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  1. Fall Break has officially begun! I've only been home for about five hours, but I've already risen my completion to 71.25%! I've also added yet another platinum warrior to my ranks, Toro. While 0.5 points may not seem like much, every bit counts in my eyes. Despite my better judgement, I am trying to plat Resogun now. I'll probably game hop a lot this week to keep things fresh. EDIT: A mere few hours later, the Resogun plat is mine! I guess it's true that my skill level skyrockets when overcoming a worthy adversary. Another 6.5 points have been gained, and my completion inches ever closer to my goal.
  2. We have reached double-digits, so this event is confirmed! So far, it looks like most people want to compete in teams. I'll keep the poll up throughout the rest of today, just in case.
  3. Every Holiday Special is different. Only Season 3 was an actual tournament. Look in the spoiler tab labeled "Rules" for a full description of, well, the rules. They're not that complicated this time around. Think Trophy Hunters League, but a tournament.
  4. Alright, I added a poll for teams. I'm only leaving it up through this weekend, so make sure to vote!
  5. Does this mean that you'll only sign up if there are teams?
  6. There's still time to think about it. Don't force yourself to sign up. Take your time in deciding.
  7. A revenge match would be fun, but right now, I'm worried that we won't get enough people for a stable bracket. If enough people request teams, I'll switch the format.
  8. Welcome to the Fifth Annual League of Trophy Hunters Holiday Special! For those of you who are relatively new to the forums, every year, on my birthday, I create a Holiday Special event, each one more extravagant than the last! The event is always right after Christmas, giving admins of the Trophy Hunters League a break during the holidays. Though the Trophy Hunters League is over, so what am I doing here? To be honest, I wasn't planning on bringing this back this year. Last year's holiday special didn't go over so hot, and interest in competitive events in general has been dying out. I myself am pretty much retired besides one friendly competition. Though just as I thought no one cared about this event anymore, one lone soul (who I will not name) liked the opening post of a previous Holiday Special last night. As much as everyone thinks that competitive trophy hunting is dead, if there are still people here who are looking forward to this event, then it would be unjust for me not to at least give it a try. Here's what we're going to do. If we don't reach double-digit signups by the end of this month, I'll cancel this event. No more holiday specials. That being said, it's about time we go back to our roots. I did plan a war-theme event very early this year with tanks, snipers, and assassins, but for the sake of simplicity, let's do a standard tournament instead. Here are the rules! Rules: That's about it. If we get a large enough crowd, I'll throw in a prize. We'll see. If this event happens to be a hit, we can get a bit crazier next year. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Participants: Past Holiday Specials: Countdown
  9. Preparations are complete! Summoning my backlog troops new and old, I was able to reach 71% with relative ease. With only about 100 trophies before I reach my goal, I am now within striking distance of settling this once and for all. @Kent10201 figured out my plan, so I might as well make it public. It was easy to guess, but our completion challenge has a loophole. Once we meet our completion goals, all games that previously didn't count will at that point count towards our final scores. That's right! Once I reach 72%, MeiQ will give me a 100-point boost, solidifying my lead! True, all Kent needs to do is reach 58% to pass me again, but that's where my platinum army comes in. I may have been unable to plat Guided Fate, but what points I couldn't get with one game I'll get with ten instead! Get prepared, because we're reaching the climax of this competition!
  10. Slightly-faster slow clap incoming! 74% 83% 62% 39% 13% 4% COMPLETE! COMPLETE! 20% 78% 2/10 complete!
  11. The second member of my Pyramid Platoon has arisen, meaning that the Re;birth 3 plat is complete! Despite a minor setback from starting Jackbox 2 tonight, I have gotten a rather significant increase in completion this week. This week seems to be a rather light week, so getting to 71% completion before break is (probably) possible. Now, I just need to decide on what to do next.
  12. The lily ranks are all done, meaning that I officially did everything I planned to do this week! Along the way, I was also level grinding, getting my last character to level 99 just before I finished. I should be strong enough to do the credits grind now. We're in the home-stretch people!
  13. The opening post has been updated. Thanks once again to @Psy-Tychist for reviving this thread, and congrats to everyone who SURPASSED THEIR LIMITS while I was away.
  14. A miracle has happened! Stella is actually finished ahead of schedule! Area 19 somehow got cleared on the second attempt, and then Area 20 took four. Well, with the only suffering part of this game done, let's breeze towards the plat! In other news, I got the 200 plans trophy and Neptune's lily rank trophy. The rest of the lily rank trophies should follow suit soon. Then we'll really see a completion boost!
  15. A trophy a day keeps the competition at bay! The 100 quests trophy is done! Along the way, I made a drill disc and three lily rank discs. In fact, most of Neptune's lily ranks have been maxed out at this point. Stella Hell continues to be a thorn in my side. Areas 13-16 were completed on the first try to lure me into a false sense of security. Area 17 then took all of last night, and Area 18 took most of today. I'm currently on attempt #2 of Area 19, but my expectations aren't high. Worst case though, Stella should be done by the weekend at least with my current strategy. In the meantime, I plan on starting the lily rank grind tomorrow night.