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  1. Nope I see NekoRave lurking. Maybe he'll post too?
  2. Not at the moment. Today has been long, but now it's night and time for the owls to come out!
  3. In my case (YouTube name is 44jem44), jem, jem12345, 54321jem, jem1, 2jem2,3jem33, and 33jem3 were all taken.
  4. Nope Kale?
  5. Platinum #1 - Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls: (79.21+68)*2*2=588.84 points Slow and steady wins the race. Now to lurk for another month before dropping another point bomb.
  6. UPDATE: Platinum #139 - Bayonetta is now posted! It feels good to finally get another plat. For those who are wondering why I didn't play Ratchet & Clank this week, there are two reasons for that. First, my brother apparently took the PS4 to college right before my spring break started, so I wasn't able to play it. More importantly though, I've decided to stop the poll. Being busier than I thought I'd be lately, I quickly realized that having a weekly poll only makes sense if I have enough time in the week to actually make considerable progress in a game. I may bring the poll back once I graduate, but only time will tell.
  7. I'm kind of in the same boat. I started working part-time during my final semester in college, and things have been rather busy lately (the past few weeks especially). Right now, I'm finishing up Bayonetta (because I borrowed it from my friend over three months ago, and he probably wants it back), but after that, I plan on getting on the board.
  8. Not this time. Andy?
  9. Most of these were easy picks. 1. Final Fantasy - I liked the one DQ game I played, so I'd rather keep that. 2. Kingdom Hearts - I know nothing about Dark Cloud, but a world without KH is a better world indeed. 3. Mortal Kombat - MK is an alright series, but I've made too many good memories with SSB to wipe it off the face of the Earth. 4. Ratchet and Clank - This was one of the harder picks, mostly because not choosing Sly Cooper means letting Bentley stay in this world. Overall though, the Sly Cooper series is fairly good, and R&C isn't good enough in comparison to keep. 5. Crash Bandicoot - I haven't played either of these series, so this choice means next to nothing. I'm just ever so slightly more intrigued in playing Spyro (though I'll likely play neither series). 6. Modern Warfare - Again, I've made too many fond memories with CoD to see it go. 7. Elder Scrolls - I'm not a fan of either series, but Skyrim is one of my least favorite games of all time, so the choice is obvious here. 8. Monster Hunter - Again, too many fond memories of Pokémon were made to erase this series. 9. Shin Megami Tensei - Look at my avatar, and the choice should be clear. 10. Sengen Kagura - HDN is a great series, and I haven't played Sengen Kagura. I doubt I'd like it more though. 11. The Walking Dead - If you have some free time, go to my trophy checklist and give my entry on TWD a read. My choice should be clear after that. 12. Legend of Zelda - I've played too many fantastic Mario games to see the series go.
  10. I've been found again! Kale?
  11. Oh snap! I've been spotted! Harley?
  12. Nope! Harley nearly had me. Better luck next time! Kale?
  13. I had Hawaiian pizza for the first time tonight. I've always wanted to see whether this tasted as bad as people say, and while it wasn't terrible, I'll probably never eat it again.
  14. Not this time. Andy?
  15. You thought it was Iris, but it was me, jemmie! Kale?