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  1. Street Fighter V and RE5 - My uncle worked there back in the day. Resident Evil Revelations - I imported it from the US, it took 3 weeks and it still didn't arrive so I got a refund then two days later it arrived. Child of Light - won a code on digitaltrends. Knack 2 - By a NZ PS Store glitch it was free for a few hours. I'd like to hear some stories. Gifts from family are technically valid but not noteworthy.
  2. Likes Japanese games
  3. Homefront, Last Guardian Mad Max and Metro are notorious for being glitchy. I wasn't even playing for trophies on Last Guardian and the game frustrated me so much the controls were so unresponsive. But everyone said so.
  4. I have had to abandon the EA SPORTS UFC platinum, I got to the hall of fame on pro, did all 90 challenges, but one trophy glitched on me: Survive a stun and defeat your opponent in the same round. I've done this many times in fight now and career mode and it never unlocked. It's my final trophy (70% common) and the platinum is 0.88% in rarity. Thats one UR abandoned because one easy trophy glitched on me. I spent 8 hours yesterday with food breaks trying to unlock it, and failed. Are there any platinums you had to give up on because you did the requirements for the trophy and it didn't unlock after hours of pulling your hair out?
  5. Overkill if you ask me. There shouldn’t have been more than 50 or 100, proportionate to the map size without constantly reappearing in each district. I had done 50/60ish by the end of the main story and doing 100 more led me on the brink of insanity so I had to put the game down and pick it up a month later to finish it off. I don’t know how some people could do it all in one go, even the busy president of Sony’s worldwide development Shuhei Yoshida marathoned it, so who am I to say it’s too much?
  6. I wonder if they will hoard until the last day or give up. The guy that holds them all now could play FNC but knows it doesn't have belt trophies tied to it so he sticks to 4. I will check just in case but don't get your hopes up. Still I think by now everyone who wanted the belts has already got theirs back in summer 2014 and before that in 2009-11 when hunters owned them. Pity I never cared about UR trophies back then.
  7. Star Wars Battlefront. I'm not sure a Disney franchise is prone to innuendo, hmmm.
  8. You missed my point. I meant games are more time consuming nowadays for rewarding more empty hours of generic open world gameplay, hardcore just means to me spending more hours in front of the TV, not necessarily being challenged. Don’t twist my words.
  9. PlayStation exclusive games are surprisingly common (when I say common I mean over 1 in 5 people on this site has it) like Bloodbourne and Horizon. They are both 40 hour games and the former I hear is quite tough. Unless it it goes to PS Plus, it probably won’t be. Many people are willing to put in the hours for time consuming games, so the way I see it, if you’re after UR platinums, don’t bother. You’d be wasting your time. Just play it normally and move on. A side note: There are so many easy ultra rare games on the PS3 that would never be UR on the PS4 (Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, MW3, Fear 3 I could go on for days, all the 3s :D) Players are more hardcore nowadays
  10. The time machine in Quantim Break, or the Apple of Eden from AC. For obvious reasons. :-)
  11. This whole scheme, while great fan service for the trophy hunters, was corporate suicide. If you've done all the sub 1 hour platinums already you have your CoD MW 2019s and your Concrete Genies that even I, with not much time on my hands anymore, can do quickly. Too good to be true, I'm surprised it even went back up and carried on for this long. Even with only a minority of players being trophy hunters, easy trophy lists makes this too much of a cash hemorrhage for them. Had they done this back in 2009-2010 it would've been more interesting.
  12. The box highlights red. PSNP wont let me use URLS from imgur, imgbb or Oh well.
  13. Here is mine. Not very impressive, but I don't go out of my way to collect them. Edit: I don't know how to post a picture. I drag the file and nothing.
  14. A few thoughts on Modern Warfare 2019. As for the value for money question, for those like me that play hours of multiplayer on Call of Duty its certainly worth it, even if there aren't any trophies tied to it.