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  1. I get it, this was only my second month though. I thought the last months was a little better, but still a good bit of stuff for the money.
  2. I seriously forgot how much fun Puppeteer is, I can't believe it has taken me this long to go back and finish it

    1. Priere


      Lol yeah the game is so much fun especially if you like Puppets.

  3. Went to see Counting Crows and Toad The Wet Sprocket tonight!!!! What a great show!!!!

  4. Id say get the Legendary, I just bought it myself tonight and it was $39.99
  5. #36 The Wolf Among Us

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    2. BoundSubmission
    3. uVclouDz


      wait wait.. the episode is out?! :o congratz btw !

    4. BlindMango


      Congrats! =)

  6. Henrietta from Gunslinger Girl
  7. Two and Ramonachan were my last
  8. Finally getting around to giving Master Reboot a try

  9. Im also super sad about this, I love my Vita. Im still not giving up hope though....
  10. Having a great Birthday, I got served lunch while I watched anime, doesnt get much better than that :)

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    2. JaM


      ^... thought no fight in bday status?

    3. BoundSubmission


      i think of it more like friendly motivation :)

    4. JaM


      if you say so bday girl ;)

  11. you are very welcome, i'm glad it worked
  12. salad
  13. This happened to me about a month ago, just earn another trophy (on any game) and sync it, and you should be back to normal
  14. #33 Monster Monpiece

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    2. BoundSubmission


      the 500 cards was most definitely a drag :( other than that the game was pretty fun.

    3. BoundSubmission
    4. TheVader66


      Congratulations on the Platinum :)