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  1. Take a break, come back later
  2. #54 Bulletstorm Now finishing Infamous for number 55
  3. Awesome!! Cant wait to play Stryder
  4. Well is that want u guys want is ok, maybe the point system changing it, to rare and common trophy's. Is true I got some easy plats, but that was before the competition. Besides I plat vs u God of War ascension and MW2 which I'm proud. All I got to say is good luck with Budz
  5. I hope for future season's, kid's games like Toy Story mania,kung fu panda, disney pixar stuff, doesn't count. I can see some players doing Hanna Montana, just for the easy plat.
  6. I'm at gold with my buddy, good luck to everyone
  7. Saw, Ico next