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  1. UPDATE: Platinum #146 - Valkyria Chronicles and 100% #26 - Hatoful Boyfriend are now posted! I got these a while ago but never posted them. I've been pretty busy the past few weeks and unfortunately had to take the poll down again for the time-being. I did give P4G another go though and finally captured the elusive Sea Guardian, making the plat officially possible. I probably won't have much time to trophy hunt for the next two months, but in the time I do have, I'll be playing FFF: Advent Dark Force. I got it on sale for just $9, which is less than I paid for the first game. I'm really enjoying it so far and can't wait to see what the additional story paths have in store.
  2. Having stacks shouldn't count towards beast mode since you technically haven't beaten an additional game in the series. That being said, having stacks not count at all seems a little harsh. I'm fine either way though.
  3. Yeah, I thought the base score was 50. I'm not complaining about more points though! I've noticed that too. I don't have the time anymore to go at that pace, but hopefully the LP/series games I have lined up will help make up for that.
  4. 100% #1 - Hatoful Boyfriend: 25.27 + 19 = 44.27 Current Score: 2,316.85 Here's another game that barely counts as an RPG for a small (but quick) point boost. Right now, the scores seem to be in three groups. The lead pack (spots 1-4) can all still pull ahead somewhat easily with the work of utilizing point multipliers. The mid pack (spots 5-7) can still possibly win, but we're out of striking range for the time-being. And then the back of the pack (spots 8-10) hopefully have a wicked strategy or two in their back pockets to make things more interesting later.
  5. Plat #6 - Valkyria Chronicles: 89.96 + 68 = 157.96 Current Score: 2,272.58 It looks like everyone's scores are starting to spread out a bit more. I may need to get some more Neptunia plats to catch up.
  6. UPADATE: Platunum #145 - Fairy Fencer F is now posted! There are only a few days left to vote in the poll. The victor should already be obvious at this point though.
  7. Plat #5 - Fairy Fencer F: 89.02 + 64 = 153.02 Current Score: 2,095.92 It feels nice to finally past 2,000 points. Well, now that I know where I stand, I'm pumped up to catch up to everyone, one-by-one (good thing I still have half a year to close the gap). One down, five to go!
  8. Note to self: Don't make a plat poll and then buy a game a few days later that will take the entire rest of the month to plat. I have no regrets though, for FFF is arguably the best game I've played in 2019 so far. My goal is to get that and Uncharted 2 done by the end of the month (only 25 million more gold to go). For those of you keeping up with the RPG Mania thread, scores have finally been counted for the first time in months, and it seems my strategy to take it slow didn't pay off. For August's game poll, I have hired a team of highly-trained trophy scientists to pinpoint the best RPGs around to build me up to be a sizable threat. I'll start up the winner in about a week, so until then, happy voting!
  9. Right, I forgot about that. All good then.
  10. I knew I'd have less time in the beginning, so I went with a high-boosting strategy. Looks like it hasn't paid off (yet), but at least I'll be in the 2000s by next week. I've only counted a few people so far, and the only thing I disagree with is that Dragon shouldn't have the new release bonus for KH III. Other than that, I don't see any glaring discrepancies so far.
  11. That essentially means that a double point game is really a triple point game. If that's the case, a. that's pretty insane, and b. I've been hiding my true power with my score being a lot lower than it should be. I was actually gearing up to personally count the scores tonight after reading the thread this morning. We can make it a team effort!
  12. One year ago today, I set off on a noble quest to plat ten of the hardest games I've ever come across (and Mirror's Edge). Some were tedious. Some were outright absurd. But I had hope, determination, and quite the reckless nature. I gathered allies across the forums, encouraging them to tackle their greatest trophy feats as well. An epic battle was about to unfold, But seriously guys, I'm sorry for just up and abandoning this thread only a few months into the challenge. I took a few weeks off the forums a while back to focus on life stuff, and by the time I came back, I just wasn't super into this idea anymore. I know that's no excuse, and I'm sorry. Thanks for @Psy-Tychist for picking up the pieces while I was gone. I'm talking like this event is over, but there's still just under three weeks left to SURPASS YOUR LIMITS! Congrats to @Leon Castle for already finishing the challenge some time ago. As promised, you will get your "stellar badge" when the event ends on August 5th. For those who are close, don't stop now! If you still haven't gotten a single plat off your list yet, no worries. It's never too late to start!
  13. 7/10, a solid, memorable opening
  14. Nope Harley?
  15. Potato