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  1. No need for a cronus max. You need remote play and the "ps4 macro" application(google it, first result) Make sure you enable perfect balance in the mods menu and use a empty published or self-published skate park. For the macro itself, I just record a loop macro that starts at the retry level entry, then I just do a 10 second manual, then I ollie to cash it in. after that its options button, end run, press x and your back to retry level screen. I have it at 17.6 seconds for the loop, I'm on ps4 pro and using an internal ssd, so timing may vary depending on your situation. Even using this method it will still take probably around 30-40 hours depending on what level you start at.
  2. I'm using remote play combined with a very basic ps4 macro. I can get 25xp every 17.6 seconds, comes down to 170xp per 2 minutes, 5100xp per hour. I just let the thing run overnight. Too bad I'll probably never be able to do the get-theres though. 😞