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  1. :platinum: #100: FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (PS4 - physical - Limited) done two weeks ago.



    TL note: Gagné = Won.

    23ec.png Full post on the forum ⏬

    Another bonus 📷 for people seeing this here. Beautiful, isn't it?


    For curious people, I made a compilation of my 51 - 100 :platinum: on twitter with some stats.

    I decided to go back one more time to FFXV, and now that I finally cleared the terrible Snowmobile time trials from Episode Prompto, nothing prevents me to finally get my hands on this 💯% that cannot be claimed anymore since Multiplayer Comrades was moved as a standalone.

    I also (re)launched the main game, I was surprised to see the mini collab with FFXIV and the other one with Terra Wars (the mobile game is down since Last Christmas, it lived only six months it seems 😐) could still be done.

    Then, I played the special mission against the boss Melusine :bronze:, then a few more hunting contracts I never cleared back then, on late 2016. Now I'm only missing the two hardest (Daemon Wall + Ayakashi lv. 110), but I guess I'll give it another try later when I'll grant my team a night at the hotel to finally collect the XP I'm saving for quite a time. They're still ~lv. 80.

    And chocobo races, because why not after all? Even if I still like driving the Regalia more.

    About various listings, I have to do Episode Ardyn + Royal content.


    Next: South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      An amazing achievement, congrats! 👍


      I'm out of rep points at the moment, but I figured I should at least drop a message here to congratulate you on your milestone. :D That 100th milestone is always special for every trophy hunter, not many are able to get there, but you did. And I see you also added an unforgettable game to that achievement. I wish I could say anything more, but I'm completely ignorant as far as FF games go. I haven't played any myself. 😅


      Onwards now to your 200th milestone. B)

    3. MidnightDragon



    4. FinalFan


      Thanks everyone for the messages 😀

      More 📷 because I'm in the mood 😊. I also received the recently released OST (limited, with bonus Jukebox disc, of course) last Saturday.




      Well, @Honor_Hand, I guess you know it already, but you're missing something if you never played any FF before, and what's cool with the series is that every episode is different, and it's always a great moment to ask the fav FF of another player.


      Also, regarding milestones, FFXV was my 40th :platinum: (X-mas 2016), and I managed to set my 5000th as well with original FFVII, the one with the famous meteor logo you earn when you clear the game.