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  1. Yup, I agree with you and most of the others here. There is pretty much no meaning or point to this game at all. Also, locating all of those spirits was such a ridiculous trophy, especially with no counter or anything to help know if you have missed one or not. What a waste of time.
  2. #11 Ice Age Difficulty: 3/10Enjoyment: 3/10 Time to complete: 7 to 10 hours. Number of Playthroughs: 1 and 3/4s Should you go for the Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure Platinum Trophy? Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure is an action-adventure 3d platformer where you control Scrat throughout several ice age levels, overcoming basic obstacles and enemies in order to retrieve his acorn. To do this, you must collect four legendary crystal nuts at the end of each level, and once you do, the acorn and game will be yours. This game plays heavily like Jumanji, or as Jumanji came out a few months after this, I suppose the one plays a lot like this. Aside from the home area, known as the Scratazon Temple, there are four different areas you must complete. These are much longer than the ones in Jumanji, as there are 4 parts to each section, which technically means there are 16 levels to the game, even though the parts in each section look very similar. There is a boss you have to defeat at the end of the third part of each section, but like every enemy in the game, they are total walkovers. Like Jumanji, the controls are very simple, and you can do things like jump, roll, and attack. One thing worth mentioning is the AWFUL camera controls. Sometimes if you get close to a wall or ledge, the camera goes haywire, and you will more than likely be staring down at Scrat’s head without being able to change it without blindly jumping or moving far enough for the camera to readjust. I have not seen camera controls this bad for quite some time. Thankfully the game isn’t that hard, and if you do end up falling off a cliff or dying to an animal because of this, you will be instantly transported back to a previous save spot. In order to achieve this platinum trophy, you have to do a number of things such as finding all statues and puzzle pieces in the game, smashing 500 crates, sneaking past one animal and pissing off another. There are also NO missable trophies in this game as you can fast-travel to any section of any level. Sadly though, it is impossible to collect everything in one straight playthrough as you are unable to get to certain areas without abilities you unlock later on in the game. The wonderful world of Ice Age The Collectibilist trophy: No Stone Unturned: Find all the Statues. For the collectablist award, you could go with the smash 500 crates trophy, but I would say it would have to be No Stone Unturned - Find all the Statues, since it will take you much longer to get the 20 statues hidden around the 4 sections and the home area. You should have the 500 crates trophy by the end of the third section of the game, but because you must complete the fourth section to collect every statue, this one will end up taking you longer to obtain. Some of these statues are well hidden, and most of them are not on the correct path, so you will more than likely need a video guide to help you get some of these. Once you collect all 20, this trophy will be yours. At the level select screen, you are able to see which sections you have not obtained a trophy in which is a nice little feature. The grindiest trophy: Appetite for Destruction: Smash 500 Shard Crates Because it didn’t get the collectablist award, the grindiest award will have to go to Appetite For Destruction - Smash 500 Shard crates. There are tons and tons of crates littered throughout every section of the game, and you do not have to travel very far to find one or two huddled together. In a way, this trophy could take you waaaaay longer than it should if you try to speed run through the game to unlock all the abilities as quickly as possible, skipping past everything to do so, or you might just simply forget about this and never smash enough of them in the first place. For me, I did not have to travel too far off the beaten path to find them, and I believe I was able to get this trophy closer towards the end of the third section. You will have to play at least one and three-quarter times to get the platinum, so you really do not have to go out of your way and search for every single crate as they respawn when you reenter a level. Once you have smashed your 500th crate, this trophy will be yours. Smash 500 of these bad boys to get a trophy The Pointless AND Most Frustrating trophies: Rapid Fire: Throw and hit 3 enemies within 10 seconds There are several pointless trophies in this game, and hell, you might think the entire game is pointless, but the one that takes the cake is Rapid Fire - Throw and hit 3 enemies within 10 seconds. This would actually take the most frustrating trophy award too because of how godawful the controls are in this game, especially when throwing items. The title can be a little bit confusing and misleading, but for this trophy, you have to throw your acorns at three different enemies within 10 seconds. The best way to do this is to stand on a ledge and then pray to God that you can throw and hit three different enemies in 10 seconds. The beetles are the easiest ones to hit using this method as they cannot jump up to the ledge or platform you are standing on. This will probably take you a few attempts to get right, but once you do, the trophy will pop once you have hit your third enemy. An ability you unlock later in the game So, should you go for the Ice Age platinum trophy? In conclusion, this game is a lot like Jumanji, meaning the graphics are fine, the gameplay and difficulty are hopeless, and the challenges and puzzles are as simple as they come. Thankfully this does not have a terrible, terrible levelling-up trophy as that game does. This should take you around 7 to 10 hours to complete. Even though it was fairly short, I did have to put it down after one or two sections as it is very repetitive, and I would have passed out from the boredom this game brings. With all that said, I think it is clear that I do not think that you should go for this platinum. Here is my Platinum Trophy video review of the game:
  3. The Medium becomes my 10th PlayStation Plus Platinum review. It was a pretty fun and quick game. Has anyone played it?



  4. #10 The Medium (PS5) Difficulty: 2/10Enjoyment: 8/10 Time to complete: 3 hours. Should you go for The Medium Platinum Trophy? The Medium is a psychological horror game set in post-communism Poland in the late 1990s. You control, you guessed it, a medium, Marianne, travelling across various areas and spaces in both Poland and the mirroring spirit realm, solving simple puzzles and outsmarting and outrunning an evil entity. This game plays like a Silent Hill or Resident Evil game, but without 80% of the scares, 95% of the enemies, and 100% of the weapons. There are a lot of puzzles throughout the game that probably a 5-year-old could solve the majority of, however, you aren’t exactly here for the gameplay, but rather for the mysterious, and pretty grim, story. The more you play, the more you want to know what in the hell exactly is happening. There are 40 trophies to collect, and they have you doing things such as collecting all postcards to help you figure out exactly what is going on, spending 10 minutes outside of your body, and feeding a cat at the beginning of the game. You do come across a dog in the game which you have to feed but don’t get a trophy for. It is safe to say the makers of this game are definitely cat people. Feeding a cat in the game grants you a trophy, but not when you feed a dog. Cat people eh... This is a pretty simple and straightforward game to play, and despite there being a few missable, collectable trophies, the majority of these are in plain view and you would almost have to go out of your way to miss them. There are a few video and text guides out there to help you with this, so feel free to follow them just to be safe. Quite a few of the trophies are story related and cannot be missed, and there are a few others where you have to use Marianne’s special abilities for x amount of minutes to get. Some of them do feel pointless, and you will probably have to farm a few of them as I did before closing out the game. Even though the trophies are easy to get, there is one MAJOR thing you CAN NOT do… DO NOT SELECT RESUME ACTIVITY AT THE PLAYSTATION MENU! If you do select this, it will glitch your game and you will be locked out of earning any trophies! Thankfully I learned this quite early in my playthrough, and when a trophy did not unlock when it was supposed to, I did a bit of research and found that multiple others also had this problem. The good thing about this game is that it saves several autosaves, so you are able to go back to a previous save and continue from there. I loaded up the previous autosave file (the one before the most recent save file), and the trophy popped at the correct time. I never had another problem with any trophy since I never selected RESUME ACTIVITY, so please, DO NOT DO THIS! The hardest trophy: Phantom: Escape the creature without alerting it. As mentioned, the trophies in the game are not that hard to get, but the hardest one would have to be, Phantom: Escape the creature without alerting it. About an hour into the game, you will come across an enemy that you cannot be spotted, chased, or caught by. There are three different sections within about 30 minutes of each other, and if you can get to the end without any of this, you will have the trophy. The annoying part for me was that I heard him start to chase me in the third section, despite me being on the other side of a wall with no way of him seeing me, so when I got to the stage where the trophy should have popped, it didn’t. I reloaded a previous save, got through that section without hearing him chase me, and the trophy popped. Do not get caught by this guy. It will not end well for you. The Collectibilist trophy: A Unknown Outcome: Find all of Thomas' notes in a single playthrough. For the collectablist award, you could choose any of the four collectable trophies, but I would have to go with, An Unknown Outcome: Find all of Thomas' notes in a single playthrough. There are 20 of Thomas' notes scattered throughout the game, and the majority are in rooms you are supposed to be in, and you should not have much trouble collecting most of them. However, there is one highly missable note that you will probably miss if you were not paying close attention or following a guide. When you first enter a certain new area/building, there is a locked-off section with a chain around a door that you cannot access until much later once you have some bolt cutters. At that stage, you probably don’t realise you can eventually get through, but by the time you get the bolt cutters much later, you may have already forgotten about the area as you never need to return there. Since there is no chapter select, you are screwed out of this trophy if you forget or advance the story to no return. The grindiest trophy: Spirit Walking!: Spend 10 minutes outside your body. I wouldn’t exactly call it grindy, but you will still probably have to spend a few pointless moments getting Spirit Walking: Spend 10 minutes outside your body. Whenever you are running around with Marianne in the real and spirit world, you are able to hold circle to go outside your body and only control the spirit world Marianne. There are a few moments in the game where you must do this to collect an item or advance the story, but not 10 minutes worth of moments. This means you will have to stand around for moments at a time to run up the clock and get the trophy. Do be warned though, that if you stay outside your body for too long, you will end up dying, so you are unable to AFK this for 10 straight minutes. You can just hold circle to return to your body, and then immediately hold circle down again to leave your body. Do this enough times and you will eventually earn this trophy. On of Marianne's special abilities to fight off... moths. So, should you go for The Medium platinum trophy? In conclusion, this game has little to no hard trophies, and as long as you DO NOT CLICK RESUME ACTIVITY, and follow, at least, a text guide to watch out for a few of those pesky collectables, you should be able to complete this game between 5 to 10 hours. Although I would not exactly call this a horror game, and although the progression throughout the game is pretty linear, the story is rather dark and well worth unravelling. For these reasons, I think you should go for the platinum trophy. Here is a video review of the game:
  5. Slight update I haven't gotten a platinum trophy for anything since MLB, but I am very close to getting one for The Medium which has been a pretty fun and straightforward game with a rather sad tale. There is one major bug that stops you from getting trophies, but thankfully I found out about it not long into my playthough, so I was able to go back to a previous save and continue from there. I still haven't played Spirit of the North for quite some time. Hopefully I can find the spirit to play it again and platinum it soon too. I have also been playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey for 10 - 20 minutes here and there and it has been quite enjoyable so far. - Spirit of the North Enhanced Edition (PS5) 19% complete - The Medium (PS5) 71% complete - Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4) 12% complete
  6. Yeah, I hadn't realised the 'inspect 25 objects' trophy had already popped, and then 'inspect 50 objects' trophy popped not long after my comment, despite the tracker still showing 0/100. Hopefully it is smooth sailing from here. *knocks wood
  7. Thanks for this tip! Conduit You used Spirit Blast to create electricity. It didn't unlock after resuming activity, so I loaded up a previous save and it popped. My other concern now is that the tracker for Psychic Sleuth: Inspect 100 objects in a single playthrough, is still at 0. Does this start later in the game, or should it have started right from the start?
  8. How annoying were the Dark Pictures games? Did you have to do several playthroughs for them?
  9. This is pretty awesome! A couple of very easy NZ made games would be any of the Rugby Challenge games. Another easy but very enjoyable Zelda like game would be Reverie.
  10. So good that you can get both the PS4 and PS5 platinum trophies during the 4 hour trial of MLB The Show 22 if you have a PlayStation Plus sub!


  11. #8 + #9 - MLB The Show 22 (PS5 + PS4) Difficulty: 2/10Enjoyment: 8/10 Time to complete: 3 hours. Firstly, you may be wondering why I am talking about this game when it is no in the PlayStation Plus line up. However, there is a 4 hour trial, and you are easily able to get the platinum trophy within that timeframe! MLB The Show 22, for those that do not know, is a baseball simulation game. The idea of baseball is to score more runs than the opposing team (ya don’t say) via runs and home runs. This is a fairly straight-forward road to the platinum, and you have to do an assortment of different actions on and off the baseball field, such as creating your own team in diamond dynasty (think FUT in Fifa), get two double plays in one game (getting two people out with one ball), and getting hit by a pitch. Shohei Ohtani, the cover athlete this year The hardest trophy: Pitching Dabbler! Promote to Amateur pitching difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty. There could be a couple of trophies that could be considered the hardest in the game, but even though it should not take you more than half a 9 inning game to get the majority of in- game trophies, the one I struggled most with was Backwards K!: Trigger a perfect pinpoint accuracy pitch that strikes out a batter looking. Yes, that was entirely in English, but like me, the majority of you will probably only understand a, that, and out at first, so let me try and break this down for you. Usually when you pitch in this game, you will press either X, O, triangle or square to throw the ball down to the batter. A strikeout happens when a pitcher throws a combination of three swinging or looking strikes (also foul balls count as strikes for the first two out of the three official strikes for a batter) to a batter. Striking out a batter looking means the batter does not take a swing at the third strike, but rather only looks at it, thus, catching him looking. Now for the hard part. In the options menu, you need to set your pitching to pinpoint accuracy. Here, you will use your right analog stick to pitch the ball. First you pull it down, then up, and then back down again at the release of the ball. If done correctly, PERFECT will pop up on your screen, and hopefully the batter will simply look at it. If they swing and miss, the trophy will not pop. This will take some getting used to, but thankfully you can adjust sliders to help you with this. Once you eventually get PERFECT to show up on screen while a batter looks at it, this trophy will pop seconds later. Pinpoint pitching on full display The grindiest trophy: Pitching Rook!: Promote to Rookie pitching difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty. There are a couple of grindy trophies, but the one that will more than likely take you the longest to get is Pitching Rook! Promote to Rookie pitching difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty. There are a couple of Dynamic Difficulty trophies that you need to get while batting and pitching, so it is best to turn this on right away. In simpler terms, this is where the computer will automatically adjust the difficulty depending on how you play. If you strike people out a lot, the difficulty will increase, and if you struggle to get people out, the difficulty will drop down to easier difficulties. Similar to the previously mentioned trophy, sliders are your best friend here, so max out your pitching stats and lower the computer’s batting stats, and you should be able to get this in less than two full games. The trophy will be yours once the difficulty bumps up to rookie. The most surprising trophy: Bring in the Closer!: In any mode, earn a save with your closer to win the game. The most surprising trophy for me was Bring in the Closer!: In any mode, earn a save with your closer to win the game. The reason for this is that I had no clue what it meant, and rather than learning about it and playing it the long and intended way, I found out a way to get it in minutes. I searched for this and saw that instead of playing a full 9 innings game doing whatever the heck the description asks of you, you can go to a mode in Diamond Dynasty that that puts you in the bottom of the ninth. You can find this by going to: Diamond Dynasty - Play - Programs - Other Programs - May Monthly Awards - Topps Now Week 2 Moments - May 15: Pirates Win Without a Hit. This mode puts you in the bottom of the 9th, and all you have to do is get the three outs to earn the trophy. If the opposing team gets a hit, just simply restart and go for it again. One that third batter goes down, this trophy is yours. Swiiiiinnnggg batter batter swiiinnngggg So, should you go for the MLB The Show 22 platinum trophy? Even if you have no clue about baseball or do not know the difference between a strike out and a stolen base, I think this is still quite a straightforward game to play, and you will not have much trouble understanding things once you do a quick search. The trial goes for 4 hours, but you will easily be able to get this in under that amount of time. I believe I did this in just over 3 hours. There are no hard trophies, and you do not have to play any lengthy story modes or more than a couple of full games to get everything. For these reasons, I think you should PLAY BALL and go for this platinum trophy. Here is my video review of the game:
  12. You should be able to easily get the Guardians of the Galaxy and Mortal Kombat trophies out of the way. The good thing about the towers trophy in MK is that you can let the computer play them for you
  13. Is there a way to replay races quickly or do you have to go back to the lobby each time?
  14. I would have been raging lol. Probably would have deleted it after that too.
  15. Love that you can get the platinum trophy for MLB The Show 22 through the trial 😁