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  1. Absolute Drift Zen Edition and Undertale are the only ones that I actively want right now lol. Otherwise I actually don't have a clue predictionswise, feels like Sony just throws the most unexpected shit month to month,
  2. I don't have a single clue on what to make my 100th platinum trophy, any tips...?

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    2. MarsipanRumpan


      I mean yeah would be pretty funny. 100% serious with this but if Haroful Boyfriend had a plat it would be my 100, don't know if it counts as weeb game tho as its like a VA parody lol

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      *VN =D VA is a voice actor xD

    4. MarsipanRumpan


      looool look at my knowledge, sorry for fucking up :D

  3. Just finished Berserk, what a fucking manga. 

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    2. MarsipanRumpan


      Yeah indeed, are you caught up with Berserk? (I presume you are), what an amazing series and I love where its at right now.
      No I haven't, only heard of it never read it though. I just begun Boku no Hero because my friends love that manga/anime which means I can discuss it with them, but I would love more mangas to read afterwards :)

    3. KittiBear


      Yup! I'm all caught up with Berserk! Love that manga. Have you watched the most recent anime they've been doing of it? I'm glad they aren't redoing the golden arc again because that saga has been done to death. The 3D kinda threw me off at the beginning but I've really adapted to it. As far as things go it's a fairly solid adaptation. I have no clue was Boku no Hero is, but I just googled it and it looks way too shonen for me haha. I prefer seinen. 

    4. MarsipanRumpan


      Yeah Berserk is amazing. No I actually haven't, the only anime I've watched is some of the original Golden Arc anime. I've seen some of the 3D anime too, I have a rough time with 3D-anime (Blame! for example) but sometimes it looks really good! I'll check it out.
      Yeah Boku no Hero is as shounen as it gets, Im tired of shounen and have begun tending to like seinen far more, but I'll read this and then I'll probably move on to Oyasumi PunPun (Fucked up manga lol), I put Vinland Saga in my plan to read, looks good as hell :) 

      Im also interested in reading Vagabond, don't know much about it but I've heard its great.

  4. The final 3 hours of the Dragon Ball Fighterz closed beta is upon us, I'll spend every second I can with this AMAZING game.

  5. Anyone got spare DB Fighterz codes? I have one, but looking for one for my friend. Would appreciate it a ton, one of the best and craziest betas I've ever been apart of!

  6. Anime / Manga tips? :)

  7. Writing a game development design document is hell, been sitting here for 3 hours, putting out more than 3000 words and Im not even 1/3 done. Oh well it will turn into something great in the end, I just need to do so much fucking documentation to even begin developing an idea for real lol.

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    2. AlchemistWer


      Nice man! Good to know in Sweden people can study Game Design too and I hope you can complete your project and all your goals in the industry, good luck. 

    3. MarsipanRumpan


      Thank you man, yeah we actually have great support for game design I'd say. We have a couple of big studios here to which helps :D
      Thank you, I'll give updates here pretty regulary so I'll try to keep you in touch later on :)

    4. AlchemistWer


      Ok ok  np!

  8. It legit feels so good to be back in school, especially knowing its the final year of school for me! :D

    1. Galactic Balls

      Galactic Balls

      The time has come, jam this on the last day



    2. MarsipanRumpan


      Dude you bet I am, will record and send you lol

  9. A while back the UI on the Vita crashed, nothing worked and I couldn't even turn it off etc. It eventually died itself and turned out okay when I turned it on again. I started my PS4 for the first time in like 3 weeks and the screen was blue. Nothing else, nothing worked so I pulled the cable. And when turned back on I needed to install a reinstallation file to make my PS4 work again. I pressed okay and my PS4 turned on by itself after like.. 5 minutes? Honestly nervous lol

  10. #95 Lego Batman 2 (Vita), feels good to be done with this game, closing in on #100 finally after a long ass break from games. Now on to.. Starwhal I think? :D

  11. Confirmed by multiple websites that Deluxe Edition is needed for the plat. So make sure you're buying the correct edition because if you don't you'll be left with one trophy before the plat is popping.
  12. I won't say anything as it will spoil it for the majority. But Episode 6 is one amazing episode, biggest heart attack of the series so far and some truly amazing acting from three ones in particular. This isn't a spoiler what so ever but I'll put it in a spoiler tag for everyone super sensitive!
  13. Yes absolutely, I have an amazing time playing my PS1, Nintendo Wii or whatever. Thats not my point at all. I ask you back, why should platinums be reserved for "bigger" titles? Doesn't Shovel Knight deserve a Platinum trophy as it basically pays homage to a different time and since its a smaller title? Technically if we're talking about "smaller titles", should the Order 1886 and Hellblade have platinums since both are super short? Yeah, I feel like any game should have a plat trophy wheter its My Name Is Mayo or God of War. Im still about as hyped as I was before for Sonic Mania, but its still a huge dissapointment for me that it doesn't have a platinum trophy and apperently a whole lot more people feel the same as I do which should say something. If this was a year back it wouldn't have been as big, but the fact is that we know that any and every game can have a plat if the developer tries to get it thanks to tons of small super short titles that has plats. And finally, a lot of people seem to "not understand" why some think this is important. Sure, but why fight back? There is a huge group that finds this to be a problem, you always hear that you should adress your complaints to a developer when you have one, and parts of the trophy community is and I think that is amazing. If you don't care fine, but it doesn't hurt you that others do
  14. Does anyone have good tips for horror movies? I love Blair Witch Project and Conjuring as they don't rely to much on jump scares and its more of the setting and surroundings that scare the shit out of me. Tips? Doesn't matter if its super famous, old or new.

    1. Galactic Balls

      Galactic Balls

      sup marzi :)

      hows bouts this film


    2. MarsipanRumpan


      All good, you? Its been a while!

      Looked it up on IMDB, might watch it! Thanks for the tip :D

    3. Galactic Balls

      Galactic Balls

      Been good, I went in on a loan and bought a house.

      My soul has been sold to the loan officer lol






  15. Developers, please stop this. We know that its possible to give a platinum to any game, doesn't matter if digital only, 3 minutes long or a small indie title. I believe even Greg Miller talked with someone at Sony which stated this himself, its all up to the developers. Trophies matters for a lot of people, to some it matters so much that they might not buy your game because of this and to some it just makes it so much more boring to not run for the platinum. I was hyped as hell to play this game and run for the platinum, but lo and behold... Developers if you see this, trophies doesn't matter to all, but it makes a huge chunk of the audience happy or pissed off depending on how you do it. Please don't continue giving amazing games this treatment (Looking at you Mega Man Collection and Sonic Mania)