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  1. Just Cause 4. 400+ pointless activities to unlock everything were pretty unbearable.
  2. Are you selecting 'listen to' each station rather than 'change station'?
  3. Does anyone know how many hours approximately it takes to complete the main quest? Can you speed through it and only do the main quest and nothing else? Is it worth doing two playthroughs, one for the Merciful trophy (which hopefully can be sped through) and one to just have fun and play how you want to?
  4. First placement match - My 80 overall team gets placed against an 89 overall team... Yeahhhh I don't think I am gonna get this trophy.
  5. To be fair, the platinum is almost unobtainable to begin with. The game has been out since September and only 28 people have the plat. Apparently you need to spend at least 300 hours on the game, and one guy spent 3-4 hours a day for 6 months to get the GOAT collector trophy (you need to collect a whopping 2900 cards in game).
  6. Cheers, just did the Assassination mission 20 odd times searching WAZET too.
  7. Might as well EA Access for a month to pick up that platinum, along with Titanfall 2 and a few other easy plats (Madden games).
  8. Yes and no. If a game has a separate trophy list for PS4 and Vita, then you can earn trophies for both versions. such as My Name is Mayo and The Wolf Among Us. Certain games do not have separate trophy lists, like Thomas Was Alone, which means if you earn the trophy on the Vita, it is also earned on the PS4 (and only counts as one trophy).
  9. Just found out a way to do this. Make sure you have two mics. With Player 1, set the difficulty to hard, and with Player 2, set the difficulty to easy. Put the Player 2 mic next to a noisy fan and then attempt to get around 200k points (or enough to get over 800k combined). Once you get three like this, the trophies should pop.
  10. World War One HeroObtain all trophies Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Surprisingly easy game to platinum! I held off for so long (and forgot about it) because people said one part in one of the stories was so hard like Titanfall 2's Gauntlet trophy and that CoD training trophy, but I ended up getting it in about 3 minutes of trying... Leveling up the classes to level 2 seemed to take less than an hour each because 2xp was on and then suddenly i had this trophy.
  11. My number 1 sports team, coming from New Zealand, would be the Anaheim Ducks. Other favourite teams in other sports: NFL: Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons Even though not a pro sport, College Football: Oklahoma Sooners Baseball: The Angels Basketball: Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic Football: Manchester United Rugby: The (Waikato) Chiefs Rugby League: The NZ Warriors and Newcastle Knights Cricket: The Northern Knights CoD: Chicago Huntsmen
  12. The road to level 50 was a bit of a grind for me, even with 3xp on, but I really enjoyed this game, mainly supremacy and assault. The other modes always had little to nobody on when I tried to play them though.
  13. How in the world did they think releasing two sim games together would be a good idea? Separately, with a decent AAA title, that would be ok, but together?! Come on now... I wonder if one of these will eventually get swapped out like PES did?
  14. I hadn't tried it on easy, but I just switched it to from normal to hard and got it after a couple of tries. I found this codex to be harder than the Airborne Cannons one!
  15. The Limits of the PossibleCollect all trophies. 4/10 difficulty9/10 Enjoyment What an awesome game and story. Death March was surprisingly easy to get through (despite me dying to the very first enemy in the game!). I enjoyed it so much I continued to go on and 100% the game, something I do not do very often. Roach was a bit of a dick though.