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  1. Never been as bored as i am when i play Lego Hobbit :| And losing 2 hours of progress due to a freeze really demotivates me from this snooze fest of a game

    1. TheVader66


      Lego games became a lot more glitchy during this console generation. I remember Lego The Lord of the Rings running better on PS3 than Lego Marvel Super Heroes on PS4

  2. Alright now i am confused and possbily fucked The game froze on a loading screen so i restarted the game, to my horror about 1-2 hours of progress was lost, but at the same time it wasn't... i have none of the characters that i bought, but they have all disappeared from the map as if i have bought them, all the silver bricks i have collected are still in my inventory, but the progress counter does not register them. In my inventory i have 82 silver bricks but in game tracker says i have 42/250. Do i just accept defeat and die or...?
  3. I am forever grateful! Been waiting on a guide for God Eater 2 for so long, since the guide on .org is total and utter garbage. I might finally be able to platinum the game now
  4. That was strange... Was playing the PS plus game Legend of Kay and it said "5 minutes until your game expires" and then as expected the game closed after 5 minutes. My ps plus didn't run out.

    1. Kurorac


      Did you try logging off and on again? I heard this happening multiple times.

    2. KingGuy420


      Probably psn issues, they've been happening a lot lately. I get this almost every time I'm on my 2nd ps4 and psn starts having problems.

    3. starcrunch061


      This has happened to me, too. For me, it happens when my PS+ account renews (which is in September for me). Even if my payment has gone through, playing the game while PS+ renews always shuts down the game for me.

  5. From what i saw this game was 100% stolen assets and the worst gameplay you will find on the PS4. So yes 6/10 would play again, sequel when?!
  6. Thanks Mango! Didn't notice it until now but your changes look really great, it's a huge upgrade from how it used to look
  7. Danganronpa V3 Platinum! Loved this game to death, even if i finished it in 2018 the game is easily my favorite game of 2017! Such a shame that is has been pretty overlooked by most people. Welp now is as good time as any to rewatch the Danganronpa anime for the third time

  8. Sony should be the bigger man and say no to this kind of obvious shit tier product that no one in their right mind would purchase with actual money, products like this do not belong on a console, this doesn't even qualify for a phone game! Don't even wanna imagine a kid getting this shit for christmas instead of some triple AAA game, this will just deter more people from gaming and especially trophy hunting. So yes they should be the bad guy because this "smaller dev" is just an asshole that is trying to target kids that don't know any better with a title like that.
  9. At this rate trophies will start to become as meaningless as steam achievements...
  10. Killzone 3 100% finally! This took me nearly 5 years and it feels so good to be done with this game

  11. Final Fantasy 13 Lightning returns The time management was just too much pressure for me
  12. Oh hey there! You must be the guy from the Trophies subreddit. Can't believe i missed this thread when it was made Nice to see you are getting alot of submissions
  13. Isn't this game still free on PS Plus?
  14. This was a nice suprise, a trophy hunter review by KingSuperOne and i'll gladly take that 8/10, it hurt when he said i was 10/10 material but all my hidden trophies ruined it </3. But it certainly gave me the motivation to work on them. If YOU have low self worth and desire other peoples approval then go ahead and ask him for a review of you!


  15. Holy-fucking-shit and now i picked a WRC-2 contract that did not include all the tracks needed for the trophies, this is the last time i am picking up a PS+ game that i know nothing about... This game can straight up go die