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  1. Now available in 🇪🇺 too for free 😊
  2. :platinum: #100: FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (PS4 - physical - Limited) done two weeks ago.



    TL note: Gagné = Won.

    23ec.png Full post on the forum ⏬

    Another bonus 📷 for people seeing this here. Beautiful, isn't it?


    For curious people, I made a compilation of my 51 - 100 :platinum: on twitter with some stats.

    I decided to go back one more time to FFXV, and now that I finally cleared the terrible Snowmobile time trials from Episode Prompto, nothing prevents me to finally get my hands on this 💯% that cannot be claimed anymore since Multiplayer Comrades was moved as a standalone.

    I also (re)launched the main game, I was surprised to see the mini collab with FFXIV and the other one with Terra Wars (the mobile game is down since Last Christmas, it lived only six months it seems 😐) could still be done.

    Then, I played the special mission against the boss Melusine :bronze:, then a few more hunting contracts I never cleared back then, on late 2016. Now I'm only missing the two hardest (Daemon Wall + Ayakashi lv. 110), but I guess I'll give it another try later when I'll grant my team a night at the hotel to finally collect the XP I'm saving for quite a time. They're still ~lv. 80.

    And chocobo races, because why not after all? Even if I still like driving the Regalia more.

    About various listings, I have to do Episode Ardyn + Royal content.


    Next: South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      An amazing achievement, congrats! 👍


      I'm out of rep points at the moment, but I figured I should at least drop a message here to congratulate you on your milestone. :D That 100th milestone is always special for every trophy hunter, not many are able to get there, but you did. And I see you also added an unforgettable game to that achievement. I wish I could say anything more, but I'm completely ignorant as far as FF games go. I haven't played any myself. 😅


      Onwards now to your 200th milestone. B)

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. FinalFan


      Thanks everyone for the messages 😀

      More 📷 because I'm in the mood 😊. I also received the recently released OST (limited, with bonus Jukebox disc, of course) last Saturday.




      Well, @Honor_Hand, I guess you know it already, but you're missing something if you never played any FF before, and what's cool with the series is that every episode is different, and it's always a great moment to ask the fav FF of another player.


      Also, regarding milestones, FFXV was my 40th :platinum: (X-mas 2016), and I managed to set my 5000th as well with original FFVII, the one with the famous meteor logo you earn when you clear the game.

  3. 🔥 Developer’s Backyard vol.1. Stats from Closed Beta / online lobbies + questions to dev
  4. #100 FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (PS4) Here I am, finally! Important milestone implies important game. While it's not perfect, I enjoyed most of my time in this enhanced part of Midgar. First thing to be said, the game is incredibly beautiful! Damn, those details on faces (go back Yakuza, you're drunk 😵), it's amazing, stunning! 👀 As I played original game not-so-long-ago, I managed to spot quick tributes here and there, it's obvious fanservice for sure, but it still works. While I didn't really enjoyed the combat system on my first run (53h30), for some reason, I found it better on my hard playthrough. This hard mode is not really hard to be honest, as long as you're keeping an eye on your party's health and you know how to manage your MPs. Obviously, The camera can quickly be a pain at times, but you'll have to deal with it. 😕 I won't say anything about the story here, while I welcomed some additions (especially at the beginning), some others near the end could be annoying, I'm referring to chapters 13 & first half of chapter 17 like everyone, I guess. Mini-games were fun and I'm actually happy they were left untouched. Worth to mention @Bushido_Cypher and his topic / video explanation for the Biker Boy 🏍️ . It really helped me to understand how to deal with it (on normal). I'd say my time would be around 109h30, then game mastered 👑 in 113h30. Finally, a 📷 tribute to best girl (some may like, some may not 🤗). I didn't realize I missed her so much!
  5. Ongoing sale: A Way Out (finally under 10€) + Deus EX: Mankind Divided season pass.
  6. Looks like I missed it completely before, and the season pass is on sale again for the same price!
  7. Akiba's Beat for dirty cheap, too bad it's 🇩🇪 USK, but I'm not complaining that much about it. Ongoing sale from PS Store: The Mooseman - Real Farm Last Day of June - Escape Plan Collection (+ Vita ver.) - Super Blood Hockey
  8. Crap, I'll miss Suicidal Tendencies (it's the band name, not the song). Thanks for your hard work @Ghost 👍
  9. :platinum: #99: River City Girls (PS4 - physical - Limited Run Collector)





    I was hyped for this game when I heard about it for the first time because I vaguely know about River City games (Kunio-kun series in 🇯🇵) as they are Technos properties (Double Dragon too), and Technos are owned by Arc System Works. You already know where this is going... 😄


    After some troubles to get my expensive ($75 + shipping) collector from Limited Run thanks to local posting service doing sh*t around new year, I received another shipment a few weeks later. I have to say this collector is pretty awesome and is also better than the game itself (sorry for not keeping the suspense any longer).


    I have mixed feeling with River CG, first and most obvious thing: Kyoko is cute 😍. I main'ed her, and while she's the fastest character, she's also the one with the lowest attack.

    My problem with this game is that I expected it to be a somewhat pure old-school beat'em all (I scream your name Streets of Rage) and it's more like a mix of this genre + Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku for purists) because you only live once, when you're K.O.'ed, you can continue (it's infinite, you just lose 25% of your money, but it's annoying when you need that same money to buy food or new techniques).

    Half of the bosses were annoying too because of their weird patterns from other games (I'm not here for a bullet hell or Guitar Hero parody, I just want to land punches and throws, damn!)

    Before finally understanding the trick with food to survive better and not wasting the money you fought to earn I was already raging with stupid patterns from second and third bosses. 😞 Another important gameplay failure is related to weapons. Unlke SoR, when you're on the ground and waking up, your weapon is at the exact same place as your character. First thing you want to do at waking up is hit back while using your short invulnerability. But instead, your character is picking up its weapon again, ending invulnerability and you're back to the ground. Similar sh*t can happen while you're thinking you're hitting opponents, but instead you'll grab another one that was on the ground, and you can guess what's happening next.

    I think WayForward (Shantae series) should have asked a few tips to Technos / Arc System to provide a better gameplay experience. It was quite frustrating.

    Later, you also unlock the guys, I played most of the time with Kunio and it was a bit different than playing with the girls.

    There's also a level system (max is 30) and as I said earlier, techniques to buy from a dojo (owned by Double Dragon brothers, you also meet Burnov at some point) and after learning a few combos, you can break most of the game balance on new game+.

    You can also recruit enemies and they can assist you (exactly the same as in some TAG games) but I didn't think about this a lot. I found the final surprising phase of hidden boss was a good idea! Overall, I really enjoyed the Soundtrack.

    Finally, even if the story is not the most important thing here, I was surprised over its ending, really deceiving. It's actually something you see a lot in hentai doujinshis to justify what you just saw, exact same trope!

    I just discovered WayForward patched this for the true ending (check for secret ending on youtube if you missed it too) even if I didn't get it on my updated game. Whatever 😑


    Guilty Gear Strive online beta !summoning @Copanele 😆

    I'm a die-hard Guilty Gear fan since the very first game came out over 20 years ago on PlayStation. Of course, when a new version of my favourite fighting game is happening, you can count on me! I have to admit I never played Isuka or GG2, only the main games.

    Xrd was the unexpected comeback of Guilty Gear, so I was waiting for Strive as every character trailer looked so godly.

    First thing to be said, the lobby was terribly designed and awful, everybody can agree on this point.

    The Tower system was a good idea to prevent strong players to bully those on lower floors.

    I started on second floor with Ky, and managed to go up to 4th. I decided to switch characters and this is probably the biggest mistake I made because I saw what was wrong with the new direction Arc System want to put Guilty Gear into.

    Sprites are too big (thinking about Faust vs Potemkin can be a nightmare as they both take a lot of space) and making zoning difficult if characters have less distance to cover. As they wanted to simplify the gameplan, gatlings are gone, and I miss that SO MUCH!

    Also, the most terrible thing for me is that Chipp became Cheap in Strive, they stripped my fav. character his most important tools (no teleport, invisibility, alpha blade became sh!t, new gamma blade is interesting, but risky).

    I also had trouble with this new version of Sol, while I'm not especially good with the hero of the series. The Night Vortex replacing Ground Viper is special to handle and no Dragon Install for Sol is not fun, but I guess this is just temporary and will be back again later.

    Playing with Chipp and Sol = from tower floor 4 to 2 🙄

    I know the damage output and visuals (I mean interface, bars, and so on) are not definitive, but I'm not confident with some of those move changes. I also realise I forgot some obvious, the game is damn beautiful and the musics are still over the top!

    The game just got postponed to 2021 (mainly because of COVID19 and home working conditions) and I really hope Arc System will use this time to reflect on themshelves instead of blaming the beasts...


    Next: Final Fantasy VII REMAKE.

    Cleared 48 hours ago, that's why it took me so long to write this post, because I was busy for a whole month living my best lockdown in Midgar 😇 . I'm actually glad I still managed to write so much about River CG and GGST despite all the time that flew.

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice job!

    4. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on the Platinum! You'tegetting very close there to your 100th milestone. :D


      As for River City Girls, thanks for laying down your thought on it in such a complete manner. I'm really interested in that game. I'd probably give it a go when I spot it with a good discount online. It's a shame that the gameplay has some quirks and issues that need polishing. Previous beat 'em ups I've played from Way Forward were very enjoyable considering the issues as well in those games, so I'm expecting this being more or less the same. The main difference being that you're kicking ass with some cute girls, of course. xD


      Now, this:


      I was surprised over its ending, really deceiving. It's actually something you see a lot in hentai doujinshis to justify what you just saw, exact same trope!

      Hmmm... :hmm:

  10. Glad the search engine is working well... Official website: You can try your luck and register for upcoming Final Closed Beta. This closed beta test supports mobile platforms (Android and iOS), PC (Windows) and the PlayStation® 4 platform. 10 supported languages (text): Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Vietnamese and Thai.
  11. I just ejected my disc. 👑
  12. Funny to notice you share your birthday (thanks to @Sigma999) with Arc System Works AND Tony Hawk!


    Enjoy it to the fullest! 👍

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    2. Copanele


      Holy ! SERIOUSLY? That is so goddamn awesome xD please don't lag like their servers though! Yep, it was fate for sure!
      Anyway happy birthday man, have a wonderful party! (slightly highjacking @FinalFan's birthday wish but hey it's a great celebration we're having xD )

    3. MidnightDragon


      My sister’s BD is today, too

    4. Sigma999


      Also shares the same birthday with Mob-kun :awesome:


      Anime Mob Psycho 100 II estreia a 7 de Janeiro •

  13. Played both on PS + DC. My teenager-self is so happy with those coming after Resident 3 and FF VII. Now, just bring back Destruction Derby trilogy too and my nostalgia will be complete 😨
  14. As the pre-orders are about to stop from Limited Run in the 🇺🇸, Merge Games just announced a release here in 🇪🇺 FINALLY! Standard edition will feature a mini-artbook + game logo keyring for 35€ (+5€ for Switch) Signature edition, just check the picture above (OST seems to be digital) and will cost 55€. (+5€ for Switch) Should be available for my birthday, I mean July 24th. keikaku doori 😲
  15. Zero Time Dilemna, it was so dirty cheap I had to buy this. Now, wish me luck to find the two other games aka Nonary Games.