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  1. Is FFXIV still 6 months worth of missions? A friend of mine really wants to get it, and play together with me. Don't know if I have it in me to play 3 missions every day for 6 months lol.

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    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      I'm always ready to help fellow newbies in this game :D can't help with details regarding some of the classes because I don't have everything up yet but I can help with general questions, basics and every base content regarding dungeons etc xD

    3. MarsipanRumpan


      One question, I heard that depending on what class you chose you spawned on different locations, is it classes or races that spawn in different places of the world?

    4. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      It's the classes. Your race doesn't matter. But the class you chose spawns you at one of three possible locations. If you want to start together with your friends, you should look out for that. But it's hard to get a good team together in one place from the beginning. For example, both starting tank classes are in Uldah and Limsa, the only heal starter in Gridania, so if you and your friends wish to make a heal/tank combo, it's not possible. DPS classes are in every city.
      BUT: once you finished the level 15 main story quest, you unlock the other cities and can freely move between them. It is also only after that quest point that content that requires a group is first available. The very first Dungeon is a lv. 16 one. And tbh, you can reach that point in story in about an hour of game play, depending on how fast you can read the cutscenes. So, it's just the beginning, you could be apart from each other and after that it's always possible to do everything in a group.

      If you intent to play in a group, you should know, that most content requires a team of 1 tank, 1 heal and 2 dps. tanks and heals usually have the shortest waiting time for instances. dps have a looot of waiting time. You were a group of three, right? so one of you should either chose tank or heal as a start. That way you already can be a group for all instances and you have close to no waiting time for dungeons etc.

  2. Im inactive as hell on here nowadays, how is everyone doing?

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    2. BlackSquirrell1


      @MarsipanRumpan Good to hear things are working out for you! 

    3. BlindMango


      @MarsipanRumpan - Hey, I'm glad to hear you're doing better!


      I think I may make Spyro my 100th, it's the first game I vividly remember playing like crazy :P 

    4. MarsipanRumpan


      Thanks guys! And gahh, Spyro as 100 is awesome. Spyro 1 is my biggest childhood game, played it like crazy. I know it is inside and out, can't wait for Reignited to release!!!!

  3. Thanks! I hope so, it's very strange with Objective Killed, killed the Bull Demon twice but my counter didn't go up. WIll have to try with Gold Fury / Fire Giant and hope for the best. Yeah Im finally closing in on my goal!
  4. Thank you so much, checked it and apperently I have 19 kills in the in game achievements lol even though I have 25 in Accolades. Going for 6 more kills now, wish me luck!
  5. Yeah, my objectives are as followed. Gold Fury Kill 14, Bull Demon King Kill 5, Fire Giant Kill 6. Which ads up to 25. No trophy, Im pretty spooked lol.
  6. Sup PSNP, its been a while. Anyways, I've been playing Smite and Im closing in on the platinum, three trophies left. I have 2 gods left until 70 is mastered, Im at Master VIII with Fenrir and I have the trophy Objective Killer left. Objective Killer is awarded for killing 25 killing blows on map objectives in qualifying matches, according to both trophy guides and achievement guides, the trophy is earned by killing 25 of the following objectives: Gold Fury, Bull Demon King, Fire Giant, of which I finally killed 25 of today. (14 Gold Fury, 5 Bull Demon King and 6 Fire Giant) and I got no trophy. I would be bummed as hell if one of the final three trophies of the game glitched out on me this late, I've spent hundreds of hours on this for crying out loud lol. Anyways, thanks in advance for every answer.
  7. Honestly, we're gearing up towards a PS5, we might get it as soon as November next year if we're following rumours and analystics. It would be pretty logic of it to release by then too, BUT it might release in 2020. PS3 & Vita gets shitty games each month, mostly they get some indie that will be cross buy with PS4. PS3 is beginning to die in terms of being sold, and lets not even pretend Vita is doing well (In the west, Japan has been taken by the Switch too btw) We've been begging for Sony to get better PS+ games basically since November 2013 when the PS4 launched. Yet the first reply is: "The fact that they will NOT be replacing this with additional content for the PS4 (so we will be going from 6 games a month to 2 games) is disgusting." Its pretty obvious from this alone that they'll be better. Look at PS+ lineup before PS4 was released, I remember when I signed up and got like Saints Row 3, Remember Me, Mafia II, Spec Ops The Line, Borderlands 2 and TONS more of games for the PS3. Ofcourse they will higher the offerings, that feels pretty logic. And no doubt will they throw in an extra VR game sometimes, or a That's You as a bonus. Honestly smh, we'll be getting fucking Bloodborne & Ratchet & Clank, and a bonus of 4 games the mainstream audience doesn't give a fuck for, and for two consoles that, frankly, the mainstream audience has left behind. And when Sony is nice enough, to warn about this change, A YEAR IN ADVANCE, ya'll get pissed on them for highering giving two games of higher quality...
  8. I actually kind of dislike Dragon Ball Fighterz and where its at right now. I honestly feel like its a great game, with solid characters and it looks amazing and plays amazing. But its pretty unbalanced in some ways and the ranked system is horrible, not to speak of the pretty lackluster story/arcade :S 
    Im sure it'll get better in time

  9. Only via ranked. In the beta for me I reached around 200 000 BP. Its different how much you earn, I'd say generally 5-7000 BP depending on how good you do. (I actually got 15000 BP from one fight against someone with 100 000 BP more than me whom I didn't lose a single character against..) When you loose you gain 700 in the first rank, when you rank up, you gain 200, and when you rank up the third time you begin getting -300 I believe. Again you get more/less depending on how good/bad you play. All this is from personal experience I played around 21 Games I believe, had 17 Wins and over 200 000 BP if you're wondering.
  10. I have a pre-made team with my friends and we find games pretty succesfully, however the quetimes range from 10 seconds to 4 minutes, but its nothing to bad. Conquest and Arena is the easiest to find games, MOTD is very hard. You'll also face the same opponents a whole lot (For better and for worse, we faced the same team that we were leagues better than three times in a row, easy worshippers lol)
  11. Would've never imagined that I would reach 50K likes on a reddit post lol

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Did it pertain to God of War, by any chance? :P The most I've gotten is near 50 on a Gorillaz thread.

    2. MarsipanRumpan


      Nah, I was the first to post the Infinity War trailer on the marvel subreddit followed by 10000 comments and 50000 likes LOL. 

      Also got gold 5 times for some reason lol. It feels very strange

  12. Im so bad at Street Fighter V.. Can't even complete survival normal, and barely win on ranked against bad people.. how the hell do you improve? :(

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    2. RHGSniperFox


      It's less about what you, personally, are going to do, and more trying to figure out what your opponent is going to do, reacting to it and adapting to their playstyle.

      IE: If you notice they're SRKing on wake-up a lot - start just holding down-back near them and blow them up. If they're throwing fireballs - walk forward and block as needed. Jump if you're far enough away.

      Try your best not to worry about LP - it doesn't really mean anything. There are a lot of high ranked players out there - Silver and higher - who are actually still pretty scrubby. The opposite is true as well - a lot of people who only spend time in casuals and have ranked up their game massively.

      Don't let a Silver or Gold icon get in your head. Character level is a little more useful to look at - it can tell you how dedicated they are to them. Level 30 or higher is likely that person's main.

      Watch replays - yours and other players. Watch other people who play your main and see what you can pick up - particularly high level players. Watch your own replays after your matches to see where you might be struggling.

      Then go into practice and set up those trouble spots with the training options so you can practice them.

    3. ObliviousSenpai


      Mix it up. I generally walk back in round 1 just to observe my opponent. Once you move back it's also easier to throw out a hadoken without being punished. After showing respect in round 1 maybe in round 2 you can just throw out a hadoken or jump-in for a combo. At lower ranks it might be fine to just keep jumping in if you're not being punished for it.

    4. MarsipanRumpan


      Thanks guys for the tip! I watched some pros playing Ken and (logically) they're pretty offensive, since he's an offensive type. I think I shy back to much thinking about my HP. I have learned a few shorter combos thanks to the video linked above, and I've begin to win atleast 4/10 games I'd say (Yeah, still bad, but slowly improving)


      I'll train some more on how to approach enemies and I'll also train on how to beat Rashids lol. He's such a shitty enemy because he only does Eagle Flight or whatever.

  13. #100 Platinums achieved, here's a video to celebrate it 


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    2. Squirlruler


      Congrats! That is quite a milestone!

    3. MarsipanRumpan


      Thank you! Yeah quite excited ;)

    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work on 100 Platinums! Great choice, too. Lol. 

  14. Yeah I know but it isn't there, maybe it despawns if you leave the area or something? In that case the trophy guide should be updated anyways, it simply isn't there..
  15. Damn then the trophy guide should be updated then... Thanks for the quick answer