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  1. Announcement from TGS, an important stream (~2 hours) will be broadcasted in two weeks. Featuring strong players like Tomo (Leo), Nage (Faust) Takehara (Ram). Starting 11:00 🇯🇵 - 04:00 🇫🇷 - 03:00 🇬🇧
  2. Caligula Effect Overdose (not easy to find) and Descenders (I like when indie games get physical release with console ports, that's so ironic ) + sales from the store: Wolf Among Us, Agatha Christie - ABC Murders, Planet of the Eyes Nippon Marathon, SAO Hollow Realization DX, original Guilty Gear (!summoning @Copanele) Through The Woods (ending soon!)
  3. Finally won my first Fall Guys 👑 yesterday! 🤗


    📹 replay 



    After playing for 8 days, and reached level 27! YAY!

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    2. FinalFan


      It was Fall Mountain, I didn't forget to push :r2: to grab my preciou$ 👑

    3. Raveniteh


      Oh nice! I can only win on Fall Mountain it seems. Everything else is just a mess and I am not able to grab the win anywhere else.

    4. Mayellie


      Congrats! Seems I'm the only noob who can't win Fall Mountain. I only have 1 win, and it's Jump Showdown. xD

  4. #101 Streets of Rage 4 (one month ago, but got lazy and trying too hard with Fall Guys 👀) First thing to know, the game received an important update recently, so a few things I'll say may be outdated. 😏 I was waiting for this game since its unexpected announcement. As an old guy, I enjoyed Streets of Rage series on Megadrive a lot back then when I was a teenager. I purchased Streets 3 with my console and maybe because of that, it was my favorite entry of the trilogy. The characters could run in this one! I was also very excited because this new Streets is a 🇫🇷 game, and like Plague Tale, I can say for sure this one is a national treasure too! The studios that worked on this sequel did a good job to stay faithful to the feeling of the saga, including gameplay. And cherry on the top, you can even play with the 16bit versions of the characters! 😇 The game (12 levels) can be cleared in ~90 minutes, but have some replay value due to the various characters and some challenges to grab the ! On first try, even on normal, the game can be challenging when you have to learn the hard way. Also, I made the huge mistake to start with my fave char. Axel. He sucked so much, too slow, this was very annoying against some bosses you have trouble to reach! But it got way better on my second playthrough with Blaze, she's very useful, you can combo easily with her! While Cherry could run, I didn't have any fun to play with her (too close to Skate, probably), and Floyd is kinda interesting despite being the slowest (but most powerful) fighter of the cast. Some new enemies are nice pick too, thinking about those cops (those with laser shields can also be annoying, but the worst are obviously those with tasers!) and bikers girls with helmet. Classical enemies were back too, no worries. And Galsia with a knife is always scary, but the mess inside the dojo was such a wicked idea! 😈 But after handling those rooms, you're relieved you made it through. Oh, and like everyone who played this game: Estel is awesome! Regarding trophies, the main hurdle to complete the set is the one where you need a S score in every level on hard difficulty (or more). You need to be fast (and furious), level knowledge is mandatory, where the enemies will spawn, to do your best, while trying to not waste your combo! One very frustrating thing the team forgot is that in older games you could counter back instantly when someone is hitting or grabbing your character. Imho (already talked about it on the dedicated topic) the best characters to do this are Shiva, Blaze and Adam (both SoR & SoR4 ver.) Another trophy that is stupid but can hopefully be done in coop with a friend is the perfect (no damage) level. 🙄 Finally, you also have a very grindy asking 5 millions points (it's huge) but when you know how to deal to grab bonus points (like using various characters on different difficulty levels), it's possible to earn some time.
  5. This is not a trophy guide, but some tips may be helpful for some of you. At least, I hope! Speedster is easy to get, you can actually earn it while going for other trophies like talking with Mrs. Save, beating the drums, getting every Meowsterpiece and the item Giraffe lost. I got it in 4h03 minutes, and didn’t even skip cutscenes with . As long as you remember some basics things, it’ll go fine. Forest dungeon is night only, same for Ghost Carpenter (to repair the bridge). Ocean and Fire dungeons are day only. You can visit Thomas at night only and Mary only during daytime. The main thing to keep in mind here is in chapter 4, as Mary needs 3 days to make this beautiful dress for Annika, you should first get the cloth and take a reference pic as soon as possible to bring those to her, then, go in the dark subterranean dungeon to learn the dance and get missed Meowsterpieces in previous dungeons with super dash and swimming abilities. Don’t forget to exit the dungeon from the pause menu as soon as you got what you came for Also, sometimes it’s faster to die than going back from the chest to grab the Meowsterpiece inside. New from update 1.01, you can also respawn from the last recovery point! As soon as you wake up (beginning of last chapter) save and talk to the Rabbit father, then go ahead of him to open the green door and arrive just in time to take the Ropeway before 3pm! Don’t forget to talk to the Ghost Conductor first before 2:30pm to validate your ticket! You can find a steam guide (in 🇯🇵) for every collectible-related trophy, but I’ll add some notes: About the drums, the last two are very close, just before riding the Ropeway to Triangle Mountain (on the right) and just after the ride, before crossing the first bridge (on the left). This is where the should pop. For the Meowsterpieces, there’s a chest on the opposite side of the drum before riding the Ropeway to Triangle Mountain, inside a bedroom on the left. The last one is inside the dungeon, pretty difficult to miss. Why am I talking about those collectibles? Actually, it seems impossible to go left (chest / Meowsterpiece) and right (hitting drum) before talking to the Ghost Conductor, then taking the Ropeway to the Triangle Mountain. It was a good idea I guess, to save right after waking up from the White/Dream World. I finished the drums trophy first, then reloaded and go for the remaining Meowsterpieces. For Mrs. Save, you can talk to her 3 times, I mean the one in the center of the three colored circles (later replaced by the Goddess’ statue). First time you encounter her, before meeting Hillfred. When Hillfred will guide you (and Giraffe) to the Fire dungeon. After she was moved to a wooden cart, and replaced by the Goddess’ statue. And for the one that will accompany you inside the trolley within the Triangle Mountain, instead of Mr. Rabbit. Talk to her before and after the ride! What’s the reward for gathering all the 30 Meowsterpieces for the Ghost Baron? It’s highly recommended to wear the orange swimsuit in the ocean as it’s pretty long to go forth and back. This swimsuit will make Annika swim way faster! Now, let’s talk about the rhythm games! 🎶 This is why you clicked here, huh? 😘 I don’t remember the score needed to earn the third bonus illustration, but I got it after finishing my first song in hard difficulty. The five songs were S rank (only one A rank) on easy + normal. Is it possible to get Perfect Rhythm after completing all songs on easy + normal with no misses? No, you’ll also have to clear the songs on hard difficulty, too. How many points are needed for Bonus Drawing Collector? 432,000. I actually earned A Rank, Perfect Rhythm and Bonus Drawing Collector after clearing the final song (Triangle Mountain) on hard difficulty with no misses. I think those three trophies are tied together and it seems difficult to secure an A Rank on hard with some misses… I’m now over 435,000 but still missing S Rank on three songs on hard difficulty. Actually, I don’t like playing Ocean and Fire dungeon songs as I find them kinda random / irregular and this is easily tricky when you’re aiming at S Rank. Having Lily so close to you on the right dancing in her bikini is distracting (second part of first half) even when you’re not looking at her. She’s still in your field of vision 😟 Keeping an 👀 on your score is important when reaching for S Ranks! Miss: 0; OK: 50; Good: 100; Great: 200 Let’s say at some point (you can breathe a few seconds 2 or 3 times on each song) you have 36 combo, your max score should be 7200 (36 great). So, if for example you scored 6750, it means you have something like 32 great, 3 good, and 1 ok so far. And later a 84 combo, your max score should be 16800 (84 great). So, if for example you scored 15700, it means you have something like 74 great, 8 good and 2 ok. Forest Dungeon Max combo / No miss: Easy: 52 ; Normal: 82; Hard: 144. Ocean Dungeon Max combo / No miss: Easy: 63 ; Normal: 112; Hard: 159. Fire Dungeon Max combo / No miss: Easy: 88 ; Normal: 137; Hard: 201. White World Max combo / No miss: Easy: 99 ; Normal: 144; Hard: 211. Triangle Mountain Max combo / No miss: Easy: 97 ; Normal: 157; Hard: 216. The bonuses are working like this: combo x20 + 2000 for no miss. Forest Dungeon hard with 25500 + 144 x20 + 2000 = 30380 (S Rank). Ocean Dungeon hard with 28300 + 159 x20 + 2000 = 33480 (A Rank). I guess that’s all! You can also check the community founded by duncan45, it definitively needs more players 🙂
  6. I thought about this and I just contacted SQEX Community Manager for my country, same reply, never heard of the promotion before. Good job, Sony! 🤑
  7. Got my final answer from 🇫🇷 support: Sadly, avatars are only for 🇺🇸 accounts. Do I want to waste more time for this? NO! But thanks @Taliak14, you're a hero for us poor 🇪🇺 players that are always screwed. 😑
  8. After my phone call from yesterday (luckily, I almost had no waiting time, while calling around 5:30pm at my work 😅) the person who answered me told me that this should be okay for both US and Europe, he checked my account (and asked me several informations to confirm my identity) and saw I earned the for the game. Then, just before ending our conversation, he sent my an e-mail containing a link for me to upload screenshots proving I got the with my account. I uploaded the screenshots 24 hours ago, and got another mail today confirming they received my files. I'm waiting for their final answer now. Another note, I managed to enable promotional stuff / mails by myself while connecting on my Sony main account (not PSN, I really mean sony ➡️ ) It worked, as I received yesterday a mail related to Sony's Xperia smartphones (an announcement stated for Sept 17th on their YT channel). And the guy from the support team also saw I had those mail notifications activated (while it was never activated before because my account is too old, created in july 2012 👀).
  9. Police Chase Digital sales (~40€): Tomb Raider Definitive From Hidden gems (about to end) RATALAIKA GAMES (you know why + those are PS4+PSV) Football Game, 36 Fragments of Midnight, Midnight Deluxe, Twin Robots, Tetra's Escape Attack of Toy Tanks, Distraint Deluxe Ed, I and Me Other publishers: Surgeon Simulator + I am Bread bundle 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, Path to Mnemosyne, A Winter's Daydream, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
  10. After contacting my local support by e-mail last wednesday, I got an answer. Exactly the one I was expecting to read. Of course, the person who answered me didn't gave me any mail or phone number, but I managed to find a phone number I'll call later this week. After reading Amrit316's post about Livechat available for UK, I managed to find this too on UK support website, sadly there is no such thing for my country.
  11. I just tried, and as expected, I just had the time to see (-1 sec) a red message that I'm blocked and, then have this page. Did someone from Europe got codes, or is this only for US/UK?
  12. Dev backyard Xrd is available:
  13. Try to get the physical release (no standard, only limited like I posted recently). Also, good lookin new Felicia pic! 😊
  14. Descenders US EU Giraffe and Annika JP (Playism release) EU+NA (WW? - NISA release) Good luck with your next update 😉
  15. Giraffe & Annika limited! 😍 Please check this topic i made about the game if you want to learn more about this one some probably never heard about.