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  1. One year ago today, I set off on a noble quest to plat ten of the hardest games I've ever come across (and Mirror's Edge). Some were tedious. Some were outright absurd. But I had hope, determination, and quite the reckless nature. I gathered allies across the forums, encouraging them to tackle their greatest trophy feats as well. An epic battle was about to unfold, But seriously guys, I'm sorry for just up and abandoning this thread only a few months into the challenge. I took a few weeks off the forums a while back to focus on life stuff, and by the time I came back, I just wasn't super into this idea anymore. I know that's no excuse, and I'm sorry. Thanks for @Psy-Tychist for picking up the pieces while I was gone. I'm talking like this event is over, but there's still just under three weeks left to SURPASS YOUR LIMITS! Congrats to @Leon Castle for already finishing the challenge some time ago. As promised, you will get your "stellar badge" when the event ends on August 5th. For those who are close, don't stop now! If you still haven't gotten a single plat off your list yet, no worries. It's never too late to start!
  2. 7/10, a solid, memorable opening
  3. Nope Harley?
  4. Potato
  5. @JaM What? You thought I was going to put my own name?
  6. Despite having most of the trophies, it feels like I still have a lot left. Though I felt the same way about Ratchet & Clank and ended up only having around ten hours of gameplay left. At the very least, I'll work on finishing up the treasures this week and see where that leads me. EDIT: Less than ten hours later, I've done everything but the crushing playthrough. Past me was smart and did the collectibles playthrough on hard. I panicked a bit when the screen froze at my 100th treasure without the trophy popping, but it luckily still counted.
  7. UPADATE: Platunum #144 - XBLAZE Lost: Memories is now posted! What a top-tier RPG. In all seriousness, I'm trying to slide into more RPGs for RPG Mania. This weekend, I noticed that Fairy Fencer F is down to $10 on the PSN store. I then checked PSN Rewards and saw that I had barely enough points for a $10 PSN card. I now own Fairy Fencer F. I'll probably play it on and off with Uncharted 2 since that seems to be winning the poll currently.
  8. Time for everyone's favorite RPG! Platinum #4 - XBLAZE Lost: Memories - 40.65 + 69 = 109.65 Total Score - 1,650.31 PSNP lists the game as an RPG, so it counts!
  9. UPDATE: Platinum #142 - Megadimension Neptunia VII and Platinum #143 -Ratchet & Clank are now posted! Last night, I completed one of my goals for 2019 and finally got an S-Rank average on my profile. Now, I just have to keep it. Also, the game poll is now back, but it's a bit different now. Instead of weekly, it's now monthly. The last week of each month, I'll put up a poll of ten games, and the three with the most votes will be what I work on the following month. I got a bit of a late start this month, but that's alright. I'll just see how the poll is doing in a few days and go from there. Side note: As someone who wants to eventually complete the HDN series again (I did have all the plats a long time ago), would people who have played Megadimension Neptunia VIIR find it worth playing without VR? I'm not getting the game for a while regardless, but any input would be appreciated all the same.
  10. Another plat, another clap. 60% 85% 52% 0% 0% COMPLETE! COMPLETE! COMPLETE! COMPLETE! COMPLETE! Well, the bottom row is done. With any luck, the next one will likely be Mugen Souls Z.
  11. Comeback Season continues! Platinum #3 - Megadimension Neptunia VII - (87.38 + 58) * 5.5 = 799.59 Total Score - 1,540.66 It feels good to double my score. It'll probably be a while before I tackle my last double points game (considering I don't even own it yet), but I have a few other games to work on in the mean time.
  12. Time for another slow clap. 60% 85% 52% 0% 0% COMPLETE! COMPLETE! COMPLETE! 74% COMPLETE! The Megadimension post-game was a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be. 4/10 games cleared!
  13. Yes, 1. Sorry about that. I just noticed that the logos are the same for multiple games. That's honestly a bit absurd. I don't have three rare games left that I want to play at the moment, so I pretty much put KH as a joke game. I did promise my friend that I'd play it though, so I shall (after clearing the entire rest of my pyramid).
  14. Looking back at my old pyramid, I don't really want to play a lot of the games that I have left anytime soon, so I'm going to update it to have it better reflect what I'm planning to work on in the near-future. 60% 85% 52% 0% 0% 71% COMPLETE! COMPLETE! 74% COMPLETE! Megadimension should be done sometime in the next week or two. I'm also planning to speedrun MHA in about a month, so we'll see how that goes.