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  1. I remember in the past you could edit stats (microtransaction?), so I wonder if you could drop his stats down as far as they can go to beat him on this difficulty to make it an easy trophy.
  2. The trophy list looks simple, but being an OG Game, this is destined to be a glitch-fest with several game-breaking bugs (like the Paw Patrol movie game and the latest Ben 10 game, among others).
  3. SingStar™Collect every SingStar™ trophy 0.44% ultra rare Playtime: I don't even wanna know Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Finally got the platinum after 6 years, and it was nice to get the Valentine's Day trophy on the actual date! This will probably stay as my rarest trophy of all time. Madden NFL 22 MasterCongratulations on earning every Madden NFL 22 trophy! 4.25% ultra rare Playtime: About 10 hours Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 One of, if not the easiest ultra rare trophy you can get. A couple of trophies seem to glitch (particularly the momentum one) but I got there in the end. Madden NFL 22 MasterCongratulations on earning every Madden NFL 22 trophy! 6.33% very rare Playtime: About 5 hours Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 4/10 An even easier platinum trophy to get (sadly not ultra rare though) due to having three fewer trophies compared to the PS5 version (thankfully no momentum trophy!) This is definitely the easiest Madden trophy list of all time and I can see why you were not able to get trophies during the 10-hour trial.
  4. Nothing glitched for me (unlike the PS5 specific momentum trophy) for the PS4 version. I was able to get all the trophies in a few hours of playtime. There did seem to be a few seconds delay in the trophies popping though.
  5. Cheers man, got it to work with these two teams! I had Rams on rookie and Broncos on All Madden though so I was able to intercept it in the end zone and run off easily. It was MAXED out the play before the pick (incomplete dropped it a couple of points from Max). I tried this with the Cowboys v Football Team a couple of times maxed out but it never popped.
  6. This also has glitched for me. I have done all of them but it is showing up as 13/15. Think this will be the last time I play a game made by these games as they always seem to be filled with bugs. The Paw Patrol movie game was horrendous. It really is a shame that they guys seem to make all the licensed show/movie games. Wish another company would do it.
  7. Pretty bizarre to have trophy that tells you you need to have 5 trophies/awards in the cabinet, yet there is no actual cabinet or stats showing you this! Thankfully I got it last night after I completed an ODI series win.
  8. I think it is fairly simple and straightforward and is a lot easier than the previous Madden games (because of some rather difficult story mode objectives). I think the majority of the story mode objectives in this game are simple, and if you do get behind (can't get a touchdown, get intercepted, etc.), you can quit the game and load it back up to start from the beginning of that objective/chapter. Also, play the PS4 version first as all the story mode trophies auto pop when you play (upload save?) the PS5 version.
  9. Sorry if I missed it, but is this strictly for PlayStation purchases?
  10. I was losing my shit trying to get that first grind on Downhill Jam. Got it to work about 30% of the time... Also about 90% of the time after the jump (right before the 50ft gap), my skater would just dart off the side of the ramp. Thank goodness I finally got it. Also just got School II last night after trying for about 45 minutes. 5 more to go.
  11. Never Fade AwayUnlock all Trophies. Pretty fun game and I did not come across any bugs during my most recent gameplay.
  12. I was also able to get this trophy in about 45 minutes using this method. My first two trophies are the most common and rarest ones now 😁
  13. Does anyone know how to upgrade to the PS5 version using the PS4 disc? The cover says PS5 Upgrade Available, but when I go to version, there are only two Nets mini games and the PS4 version of Cricket 22.
  14. I am level 10 (when my friend looks at my profile, it says I am level 3, even though we have played a lot already) and I don't even have the level 5 trophy. The next two most common trophies just popped for me. Aaaannnnnnd just like that, I get it 10 mins into my very next game...
  15. Just preordered the game on PS4 since it comes with a free upgrade to PS5. Fans that purchase copies for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be eligible for a free upgrade when they purchase the latest generation hardware.