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  1. So pretty much anyone in the top 5k on the leaderboards yeah? Also, it is quite interesting to see a number of people complain about games like this, having a whole bunch of 90%+ games on their profile.
  2. Have you completed Jotenheim and Asgard? These two do not show up on the normal Atlas, but rather you have to go to the seekers hut and drink the potion to go there. Make sure everything has been done there.
  3. Too be fair, you have always been able to get the complete editions and/or Premium Passes of Battlefield for less than $10.
  4. Rainbow Six Siege PS5 First equal at 1 second... • Rugby Challenge 2 (100% in 6 hours 4 minutes): 3rd place, 20 minutes behind the 1st placed player.
  5. Option 3 would be to have DLC (all additional content) separate like certain Dead By Daylight and Hitman 2 expansions: + When any additional content gets added to a game, it should have its own separate list like the two mentioned above. Like someone said earlier, if you don't pay for a DLC thus never playing it, why should you be 'penalized' for it? That would be nice, but I am not fussed either way.
  6. You said finished everything on the three maps (England, Norway, Vinland). Did you also get everything in Jotunheim and Asgard (the only way to check their maps is by going to the Seer's house and drinking the potion to travel there). Have you travelled to these places to check everything has been done? Also I remember there being a problem with a collectable in Vinland but that has probably been patched by now. These are probably obvious but I figured there is no harm in asking.
  7. Have you collected every single wealth, mystery, and artifact for each region? You can check this by going to your map and looking at the info box in the bottom right corner (where it says the name of the region, suggested power, and wealth/mysteries/artifacts). Maybe you have one or two missing? Also, make sure to go back to and check Jotunheim and Asgard as there are collectables there too.
  8. $55 nzd for what looks like a shitty mobile game?
  9. Sadly this is true...
  10. Oh right. Hopefully that is a good indication that this will (should) stay open for some time then. I guess it wouldn't hurt to get this one out of the way anyway as it literally takes a minute or two to do.
  11. Although true, there is not a trophy related to challenge of the week in MLB 17. Like in NCAA Football 14, the ability to write a comment on dynasty wire story stopped in 2015 (intentional or not?), yet you were still able to earn online trophies for years after that. Hopefully this feature will remain open for some time.
  12. I just completed challenge of the week, and I noticed it said (along the lines of) 'This is the last challenge of the week in MLB The Show 20. It will continue into MLB The Show 21.' However, I don't think there was an end date given. This challenge is ridiculously easy and I was able to get 10k points in under a minute. I would suggest anyone that does not have this trophy go out and get it asap.
  13. I can't remember having any problems with PS4, but with PS5, most of those trophies did not unlock when I simmed even a second of a game (kick off included). Have you tried not simming anything at all?
  14. Cheers for that info. I only added my PayPal to get a month of EA Play and forgot to remove it... lesson learned! Thankfully I was able to get the platinum and the 5 DLC trophies that was purchased.
  15. Oh cool, you actually get to keep (and play) it even after your subscription to EA Play ends.