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  1. Anyone else experienced this and know a work-around?
  2. Is it impossible to buy the DLC packs nowadays? Can't find them anywhere on the store. Only thing you can buy is Black Ops 2 Gold edition which comes with the first DLC pack. Any place i can get the DLCs from other than the store?
  3. Wish i saw this before i went into the Save Data Application on the PS4 menu and removed like 80% of save files 🙃 Guess i'll be playing thru the first half hour for the third time now then. Great design
  4. Don't think he was saying anything about death rate per capita, trump aint out here killing people. More like he doesn't care about lesser people, neglecting free health care and school lunches to people forced to attend school. Think he was more referring to the human decency part rather than death
  5. Joaquin Phoenix did a fantastic job, and yeah was extremely sad. The movie kinda got under my skin
  6. Thanks a lot, time to buy a new controller too i guess
  7. That must be it, tried both my controllers and neither of them get me to full sprint. Bought both of them at the release of PS4 back in 2013 so i guess they are pretty damn old. How do i revamp them? All i can do in settings is switch inverted camera and sensitivty
  8. Stupid question incoming. I hold down and all connor does it a fast walk, i've seen videos of other running and connor takes some huge steps and run twice as fast as i do. I've tried all the combinations, holding at the same time as is the closest i have come to a sprint but that is only when a person is near and connors gets ready to tackle them. Help me please Sequence 8 when you need to kill Hickey is impossible without the sprint. edit. Before anyone says just google it, trust me i've tried.
  9. Bugged for me too, sucks i was really enjoying the game
  10. Thank you that fixed it!
  11. Okay so i've downloaded the NA version, but i can't start it on my EU account. Did i miss something? Am i supposed to play it on my NA account and then when i got the 13 charms do duo with my EU account, will that pop the trophy?
  12. Got no vita sadly so if there is any kind soul from the NA that would be willing to spare a few minutes i'd be grateful
  13. Sure thing! thanks for letting me know
  14. 1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - I expected nothing going into this game but was totally blown away by it's story and characters, and well now it is my favorite franchise, watched the anime countless times, played all the games from start to finish countless time too. Even been able to infect my friends with the sickness so now on weekends we usually sit and play thru the trials together. 2. Binding of Isaac Rebirth - Just downloaded it from PS+ when i didn't really have much other to play, and well let's just say i had a lot to play after that. 3. Nier: Automata - Didn't know much about the game other than the android butts, but i was pleasantly surprised of how rich it's story and open world was, 4. God Eater 2 Rage Burst - This was my first real leap into the japanese gaming genre, danganronpa soon followed after this game. I didn't know a single thing about the game when i bought it so i guess my expectations wasn't really high from the start, but it was really fun and the characters were interesting. But god damn that difficulty curve after like 70% of the story is crazy, was a bit put off by that. 5. Hatoful Boyfriend - I know, i know it's a bird dating simulator, but when i downloaded the game from PS+ i was just thinking the whole game was some dank meme, but damn it certainly wasn't. I never imagined i would be crying from playing a bird dating simulator...
  15. I made my profile private, earned a trophy and updated it and then made my profile public again, earned a trophy and updated it. Very strange but it worked