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  1. Why is ultra rare and very rare a thing, but ultra common (say 90%+) and very common (say 80% - 89%) not? Would make things more interesting than just having 50% - 100% be simply common.

    1. Raveniteh


      I actually love the idea of 'ultra common'. It does kinda makes sense too... I wonder how much coding it would require to add it.

  2. Does the P in PSNProfiles stand for Penis, because all I seem to see in threads these days are ginormous e-penises swinging around. 

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    2. Stardroid


      I hope you're going to be okay

    3. NZBigC


      @Madara Uchiha You and me both mate! 

      @Stardroid Thank you for your concerns. Hopefully I will make it through this.



    4. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      my pp smol so i be big pp here

  3. Unhinged a couple of weeks ago. One of the perks living in New Zealand Pretty much free to do anything except leave the country.
  4. Done pretty much all there is to do in the game, and you guys are still over 30 levels away from getting to level 100... that is insane. What else do you guys have to do? Complete all skater challenges?
  5. Oh, so you went and tried it like me but somehow it did not pop for you but it did for me? That is rather odd...
  6. Go to Create a Park, Highly Rated, Browse All, 10 Million trophy easy, then come back here and let me know how you get on with that
  7. Someone has made a park where you can easily get the 10m score in about 30 seconds.
  8. I played Siege for about 1000 hours before I finally got the platinum (because they changed the most tedious trophy to the easiest one) which was the only one I needed to get the platinum. Currently at 1200 hours in that game.
  9. Marvel's Spider-Man is only on PS4 and he is only playable on the PS4 version Marvel's Avengers. Why stop there? 😜
  10. Reaching level 50 in THPS5 was a frustrating grind to put it lightly. I really hope the leveling up system is not the same, otherwise we are all in for one hell of a grind fest.
  11. This game has been on sale for this price for longer than it has been at its normal price since 30th March, so even if you miss out this time, chances are it will be at this price again in the near future. Also, there is free DLC for this, so don't forget to also pick that up!
  12. Yup, it was my second platinum trophy, far before I even cared or really knew anything about trophies. 3/10 seems fair.
  13. Anyone been able to unlock any of the trophies yet? They don't seem to be unlocking for me. It looks like a number of people on XBox have a few trophies though.
  14. Just realised my original statement was not worded as intended. I was meant to say I think they disabled it after a while because people were getting the platinum A few people mentioned in another thread that trophies were not popping after patch 1.04 even though they were getting trophies before that patch.
  15. I think they were disabled for a certain amount of time. I know a few people, including myself, that were not getting trophies despite doing what was needed of them (create a MUT team and Bragging Rights).