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  1. After years of almost getting the game, I finally went ahead and got Black Clover: Quartet Knights since the deluxe edition is on sale. It's not one of the better Shonen Jump games I've played, but it at least has a unique story and some interesting modes. I feel like I'd like it more if the characters were more balanced. I did the online solo, and while it wasn't that bad, it was frustrating that whether I won or not largely depended on which characters were randomly selected for each team. With this, not only do I have Wizard King, but this also makes my 30th Shonen Jump plat. Well, with that detour out of the way, NOW it's time to continue the long trek towards the Lost Paradise plat.
  2. Well, this doesn't change my status here at all, but I now have the Dragon Ball FighterZ plat as well. Only one game to go before I'm once again caught up with the DBZ series. Though the next plat I'll go for will more than likely be FOTNS: Lost Paradise. I see this taking me a while though, so maybe I'll do a shorter game in between. We shall see.
  3. Now that a few years have passed and I have a good selection of new games to play, I have decided to resume my quest to get every Shonen Jump plat. Hub - 9/16 (Spirit of the Saint of Saviors) Bleach: Soul Resurrection (Head Captain) Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 J-Stars Victory VS+ JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven (JoJo Master/Top of ZA WARUDO) Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul (Gold Saint) My Hero Academia: One's Justice Dragon Ball Z - 7/9 (The Master) Dragon Ball Xenoverse Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 Naruto - 6/7 (A Tale of Bonds) Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution One Piece - 5/7 One Piece: Burning Blood One Piece: Unlimited World Red One Piece: Pirate Warriors One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Dragon Quest - 1/5 Dragon Quest Heroes I'm currently cleaning up Dragon Ball FighterZ. The BP grind is going faster than I thought it would, so I may be able to add to this long list fairly soon.
  4. The Day Two results are in! @Sebastian - 274.5 @Warpedsavior - 181.2 @jemmie - 82.1 @UnboundedCash99 - 53.5 It looks like Seb really didn't want this to go into day three, and it's not! With Seb still having all three of his lives and only two days to go, @Sebastian is officially the winner of the CWC's CWC! Congratulations! You will receive your prize in the next day or so. I'd like to thank everyone who participated in what probably looked from an outsider's perspective as a super ambitious event. While this is the last THL Holiday Special I'm going to run, I have plenty of other ideas in the works. Based on how much people liked each of the four attractions, we may even see one or more of these return someday under a refined format. I've said this multiple times already, but the CWC wouldn't have worked out nearly this well without @Froopy the Pogfish and his bot. I'm glad Froopy enjoyed fleshing out his bot to include all of the wacky gimmicks needed for each of the attractions to run smoothly. There are others besides me who have taken a liking to Froopy's bot, so I'm interested to see what other events we may see in the future. I'll be stepping back for a few months, but I'd be excited to partner up with Froopy again sometime soon. Lastly, I have a surprise for everyone who participated. @Ellie-nyan has generously offered to make badges for each of the attractions of the CWC. They'll be ready in the coming days, but the ones that are done look absolutely amazing. Look forward to them!
  5. The Day One scores are out! @UnboundedCash99 - 132.6 @Warpedsavior - 90.9 @Sebastian - 76.5 @jemmie - 71.2 @Kent10201 - 0 What an eventful day! @UnboundedCash99 went from worst to first by speedrunning (and delay syncing) a plat, @Warpedsavior platted Persona 4 Arena (very respectable), @Sebastian barely clutched onto his three lives, I played 13 games over the course of 24 hours, and @Kent10201...yeah. I've been on the receiving end of more than a few blindsides, but this one in particular hurts. I saw it coming but wanted to wait until I was absolutely sure Seb was done before closing in. Real life got in the way, and I got the last trophies I needed four minutes too late. With that, I lose my extra life, and Kent is eliminated. As long as Seb manages to get in the top two today, he automatically wins. Good luck to the remaining competitors.
  6. It's almost time. In less than half an hour, five brave warriors will celebrate the new year by clashing off in a battle of epic proportions! Who will win?! My money's on @Sebastian since it's hard to compete with his three lives, but I'd love to be proven wrong (perhaps by me). Per tradition, here's some fighting music to give me good luck. Best of luck to everyone else as well, and happy new year!
  7. We're a little over a day out from the CWC, so it's time I give a little more clarification on what we'll be doing. As the rules states, we will be using the traditional THL format for the CWC. Finalists will spend a day getting points based on THL rules, and at the end of every day, the people who do the worst are eliminated. Scores are reset, and we do this for four days. There are only two differences in the CWC's CWC from the traditional format. The first is that the bottom two scores will be eliminated for days 1-3 instead of the usual one elimination per day. The other difference is of course the extra lives that some of us have. If either @Sebastian or I end up in the bottom two, instead of outright being obliterated from the competition, we will lose a life and keep going. The CWC is only four days though, so if there's ever a circumstance where one of us has more lives left than days remaining, we will automatically win the CWC. The only instance where the CWC will not be four days is if Seb and I each have two lives after the first two days (the only way that being a possibility being if we were the only ones left at that point). If that happened, we would treat the third day as the final day of the CWC. I hope that explanation clears up how the extra lives work. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.
  8. Time for another update! Shrimp Beats - 130.7 (100 points) Medic - @jemmie - 61.5 Gunman - @Kent10201 - 123.7 (-100 = 23.7) Fighter - @Sebastian - 95.5 (-50 = 45.5) (~5 hours left in cooldown) Great Rainbows - 54.5 (122 points) Medic - @UnboundedCash99 - 74.5 (-22 = 52.5) Gunman - @VigilantCrow - 0 Fighter - @Jello - 2 @UnboundedCash99 did a little more healing, but Great Rainbows is still within striking distance! @Kent10201, finish the job! And just like that, it's over! @Kent10201 has unleashed his guns of fury, and Great Rainbows was wiped out! @Kent10201 gets a spot in the CWC's CWC, I get a second life, and @Sebastian gets a third! I hope this attraction didn't seem too scuffed being run manually. Even with a bot, it's clear that Team Deathmatch has the most kinks to work out. Also, since there were only four teams, everyone who didn't win will be put into the raffle for the final CWC spot (except for @Warpedsavior, who is already in the CWC). Since I hate waiting, let's do the raffle RIGHT NOW! The winner isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss... The CWC's CWC will officially begin at midnight on New Year's Day. I will give more coherent instructions before then. Congratulations to everyone who has made it this far!
  9. It's been several hours since Supreme Gentlemen and Participation Ribbon were annihilated. Since then, @UnboundedCash99 used two points to bring Great Rainbows' score to 102. Let's see how those point banks are doing between the remaining two teams. Shrimp Beats - 32.9 (100 points) Medic - @jemmie - 61.5 Gunman - @Kent10201 - 76.5 (-100 = -23.5) Fighter - @Sebastian - 44.9 (-50 = -5.1) (8.5 hours left in cooldown) Great Rainbows - 28.6 (102 points) Medic - @UnboundedCash99 - 28.6 (-2 = 26.6) Gunman - @VigilantCrow - 0 Fighter - @Jello - 2 Neither team is within striking distance just yet, but who knows what surprises the night will hold?
  10. So with a few minutes to go before teams are able to attack, I'm sad to say that Froopy's internet issues are taking longer to resolve than originally anticipated. That being said, we're not going to let that derail a good Team Deathmatch! About an hour ago, I counted up everyone's scores so far. Shrimp Beats - 154.3 Medic - @jemmie - 57.5 Gunman - @Kent10201 - 51.9 Fighter - @Sebastian - 44.9 Participation Ribbon - 33.5 Medic - @Stand_User3 - 0 Gunman - @Ellie-nyan - 0 Fighter - @Beyondthegrave07 - 33.5 Great Rainbows - 2 Medic - @UnboundedCash99 - 0 Gunman - @VigilantCrow - 0 Fighter - @Jello - 2 Supreme Gentlemen - 54.3 Medic - @Warpedsavior - 18.1 Gunman - @Arctic Cress - 20.4 Figther - @Flex_Da_Brent - 15.8 The points above represent everyone's point bank. No one has healed yet, so everyone still has a team score of 100. I've thought about how to best tackle this situation, and I think the best way to go about this is to have participants use their "commands" via the CWC Discord server as they would have anyway. Instead of using an actual command, just @ me, and I will manually adjust the scores as we go. So if you want to heal and haven't already, go ahead and do so. If you want to attack, you can starting in about five minutes. I'll be posting score updates more often than usual to make up for the bot being down. Let's do this! And just like that, @Kent10201 from Shrimp Beats uses 100 points to take out Supreme Gentlemen! Three teams remain! And @Sebastian uses another 50 points to take out Participation Ribbon! Only two teams remain, but with Shrimp Beats only having 4.3 points to spare, Great Rainbows still has a chance for glory!
  11. I HAVE RETURNED, which means the teams are final. It doesn't look like the bot is up and running yet, but that's okay. Points earned now will still be accounted for once Team Deathmatch is properly started on the bot. I've been leaving my team waiting, so it's time for me to get started.
  12. I know we still have a little over two hours left, but since I won't be home much longer, I went ahead and randomized the bench into teams. Feel free to change your name (which was randomly generated) and your positions before the start time. Also, I was informed that Froopy's internet is currently down, meaning that we most likely won't be able to access our point banks when Team Deathmatch starts. This is hardly a problem though since this should be fixed long before teams are able to attack. That being said, this will not cause any delays in the start of the attraction.
  13. Merry Christmas, everyone! There are about 9.5 hours left to sign up for Team Deathmatch. I most likely won't be around right when the attraction starts, but since everyone should be in the CWC Discord server at this point, that shouldn't matter. I'll leave it to @Froopy the Pogfish to go over the different team commands in my absence.
  14. After a long night of work, I'm back with the final scores! @Sebastian - 703 @Dzware - 320 @UnboundedCash99 - 246 @Jello - 210 @Beyondthegrave07 - 161 @Warpedsavior - 113 @Arctic Cress - 110 @jemmie - 97 @Ellie-nyan - 75 @Stand_User3 - 53 @Berendsapje - 9 @Flex_Da_Brent - 0 @ShogunCroCop - 0 This event can basically be summarized in four words. Platinum bullseyes are scary! Congratulations to @Sebastian on his well-deserved (and, let's be honest, lucky) win! Seb now has an extra life in the CWC's CWC. As always, second through fifth place will also be placed in the raffle for the final CWC position. Now, time for a quick rest up before the final attraction, Team Deathmatch!