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  1. Platinum # 199 - Persona 5 Aoi Yuuki sure made this game annoying to platinum... but since she has such a lovely voice, I forgive her! 😍 Persona 5 Royal was way better than the original game though. Replaying the original game right after finishing Royal really shows how many improvements they made in Royal. Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Next game: Root Double! Although I already played it on PC many years ago, I wanted to relive this epic VN for my 200th platinum!
  2. Platinum #198 - Persona 5 Royal Although most of the story was already spoiled for me since I played the original game first, it had enough new content to make it worth replaying. Especially for the new girl Even though I'm not a fan of "time management" gameplay, I still enjoyed this JRPG quite a lot. School setting + Japanese anime is always a great mix, and the Japanese voice cast was absolutely amazing. I really wish all of the dialogue would have been fully voiced though. Just like the original game, unfortunately a lot of scenes were only partially voiced, or not voiced at all. Platinum is overall easier than the first game, since it can be done in one playthrough and we don't need to do the trophy for listening to Futaba a bunch of times. Although I love Aoi Yuuki's voice, an in-game checklist would have been nice. Overall a great JRPG, it's a shame that Persona 4 Golden never got a dual audio localization on consoles (Atlus USA really sucked at localizing games back then) otherwise I would have played the Vita version a long time ago. Whenever I get high speed internet though, I do plan on making a Steam account and play the dual audio PC version. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Next game: I guess I'll try to platinum the original Persona 5 game again since it's still fresh in my mind, otherwise start Persona 5 Strikers.
  3. Platinum #197 - Trials of Mana Although I did finish Secret of Mana before this game, it was... mediocre. The battle system felt too slow and clunky, the character design and graphics were not that good, and the end game grind made me give up on the platinum trophy since the weapon orb drop rates are abysmal (much less than 1% for sure). Note that there was no nostalgia factor for me since I never played the original game, I only enjoy JRPGs if they include Japanese voices, and this is the one category that Secret of Mana Remake did an excellent job at. All dialogue and even every random NPC was voiced! For everything else though, Trials of Mana is a HUGE improvement over Secret of Mana. Much better battle system, better character design, better graphics, etc. Also a better story and more cutscenes, I also really liked the "gold star" system that tells you exactly where to go next for the main story. Choosing our 3 main characters was also an interesting and unique idea, it adds some extra replay value for NG+ playthroughs since we get different scenes as well as getting to view their backstory. Platinum was quite easy and there's no ridiculous grind like in Secret of Mana. Everything can be done on the easiest difficulty except for one trophy that requires beating the post game boss on Hard, but the boss is repeatable and we can switch the difficulty anytime. There is also one missable trophy that requires buying an expensive item, but it can easily be done in NG+. Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Next game: Now that I finished the Secret/Trials of Mana duo, next is the Persona 5 Royal/Strikers duo!
  4. I disagree, the Japanese voice acting was absolutely amazing and it was one of the main reason I enjoyed this game so much. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim was my second favorite game of 2020, after Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen. For the best experience, I highly recommend playing this masterpiece with the original Japanese voices. I'm sure anyone who plays visual novels or watches subbed anime shouldn't have any issue reading subtitles. I see, I just thought it was weird in your first post when you mentioned that you "regretted" playing this game with the Japanese voices when the Japanese voice acting is one of the most appealing feature about this game. Personally I would not have enjoyed this masterpiece so much if I had played it dubbed.
  5. Don_carlito94, It's hard to recommend anything since I don't think I've played a single game in your list, so I'll just recommend the game that I think looks the most fun: Dynasty Warriors 7. The_Levantine, thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it will take a while before I can play FFXV since I bought it during a PSN sale and it's a huge download:
  6. Platinum #196 - Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne And this concludes my Re:Zero marathon! I just finished watching the Director's cut version of the first season, as well as the 2020-2021 series and the 2 movies. And now I just finished the game. For anyone who's new to this series, I recommend watching the 2016 anime series first before playing the game. At least until the white whale arc starts, then it should be safe to play the game without it spoiling the anime too much. The game is basically an alternate reality of the first season of the anime, where there are 6 royal selection candidates instead of 5. So people who enjoyed the anime's story will definitely enjoy the game as well. The only flaw about Re:Zero in my opinion is the protagonist, which can be pathetic and annoying at times, but other than that it's an amazing isekai anime. Although it was quite easy to platinum, a few of the trophies were a bit tricky to get due to the lack of walkthroughs. I'd say the sneaking mission was the trickiest one. However there is a very useful post by Twisty_JC in the game's forum which details how to get the missable trophies. Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 3/10 I'm currently syncing all of the games in my backlog to my trophy list, so I'll pick one of these next. But for now, back to watching the new anime series that recently finished airing
  7. Platinum #195 - Neptunia Virtual Stars Wow... what an amazing game! I knew I would enjoy it a lot since I'm a big fan of Compile Heart's games and I've enjoyed every other Neptunia game a lot (except maybe Super Neptunia RPG, that one was a disappointment) But Neptunia Virtual Stars is the perfect Neptunia game I could ask for, and I enjoyed every moment of it! Where to start... everything about this game is awesome. Even the loading screens are awesome. The Japanese voice acting is absolutely perfect as always, and the dialogue is fully voiced. And they went all out with the parodies and references as usual, some parts made me laugh so much that I actually had to take a small break to catch my breath, lol. The request system is also the best I have ever seen in any JRPG I have played, you get to see a voiced video from the person asking the request, and a thank you video for completing it. Even though clearing all requests was not required for platinum, I did so anyway because the videos were so fun to watch. It also made me discover many interesting Vtubers, and I have spent numerous hours watching their videos. You get to decide on the gameplay. If you'd like to play the game as a third person shooter, then you can play as the 4 goddesses. If you prefer to play as an action RPG, then you can choose to play as "Me" and "You" which use a sword and bow. Or more characters with different weapons that join you later. The game is made so that you can switch between shooter and actionRPG gameplay anytime, which is great. I personally enjoyed the action RPG gameplay a lot more, so I ended up using the new characters most of the time. As far as I know, nothing seems to be censored. The maid bikini costume is quite lewd, and we can still see the panty shots The only negative thing I could say about the game is that they could have improved the rhythm mini game, making it actually match the songs instead of just pressing the X button at intervals. And also made a more convenient way to get the video battler cards and stuff, like maybe spending in game money to get a random card instead of having to record a bunch of dance videos. Too bad that Neptunia ReVerse is PS5 exclusive, because if it was on PS4 I would have bought it day one for sure. But I don't plan on buying a PS5 at this point, for numerous reasons. Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Next game: Most likely the Re:Zero game, but I won't be playing games for a while since I'll be switching to anime mode now, to catch up with the series that just finished airing. Including the new Re:Zero season, which I want to watch before playing the game.
  8. Platinum #194 - Miracle Girls Festival Finally a rhythm game that doesn't require inhuman reflexes to platinum. Unlike most Hatsune Miku or Taiko no Tatsujin games where I usually just enjoy playing on Normal/Hard difficulty, I actually enjoyed Extreme difficulty a lot in this one since it's very doable and I was able to clear all of the songs without too much difficulty. I do have a sore thumb as I'm typing this though, lol. Really fun rhythm game and I love anime songs, but unfortunately the game was incredibly short. Only 22 songs. Despite doing every trophy as well as bunch of optional stuff like clearing all of the bingo cards and all of the songs on every difficulty, I still had to leave the game idle for a few hours to get the trophy that requires playing the game for 24 hours. Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Next game: One of my favorite game developer is Compile Heart, and one of my favorite Japanese voice actress is Asami Imai, so I should be in for a real treat next... Neptunia Virtual Stars!!!!! *high five* I really enjoyed the Gal*Gun games, congrats on the platinum!
  9. Platinum #193 - Fairy Tail Being a huge fan of the anime (Fairy Tail is in my top 10 favorite anime series) they would have needed to screw up the game really badly for me to dislike it. Fortunately they did a really good job, the game is incredibly fun! It's made by the same company who made the Atelier series, and feels a lot like an Atelier game. They even brought their "Barrel!" meme in it, lol. It's not perfect and it does have some flaws, such as a lot of partially voiced dialogue, and much less fanservice compared to the anime, but Fairy Tail and Atelier fans should love this game. Newcomers to Fairy Tail should definitely watch the anime first though, it's a masterpiece! Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Next game: Probably Miracle Girls Festival on Vita. Even though I love rhythm games, I'm not very skilled at them but this one shouldn't be too hard to platinum.
  10. Platinum #192 - Atelier Ryza 2 It seems like Gust has finally perfected the Atelier series, and so did Tecmo Koei with their localizations. They really did an amazing job, this is one of the most fun Atelier game I've played so far! Platinum is as easy/hard as you want it to be since you can choose your difficulty, and no need to follow a walkthrough to the letter since there's no time limit or missables in this game. Whatever you miss can be done in postgame, just as long as you don't overwrite your clear data save. I missed an optional area required for Serri's events (Flowerpatch Cape) but I was still able to view her events in postgame. I'm really happy that Gust has finally freed this great series from its shackles, and got rid of the time limit for good. The whole fun about Atelier games is exploring dungeons and gathering stuff, watching the various character events, taking time to experiment with the complex synthesis system, making some overpowered items and equipment... but adding a time limit to Atelier games just ruins most of the fun and adds unnecessary stress. Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Next game: This should be another really fun game... Fairy Tail!
  11. Platinum #191 - YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World Overall a "meh" VN mainly due to the protagonist being such an ass most of the time that he gets annoying, however it's saved by its great character design and voice acting. Characters are fully voiced, and there's also some animated scenes. Story was also decent with a lot of lewd scenes, which is surprising considering Sony has been censoring everything lately, but it seems like this game was fortunate enough to escape Sony's censorship. This is actually quite a tricky VN to platinum, since there are a ton of choices and temporary "jewel saves" which can only be loaded once. Even by following a walkthrough carefully, I still messed up at some point and had to start over because I missed an item. Fortunately there's a NG+ that allows you to start the game over with all of your items. Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Next game: Atelier Ryza 2!
  12. Platinum #190 - Yakuza: Like A Dragon I was surprised at first when I heard that Ryu ga Gotoku Studios was making a turn based JRPG Yakuza game, and wasn't sure how it would turn out since the action brawler battle system seemed perfect for this series. But it turned out to be incredibly fun, and possibly the most fun Yakuza game I've played so far! It's great that we don't need to master every single minigame this time, otherwise like most other Yakuza games I wouldn't have bothered getting the platinum trophy. But the platinum trophy in this game is very doable, the main difficulty is clearing all the Dragon Kart races which requires both skill and luck, and the final postgame dungeon which is quite a grind to prepare for. The Japanese voice acting is as amazing as in the previous games! There are some returning VAs too, even Nishikiyama's voice actor which now voices Ichiban. While the substories were not 100% voiced like in Yakuza 6, the first and last scenes were usually fully voiced which still made them a lot more fun to clear than in the other Yakuza games where they're mostly voiceless. The story is not quite as epic as in some of the previous games, like Yakuza 0 or Judgment, but is still very enjoyable. It's just more comedy focused, which is still great since a lot of parts made me laugh quite a lot! Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Next game: I was hoping to play Fairy Tail next, but my copy seems to have been delayed in the mail. So I'll play a visual novel for now (YU-NO).
  13. Platinum #189 - Onechanbara Origin Just like every other Tamsoft games: it's a really short, but really fun game. After spending a few hours to enjoy the story mode, the rest of the trophies were just grinding. But since the gameplay was fun, it was a fun grind. One of my complaints about Onechanbara Z2 was the "meh" character design, but they really improved it in Origin. It's so much better now! Overall the trophies were rather easy, since we don't need to finish 100% of the game for platinum. No need to clear all 150(?) survival floors (only 51 required), and no need to clear all 15 quests (only 5). So the game can easily be platinumed in 20-25 hours, I took my time and it only took me 24 hours. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Next Platinum: Hopefully Fairy Tail, I'm still waiting for my copy which should arrive soon... so in the meantime, I'll just watch some anime.
  14. Platinum #188 - Robotics;Notes DaSH Visually, it's a lot better than Elite due the improved CGs, but I still enjoyed Elite more. If Okabe... err, I mean: Hououin Kyouma was the protagonist in DaSH, my enjoyment factor rating would have most likely been 10/10. But unfortunately they had to choose the worst Steins;Gate character as the protagonist, which made this VN less enjoyable than it should have been. That being said, it's still a great VN and an enjoyable sequel to the first Robotics;Notes VN. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Not sure what I plan to platinum next. If I receive my copy of Fairy Tail before the weekend, then it should be the next plat I'll be aiming for. If not, then I'll either start Onechanbara Origin or YU-NO, or keep trying to platinum Yakuza: Like a Dragon.
  15. Platinum #187 - Robotics;Notes Elite What a great way to start the year! That was quite a nostalgia trip! I watched the anime series like 8 years ago and loved it, so I was really hyped when I heard there was not only one, but two VNs! The story may not be quite as epic as Steins;Gate, but it's still really good. There's even a character from Steins;Gate in it, as well as some other cameos/references. The voice acting is absolutely amazing! Although there's no Asami Imai in this one, there's Rie Kugimiya... 😍 Considering that this is a visual novel, it's quite easy to platinum, but a walkthrough is a must for knowing what and when to reply to the messages, and finding the hidden IRUO triggers. The Kill Ballad game also requires inputting some combos. Nothing too hard, so 3/10 difficulty sounds about right. It's great to see the mecha anime genre getting more popular again! With some recent great mecha-themed releases like 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Sakura Wars, Trails of Cold Steel IV, Robotics;Notes... and Muv Luv Alternative is getting an anime adaptation later this year Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Plan to platinum next: Robotics;Notes DaSH!