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  1. Hi PSNP! I have finished my first ever playthrough of Death Stranding, meaning I did not transfer a save file from PS4. When I started the game, I didn't know I would need to play the Half-Life missions. Long story short; I didn't care about finding the Lost Cargo for the Companion Cube in the Eastern Region. I have since completed the game, maxed out all facilities, etc. I have 98% completion, and the only trophy I have left is "Homo Faber", with 106/108 items crafted. The items left are Gravity Gloves and Half-Life Truck. The problem is: I can't find the Companion Cube near the Distribution Centre West of Capital Knot City. I know where to look, I've checked 10+ guides, both from the DC, and the PC versions. I also know that this was a bug on the PC version, which was later patched - basically, the bug was that when the cargo was destroyed/lost, it didn't respawn. I've tried everything, and I've been looking for it for upwards of 5+ hours at this point. I've done deliveries, rebooted the game, traveled between regions, delivered other lost cargo I can find around the place - nothing makes it respawn. I'm sure I have the right mail from Benjamin H as well, not only do I have "How About Taking a Break in a Private Room?", I also have the "I Want You to Look for Some Lost Cargo" Has anyone else encountered this? It'd be a major bummer to not get the platinum on the last trophy after having put in a lot of time into the game, lol. Thanks! /MR
  2. Wow lucky, the same thing happened to me yesterday and I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN MY AWARDS Even contacted their support. I don’t dare play the game until I’ve gotten the trophy + rewards. Its been over 24 hours. but congrats!
  3. Hopefully! Im closing in on 24 hours..
  4. This happened to me on my 5th win and I still haven’t recieved my kudos or crown (and the trophy for that matter), I have rebooted the game like 30 times. I don’t dare to play another game since I know I got 5 wins, I just need the rewards. ._.
  5. Just won my 5th in a row and got the ”server disconnect you’ll recieve your rewards later” thing during the crown screen, and Im not getting the Kudos/Crown reward when loggin in, its the same as when I had 4 wins in a row. IM STRESSED AS HELL, NO TROPHY YET EITHER
  6. Wow! Thank you so much for the explanation Really appreciate it
  7. Okay thanks! Why wouldn’t you be able to boost XP in say Free For All with only 2 people? But its good to hear that its an easy boost!
  8. Sorry for reviving this thread from the dead, but I have a question! Would you be able to boost these trophies with only two people? Thanks in advance friends!
  9. Good news, in a blog post Vlambeer announced they are working on a patch on Luftrausers along with their other projects. This patch is specifically for the trophy problems. Good news to all of you that have been waiting for this. Here is the full announcement for those whose intrested!
  10. Sup PSNP, its been a while. Anyways, I've been playing Smite and Im closing in on the platinum, three trophies left. I have 2 gods left until 70 is mastered, Im at Master VIII with Fenrir and I have the trophy Objective Killer left. Objective Killer is awarded for killing 25 killing blows on map objectives in qualifying matches, according to both trophy guides and achievement guides, the trophy is earned by killing 25 of the following objectives: Gold Fury, Bull Demon King, Fire Giant, of which I finally killed 25 of today. (14 Gold Fury, 5 Bull Demon King and 6 Fire Giant) and I got no trophy. I would be bummed as hell if one of the final three trophies of the game glitched out on me this late, I've spent hundreds of hours on this for crying out loud lol. Anyways, thanks in advance for every answer.
  11. Thanks! I hope so, it's very strange with Objective Killed, killed the Bull Demon twice but my counter didn't go up. WIll have to try with Gold Fury / Fire Giant and hope for the best. Yeah Im finally closing in on my goal!
  12. Thank you so much, checked it and apperently I have 19 kills in the in game achievements lol even though I have 25 in Accolades. Going for 6 more kills now, wish me luck!
  13. Yeah, my objectives are as followed. Gold Fury Kill 14, Bull Demon King Kill 5, Fire Giant Kill 6. Which ads up to 25. No trophy, Im pretty spooked lol.
  14. Hello PSNP. Playing through the God of War series you come across a lot of epic and awesome moments, basically every minute. I would go as far as saying that God of War has some of the most memorable levels / boss fights ever. Every game has one 'omg' moment for sure, and I could probably take out 3 moments from each game that I absolutely adore. So my question is, what is your favourite God of War moment? It could be anything from a random fight, just a level, or a boss battle. So its a tough one for me, as the series have so many moments I love, absolutely love. But my number one pick is the beginning of God of War III, when you're on Gaia's back and fighting Poseidon. And the whole fight with Poseidon is so epic. Its one of the most memorable scenes in the history of gaming for me, and its the one that impress me the most. And even though I've already played through it several times, when I played it yesterday on God of War III Remastered I still got the chills from the amazing boss and level. Amazing, so what's your favourite God of War memory from the entire series?
  15. Honestly, we're gearing up towards a PS5, we might get it as soon as November next year if we're following rumours and analystics. It would be pretty logic of it to release by then too, BUT it might release in 2020. PS3 & Vita gets shitty games each month, mostly they get some indie that will be cross buy with PS4. PS3 is beginning to die in terms of being sold, and lets not even pretend Vita is doing well (In the west, Japan has been taken by the Switch too btw) We've been begging for Sony to get better PS+ games basically since November 2013 when the PS4 launched. Yet the first reply is: "The fact that they will NOT be replacing this with additional content for the PS4 (so we will be going from 6 games a month to 2 games) is disgusting." Its pretty obvious from this alone that they'll be better. Look at PS+ lineup before PS4 was released, I remember when I signed up and got like Saints Row 3, Remember Me, Mafia II, Spec Ops The Line, Borderlands 2 and TONS more of games for the PS3. Ofcourse they will higher the offerings, that feels pretty logic. And no doubt will they throw in an extra VR game sometimes, or a That's You as a bonus. Honestly smh, we'll be getting fucking Bloodborne & Ratchet & Clank, and a bonus of 4 games the mainstream audience doesn't give a fuck for, and for two consoles that, frankly, the mainstream audience has left behind. And when Sony is nice enough, to warn about this change, A YEAR IN ADVANCE, ya'll get pissed on them for highering giving two games of higher quality...
  16. Only via ranked. In the beta for me I reached around 200 000 BP. Its different how much you earn, I'd say generally 5-7000 BP depending on how good you do. (I actually got 15000 BP from one fight against someone with 100 000 BP more than me whom I didn't lose a single character against..) When you loose you gain 700 in the first rank, when you rank up, you gain 200, and when you rank up the third time you begin getting -300 I believe. Again you get more/less depending on how good/bad you play. All this is from personal experience I played around 21 Games I believe, had 17 Wins and over 200 000 BP if you're wondering.
  17. Hello, as the thread title states the dog shrine isn't available in the trash dump for me. Its not in Papyrus house either since , don't know what to do, should I replay the game or anything? Anyone got any tips on what to do or am I just stupid? I've played up until the second save point in core-ish. Would appreciate every answer, thanks
  18. I have a pre-made team with my friends and we find games pretty succesfully, however the quetimes range from 10 seconds to 4 minutes, but its nothing to bad. Conquest and Arena is the easiest to find games, MOTD is very hard. You'll also face the same opponents a whole lot (For better and for worse, we faced the same team that we were leagues better than three times in a row, easy worshippers lol)
  19. Yeah I know but it isn't there, maybe it despawns if you leave the area or something? In that case the trophy guide should be updated anyways, it simply isn't there..
  20. Damn then the trophy guide should be updated then... Thanks for the quick answer
  21. Absolute Drift Zen Edition and Undertale are the only ones that I actively want right now lol. Otherwise I actually don't have a clue predictionswise, feels like Sony just throws the most unexpected shit month to month,
  22. Confirmed by multiple websites that Deluxe Edition is needed for the plat. So make sure you're buying the correct edition because if you don't you'll be left with one trophy before the plat is popping.
  23. I won't say anything as it will spoil it for the majority. But Episode 6 is one amazing episode, biggest heart attack of the series so far and some truly amazing acting from three ones in particular. This isn't a spoiler what so ever but I'll put it in a spoiler tag for everyone super sensitive!
  24. Yes absolutely, I have an amazing time playing my PS1, Nintendo Wii or whatever. Thats not my point at all. I ask you back, why should platinums be reserved for "bigger" titles? Doesn't Shovel Knight deserve a Platinum trophy as it basically pays homage to a different time and since its a smaller title? Technically if we're talking about "smaller titles", should the Order 1886 and Hellblade have platinums since both are super short? Yeah, I feel like any game should have a plat trophy wheter its My Name Is Mayo or God of War. Im still about as hyped as I was before for Sonic Mania, but its still a huge dissapointment for me that it doesn't have a platinum trophy and apperently a whole lot more people feel the same as I do which should say something. If this was a year back it wouldn't have been as big, but the fact is that we know that any and every game can have a plat if the developer tries to get it thanks to tons of small super short titles that has plats. And finally, a lot of people seem to "not understand" why some think this is important. Sure, but why fight back? There is a huge group that finds this to be a problem, you always hear that you should adress your complaints to a developer when you have one, and parts of the trophy community is and I think that is amazing. If you don't care fine, but it doesn't hurt you that others do
  25. Developers, please stop this. We know that its possible to give a platinum to any game, doesn't matter if digital only, 3 minutes long or a small indie title. I believe even Greg Miller talked with someone at Sony which stated this himself, its all up to the developers. Trophies matters for a lot of people, to some it matters so much that they might not buy your game because of this and to some it just makes it so much more boring to not run for the platinum. I was hyped as hell to play this game and run for the platinum, but lo and behold... Developers if you see this, trophies doesn't matter to all, but it makes a huge chunk of the audience happy or pissed off depending on how you do it. Please don't continue giving amazing games this treatment (Looking at you Mega Man Collection and Sonic Mania)