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  1. The End of the Beginning Clear the main game and unlock the Post-Game. Let the grinding begin!
  2. I don't care about winning. It's the principal of the matter that's important. I don't think I've made any reaches so far. I only asked to get the points I deserve. I'm sure most people in my position would do the same.
  3. I've already been to DanganVegas. Where do you think I got all those Monocoins? If that were true, I'd say you have a pretty terrible machine there. Oh snap! You know someone's a big threat when they're introduced in giant font! Things sure aren't looking good for @cr1s. Well, I'm sure he'll be fine (probably). Did anyone else think @cr1s actually changed the caption to match what's below in English at first? Just me? Okay. Cue weekly quoting of the spoiler tags to see what's inside.
  4. Has anyone even tried to pass off a stack for points yet? As far as I'm concerned, a stack is a game with the exact same trophy list as the original. Remasters are recognized as separate games in most other events, so why not here? I don't even care about winning this event, but I do find it a little irritating that some of us are going out of our way to try to deduct points over something silly like a game being "too similar." Let's just call a truce and try to have fun.
  5. Huh? I realized. I thought we were just trying to keep the rules simple (for better or worse). I don't think anyone's trying to abuse the rules. This is just a problem of the rules being too loose, leaving them up for interpretation (similar to the problem we had where everyone had a different perception of how bonuses worked).
  6. The two dungeons that are added in the beginning of the story introduce you to some of the characters early, which changes the interactions with these characters later on. Also, since it's come to this, I'll list some of the more prominent story changes in a spoiler tag. Read at your own risk. These are just a few examples. The story may have the same outcome in both games, but it's the experience that makes them unique.
  7. UPDATE: Platinum #148 - Steins;Gate is now posted! With this, the only Common/Uncommon plats left on my trophy advisor are three TT (or TT-esque) games I don't own and Enigmatis 2, a terrible game that I also don't own. My completion is finally getting close to 75%, but I'm going to slow down my progress towards that ten-fold by working exclusively on the Demonic Dozen for a while. Similar to last year, my strategy is to tackle the easy trophies first and slowly whittle down my foes. I probably won't be able to have as many plat updates while I'm working on this, so I think now is as good of a time as any to implement what I've been thinking of doing for a while, Biweekly Status Updates! Even though I mostly played Steins;Gate this week, I can still do a mini-update this week with some of the quick encounters I had with the Demonic Dozen on the side. I booted up P4G for the first time in about a month and realized that my Vita turned off without me saving. Luckily, I still only lost about an hour or two of progress, and I went ahead and won the Miracle Quiz Finals. Something I'm a bit prouder of though is going back to Darkstalkers and actually finishing another character, Felicia. I must've spent about two hours on her final challenge and was even shaking a little when I finally got it. I secretly thought in the back of my head that my last post would be the last time I talked about Darkstalkers in quite some time, but I apparently had it in me to take at least one more character down. I'm thinking of doing Morrigan next but haven't decided yet. Goals for Next Update: Finish story mode in Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend Get another Darkstalkers trophy Have a grand time
  8. Platinum #8 - Steins;Gate: 67+48.72 = 115.72 Current Score - 2,694.41 Believe it or not, it counts.
  9. I won't argue whether VIIR should count until I actually play it (because I feel like I shouldn't be defending a game I haven't played), but I just want to point out that making the game DLC would actually give me more points since it would then be triple points. If we're just talking about the original story route, there are some changes in the story that may seem minor but add up over time. Extra lines of dialogue are sprinkled here and there to add more characterization, and there are a few instances where parts of the plot change to give some of the villains a reason behind their actions. I can give you the specifics privately since I don't want to drop spoilers. Also, the prologue evolves from two fights to an entire dungeon, and there are several other dungeons and cutscenes that are added to the original story to give more chances to interact with some of the characters that got less screen time in the original. I agree that you can skip FFF (unless you're a completionist), but I can say from personal experience that it does not feel like playing the same game twice.
  10. House of Felicity Complete the first tier of the award "The Last Dance". Six characters down. Eight to go!
  11. I tried sending an email but got redirected to this video every time. Is this @Monokuma's version of a Rick Roll? A mysterious character, shrouded in darkness?! Who can "he" be?! *Checks Monocoin balance* Hmm, I could give @Monokuma a tip, but I feel like it would be much more fitting to give him this instead. Well, I just got the same item 998 times in a row. I can't tell if that's lucky or not. With girls making expressions at you like the one in the middle, I can't imagine the story being anything but engaging. I don't know why I can't see spoilers in your posts, but I'm just going to quote these so that I can take a look.
  12. Well, I might as well say now that there's a chance I'm playing HDN VIIR before this ends.
  13. I'm not familiar enough with the Tales of games to comment on that, but I don't see the problem here. Sure, the gameplay hasn't changed (as is the case for the original HDN versus its respective Re;Birth), but it's different enough to be considered its own game. There's argument to be made that you can skip FFF and go straight to Advent Dark Force, but the same argument can be made for almost any remaster. There's a huge difference between a simple remaster that is just a visual upgrade on a new system with a few extra lines and one with additional story, new characters, and even an entirely different name. If there's new content and different trophy lists, they should count as different games. And since both Fairy Fencer F and Advent Dark Force are both Fairy Fencer F games, they should be included as part of the same series.
  14. Why shouldn't Advent Dark Force get the beast mode bonus? As far as I'm concerned, Fairy Fencer F and Advent Dark Force are two completely different games that are both part of the Fairy Fencer series. Also, as @Leon Castle mentioned, not only do the trophy lists of the two games differ quite a bit, but Advent Dark Force also has hours of additional story content. For a comparison, think of the original HDN trilogy compared to their respective Re;Birth games. Their stories are similar, but they're classified as completely different games as part of the HDN series. Fairy Fencer F and Advent Dark Force work in a similar manner. They just happen to be the only two games of their respective series, which shouldn't matter since there shouldn't be a minimum to how many games a series can have.
  15. UPDATE: Platinum #147 - Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is now posted! I honestly could've wrote a lot more about this game, but I stopped myself since the update was getting kind of long. For my next game, I'm torn between Steins;Gate, P4G, and Asura's Wrath. I'm also slowly tackling the Demonic Dozen on the side. Look here if you don't know what I'm talking about. The event doesn't start for a few more days, but I still went ahead and completed L.Raptor's challenges in Darkstalkers earlier today (and got the one online trophy a few days ago with the help of @cr1s). I'll try to do one character every week or so, but I'm running out of characters I think I can handle. Well, that's what SURPASSING MY LIMITS is all about I suppose.