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  1. It's more than okay. I'd rather people give reasoning honestly. For the most part, you have us pegged pretty well. Yeah, my speech could've been better. I'm thankful for Katie and Enma for everything they've done for me, but highlighting their achievements would've just given everyone more reasons not to vote for me. I wasn't going to win a popularity contest, so my only option left was to highlight my strengths. It was a gamble (apparently a bad one).
  2. You can rank up. You just can't ever be double plat rank. You only ranked down because you now don't meet the requirements for Ultimate Sidekick. Normally, you'd be the first Trainee, but I made you the last one instead. I doubt you care.
  3. I'm not removing you from the event, but I'm making you Bottom Trainee. Sadly, you'd need to rejoin under a new account if you ever wanted to complete the PP.
  4. That's a bit too frequent. I still want the plat rank to be difficult to achieve. The lowest I'd go would be 12 games per cycle.
  5. Hmm, I only know Medaka from J-Stars. Let me marathon the first season and see.
  6. After a few days of debating in the general thread/talking with @xZoneHunter, I've decided that the Shonen Jump PP needs another revamp. Here are my ideas: Redo the ranking system to make Star Pupil plat rank. After that, the next rank will be double bronze (worth the equivalent of a bronze and plat rank). The system would then go double silver, double gold, and finally, double plat. Add additional bonus emblems to encourage playing the games/posting more. The second point is almost definitely happening, but as for the first point, what are your thoughts? If I do add this system, I'll need to add one new rank (which will most likely be the double gold rank), so I'm open on recommendations as to who should represent that rank.
  7. You've been added! I'd like to point out that this team has not one, but two people who refused my invite last week. I'll see to it to prove that that was a mistake.
  8. Once we know exactly which PPs will be included in the leaderboard and have a system everyone can be relatively pleased with, I'll be more than happy to maintain it.
  9. It seems a few people want me to stream, so I'll be playing some Killing Floor 2 tonight and answering any additional questions the jury may have. It'll start at 10:30 pm EST tonight. I know that's late for some people, but I have a busy day today, so that's pretty much the earliest I can do it. I hope at least a few of you show up. Here's the link in case anyone's interested.
  10. Yes, the next banner contest will be in December.
  11. I can probably do that. Take your time though. The next banner contest isn't for a few months.
  12. Alright, that makes more sense. I still don't fully agree with this rule, but your fifth point of reasoning behind it is fair at least, and one fair point is all you really need.
  13. The first two points are clearer, but I'm still confused on the last point. By being 40% off, do you mean off of the final score or the score the participant had at the time of posting? Scores can dramatically change in a few days or even an hour in a league as fast-paced as this.
  14. Thank you for at least listening to me. Sorry if my earlier post sounded harsh. I just like seeing high-quality leagues and want to help your idea improve. The tentative score thing is the big one, but I also have a problem with only some autopops counting and others not. Either exclude all autopops, or make a ban list of games that won't count (similar to the Rarity League before its revival). How sad would it be to autopop a game in over two hours with a tentative winning score, only to not know it didn't count? Of course, the ban list won't include everything, but at least include the more popular games people are likely to try to use.
  15. And how is that fair? People can be asleep/ in other circumstances those entire six hours. Also, what's stopping someone from just quickly posting a random number every time?