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  1. I don't know. Silver League is really heating up. @me3lingual has already got nearly double the score of my last two opponents combined and has me in a headlock with a 8-0 lead. I'm really in a pinch here!
  2. Rozen Maiden - 5/10 I decided to watch this after looking up underrated anime and choosing one I haven't heard of before. Basically, it's about a middle school shut-in named Jun Sakurada who refuses to go to school and instead makes a hobby of buying weird items off of shady people on the internet. One day, Jun buys a mysterious doll who happens to be alive. The doll is apparently one of the Rozen Maidens, who are part of a survival game to become the perfect doll and reunite with their long-lost creator, and she needs Jun's help as her medium. Rozen Maiden has an interesting premise and a solid first episode. For me, it quickly went downhill though as the story took a while to pick up. A good amount of the characters weren't all too likable either. There was some decent development (both character-wise and story-wise) towards the end of the season, so I'm hoping that season two will be better.
  3. @Masamune I read your comment, knew what I wanted to post as a response, and then saw that you posted the exact soundtrack I was going to post. 9/10 Let's try something from the sequel now.
  4. Good luck! What matters is that you're having fun. ^-^ With two opponents in a row being distracted (by no influence of my own ), I've decided to go back to my routes, getting random, long-winded trophies while saving my ammo for the clash with @ShogunCroCop. I got my first Battle Fantasia trophy in two years today on a whim, so now I want to see what other trophies I'm able to get while waiting for our epic bout.
  5. I actually got pretty lucky last fixture. I was too busy at work to do much of anything the second half of the fixture, so if @Precision-Playyy decided to make a comeback, I probably wouldn't have been able to stop him. It's still early though. Someone could be laying in wait for a large-scale ambush once it's time to face one of us. That'd be something.
  6. @Precision-Playyy If this is what you meant by annihilation, then feel free to annihilate me anytime!
  7. After the intense fight for the second promotion spot last season, it's kind of funny how it didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. That being said, I'm glad we're all in the same league again. I feel like some epic rematches are on the horizon.
  8. I vote for option one here. This also at least partially responds to the rarity concern.
  9. Interesting ideas, but I think any more than one Wild Card is just too much. I like my approach because the Wild Card has to go through some extra hoops just to get into the CWC. If there were too many Wild Cards, there'd be less of an incentive to try to win the top spot in a league, making the excuse that you could still get in the CWC relatively easily if you aimed for second. I'm also strongly against the idea of a returning champion competing again. If someone wants to compete again, they should re-earn their spot. Previous victory or not, a spot in the CWC shouldn't be guaranteed from the start.
  10. I'm against both A and B for similar reasons. I think something the Trophy Hunters League excels at over most (maybe even all) other leagues on PSNP is the sheer amount of strategy involved. While being a powerhouse certainly helps, winning takes not only raw power but also consistency. I don't know how technical my fellow competitors are, but when I'm participating, I'm constantly thinking of how to defeat my current opponent while also prepping for the ones after. There are times where I can easily dominate an opponent, but the way the THL is set up, it was actually a better option most of the season to get as narrow of a victory as possible. Of course, I needed to get more points towards the end of the season to break the score tie between @ShogunCroCop and @Precision-Playyy, but knowing when to make that final push is also part of the strategy of the game. Like the people above, I'm more against A than B. The beauty of the CWC (in my opinion) is less about the crazy-high scores some people bring to the table but the survivalist nature of the winner countering such high scores three days in a row. Letting someone skip a day makes their win feel slightly less earned, whether they won the first day by a great margin or a tiny one. For B, I like the concept of a Wild Card, but I'm against how it would play out. If score is the deciding factor here, it makes it possible for someone who is lower in the standings to join the CWC. If someone had the right ammo, they could go full powerhouse the first seven to eight fixtures to guarantee themselves a spot and then spend the last few prepping, not caring if they win or lose their fixtures. If I ended a season in second place, and someone in third made it to the CWC, I'd be pretty darn upset. How would I want the Wild Card to be handled then? Well, I propose that during the off day between the final fixture and the CWC, all of the second place finishers compete for the Wild Card spot. Some of you may think this idea has a few problems. In some leagues, second place may not be set in stone just yet. Worse so, once the off day (which I'll be calling the Wild Day from this point) finishes, the winner won't be known immediately. I think this works great though, given the concept. The Wild Card will be true to its name, having an absolute mix of excitement and anguish during the last day leading up to the CWC. This will also put some pressure on first-place finishers who are not yet set in stone, making them have to make the difficult decision of whether to unleash prepped ammo early. If all else, I think it'll be fun to watch, and whoever does end up winning the Wild Day will have certainly earned their spot. Also, as long as we're proposing potential changes here, I have one more. With there being a rarity multiplier now in place, I've seen some of my opponents start to take advantage of new games, getting ultra rare trophies that would be rare just a few weeks later. I won't say that this affected any of my match ups (because that would make me a liar), but if left alone, a new game could be the deciding factor of an important match up one day. I feel like we need at least some buffer here. It doesn't need to be crazy; maybe something like halving the rarity bonus for games under a month old.
  11. It was certainly a good way to get the old rust off. I thought I had a decent chance until I noticed that you were delay syncing a second PS3. Well played. I wanted to try again Round 2 but was concerned at that point that I wouldn't get the second promotion spot, so I had to prep. Honestly, having the other two competitive players in Bronze immediately before and after you made it pretty hard to plan. I hope I get a bit luckier next time.
  12. Congrats to @Andrea9281 on a well-deserved win. This was definitely one of the more exciting CWCs to watch. I probably won't be as competitive next season since it's during the heart of my busy season at work, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for those who decide to underestimate me.
  13. At this point, I'm just struggling through Dark Rose Valkyrie and hoping that my performance last fixture was enough to push me to the promotion spot. I don't have a lot of spare time this fixture, so I probably won't score big unless I have to.
  14. I agree. Before, if you knew that one matchup was going to be particularly tough, you can simply save up a bunch of plats/"secret weapons" and get an above average score for that one fixture. Now, even if you win that way, you have to do it twice, far increasing the likelihood that the better player will win in the long-run. I'd honestly rather see a bunch of smaller leagues where people fought multiple times than a few larger leagues where you only got to fight once.