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  1. Her performance at the dinner table though...
  2. I think this is NHL's version of a battle royale type mode. There are 100 people to start off with. You play 1 v 1 v 1 (or 3 v 3 I guess for Threes), and if you win that game, you advance to the next round along with all the other players that won their game. Rinse and repeat until there is only one person left standing. I guess this will be rather difficult if you are not that good.
  3. I deleted the game as soon as I got the platinum so I don't have it anymore and cannot make a video. I will try to explain it a little better When you start, drive about 100m and then hit the brakes and completely spin your car around. This should give you between 4-6k. Reverse to the 70m mark, then drive to about 110m mark (10m further than your last spin out) and do another spin out for another 4-6k (possibly more if you are fast enough and still have the x2 or x3 bonuses). Keep doing this until you have the required amount, and then safely drive on over the finish mark to get the 3 stars.
  4. Was the DLC free before they took it off the store? If not, why would they not give it away for free for a few days before they remove it forever?
  5. I sucked hard at drifting in Payback. However, I found an easy way to cheese it by simply spinning out for 4-6k, reversing a little bit, driving a little bit over where I last spun out, did another spin out for 4-6k, and then repeated this until I had enough points for Gold.
  6. Did you double check the map and what you crossed off? There were a couple of times where I crossed off something that I shouldn't have. I suggest you do this to make sure you didn't do something like this.
  7. Battlefield 4 (PS4) Platinum Trophy (This is the actual name of the platinum trophy...) I only needed one trophy so I set up a gaming session in which 8 people joined. Come the day and time, no one bothered to show up despite messages and contact in advance. Thankfully I found a few random games and got the last trophy before the Platinum.
  8. Anybody willing to trade/sell some of their players with chemistry (if possible)? It seems like the cheapest players with chemistry go for a lot of coins now that nobody plays the game. Does anyone have any tips to get coins fast or to get this trophy relatively quickly?
  9. I'd say it is a hell of a lot less tedious. Previously you had to win 100 Defend the Hostage in Terror Hunt (the only trophy which was stopping me from getting the Platinum trophy a loonnnngggg time ago). This trophy has been changed to 'Win a Secure Area Match' which means you only have to play a 15 min match compared to 10+ hours of Terror Hunt. There was another trophy where you had to kill 2500 terrorists which took a while to do. From what I can see, all of the trophies now require you to play the main part of the game to unlock the trophies rather than wasting your time in Terror Hunt and Situations. The only trophy I can see that could be difficult would be winning 5 Ranked games flawlessly. TLDR: IMO, yes, the difficulty and length of time to platinum has been reduced.
  10. One of the following three: NCAA Basketball 09 Dark Sector Brutal Legend
  11. That one chip where you had to drive a couple of minutes to get to that cliff side, only to miss it and have to drive all the way back to try again...
  12. This method is for those that are not good at drifting (no matter what car you use) which is implied in the very first sentence. If it was as easy as simply using an RX-7, I doubt this trophy would be the second rarest in the game.
  13. If you struggle to put together a good drift run for many of the different drift runs like myself, I figured out a way to easily beat them. All you have to do is do a complete spin out for 4k to 6k, reverse 20m to 30m (obviously do not go past the starting line), then do another spin out for 4k to 6k just after where you did your previous spin out. Rinse and repeat until you have gotten the amount required for that run, and then drive on over the finish line. I was able to get 3 stars on the last 12 or so drift runs that I could not do 'legit' on the first go. Hope this helps!
  14. Yo man, took me about 10 minutes and I got it! Thanks so much for the video!
  15. Same here. I am around half way through and have been thinking 'Is this all it is?' The story (if you could even call it that) is pretty pitiful too. I am really hoping they added more to the next two games.