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  1. here we go... my brain is gonna hurt after this 1. Last of us 2. Beyond two souls 3. Heavy rain 4. Walking dead : telltale games 5. GTA V 6. Little big planet 7. Metal Gear Solid IV 8. Red Dead Redemption 9. Skyrim 10. LA Noire wow that was hard so many great games this gen
  2. Im sorry if this has been posted i tried to look for a similar post and couldn't see one. With the launch of PS4 coming up on the 15th in US and 29th in EU, i want to know of peoples plans, are you just a turn it on and play kind of person or do you have an outrageous weekend planned. My plans consist of sitting at the window with my nose pressed up to the glass waiting for that delivery persons to come. once here i will smell, caress my shiny new PS4, then set it up and play none stop all weekend, will have a nice supply of chilled Pepsi and the local pizza place number stored on my phone ready for speed dial. I have already apologized to the wife and kids in advance as i will be absent from family life the weekend of the 29th. hehehe
  3. i used to collect my ps3 games. but in my small house i have not much room to store them. so i traded most of them in to put towards my ps4. so got about 15 games left and when the ps4 is released my collecting will probably start again
  4. i don't have a lot of money for games, but like "pie" i would still be happy if we got less. maybe 1 title for each platform and a psn indie game. id still sub and wouldn't complain
  5. welcome
  6. anyone is welcome to add me. but sadly got rid of most of my games ready for the ps4.
  7. When i saw the news i was like damn i just submitted the form from amazon about switching my preorder to the watch dog bundle. so contacted amazon uk and explained the situation. the customer service person said they are aware of the issue and will be sending out new emails to the people who ordered that bundle asking to select another bundle. so anyone who ordered from amazon uk can at least not worry about there ps4 order.
  8. beyond two souls. so far i like it a lot, hopefully it will be one of fav's with heavy rain
  9. working on beyond atm. really want to plat this one
  10. feel free to add me. id is mopreme187. happily play any of my games with anyone. just say your from PSNP. i play ps3 everyday so im easily caught online
  11. sure
  12. I instantly loved the site, and thought it was well worth the money. very well set out i my opinion
  13. Hello everyone im new to the community, and wanted to say hi. i have already upgraded to premium (even tho my trophies aren't updating yet) Im usually pretty quiet on forums and only post if i have something constructive to add to a topic. i look forward to meeting you all in the future Mopreme187