Can confirm this glitch still works. To make it even easier choose a fighter with gold punching moves. Even on a base bronze female fighter I’m doing this easily. Edit: it makes no difference.
  10. Nightmare isn’t over yet. Had to boost a game yesterday with someone so I’m only doing them now. Followed the coordinates exactly and every time it spawns me in a completely different world to the player in the video on YouTube. And the coordinates in the video and the same ones posted here. Great.
  11. Thanks guys, a great explanation, I’m doing them now.
  12. Which exact worlds do the coordinates refer to? The guides all fail to list them. In the video guides, it always shows worlds on the galaxy map as xxx-xxx-xxx but fails to include the suffix J, L, F, K for example. It also lets the player type coordinates but I don’t have that search box on the galaxy map. I HAVE 100 GOLD BRICKS. What a bizarre system.
  13. Spot on. When I played The Last Guardian a few years ago it felt like playing Fumito Uedas last 2005 game because the controls were so unresponsive and bad. He actually used the same control scheme and put it into a 2015 game and predictably, the results were disastrous. I wonder how many players destroyed their controllers over that game. Glitches and and cheap tactics are difficulty makers, if a game is tough but fair, it will always be beaten because there are enough people with persistence if playing a game they enjoy. I will never give up as long as I keep enjoying the game. Wolfenstein II’s mein leben mode, The Evil Within’s akamu mode and Max Payne 3’s New York minute hardcore are all one-death-start-the-entire-game-over difficulties that try to copy retro games, but intentionally.
  14. In the PSNP community I feel some people have so much time on their hands they they can devote to 'git gud', so it doesn't seem like any game is so difficult people have given up on it. The rarest platinums tend to be unobtainable or extremely time consuming games. Difficulty doesn't seem to be a deterrent i.e. Bloodbourne. Any other hard games? I'm guessing Super Meat Boy and Ninja Gaiden are up there, but in general games aren't as physically difficult as they once were years ago. They are making them easier for broader player bases. Mine was Max Payne 3. So many things can go wrong in playing the entire game without dying I gave up. It takes me several attempts to warm up to be good enough and then you have all the things out of your control that can end your run. Worse, there is no one way to beat each level, or cheese it, or any tricks, everyone has so many different ways of doing it so you can't use videos or advice to help you.
  15. It’s very hard to like a game that puts corporate strategy and rigged AI above the authentic fighting game experience. I spent 150k coins on POTN packs (no real money spent, all legitimate play money) and NOT ONCE did I ever get an elite fighter. If casinos are your thing by all means... I don’t play multiplayer because every time I fight someone online we mostly always go to a decision. I need to cut the platinum time down.