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  1. Monday: A Hat in Time (including one of the two DLC) Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars Limited (was sold out in 24 hours on Iffy's eu webstore) + my first PS5 game, you know, the remake of the remaster. 😜 From current digital (End of year) sale: Fort Boyard, Réussir le code de la route (+ motorbike extension), The Surge DLC (A Walk in the Park + The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented).
  2. I picked up again some demons I gave up on around 10 years ago when I started playing on PS3 / trophy hunting. Will host a boosting session for VT4 for sure lol.
  3. More black week sales: Ary: Secret of Seasons, The Surge 2 (limited w bonuses), EDF 5, Untitled Goose Game, Iris Fall. Other games are for a friend.
  4. For anybody interested, I'm posting the levels I earned the various XP trophies. I only started K.O. this month because of PS+, no early trial before. 50K XP: lv 37 - 100K XP: lv 61 - 250K XP: bronze 19 (or 119).
  5. Looking back at my screens stored on PS4, looks like championship would be okay too, but not recommanded at all. edit: Got in on classic 3 vs 3, it's annoying to wait on the ball to finally have a chance to lock someone from the other team. 😒
  6. After having the same problem tonight, playing diamond rush mode. My friend told me (he asked to EA) trophies can be earned on classic 3 vs 3 game, not other/bonus modes.
  7. More early Black Friday (Black Week) sales: Nino Kuni Remastered + Nier Replicant Remastered.
  8. You have to own (and buy / earn) 10 (or more) differents costumes (outfits), equip on your character and win a match with each one of them. Other is the same, but you have to own 20 differents costumes (outfits) and/or gloves. I guess for example if your have 12 outfits and 8 different gloves, that makes 20 and you're good.
  9. :platinum: #118: The Wolf Among Us (PS4 - digital); April 26.

    + PS3 (physical) stack as :platinum: #121; June 6.


    I won't be original here. This one is one of the best TellTale games I've experienced. The story is good, the Fabletown setting, interesting, and it's nice to play the big bad detective wolf 🐺. Like many before me, I'm still hoping a sequel would come out one day, who knows?


    Unlike various other titles from the studio, just following the story won't grant you all the trophies + :platinum:.

    Like Final Season of Walking Dead, you have to try different / opposite choices at some points of the story to unlock entries for the diary.


    Estimated time from the friend's PS5: 10 hours. (less when I did it again on PS3)




    :platinum: #119: Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4 - digital); May 2.


    I guess the previous game inspired me to stack Murdered I played on PS3 back in May 2018. Another game with strong narrative where you're a detective resolving a your own death case featuring surnatural elements. In Murdered, you try to know why you were killed, with the help of a young girl, gathering clues here and there while learning more about the history of Salem city with the witches.




    Trophies are pretty straightforward, but a lot of them are tied to various collectibles you have to gather. You also have to be careful at some point, because some areas of the city can be visited only once, meaning if you missed a collectible, you're good for another run.


    Estimated time from the friend's PS5: 8,5 hours.

  10. Deception IV
  11. No surprise (I actually expected him to be first, no Goldlewis) Happy Chaos has been announced as third DLC char from season pass.
  12. I used the french guide While they're mentioning v1.06, I can say for sure it's a mistake. After done with the game, I also installed and played the bonus Oscar story (it's short, around 40 minutes) and that didn't change anything (no 1.05 to 1.06, still 1.05). Good luck with Scriptwriter's Nightmare, as it's not very we'll known what counts or not for this one. Just in case, I opened my box and both box + disc have serial number CUSA-05545. Disc have Microids logo as well as Pegi + USK (german) 12.
  13. I know I'm late, but I just unlocked the and all others trophies fine. Also 🇪🇺 disc, that's why I'm answering and hope I can help you. I played full updated game v1.05 (PS4 Pro). Did not install additional Oscar story. Played on Adventure mode (similar experience as previous Syberia games, without modern help). 🇫🇷 dub+subtitles/text (I don't think that matters). If you still own the game, I highly suggest you to completely delete your previous save and start a new one, just to be sure no old curse would ruin your run. Maybe that's why some trophies didn't pop when you replayed Syberia 3 updated? About the trophies you didn't earn: Wish you luck and the if you're brave enough to start a third run. 😵
  14. Purchased the second game at the beginning of the year, I thought it was time to also get the first Evil Within. Will be murdered attempt this as #150 From previous digital sales: Little Misfortune, Ellen, Explosive Jake.