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  1. I am level 10 (when my friend looks at my profile, it says I am level 3, even though we have played a lot already) and I don't even have the level 5 trophy. The next two most common trophies just popped for me. Aaaannnnnnd just like that, I get it 10 mins into my very next game...
  2. Just preordered the game on PS4 since it comes with a free upgrade to PS5. Fans that purchase copies for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be eligible for a free upgrade when they purchase the latest generation hardware.
  3. This game was baaad. The third level kept glitching on me near the end of the map where you have to collect 4 containers. I originally missed a treat in the (shitty!) time trial minigame, so I had to replay this level. At the end of the map, the dog stops and waits for Ryder to give instructions, but on my following THREE playthroughs of this map, Ryder never spoke meaning I could not advance the game. Thankfully a few days later I tried again and it ended up working. Also, there is no way to tell which minigames you have gotten all the treats in (no tracker and the ring doesn't turn a different colour like the main levels, at least for me), so make sure you get them all before moving on to the next level or minigame.
  4. 1. Tacoma FD 2. Psych 3. The Inbetweeners 4. Dexter 5. The League Honorable Mentions:
  5. This game is $79NZD in stores and can be platinumed in less than an hour. Far Cry 6 is $79NZD in stores too. Crazy.
  6. Disappointed the jukebox trophy isn't called 'David, don't kill the Queen'. Otherwise, all looks good.
  7. Oh cool. I remember seeing it say something about a daily maintenance fee so I just deactivated it just in case.
  8. I got the trophy last night. Deactivated my posse right away as (it seems like) you will be charged a daily fee if you keep it open?
  9. That's pretty cool.
  10. This is earned in The Strip mode. You have to land on a clover square and hope that it allows you to take 200 coins off another player (not take 100 coins off every player or something like that). I believe this can only be earned in single-player mode. The best way to get this is to restart The Strip game after your first roll if you don't land on a clover. This is so you do not have to wait for the other 3 players to have their turns (and potentially waste a lot of time playing the mini games). Before you roll, look on the left side of the screen where it shows the upcoming squares. If there are no clover squares on the first, second, or fourth spots, instantly restart the game (3 and 7 rolls are always the minigames so don't even think about rolling a 7). Sometimes there isn't even a clover on the board, so restart the game before you even roll the die.
  11. Did you actually play the Super Bowl game or did you sim it? Pretty sure you have to play the game (at least the first and last snap of the game) to get it to unlock like previous years.
  12. The season pass is also ultra cheap. Prices have never been anywhere close to these before.
  13. Hello fellow pussy 😸
  14. I just got the platinum via PS Now and none of the trophies glitched for me thankfully. I can't remember which level it was, but it was one of the tall buildings where you throw all the stuff in n elevator. I threw everything in there, but I noticed the game console got stuck on a ledge inside the elevator and didn't go down with the elevator. After completing the game, that trophy did not pop, so I went back to that level and made sure it went down. The trophy popped as soon as I threw in the last item.
  15. Nope. What I want to know is why are there no ultra common (or very common) trophies on this site? Why is 98% achieved grouped in with the 51% achieved?