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  1. It's update day: Round One 37/40: Round Two 31/40: Total Progress - 68 challenges cleared As expected, completing a second round of challenges is proving to be, well, challenging. At the very least, I have over ten challenges complete for Round Three when it comes time to start those. Who knew that Mugen Souls Z would be such a great game for completing challenges?
  2. Time for another update: Round One 36/40: Round Two 27/40: Total Progress - 63 challenges cleared
  3. Time for another update: Round Two 23/40: Total Progress - 58 challenges cleared
  4. Time for update #5: Round 2 13/40: Total Progress: 48 challenges cleared Thanks to completing so many challenges, I'm almost at my completion goal, meaning it's almost time to start up one of the games I've been saving for a while. Expect a larger update in the coming days!
  5. Round One has been cleared! Round One: 35/40 Round Two 6/40: Total Progress: 41 challenges cleared I'm going to be rather busy the next two days, so I'm glad that I got this done tonight. I wasn't planning on trying to clear round two, but since I finished so quickly, I may as well see how far I can go.
  6. Well, I didn't think I'd complete another five challenges so soon, but Black Ops III turned out to be more rewarding than I thought, so here's update #3: Total Progress - 24/40 Well, that's most of the easy challenges out of the way. At this rate, I may be able to start round two by the end of this week. I agree that some of the challenges this month have went up in difficulty, but I think many of the challenges have gotten easier as well to help balance out the difficulty curve.
  7. Time for update #2: Total Progress: 18/40 A lot of progress was made in the past hour by going through Endless Christmas in 2064. I finally invested in my own PS4, so a lot of new options just opened up for me.
  8. Time for Update #1: Progress - 6/40 Well, now it's time to study for my one final this semester. I'll be back with more once that's over.
  9. Well, I think I'm done for this month as well, so here are my final challenges: Round 2: Round 2 progress - 13/40 Total progress - 48 challenges cleared I did a lot better than I thought I would this month, considering my busy schedule. I should have some more time next month to score a bit higher.
  10. Of course, I'm back for round two! I have a question about Challenge 9 though. Are we getting a trophy in a game that takes over a day to platinum, or are we getting a platinum that takes over a day to get? The wording is a little confusing.
  11. Well, it's been about a day since I switched my challenge 27/28 game, and since Dragon's Crown is still a D Rank under 20%, I'm just going to assume that my trophies count. That means it's time for round two! Round One: Round 2: Well, it was a pleasant surprise to see that I'm already a fourth of the way through the next round without even trying. The end of the month looks hectic for me, but I should still be able to knock out at least a few more of these. Also, for challenges 27/28, I'll be sticking with Dragon's Crown since the requirements are still met. I'm doing the same thing. Recently, I've been working harder towards getting my completion up, and I decided not to start any new games until I've hit 73% completion. This made two of the challenges impossible right out of the gate and several others only having one or two possible options. It feels good though to clear challenges without resorting to new ammunition. It's like playing on hardcore mode!
  12. Thanks! I guess this leads me to the only minor complaint of this thread, being that all of the long updates discourage me from fully reading everyone's posts. I mostly just skim here.
  13. The current challenges have a nice spread in terms of difficulty. Depending on your backlog, some of the challenges can be a bit challenging, but I feel like part of the appeal to this competition is pulling out obscure games that you wouldn't otherwise play. Some of the challenges are probably impossible to those with smaller backlogs (I don't own a single game from 2018 that I haven't already gotten all the trophies in), but the fact that you can set aside five challenges and still move onto the next round makes this system work. Also, as I'm finishing up Round 1, I have two questions: 1. Can I change my game for challenges 27/28 to Dragon's Crown, and if so, can I just report the trophies I got tonight, or do I need to get new trophies since I'm just switching my game now? 2. When starting a new round, are trophies obtained during Round 1 that didn't count for anything eligible for Round 2? I doubt this is the case, but I thought I'd ask.
  14. Update #5: 3. Get a trophy from a game that starts with the 'R' - Join the Club! - Rocket League 4. Get a trophy from a game that starts with the 'I' - Almost There - Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition 9. Get a trophy that has the word 'egg(s)' in the trophy name (Axe and ex will count as well) (may also be a part of a longer word) - Ultimate Explorer - Ratchet & Clank 12. Get a trophy which has all the letters G R E E N in the trophy name - New Challenger - Rocket League 31. Get a bronze, silver and gold trophy from the same game - Sail the 7 Seas - Minecraft Progress - 29/40 Having the PS4 for a weekend was great in clearing challenges that would've otherwise been rather difficult/impossible. I started off slow, but I may actually get to round two at this rate.
  15. Time for update #4: 2. Get a trophy from a game that starts with the 'P' - Predictably Gullible - Puppeteer 6. Get a trophy every day for 7 days in a row - Shut Up, Augus! - Asura's Wrath (Date range from April 13th - April 19th) 15. Get a trophy which has all the letters J O K E in the trophy name - Long Snake's Journey Into Plight - Puppeteer 17. Get a trophy from a game that is labelled with the theme: 'comedy' on PSNP - Pirate Is As Pirate Does - Disgaea 4 19. Get a trophy from a game from which you’ve earned your first trophy over a year ago - Off the Grid - Crysis 3 33. Get a trophy from a game that is part of a series that has at least 4 different games - Hard Times - Super Street Fighter IV 37. Get 2 PSNP rare trophies - White Rider - Crysis 3 Also, since update 3 was made in the spreadsheet without fixing the mistake from update 2, I'm going to post challenges 32 and 35 again. 32. Get a trophy from a game that doesn’t have a trophy guide on PSNP - It's ALIVE! - Darkstalkers Resurrection 35. Get a trophy from a game that has no platinum trophy - The Adventurer - Sonic Adventure Progress - 24/40 Well, that's most of the easier challenges out of the way. I'm trying to do this without starting any new games (making a few of the challenges actually impossible for me), so I'll be happy if I reach 30 by the end of the month.