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  1. If you thought we were done here, then you were sadly mistaken! The badges are in, and @Ellie-nyan did an amazing job as always!
  2. After one of the most ferocious bouts I've seen in quite some time, we have our winner! It was a close fight, but @Danny_Johansen managed to edge out a victory! Congrats to him and the runner-up, @Warpedsavior! Your prizes will be available shortly. Thank you to all who made this an amazing free-for-all! I hope everyone had a roaring good time!
  3. We have our finalists! Congratulations to @Danny_Johansen and @Warpedsavior for each overcoming a long line of (somewhat) vicious foes and officially earning at least some prize. Good luck in what will surely be a battle of the ages!
  4. The Semi-Finals ended about ten minutes ago. We'll reveal our final two shortly!
  5. We have our final four! The scores were even closer than I thought! With less than a week to go, we're approaching the end game! Good luck to our semi-finalists!
  6. The quarter finals are over! The matches were fairly close this time around. Results will be posted shortly as we move on into the semis!
  7. The scores are in! Congrats to our final eight for making it to the halfway point of the tournament. With most to all of the floaters out at this point, I feel like we're in for some big scores this round!
  8. Another three days have passed, and it's time to once again cut the remaining participants in half. Round Three scores will be posted shortly.
  9. The scores are in! There were some massive upsets this round. @xZoneHunter barely edged out @Tearbaer in what I believe many considered to be one of the most anticipated matches of the entire bracket. There were many other close calls across the other matches as well. The most surprising feat for me was @Dead Weight having a second bullet in his sniper rifle and pulling his second come from behind victory in a row. We still have four rounds to go. Will these impressive scores continue?
  10. Round Two is over! Scores will be posted shortly. Remember, there are no breaks. If you're holding on to the tiniest belief that you've made it into Round Three, start popping those trophies!
  11. The scores are in! Here they are! There were a few upsets from the Round One Snipers, but that's to be expected in an elimination-type event like this. I may have only lasted one round, but it was a fun time going up against a worthy adversary. I also got my rarest trophy to date, and that's a win for me. Now to watch the madness unfold with the largest round in the tournament.
  12. Round Two has begun! Round One scores will be posted shortly.
  13. It's funny how dramatically scores can change in just a few hours.
  14. So a few people have asked me if we're jumping into Round 2 the same time as Round 1. That's impossible since we don't even know all the Round 2 matchups yet. Round 2 will start in three days on August 12th. If you're already through Round 1, you get a few more days to prep before joining us Round Onners in the gauntlet of three-day rounds. Round One starts in less than 15 minutes. I for one am excited about my matchup. @Dead Weight we've traded some smack talk a time or two, but we've never actually faced off before. If you thought you'd have an easy time taking on a lower seed, you were sadly mistaken! As customary, it's time for some boss music to hype everyone up.
  15. Alright! It took a minute to process the scores, but here they are! With Catz already eliminated, we're down to 39 participants. Here is the final bracket! Remember, Round One starts tomorrow, August 9th. Today is the only rest day, so use it wisely!