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  1. @Couch I've thought up of more questions since last night! 1. If a reward letter is used, does that count as a letter for one teammate (as in the other can get the rest without penalty)? 2. Are we allowed to use multiple penalties at once just to knock a word out? 3. If we use a penalty to finish a word, do we have to wait two hours before starting the next word, or is it two hours added to our total time across all three words?
  2. The basic descriptions of each league in the poll have been added to the opening post (so no one has to search for them later).
  3. As promised, the poll was created a few days early. The winner of the poll will be the next league (run a few weeks after this one ends). This time, I will at least briefly explain each league. First up, we have season two of RTHL. There will be tiebreaker rules and a rule against people earning points with no points earned, but other than that, it'll likely be exactly the same. Next is the once-popular THTL. Many people have asked me to make rules to prevent "visual novel spamming" and "mayo bombs", so if this gets picked, I will do just that! Third is the League of LEGENDARY Trophy Hunters. This one hasn't gotten a revival yet, but I like the concept. Note that while the original format of the league will be the same, the rules will be vastly different to make it a stand-alone league. Now, we have Jemsclusives! These are original ideas I've come up with. I've actually thought of a lot more than three, but these are the only finalized ones so far. The first one is pretty self-explanatory. King of the hill. After that is Couples League! Trophies only count if you and your partner both earn them (region/system doesn't matter). Last (but not least) is Rainbow League! Each five day period, bronze will count day one, silver day two, gold day three, plats day four, and everything day five. I don't want to give too much away, but feel free to ask any questions (which I may or may not answer fully). Voting goes until the end of the CWC.
  4. The Olympics was a great learning experience. No need to sarcastically bash it. I've already thought up of its replacement. Look forward to it (when it eventually comes).
  5. Sorry. I didn't mean to sound harsh. Just be clearer next time. Constructive criticism coming from one event owner to another! ^-^
  6. It's stated nowhere in the update how the letters need to be earned, so making a side rule after the fact is more than a little shady. Moving on though, I have more questions! First, if a word has the same letter twice, do you need to earn two of the same letter? Also, if the trophy name is in quotes (or in one case, an upside down question mark), does the first letter inside the quotes count? Lastly, if there's a trophy like 100 COMBO, does that count as an O?
  7. Ah, so we already know the words beforehand?
  8. For the reward, can we choose the puzzle the letters go towards? Also, by solving the puzzle, can we just guess the word once we know what it is?
  9. If people want me to, I'll just add the poll when I get home. I'll explain everything then.
  10. I will if we immediately do a season two. In a few days, I'm going to put back up the poll to see which league I'm doing after this. It could be this league, the team league, another revival, or even a completely original idea.
  11. All I can say is that this week has just been beautiful. I can't wait for more!
  12. @fmfab What time range is that from? I know I earned plats in June too.
  13. Fourth set is done! I was getting a little worried there. One to go!