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  1. You've been added! Three is a good start. You already have Everyone's Friend! I just got ten trophies in the span of four minutes, giving me the Soldier's Soul platinum! Not only did I get the challenge emblem, Explainer of the Unexplainable, but I have also finally risen to Captain Guru Sensei! I'm still nowhere near the double plat rank, considering I saved Dragon Quest for last, but I can at least say that finishing this PP finally seems feasible.
  2. After 53 long hours and just over 1000 battles, I have finally completed Another Mode! The plat is now officially prepped! What I thought would take over a month apparently took three days, so I really have no reason to save the plat now. I should get it tonight. ^-^
  3. I grossly overestimated how long Another Mode would take. I ended up getting 31/56 of the remaining assist phrases today. At this rate, I may just pop the plat next weekend after all. EDIT: Make that 38/56. I somehow got 7 more in the half hour of extra time I put in tonight.
  4. I'm going to go for Brave Soldiers next for the Gold Saint emblem. After that, I'm not sure. There really isn't that much left to choose from.
  5. Omega Saint is now officially Gold Saint (kind of weird that it's not a gold rank, but whatever). Also, I have now beaten the Hades Arc and have unlocked the majority of the characters along the way. I have 56 assist phases left to unlock, and since that's going to probably take a while, rather than pop the remaining trophies, I'm prepping them in case I need a giant point burst down the road.
  6. Congratulations! Not only are you now an Omega Saint (I still haven't changed that yet), but you're also now tied for second in the PP! You're now only one plat away from Platinum. What are you planning to go for next?
  7. So 36 from boss fights plus 21 from chests? I started Another Mode last night. Golden God Shaka plus health regen equals PROFIT!
  8. Do you know how many assist phrases exactly are in Another Battle of Gold? I don't want to miss anything before starting it.
  9. Oh, neat. That'll sure be useful later. I finally finished the main Saint Seiya anime, meaning that the Poseidon Arc and all trophies associated with it are completed. I'm thinking about just playing the Hades Arc blind since I kind of want to finish this game soon.
  10. I finally finished normal Battle of Gold tonight. Another mode looks like the grindiest part of the game, so that's going to be a fun time. I just have that and what's left of Legend of Cosmo left.
  11. You're getting close! Definitely go for assist phrases first, but let me know if you find an easy way to get money (other than just farming S-Ranks).
  12. It took all week, but I finally completed all 48 galaxy wars! I'm about halfway done the normal version of Battle of Gold, and in the meantime, I'm slowly watching the Poseidon Arc. At the rate I'm going, I hope to be done Soldier's Soul by the end of the month.
  13. @Blazikieron is at it again with a brand new One Piece: Pirate Warriors trophy guide! Thanks for once again contributing to the PP.
  14. We have a winner! Gotta Plat 'em All!: 1006.1 Gudako's Disciples: 41.25 @Kent10201 continued to lay on the heat, but as the rest of his team prepared for the delay sync of a lifetime, Gotta Plat 'em All! somehow managed to squeeze out a victory in time! Congrats on an astounding victory! You will forever be known in the Hall of Fame as grand champions! Thanks to everyone who helped make this one of the better seasons of THTL. People seemed to be very excited this time around, and we saw a lot of firsts this season, setting a few records along the way. I bet you're all wondering what the future holds for THTL, so I'll answer questions you may or may not have at the moment. Where are the Career Statistics? WE NEED THEM IMMEDIATELY! Don't worry. I will edit the Career Statistics towards the end of the week. I'm in the middle of a very important/busy week, but things should calm down soon. Who is this mystery person taking over your legacy? In case you couldn't guess, @Andrea is taking over the THTL for a while. She has done an amazing job as admin both this season and in seasons past and is the one I trust the most to take over. I'm sure she'll do a fine job. When is the next season starting? I need to create my master plan NOW! That's up to Andrea, but signs point to November. Will next season be a regular season? Maybe. I have proposed a Season 6.5 that would be kind of a joke season during my absence, but we may just have a normal Season 7 instead. Again, go bug Andrea about that. What about your other leagues? Are they up for grabs? Sort of. I'm not just going to hand you a league. You'd have to pm me about it, and if you can prove that you can be a better league owner than some poor soul on this site, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, I'll loan you my league (as long as you keep the Jemsclusive brand of course). Are you running any leagues in the near future at all? There's a wacky event that someone proposed to me a while back that I promised to admin (though I'm not sure if we'll ever see it at this point). Besides that, the Fourth Annual Holiday Special is still a go. Everything else I'll come back to in time. I may be forgetting something there, but that should be fine for now. Congrats again to Gotta Plat 'em All!, and cheers to another great season!