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  1. I don't even know man. 7/10? I don't know anime at all.
  2. Does anyone remember how many races are in the championship season?
  3. Maybe he was flying while playing and then crossed a timezone ............ going to never never land.
  4. It's DAMN hard man. There are races where the AI is using cars that are 10 secs faster per minute on you. The only way to really win is to crash them and hope they get stuck somewhere. It is possible though. I have about 2 hardcore hotlaps to do now ............ of course I never tried drifting yet.
  5. Yes, let them lap you, hahaha. Sometimes a few will get away or one will decide to push through you so it's best to pick a bottle neck area. I found out about this trick by accident. It seemed that everytime I pounded a car into the dirt they would wait for the traffic to pass then get back on the track but if it took too long they would disappear and be "disqualified". I started making an effort to slam cars into the sand often. Now during a multi-race compitition I had such a high amount of points that I just left the control to lose the race but when I came back they were all disqualified.
  6. No, There are awesome shortcuts on almost every track. Even if you hit a penalty you are ahead. I think there were only two tracks where you cannot take short cuts. There is a problem though. I started doing this trick a bunch of them to skip the hard parts. The problem is while some trophies popped others didn't like the gt extreme serious and gt driver. I looked it up and the this is a bug where the penalties will turn off for some of the races which mess it up. This bug happens to most players but I have a feeling that this tricks helps it bug out quicker. Now I have 30 hours of racing finished and NO trophies. I've been CHEATING all of the Alien mode races in the special events fine with the following trick though and if I get close enough to platted I'll have to figure this event bug out. Probably uninstall and installing the game will work. Trick on how to win ANY race on any difficulty. I've been doing it for the Alien special races
  7. There are a bunch of spots where you can get a head start by taking a short cut. You only need to smack into another racer you get no penalty but a huge leap. HEY, It's a HARD GAME. don't get all upset for me trying a few short cuts! I captured this video.
  8. Is there a setting to stop certain people from getting one shot kills over and over again or guys who can punch you once and you are dead? hahaaha
  9. I found that once I got into the mode of it I was 1st placing race after race. I've been struggling with the odd on though. I'm thinking this will be tough to beat but it has to be possible.
  10. I wish I would have knocked out Mark for talking about my wifes' butt then finding out I was standing right behind him. Wish I would've known she'd be with him after the divorce.
  11. By the time it comes out it'll be in an assistance living old folks home. Not that it ever is going to come out.
  12. Yeah, cooking mama was totally worth it.
  13. I felt it was my civic duty to mention it.
  14. It's clear to me. It's a bright color. hahaha. Nah, Nintendo is being stupid. In the release of this announcement they ordered all stores to take the used wii's and wii U's off the shelves and ordered the stores to sell all the games and stopped reproduction. It's a dirty move. Now switch is coming out with what ....... 6 games. They are throwing all of these childish commercials. I got nothing against the parental control but it's my 3yr olds' favorite commercial because it's so ....... adorable. This system is for little kids so it's not for me. Nintendo was awesome during the super nintendo days but suddenly they started to smart price all of their stuff and refused to listen to the market and get with the times. The original wii started out good then they pulled out the Asian cheap games like crazy and it went to crap. This system isn't going to do well at all. Nintendo needs to stop screwing around with Mario and his dumb mickey mouse sound effect voice and make some seriously good games.
  15. The dude asked how the online community is.