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  1. I'm poking my head in this thread after not being around for a while. Congrats to @GTA_Darren for a nice CWC win! I knew he was a force to be reckoned with after his strong performance last season. I won't spoil the surprise, but I have something "ambitious" in the works.
  2. Everyone's asking who's the real Neko, but no one's asking who's the better Neko.
  3. Here's a last-minute entry with Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (6194).
  4. I actually underestimated how heavy day three was going to be. The only reason I didn't get blindsided was because some hero synced Prinny's account, alerting me to pop my prepped trophies. After defeating GTA fixture six, I thought that this was going to be a relatively easy CWC since I knew most of the league leaders at the time didn't have a lot of free time during the CWC or just didn't care enough to go for the win. I didn't account for you actually defeating Kent though. I pretty much went into full strategist mode from that point, but it was too late by then. Congrats; a victory well earned!
  5. Yeah, I was surprised you didn't get that. I wasn't able to download custom teams in Madden 20 for whatever reason, so I had to reinstall the game, finishing it up with only minutes to spare. If it weren't for 2064, I think our scores would've been pretty close. I started to lose count once we passed 300.
  6. It's been a long time since I've been in a 1v1 battle that intense. I think I lose this one, but either way, it was a fun way to go out.
  7. It eventually gets unbanned, but it can take upwards of a month. I don't know if it's a hidden timer or if a mod has to manually unban someone. I think I've been banned for close to a month at this point, so I hope the ban is lifted soon.
  8. Technically no, but if I can't update your profile, you might as well have.
  9. It looks like I'm still here. I was worried when Prinny passed me with a delay sync. I've said it before, but my biggest enemy this CWC is my banned IP.
  10. Well, I'm heading to bed a bit early tonight, but I'm pretty sure I survived day one, so here's some more obligatory fight music. Something tells me the real battle will start tomorrow.
  11. Having my IP banned from updating other profiles has been pretty stressful so far for the CWC. It's like running a race in a field of fog. Sure, I'm not technically handicapped, but I don't know for sure whether my opponents are actually behind or not. I'm not expecting my opponents to update ten times a day like I normally would, but not a single update from anyone baffles me. Either my opponents have nerves of steel, or everyone has already submitted to @blu3st4rdust305 winning.
  12. Not @Lucas?! What an upset! I find it funny that none of my predicted winners made it but most of the predicted runner-ups did. Last season, I think it was obvious to everyone who was going to win. This time, I'd say my chances of victory are roughly 12%, 12% higher than last time! I've been itching to pop off these past few days, so I can't wait to start!
  13. Unless either you have an upsetting delay sync or GTA scored 600 points this fixture, I should have the gold win locked.
  14. Fall Guys claims yet another victim. Though I'm not sure if it would've mattered. It would've been an immense feat to defeat Donk, Amaris, and blu all in a row with no breaks. A valiant effort indeed.