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  1. So you hope your vacation is cancelled?
  2. What a horrible blunder. I miscounted @GTA_Darren's score and could've scraped up three more points if I really wanted to. Well, I'll just call this a handicap. Also, since @Jello posted his season predictions, I shall too. I like to wait one fixture in, just in case any powerhouses from the previous season suddenly drop off the grid. Platinum Winner - Redbeard - I doubt Red is happy with how he got eliminated from the CWC last season, and I see him wanting to make a grand comeback. Platinum Relegations - Micro and Psy - I'm automatically assuming this for any fixture one inactives. Gold Winner - theshywaterguy - With Shogun and I busy for parts of the league, Shy is the next most likely to win. I see the both of us putting up a fight (which can already be seen in our current 9.2 vs 7.3 point bout), but I think both of us will have enough unlucky fixtures to take us out of the running. Gold Runner-Up - jemmie - I've edged out Shogun twice in a row now, and I don't think this season will be any different. Gold Relegations - me3 and stupid - I think both GTA and stupid will play similar to last season, having some fixtures that are better than others. I see GTA edging out stupid, but I wouldn't be surprised either way. With no more inactives, I don't think me3 will get as many victories as last season. Silver Winner - Arctic Cress - Brave is probably the favorite to win silver, which also means he has a big target on his back. I feel like other competitors will save up for their matchups against him, giving Arctic an advantage. Silver Runner-Up - Brave - I see Brave losing to Arctic in a close season with no one else being close. Silver Relegations - Clawz and Omega - I'm putting Omega here per the inactive fixture. I see Booda having enough good fixtures to avoid relegation. As for Omar, silver league seems like his home at this point, so I see him edging out Clawz through lucky fixtures. Bronze Winner - Lucas - With ApriIis now inactive, I see Lucas taking advantage of this and pulling out a win. Bronze Runner-Up - Sptj - Even though Wdjat is currently in first, I don't see him keeping up this pace for the whole season. I think Jello will be a strong competitor but not strong enough to get a top spot. Bronze Relegations - Unknown and ApriIis - ApriIis is here due to the inactive fixture. I was originally going to put Wdjat as the other pick, but it looks like he has some surprises for us this season. Manganese Winner - Kent - There's a lot of favoritism in this pick, but I truly think Kent has what it takes to snipe all of the other vicious competitors in this league. Manganese Runner Up - Donk - A lot of the other competitors seem like they'll have some great fixtures, but I think Donk will be the most consistent in earning a ton of trophies each fixture. Whether the trophies will count each fixture is a different story. CWC Elimination Order - theshywaterguy -> Lucas -> Arctic Cress -> Redbeard -> Kent
  3. Well, I came back with less than four hours to go in the fixture, but I wasn't able to bring it back in time. Congrats, @GTA_Darren on the early victory. I'm pressed for time these next two fixtures as well, so hopefully I'm not out of the running to win by the time I can fully compete.
  4. HA! You all thought I was leaving, but I'm here to stay! Based on the start date, it looks like I won't be around for 90% of the first fixture. Well, a 9-1 record won't be so bad. As one trophy monster leaves, another one enters; such is the balance of the THL. No worries though. I have faith that @Kent10201 will keep you far away from the next CWC.
  5. I'd be lying if I said that didn't bother me, but I did already wave the white flag in a sense, so no harm done. I was going to get zero, but then @Psy-Tychist pushed me to earn a single trophy with that whitewash comment. That's opponent manipulation if I ever saw it.
  6. Well, @Andrea9281 popping more plats than I scored points is a nice way to wrap up the season. This may have not been the grand finale you were anticipating, but a well-deserved win nevertheless. I know I've been back and forth over whether to retire, and honestly, I'm torn. On one hand, I don't want to throw the first two fixtures, but on the other hand, I feel like I formed some good rivalries (especially with @ShogunCroCop and I slowing advancing towards the iron fortress which is the platinum league). Am I allowed to decide after the start date is revealed, or would it be too late by then? That's basically the crux of my decision at this point.
  7. Well, @Andrea9281 already declared her victory in her signature. I can't possibly compete with that!
  8. I can't believe my strategy actually worked. I tried really hard the entire season to get my would-be CWC opponents to underestimate me, and it finally paid off. This has been far from my best season, but it has certainly been my luckiest (and also the funniest). A good strategist knows when to make a tactical retreat. You can have this win. Playing games like Sniper Elite V2 and Thief is a clear indicator that I'm truly scrapping the bottom of the barrel with my backlog. Maybe we will truly cross paths in December.
  9. It looks like I used my secret weapon, The Jackbox Party Pack 2, a little too early. It's a fool's errand to try to win without it, but I'll give it a try. I kind of like the pattern we have going here. A new round starts, someone posts their war song, and then someone drops out. Well, I already earned two trophies this round (intimidating, I know), so time for more fight music.
  10. Well, this makes me glad that Manganese was included in the CWC. I almost got sniped! I doubt I'll get lucky twice in a row, but I'll at least go down swinging. It's time for some epic battle music!
  11. Hmm, so this is what being in the CWC feels like. Good luck to my fellow competitors! I've thought about whether I should retire after this, and I've come to a decision. If I get eliminated in the first round, I'll be too frustrated to just leave after that. Though if that doesn't happen, I will retire in luxury. That's right! I'm gunning for fourth place and am proud of it! My opponents all seem like behemoths, but for the sake of my fallen Silver League brethren, I shall take at least one person down!
  12. I thought there was nothing at stake for losing this fixture, but apparently, my loss was so devastating that the "i" was knocked right out of my name!
  13. Congrats, @Omar. This week has been absolutely hectic, and I had no time to play anything. Imagine getting @ShogunCroCop this fixture. Looking back, I got one of the luckiest fixture layouts I could have asked for this season (especially when you compare to the horrid luck I had last season).