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  1. Time to stop being lazy (at least, Im trying 😬)!


    :platinum: #104: South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4 - physical); Dec 19.


    Already played and enjoyed the first game on PS3 (managed to import a NTSC disc, because of censorship issues here in 🇪🇺), then stacked the PS4 remaster (free digital code with this game) a year ago.

    Forget about the medieval setting, now, the Coon and friends are super heroes!

    While you see some things were copy/pasted from the Stick of Truth, the Ubi studio also added new things to the fights, you have to be careful with the effects of your super powers, when like bowling, you can throw enemies bumping into each other and keep an eye of where your teammates are.

    I won't go as far as talking about tactical (some are calling this strategy) RPG because you're moving on squares, but you have the idea, I guess.


    The story is fun to follow, as expected. Of course, you'll have to deal with fantastic farts abilities! 😄 New thing about this sequel, it has a 🇫🇷 dub, but for some reason Ubi got too close to their money and didn't provide the official dub from the series, but paid cheap 🇧🇪 voice actors for this. Like some other players, I decided to play this game with original voice over. After all, we didn't have any choice on first game.




    About the 🏆, even if you have to play on hard difficulty + another surprise handicap, the game is not that hard because you can track your power level with the accessories you equip on your new kid. Max power is 800 (8 slots x100).

    I'd say the most difficult boss is the MUTANT COUSIN KYLE, nearly everyone who did this game will agree with me.


    I also remember the fight with evil cute satanist animals (yeah, we're definitively in South Park) with Santa as backup with my team. Finally, the optional boss: Morgan Freeman himself was okay (but beaten him on normal difficulty).

    Hopefully no collectibles to seek this game, you can freely enjoy your walkthrough without having to check if you missed something. This sequel seems a little longer than Stick of Truth, according to a friend's PS5, I played this one ~33 hours.

  2. Newest Nep is out! Day One edition has some extras, like Death end re;quest 2 😍 + Cheap scary stuff from the store: Dissection, Outlast extension: Whistleblower. Me, still looking to get that one for very cheap. There's also the very original version of this game in 🇩🇪, called Autobahn Polizei Simulator 2, of course.
  3. Q&A from yesterday's NG+ : Important points, Arc Sys will consider to implement rollback on previous games, upon community's requests. Of course, they'll try to do something about Strive lobbies and maybe another beta will happen before June.
  4. Susanoo have a 11K+ combo in his tactics mode. It's pretty easy, no need to jump cancel or crouching + it's in a corner. Check this video (06:30). But because I'm lazy and I know my BlazBlue, just pick Hakumen and do a distortion cross combination with any character, but you'll need at least 4 in your special gauge.
  5. I guess unlocking BBTAG was a good reminder for me to post those pics of Ruby and Weiss I did two weeks ago. 😅 Ruby and Weiss - pop up parade from Good Smile. As it's really not easy to find RWBY figures (because it's a non🇯🇵 ip) I was glad Good Smile did something about this. Also, those are my very first pop up parade figures, and I must say while those are cheap figures (-4000 yen), the quality is stll here! I'm just waiting for Blake and Yang now, to complete the TEAM RWBY! More 📷
  6. Shenmue 1&2 + The Princess Guide. From previous online sale: Gravel + Sagebrush.
  7. In case you guys missed it, time to be serious again: link for the survey / feedbacks about this beta. Don't forget to point out the terrible lobbies. 😏
  8. Also, regarding the extension of the beta it'll run until Tuesday 23, 23:59 🇯🇵, meaning 15:59 🇫🇷, 14:59 🇬🇧. And for anyone interested, so far, imo the network is running good. From 🇫🇷 (optic fiber + Wi-Fi): Middle East ✅, 🇺🇸 East coast (Atlantic) ✅, 🇺🇸 West coast (Pacific) ✅, Asia South+East ❎. Unfortunately, couldn't really try 🇰🇷. Don't want to try 🇯🇵 because of my not that good level (started and remaining on level 6, got promoted to level 7 twice, but for a very short period).
  9. It's me, I-NO! 🎸
  10. About the servers problems since over 12h ago. 🇯🇵 + 🇬🇧
  11. Nothing really much to add, the online lobby is still terrible, but just a bit more functionnal than on the previous beta period. Also noticed there's a free zone (no ranking) looking like a park.
  12. Got my code too. Also, time to promote the community "UK & Europe" I recently been promoted as moderator. 😁
  13. Some matches from Gamespot, Sol, Ky, and Axl.
  14. THIS! I honestly think, they'll keep this in their sleeve, and uncover it later as a feature related to arcade/story mode. But still locked for now, as the game is still not released.
  15. Time to register for open beta (PS4/PS5)! 🇪🇺 link with Bamco Will be available from Feb 19, 04:00 to Feb 21, 4pm (CET / 🇬🇧), featuring 13 fighters, offline VS, tuto, training, and of course online lobbies from hell. Still don't know why I'm still the first to post this here, since the announcement is from yesterday I guess. Do you enjoy seeing my suffering Fall Guys avatar so much? 👿