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  1. Since I notice players here have platinum both versions of the game, I have a weird question to ask: If you got the PS+ version of Flames of Rebellion, does that mean you can have access to Sins of an Empire too for free? Or is the latest locked, somehow and still have to be purchased separately (or pick bundle)?
  2. Sifu! (unfortunately, looks like there is not free PS5 upgrade in this game, at least, nothing on the box, or its back) Metal Slug Anthology limited #204/1800 (Metal Slug 1 to 6, X + XX) Pre-ordered nearly one year ago. From current digital sales: MXGP 3.
  3. No problem on 🇪🇺 version published by NISA I got from ps+ years ago.
  4. Through the Woods Through the Woods Trophies 🇪🇺 Through the Woods Trophies 🇺🇸 IGDB You're right, the latter is just the overseas release. Also, this game is just an updated version of original PS3 release 真・恋姫夢想~乙女対戦★三国志演義~ I played long time ago.
  5. Should be June 1st, for the beginning of season 6 as I said when I posted the news. Regarding a new trophy list (aka Fall Guys fiesta), good question, but honestly who wants to go through that buggy hell anymore as it's already known everything doesn't autopop from PS5 to PS4? Even if things are working better now since the current season 5. edit: Found the answer in PS5 forum of the game!
  6. Probably one of my last purchases from Limited Run as we are also charged with customs (+20%) since the big 🇪🇺 law from last summer. Meaning I'm really thinking about throwing money to them if the game deserves it. LRG #418 : Haven
  7. Sakuna and Doki Doki Litterature +, this one was delayed in 🇪🇺 for nearly six months 😶
  8. YS IX + Baja Edge of Control HD From current sale from the store: MXGP, Birthday of Midnight, The Bunker.
  9. First season pass is now complete. (s?)HE'S BACKKKKKK! With a hat, and drinking tea. + New stage(White House Reborn) starting March 28, digital figure mode will be back too. Additional informations: Season pass 2 should contain 4 new characters and crossplay between PS and steam.
  10. is finally mine! But nothing to do with newest update 5.02 from today, with minor bug fixes according to my PS4. It took +4 months and +200 hours to get rid of this. Rank platinum 16 (level 416) with over 1000 matches played and over 500 victories (and some ugly disconnections/ragequits, I must be honest 😤) More numbers: Catch-o-matic (1000 balls caught) : reality: 2790. Point Guard (1000 KO asssits) : reality 3514. Started season 5 at 3380. I honestly think the new 2.0 tracking system is more efficient, as me and friends managed to unlock a few trophies, that could confirm there are less loss of datas when servers are communicating. Conclusion: trust yourself, not Velan. Good luck for those who are still waiting for something that may come ... one day? I'll still keep an eye for this as I'm playing a lot for a friend on shareplay, he actually recently met the requirements for Catch-o-matic and Point Guard, he 's a bit over 1000 for both.
  11. It takes two + The Cruel King and the Great Hero limited (Thanks NISA for publishing this), with artbook + 15 cm plushie.
  12. Limited Run opened a 4 weeks pre-order release. Standard game is $50, collector worth twice.
  13. Yeah, I think you're reading right, @Rejim. Progression 2.0 is in the game and should prevent a lot more than before loss of data when servers are communicating / updating your contracts. Also be warned the game has lots of new bugs (the team know about most of them and working to fix them) because of the start of the new season, like for example no daily reward when you're logging to the game.
  14. Maintenance for upgrading the game to season 5 has started! Game will be back in the next hours. Will edit this message if I finally earned my cursed trophies, Point Guard (1000 assists) + crew contracts. I got Daily Doer a few days ago. After I complained again on discord, Josh (also) again clarified the situation:
  15. After purchasing the second a few weeks ago, finally managed to get Monster Jam Steel Titans for a decent price! YS VIII (unfortunately no bonus music disc, previous owner never got it) From previous digital sales: Silvers Chains, The Coma 2 DX, The Surge 2: Kraken Expansion + Public Enemy Weapon Pack, Neptunia Virtual Stars: Start the Party DLC pack. If someone wants to take a look at Coma 2 + Nep V stars ps avatars (7+9), there you go ⤵️ Good luck with Kena @IntroPhenom, probably one of the worst experience I've witnessed for a long time (I mean, playing on Master mode, it's quite ... an experience, honestly).