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  1. It happened to me a few months ago, Blu-ray (movies or PS3 games) was dead, but PSOne or DVD movies were still playing fine. If like me you buy another PS3, I'm sharing some advice from my own experience about backing up your save files / trophies / installed game: Because I'm smart (at least I thought so), I bought the exact same model again (PS3 slim) and thought just switch the HDD (same model of course) would prevent me to do complicated stuff to keep my datas. But for some reason (Sony protections?) my new slim couldn't read / boot my HDD from the dying slim and same for new HDD on old / dying slim. After got pissed off because I tried this for nothing, I just did it the legit way by linking my two slims together with an ethernet / LAN cable, used Data Transfer Utility and everything went fine. Even the protected saves that couldn't be copied to an USB flash drive moved to my current PS3 and I could also finish games I started years ago (and nearly gave up) on my previous / dying slim. 🇬🇧 🇫🇷
  2. The Ninja Warriors: Return of the Warriors, from Strictly Limited (#951 / 1200). I totally forgot about the freebies with the game when I preordered it months ago (late June) 😄
  3. Sorry @Redgrave 😬 AXL trailer No character reveal this time, but TWO more characters (meaning 6) will be playable for Arc Revo US (16+17 November). Also, next trailer will air on November 4th.
  4. World of FF Day one (because of some summons)
  5. World End Syndrome Day One limited with artbook.
  6. :platinum: #90: Need For Speed Payback (PS4 - digital)


    Finally bought this one pretty recently (around when Heat was announced) for cheap while it was on a special week sale through PS Store. As I finally cleared Most Wanted, I thought it was the best moment to give a go to this latest NFS.


    Overall it's a good game, maybe not the best of the series but the story mode was entertaining (~32 hours).

    The most interesting thing here is that you have different types of cars: racing, offroad, drift and drag(ster) with every category having a different type of steering.

    Then, you have to beat everything to grab the :platinum:. The highest hurdle will obviously be the :silver: for clearing every activity with 3 ⭐, the highest score (30 drift zones, 45 speed traps, 40 speed runs and 30 jumps), total: 435 ⭐.


    You also have some collectibles to get around the map of Fortune Valley, 100 gambler chips and smash 30 billboards.

    You can easily track everything on the map, it's obviously not the same pain it was with Most Wanted.

    For those wondering about the lootboxes, in this final version of the game it isn't a problem for sure as you don't have to grind a lot to upgrade your cars (either you win cards when winning an event, or purchase them from the tuning workshop, it's up to you).


    I still need to do the Speedcross extension (some kind of gymkana events) but I was ~68 hours.

    Here's my personal :platinum: rating difficulty as I played nearly every game for a few years now from easiest to hardest: Rivals, Most Wanted, Payback, Hot Pursuit, The Run. I own the 2015 reboot, but not played this one yet.

    And as usual with the series, the sound selection is awesome. My fave track is obviously this one from Tom Morello (former Rage Against the Machine member)

    After Speedcross extension, I'll finally play WreckFest to its fullest! B)

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    2. DamagingRob
    3. FinalFan


      You're welcome @Honor_Hand 😇

      I suggest you to buy the Deluxe edition from PS Store when it's on sale again (paid 17 or 18€, and saw it at its lowest price this summer: 15€), because not only you can 💯% with Speedcross extension (just cleared it, it's pretty short, -2 hours and fun when you suffered the activities because you know how the cars react to perform high scores) and you also get several free cars when you start the game. They're helpful when you're short on (ingame) money and save some cash instead of buying cars for each category.


      Lootboxes are optional in this game but beneficial for the player as you can earn money as reward 😉

      If you don't check the options menu by yourself to claim them, you wouldn't even know they exist!

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  7. So... as I still didn't understand this easy method, I mastered all the drift zones using a good car, actually both : Lamborghini Huracan (16/30) and Mazda RX-7 (14/30). Also tried a bit with BMW M5 (the one you need to score 350K on a drift event for a ), but score is too low to rise up. @Lance_87 was right, while I don't consider being myself being a flawless (gaming) driver, I did them all after understanding each section and having a bit of luck to maintain my score (multiplier) and escape from traffic cars. I also happened to beat my other PS friends quite a few times too. The most difficult one I'd say is Keep on Drifting, with the underground parking and narrow road with walls, I scored 45 470 (needed 45K) on this one and this activity has a very annoying bug, it happened to reset my score several times near the end while I'm of course still inside this drift activity area. Otherwise I could have top my score one or two times. Anyway, I'm on my way to , I don't think I'll have problems with remaining speed traps and speed runs, then 💯% with Speedcross extension.
  8. :platinum: #89: Double Dragon IV (PS4 - digital)


    This one was pretty insane, I'll remember it as one of my most challenging :platinum:.

    I wanted it to be my #88 initially, but somewhat gave up on it at some point because of the cursed challenging tower.


    The game itself is pretty difficult, I mean the story mode with 12 stages, the only way to beat this game (I mean for normal people) is to use some dirty tricks (exploits) to not lose health too fast.

    Then, you unlock the infamous insane tower as well as other characters when you manage to progress through this survival mode.

    Did most of the game from July 15 to 27, the only missing :gold: was the one you earn when you manage to clear 100 floors on tower mode.


    Even when using the dirty tricks, it's not easy at all because you only have one life to deal with that!

    The best way to do this is obviously by picking the best character (the Mysterious Warrior, you encounter him on floor 40) and playing with 2 controllers. Die and retry a lot as well as learning the patterns of some enemies.


    I did it @Icebrand1270! 😄

    Still working on NFS Payback (then WreckFest), but I'm struggling with the drift activities, I need to master them all (3 ⭐ score).

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Awesome work, those Double Dragon games have always been tough to beat. I can imagine getting the Platinum must've been pretty challenging. Congrats! :D


      Best of luck with NFS Payback. 👍

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. Icebrand1270


      I appreciate the shout-out! That's one to be proud of! I don't know if I'll buy it again under my current ID (OohYeah127) but time will tell.

  9. Next step is end of september for CEOtaku. Since there is no gameplay footage for May, this may (you saw it, huh?) only be from her intro and not her real new design, but for sure she isn't a loli anymore 😮
  10. Final Fantasy XIII limited, around 1 month before buying the console itself (slim; God of War III bundle).
  11. Resident EVII.
  12. Another list for River City Girls that seems to be Asia:
  13. It seems the third one is for Asia. Meaning separated from japanese.
  14. Another European game with physical only in 🇬🇧: Crystar.
  15. Hi there! While I understand what I'm reading, I don't understand how you can do that in this game because as soon as a part of your car is going backward, you can't score anymore, meaning it's impossible to increase it when spinning out. If you did a video example, I guess it would be very helpful to share it. Thanks!